Before the tutorial begins chapter 22

Chapter 22 – The White Ogre and the Evil Ogre

—– Dungeon City of Sakura – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness] Fifth Floor

Beyond the portal, there was a dim interior.

Peeling floors. The smell of rust in the air. Stripped beams placed at regular intervals, a black-stained ceiling crawling over it.

The ancient stone walls had no windows, the only sources of light being the suspicious violet flames placed at regular intervals and the glowing portal gate at the far end.

The field gives the distinct impression that something is about to appear.

“Wow, it’s like a horror attraction at an amusement park!”

Haruka looks around intently and gives her honest impression.

“It’s dark, damp, and has no way out or anything. Hey hey, Kyou-san. What’s going to happen to us now?”

“Your lines and tone are too much.”

She’s really excited, huh? And to get excited in a situation like this, she must really be out of her mind.

“Aren’t you afraid of ghosts and dark places and such?”
“Huh? Ghosts are a kind of spirit. And if your vision is impaired, can’t you just increase it with the Darkvision Expansion?”

“Oh… Yeah, I guess so.”

Actually, when you think about it, she’s right.

In this world where ghosts exist and we can fight normally in dungeons, human souls probably aren’t anything unreal or strange.

“Then is there anything Haruka is afraid of?”

I ask an additional question while directing spiritual energy to my optic nerves to cast Darkvision Expansion.

“Things I’m afraid of, huh… Not particularly, I think. If I had to name something, maybe dolls. And also masks, anatomical models and things like that. I probably don’t like things with fixed expressions.”
“I understand you. Things that are too neat or too human-like have a bit of a creepy vibe to them, don’t they?”

The phenomenon of the uncanny valley. People tend to get attached to “things” that exhibit human-like behavior, but when that reaches a certain threshold, they start to feel uncomfortable instead. That something is disliked specifically because it resembles humans halfway, humans really are annoying creatures.

“Horror movies probably use this psychology a lot with their creepy human-shaped characters.”
“Oh, now that you mention it. Human-shaped monsters are scarier than real monsters, huh? You have a pretty sharp mind, Kyouichirou.”

We get excited over pointless conversations as we progress through the world clarified by the Darkvision Expansion.

It really is nice to have someone beside you. Haruka seems unfazed, but I’m the type who’s afraid of ghosts and darkness, so just having someone to talk to like that helps me a lot.

I can’t say it because my male pride gets in the way, but thanks, Haruka. With you here, even the darkness isn’t scary anymore.

“Huh. If you’re afraid of the dark, you can rely on me more, okay?”

She read my mind perfectly again. Damn it, I’m the one who hates my own nature!

“But the middle boss is taking his time to show up.”

Haruka expresses her dissatisfaction.

“When will he show up, I wonder?”
“Well, chances are it’ll be near the portal gate in the back.”

In the distant foreground, nothing obstructs the swirling violet transfer portal installed at the very back of this building.

It’s an obvious battle flag.

“Ehh, there should be a more elaborate entrance. Like sneaking up quietly from behind.”
“Don’t make unreasonable demands of a ‘reproduction.'”

Unlike wandering spirits, boss class creatures are bound to the dungeon.

So once they’re defeated, that’s it, but dungeons will create new trials based on their life histories.

So that’s reproduction battles. A gesture from the dungeon side to ensure that all adventurers can fight boss class creatures.

“While I’m grateful that we can always fight strong opponents, I still want to be more excited, you know?”
“You’re pretty maso… hard on yourself.”
“You think so? I don’t really understand myself.”

Haruka tilts her head as she casually answers.

No, no. Wanting to be ambushed in the middle of a boss fight, are you that much of a battle junkie or just a thrill seeker with no brakes? Or in your case, probably both, I guess.

“People shouldn’t be treated like perverts. I’m just an innocent schoolgirl looking for excitement and-“
“Oh, here it comes!”

The change came when we were about 20 meters from the door.

Two violet lights, symmetrical left-right, shone down from the ceiling. And at the same time, a sharp spiritual force tingling our skin stimulates our sixth sense.

“Ready for battle. There are two of them. At least cast basic skills so you won’t be caught off guard.”
“Already on it!”

Haruka-san radiates a blue aura along with a delighted smile. She’s in full battle mode.

Well, in that case, I’ll–


Unleash my skills… and that is when the mid-bosses make their appearance.

Strong limbs, a blessed physique, surely over 3 meters. And most striking of all are their hideous faces.

First, the creature that appeared to our left.

It had goat-like horns and eyes, its upper face covered in white fur. And the rest underneath was deep crimson.

No skin, just a severely torn mouth, exposed like a crescent moon. His appearance is simply freakish. Just seeing it in my vision makes me feel disgusted.

And the creature that appeared to our right was even more bizarre.

Unlike its partner beside it, which was covered in white fur, its entire body was jet black. It didn’t have an open mouth like the “white one”, and even had its eyes and nose right, so its features were a bit more human-like.

Even with the buffalo-like curled horns on either side of its head, its face alone fell into the relatively simple category.

The problem is that the same face is all over his body.

Two on his shoulders. Two on his arms. Two on his thighs. Two on his shins. Three faces clustered on his torso. At this rate, its back is probably covered in faces as well.

The white, split-mouthed monster on one side, the black, multi-faced demon on the other. Though with opposite vectors except for the horns, they’re both hardcore nasty characters, but their origins are the same – in other words,

“Ogres, huh?”

I nodded at Haruka’s speculation.

That’s right. They are ogres. Freaks among freaks with blessed physiques, animal horns, and faces that resemble humans, but are decidedly different.

They are called “White Ogres” and “Evil Ogres”.

The smell of blood and beastly breath makes me want to puke. Hey, what kind of technology reproduces them with such realism? Not good.

“Here they come, Haruka! Split left and right and defeat them one-on-one!”
“Got it!”

After a brief strategy meeting, Haruka and I start running backwards to gain distance. I go left, Haruka goes right, facing the approaching ogres as we prepare our weapons to intercept them. And then…



Targeting Haruka and me as we split up, the two ogres are unleashed onto their respective battlefields.

With the ferocity of a runaway car, the misshapen white one charges.

The lower half of the white, split-mouthed ogre moves about in what looks like a B-grade slasher flick.

All right, bring it on. I’ll beat you black and blue.

“Let’s start by testing the waters!”

I fire Ekzakksu’s spirit-powered trigger from my right arm. In the blink of an eye, the black rod changes shape into a thick blade that transforms into a sword. Some spiritual power was lost, but the instant morphing went well.


The white ogre shoved his hand into his own torn mouth in response, pulling out an extremely thick meat cleaver from inside his body. Ugh, gross. Just watching is lowering my SAN points.

While suppressing my urge to vomit, I manifest Armor Enhance, Impact Absorption, and the must-have Leg Strength Enhance to get in shape. Since it’s a melee combatant. I’ll meet it head-on with basic safety settings for the initial clash.

“Here I come…!”

Reversing from my backward run, zigzagging and using the surrounding pillars to easily throw it off, I slip into the white ogre’s chest.


Two forces collide.

The white ogre’s downward swing and my upward swing collide. The deafening metallic sound, the wind pressure, and most of all the sheer weight on my shoulders is no joke.

A step back, a turn and a side-step… then another slash. But even that is parried cleanly.

Along with the ear-splitting sound, the pressure on my shoulders spreads again. This is bad. I’m losing power completely.


Realizing the situation, I try to step back and reset. However, the other side seems to have understood our power disparity as well.


The split-mouthed goat ogre swings his giant meat cleaver wildly, his fangs stained with blood.

Damn, I thought I had confidence in my muscles, but even I lose against a 3 meter tall ogre.

If it were possible, I would have overwhelmed him with pure brute force, but there’s nothing I can do. Let’s change our plans.

“Don’t… get cocky!”

With the manifestation of Arm Strength Enhance along with my roar, the power balance between me and the white ogre reversed in an instant.

Not only does this clash between Ekzakksu and the meat cleaver end in our complete victory, but we also manage to push the white ogre’s massive body back a great deal.

“Haha! Nice muscles, pretty boy! If you were still alive, I would have liked to ask you about your training secrets.”

But that can’t happen. The original White Ogre was defeated a long time ago, what’s here is a reproduction of it.


“No serenity or pride or shit, but from here is mash mash. I’ll crush you with mind power, muscle and weapon mass.”

While babbling incoherently, I advance. I draw the black sword form Ekzakksu, plus more arm strength enhancement.

The white goat ogre strikes with the meat cleaver imbued with the Tearing Spirit, but this time he can’t even brace himself properly as he splendidly blows far back.


The white ogre smashes into several stone pillars, knocking them over, and continues to retreat.

I sprint across the floor in pursuit.

The windowless stone walls and unassertive purple lights come and go in my vision. In the middle of my straight path, I glance to the right for a moment – it’s become quite a spectacle over there.

“That’s right, that’s right! You can do even more!”

The black, multi-faced ogre waved his bone naginata desperately, and the star swordsman toyed with it lightly, speaking as if to scold it.

If it weren’t for the fact that almost half of the evil ogre’s countless faces were beautifully cut in half, my impression would probably have changed considerably.

Oh dear. My SAN points are getting shaved down all the time! And is this the terrible result of being so strong? Instant death would be better!

“Haruka! I’m going to kill it soon!”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I heard a weary voice from behind, but I ignored it.

If you don’t want reinforcements, I’ll finish this quickly.

And so…

“Finish this!”

I fiddle with the cylinder, set the battle logic to [Crush], and pull the trigger. Drawing on my spiritual power, Ekzakksu instantly transformed into a giant war hammer.

The hammer head is massive enough to be in a manga, with the appropriate weight and destructive power to crush the 3-meter monster.

And on top of that…

“Arm Strength Enhance!”

The third Arm Strength Enhance.

Along with the Darkvision Expansion for vision maintenance, a total of seven basic skills have gone through me.

It’s getting a little tough, but at my current level, I could probably handle one or two more.

Anyway, this is enough for this battle. I’ll give you a nice taste of the combination technique of spiritual power, muscle, and weapon mass.


The white ogre somehow managed to stand up with his blasted body and tried to counterattack. But too bad. The time for comparing strength has long since passed. I’m going to use this opening mercilessly.


A full-on warhammer blow to the head of the rising split-mouthed ogre. The goat creature’s skull and cerebrum are pulverized, vanishing into particles of light without even hitting the ground.

The black warhammer, having lost its trajectory, continues its free fall and lands on the ground. With a thunderous boom that seems to burst the surrounding floor, the aftermath still hits my entire body.


Even with Impact Absorption, this recoil is something. I can only sympathize with the goat guy (reproduction) who took it head on.

But with that, my first mid-boss battle of my life is over. It’s unfortunate that I lost in a pure power battle, but it’s a good sign that I was able to win without using any unique skills.

Huh? What happened to the other guy?

The severed head of the evil ogre that was chopped up by a certain Stellar Swordsman just flew right in front of me..

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