Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Prologue


First, who can prove that the labyrinth is actually there?

This was our starting point for inquiry.

The world’s adventurers point to the ground and declare “Of course it must lie underground in Villebron!” And indeed, that feels right. As adventurers, we naturally assume that the labyrinth extends in layered levels underground.

But consider this calmly for a moment:

where is the evidence?

Ask this, and they will surely be perplexed. It would stump even the best of them to demand proof that a second floor lies above the first.

One must grow accustomed to reasoned debate – we must find the keys to open the doors of inquiry, or make leaps to pose hypotheses.

My scientifically-minded fellows will grasp this: continuity is the key.

When considering the space between the first and second floors, there is no gap between infinitesimal spaces. The choice of object to examine continuity does not matter. As humanity has yet to formulate space itself, it is best to take something like temperature or air pressure as examples. If these vary smoothly as measurement points are moved infinitesimally, they can generally be considered continuous.*1

For an ordinary building, stairs provide continuity between the first and second floors.

The stairs themselves, their connections to each floor, can be easily inspected, and graphing temperature measurements would clearly indicate continuity. Thus, that a second floor lies over the first is self-evident, and demands for proof seem nonsensical.

However – let me ask again – in the labyrinth, what provides continuity between the first and second strata? Are there stairs or similar passages?

Simply put, no such things should exist. The first and second strata are not contiguous.

Yes, all that connects the first and second strata are the transporter plates. The enigmatic core of this confusion lies with the transporters.

And as any adventurer intuitively grasps, the spaces before and after moving between strata via transporter are entirely discontinuous. The scenery, pressure, temperature – everything is completely different. An adventurer’s first labyrinth dive, when the pressure difference pulls your eardrum, is a distinct unpleasant delight.

In other words, despite physically experiencing spatial discontinuity via transporters, we believe the labyrinth extends in underground strata connected at this one point.

Realizing this, one becomes aware that our very cognition is unnatural.

Why are we convinced the labyrinth is an underground multi-layered structure?

If forced to name practical factors, it is because the ancient texts*2 state that the Adventurers’ Guild basement is Labyrinth Level 1, and stepping on the transporter leads to Level 2.

If Level 1 is one level underground, Level 2 should be another level down. A naive inference, determining the whole sequence from just the first term based on perceived regularity.

Some may intuitively think that since it is not a tower, the labyrinth must descend underground by process of elimination.

Must be. Presumably. A premonition. Determined. By elimination. Intuitively.

The evidence persuading us of the labyrinth’s layered structure is unnaturally indirect, not even qualifying as circumstantial.

Here we find a hint of artifice, as if the ancient scribes*2 sought to deliberately mislead.

But alas, awareness alone does not lead to change. The masses lack the power to resist great, gradual currents cultivated through indifference. You surely know this from experience as well, my fellows.

Then the only ones who can resist must be us, the truly adventurous.

If the labyrinth need not lie underground in Villebron, where might it be?

More crucially, where did whatever misguided the masses hide the labyrinth?

With each step, more riddles and keys to deciphering them arise.

The labyrinth overflows with unfamiliar scents from unknown sources – the monsters, plants, even the very walls and ceiling.

Analysis is extremely difficult. As you know, labyrinth devices defy application of any magical theory. The transporters, an enigmatic core ever-present since Level 1 yet never fleeing or hiding, remain entirely opaque to us.

Are the Labyrinth Makers*3 really such distant beings? The overwhelming technological gap can be ruthlessly stifling, at times eliciting sheer unresponsiveness. At best we can treat devices as black boxes, observing inputs and outputs.

Reaching this point, one wonders if it operates on some entirely different system from our magic, something even more mystifying.

For instance… something like the fairy tale magic.

My apologies. I can easily imagine your disappointment at this fanciful conclusion after all the talk of science and technology. My younger self would surely be indignant as well.

But make no mistake.

Logic and fallibility, reproducibility – these are processes. Merely necessary conditions that will inevitably be met if one earnestly faces the facts.

The essence of science lies elsewhere. Science is by no means some ideology to defend or enlighten, most often oneself or the masses, by bending facts. An unreasonably staunch will to doubt hypotheses while twisting no facts – therein lies the crux.

Let me ask plainly: do you not recall?

Did the sophistication of the ideologies you’ve cultivated and learned justify themselves by meeting the criterion of logic?

Surely you would say absolutely not, my friends.

Reason comes after the fact, proofs are for others to supply.

What propelled you this far? What led you to resist the great, subtle, detestable currents?

Place a hand upon your heart and consider it. Something must be there. Jagged yet ardent, spurring you on though understood by none.

I am certain this is the true mark of righteousness.

With love for my fellows, 

Dr. Heinkes 

*1: I’ve phrased this simply for brevity’s sake. Be not angered, persnickety scholarly friends. I understand you completely.

*2: I borrow this common term, but make no assertion that these texts were produced by an ancient civilization.

*3: I personally refer to the creators of the labyrinth as such.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Who is this Dr. Heinkes? Technical talk is similar to rambling Vim but more elaborate. Well, this volume will, for sure, focus on labyrinth’s mystery.

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