Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 1

Chapter Nine: Battle-Hardened Warriors and the Emotion-Infused Monster

On a ship floating on the sea.
Already transformed into powered-up suits, I and the Justice Crusaders were looking ahead at the horizon where the Magma Monster would likely come.
“How much do you think this cost to build…?”
“At least tens of billions I’d think. They said it was made with mysterious technology.”
Though it looks like a small boat, its true form is completely different.
It could be called a “decisive battlefield” made specifically to fight the Magma Monster.
“Are you really sure you don’t need any equipment?”
“I can only use my fists now.”
“But my weapon is amazing! See! It can melt all kinds of things!”
When Red pulls the hilt extending from the Morpher, a distinctive western sword with a red-hot blade appears.
Its shape makes it clear that it’s a crazy sword that won’t melt against the Magma Monster and can inflict damage.
Clearly it’s something a high school girl shouldn’t be swinging around, but this is Red’s main armament.
“Red, stop. He’s a man who’s fought monsters with just his fists.”
Yellow, saying this, carries a double-edged axe over her shoulder.
Despite being an electric type, she goes all in on power.
“But I am a little curious about Black Knight-kun’s lack of weapon.”
Blue holds two rounded blue guns, checking their condition.
Occasionally she shows off the mysterious technology of combining the two guns into a rifle shape.
“…Still not used to it.”
Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them like this.
Normally I jump in reluctantly to help later, but this time I’m an ally from the start.
It’s against my will, but having me here is definitely better if thinking about the worst case scenario.
“The Magma Monster will arrive soon. Very fast speed. Draw its attention as much as possible.”
I nod at the communication I hear directly inside my mask, and look at the horizon.
“The enemy’s coming? What’s wrong?”
“No, I just suddenly felt like I was being watched…”
…It’s not my imagination. While staying aware of my surroundings, I return my gaze to the horizon and gradually I can see a small black dot and white steam-like substance.
Ignoring the swaying waves, it heads straight for the ship we’re on.
The monster with the red-hot exterior, the Magma Monster.
As seen on the camera, his left arm is stabbed into his chest rather than its original position.
“Hm? What is it?”
He’s shouting something.
Having come close enough to clearly see, he glares at me while widely opening his mouth split to his cheeks, spewing out white smoke.
He yelled my name loudly.
Seeing the Magma Monster moving over the sea at considerable speed, Red looks at me quizzically.
“Hey, he’s calling your name right?
“He can talk…? Well, it’s not that rare for monsters I guess. I’m aware he holds a grudge against me, but it’s nothing to worry about in particular.”
“Monsters who don’t talk are scarier though.”
“I know right.”
As expected of people used to being on the battlefield, they don’t seem scared even in this situation.
“You’re becoming reli-… No.”
I can’t say that out loud.
I don’t intend to become their comrade.
That’s an absolute promise I mustn’t compromise on.
“Hm? A promise?”
Tilting my head muttering to myself.
“Shut up with your one-track mind, bastard.”
Before I knew it, the Magma Monster had come to within 50 meters.
“He stopped…?”
Stopping suddenly, glaring at me with his eyes of unknown location while making the sea surface boil and seethe, he widely opens his mouth spewing white smoke.
“It’s been a year and a half. How is it, does the chest wound hurt?”
“That’s a bit evil against a monster…”
While Red mutters something, I provoke him to check his condition.
He probably gathered power in a seabed volcano or something.
His energy levels are probably maxed out.
But this is the sea surface, not the ground, so we can keep decreasing his power, and most of all, energy is constantly leaking from that chest wound, so he should be easier to corner than before.
“This time I’ll properly finish you off so you can never come back up.”
The Magma Monster enraged, shoots lava from his hand.
We immediately jump off the small boat and stand on the sea surface.
“Anti-Magma Monster Submarine. Justice Marine! Surface!”
Reima’s voice from inside the mask.
With a roar, the spot we’re standing on starts floating up, drawing in the Magma Monster and becoming a single field.
I smile at the Magma Monster confused by the object suddenly appearing from the sea surface.
“An anti-Magma Monster submarine for battle… apparently. If he can’t stand on land, then make him stand on the sea.”
The top part of the submarine named Justice Marine has a shape close to that of an aircraft carrier.
It seems small as a battlefield, but the footholds have countermeasures against the Magma Monster, supposedly able to withstand his magma for a few minutes.
“We lured that magma bastard into the battlefield. Now then, shall we do this?”
“Yeah. Me, Yellow and Black Knight-kun will be the vanguard.”
“Gonna smash your arm.”
Red takes a stance gripping the sword in her right hand.
Yellow swings her axe around energetically.
“Blue will provide fire support, ‘kay?”
“Got it, understood.”
And Blue lightly takes a stance with her twin pistols.
I’m grouped with them as usual today, but… they basically coordinate as a trio so I can just charge in and do as I please.
“No matter how foolishly you contrive your schemes, you cannot defeat me, the avatar of this planet Earth.”
Suddenly he’s speaking fluently.
Unlike when he was just rampaging wildly, he seems to have gotten considerably smarter.
“Those bugs over there were first. Next I will burn, slaughter and annihilate even bigger bugs.”
“…You seem quite confident.”
“I am Planet Monster Earth! The spokesman for planet Earth! You are unneeded on this planet!”
He says he’s a spokesman huh.
The monsters so far have spouted pretentious nonsense, but this guy is on another level.
I don’t know if it’s true or not, but in any case, we absolutely have to take him down here.
“But Kurokishi, I will kill y-“
“Shut up!”


I kick him in the face releasing high heat, spinning him around with a knee kick.
The Magma Monster, or rather, Planet Monster Earth, slams against the deck with his whole body. Enraged, he starts raising his whole body’s temperature.
“You will regret this, I am immortal.”
“Hurry up and come, annoying bastard.”
Earth, trembling in anger, inhales deeply.
Expanding his body, increasing his magma’s temperature, he widely opens his mouth, spewing lava like a muddy stream.
The surging lava like a tidal wave.
He’s as troublesome a monster as ever, but fortunately we’re not so weak as to be taken down by this level of attack.
“Here we go!”
I swing my fist and Red swings her sword.
Our strikes released together blow back the approaching lava, dispersing it around us.
“We’re on the sea! There’s no damage to the surroundings so go all out!”
“That was my intention from the start!”
Hearing Reima’s communication, I rush into the magma monster’s bosom.
I pound my fist into his unguarded torso.
“You’re talking big but properly guarding your body huh! Unlike when I punched a hole in your gut!!”
“It seems like being pierced through the torso traumatized him quite a bit.”
He’s encasing his weak point, the torso, with a shell of magma.
“Well, then we just have to rip it off, right?!”
“Don’t joke around!”
Before he can counterattack, I deliver a spinning kick to the monster and launch it towards Yellow, who has already shouldered her axe.
Yellow’s strike, charged with a massive electric surge from the axe, slams into the monster.
As the contained electric surge is released, Red follows up on Earth, immobilized, and part of the sturdy shell comes off.
“Surprisingly fragile! Earth!!”
In an instant, she slash across the monster’s back with the returning blade and thrust further.
The blade emerges from the cracked joint of the left shoulder, lava flowing out like blood.
Normally, lava alone would be extremely dangerous, but my suit and the Justice Squadron suits are custom-made.
They provide protection with an extraordinary level of strength.
He stands up with even more intensity, and Earth drives away Red.
“There’s an opening!”
Blue, who slid in by her feet, relentlessly targets the weak spot on the monster chest, repeatedly firing aqua-colored energy shots.
“Planet-sized monsters are just too massive…”
“It’s dangerous!”
I kick the leg imbued with high heat that Blue thrusts forward, deflecting the attack.
“Don’t let your guard down, Blue.”
What was that sound just now…?
With a sense of doubt about the mysterious sound effect that Blue voiced, I deflect the extended right arm with my own arm and lock eyes with Earth.
“If it were just me, the situation might have been different.”
“Black Knight!!”
“Unfortunately, I’m not alone this time either!!”
I punch back at the oncoming lava fist head-on, swiftly closing in and delivering six consecutive punches.
As the impact from the punches threatens to send me flying backward, Red and Yellow slash from behind, bouncing off and delivering powerful blows.
As I somehow endured, a blue energy ball came attacking.
Playing the role of connecting the cooperation of the Justice Crusaders, she kept attacking relentlessly.
“That’s it!”
Kicked to the ground by me, Yellow swung up her axe as if scooping the monster up, blowing it away, and at the end Red’s sword struck and slashed him.
Furthermore, if I try to go on the offensive, Blue accurately targets the monster’s weak points within my field of vision. Alternatively, shooting at its feet forcefully halts its movement, and the same attacks from earlier are repeated.
“This unity feels nice.”
“Don’t babble nonsense. Red.”
“Yes sir!”
Jumping towards the magma pouring down from above like meteors, Red bisects them cleanly with her sword swung vertically.
I can’t help but sigh at her.
“…As expected, you guys are amazing even without me.”
It’s not like I’ve been fighting alongside them for a year as a joke.
Certainly, I helped them several times, but each time they experienced defeat, they used it as nourishment to become even stronger and more robust.
Even taking into account that Earth is not on the ground and has a big wound on his chest, the opponent has far greater strength than ordinary monsters.
There is no doubt that they are strong, being able to fight him from an advantageous position.

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