Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 2

It was the breath of an Indigo Wyvern, capable of incinerating a Manticore in a single strike. There was no way a mere orc could withstand it, and as it attempted to attack Iria, its body caught fire and started to perish.

Furthermore, due to the excess breath, the surrounding vegetation ignited, prompting Klau Soras to lightly flap its wings and create a gust of wind to extinguish the flames.

[How was that?]

As if asking, “How was it?” I stroked Klau Soras’ neck when it turned towards me. Yes, it was perfect. I felt like this creature was growing stronger with each passing day.

That wind must be an application of magical power; truly a dragon-like ability. It seemed as formidable as a mythical species.

Regardless, this event confirmed the presence of orcs. Their tracks were clearly visible on the ground. By following them, we could potentially come across a group of orcs.

Of course, it was also possible that this was just a lone wandering orc. In that case, it would be wise to return to the village of Melte and make preparations.

“Alright, let’s go. Oh, Klau Soras, you stay here.”

A Wyvern would be too conspicuous, knocking down every tree in its path, and the orcs would quickly become aware. The first step was to assess the enemy’s strength.

Klau Soras let out a disappointed “Puii” roar but made no attempt to follow us. In this situation, it was crucial for it to follow orders correctly.

Apologizing silently, I petted its scales once more. While doing so, I glanced at Iria, and our eyes met.

“What will you do? You can wait here with Klau Soras if you’d like.”

“This concerns Melte as well. I can’t do something so irresponsible.”

Frowning, she approached, having made up her mind. Standing by my side, Iria expressed her gratitude to Klau Soras, though she seemed somewhat apprehensive.

On the other hand, Klau Soras remained unresponsive, averting its gaze as if disinterested. It was the usual reaction, and Iria let out a sigh.

“Don’t worry. It’s the same with everyone.”

Except for that female knight I met at the stable the other day, of course.

Iria’s response came in the form of a shaking head.

“I really don’t mind. If we’re going, then let’s go already. When the sun sets, we won’t be able to find anything.”

As I observed Iria’s retreating figure, a faint smile tugged at the corners of my mouth.

In summary, tracking the trail and locating the orcs had proven to be a straightforward task. Perhaps if I had spent a bit more time searching with Klau Soras, I would have discovered them earlier.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because they had constructed a sizable settlement in a secluded corner of the mountains. They skillfully manipulated the trees, bending them and covering them with grass to resemble houses.

At first glance, the settlement appeared to host over fifty orcs. Taking into account those inside the houses and those outdoors, the number might even exceed a hundred.

While it wasn’t unheard of for orcs to establish collective settlements, the usual count would be around ten, with thirty being the upper limit. Thus, the sight of over fifty, nearly a hundred orcs, was an abnormal occurrence.

This abnormality was reflected in Iria’s rugged expression. Unlike her previous disgust towards me, it now bore a sense of imminent danger.

Standing before that imminent danger was a massive orc. Orcs were already known for their imposing size, but this particular one was even larger. Its limbs resembled steel pillars more than tree trunks, and its glistening skin resembled that of certain insects, seemingly as hard as a mirror.

Clad in armor and wielding a war axe, presumably acquired from humans, it displayed a subtle distinction from the other orcs.

“A superior species…!”

The words trembled uncontrollably from Iria’s mouth, filled with horror.

On the other hand, I heard them and was impressed and said: “Oh.

Just as humans have levels, so do other creatures. That’s why long-lived individuals become stronger and more intelligent.

And of course monsters also have levels. Superior species refer to individuals that have reached an exceptionally high level within their race.

Carnivorous hunters generally target prey that is weaker than themselves, be it animals or monsters. That’s why their level doesn’t increase as much. “Killing a creature stronger than you is a shortcut to leveling up, and it doesn’t change much for humans or monsters.

This is also true for goblins and orcs, but at the same time, goblins and orcs are known to be more likely to have stronger species than other races.

The reason for this is simple – goblins and orcs will always be defeated by adventurers as soon as they are discovered. From their point of view, they are being attacked by “humans stronger than us”, and by “superior species” they mean the individual who defeated the adventurer who came to hunt them.


There are also superior and subordinate races within the superior race. The main monsters, called the Goblin King and the Orc General, are individuals who have raised their level within the superior race – the leader of the settlement and this black orc seem to have reached that level.

Iria whispered with a tense voice.

“Sora, let’s go back. We have to inform everyone in the village. Then we must fly to Ishka and inform the guild. If a subjugation force isn’t prepared, it will be a big problem.”

“A big problem, huh? Surely this is a situation where it is necessary to prioritise the report, even if it means sacrificing others.”

I dare to speak in a frivolous tone and say it back to her.

When Iria heard this, she furrowed her brow and looked at me.

By the way, what I mean by “Surely this is a situation where it is necessary to prioritise the report, even if it means sacrificing others” is a fictional argument about what happened with the Fly King and the Falcon’s Sword in the guild.

If they had tried to help me back then, the Falcon’s Sword would have been destroyed. Then no one would have reported the Fly King’s appearance to the guild. Given the Fly King’s reproductive system, delaying the first report could lead directly to the destruction of Ishka. So they decided to flee – well, Miroslav and Iria reported it that way to the guild staff.

Luna María, by the way, said she wasn’t here to explain, as she had returned to Tittis to lead the quickly organised subjugation force.

Iria grimaced and spoke in a bitter tone.

“What do you mean?”

“Hmph. Looking at your face, I don’t think there’s any need to explain.”

Iria replied with an irritated and frustrated expression.

“I’ll listen to everything you have to say later. But now is not the time for that. Be more aware of the situation!”

“Be more aware of the situation? No, no, let me assure you that I am more aware than you think. I even used the children to make you come with me, Iria.”

After arriving in Melte, I removed the mask I had been wearing all along and smiled.

It seemed like Iria sensed the change and took a couple of steps back.

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Haha! I’m sure you already understand. Right now, I am in the position you were in back then. And you are in my shoes from back then. There’s a group of nearly a hundred orcs, led by a superior species. The orcs use human women as breeding grounds. If we leave them alone, nearby villages will be destroyed. In the worst-case scenario, the southern area of Canaria could be invaded by orcs.”

To prevent such a situation, we needed to report this fact to the people as soon as possible. To achieve that, those who made the discovery must return safely.


Yes, however…

What would happen if the orcs were to find those who discovered their settlement?

The answer was obvious. In that case, someone would have to sacrifice themselves and divert the orcs’ attention.

And in such a scenario, what bait would be most effective in luring these lustful orcs?

That answer was also clear.

“It would have to be a woman, Iria. That’s why you will have to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. Don’t worry, unlike the Fly King, who trapped prey to make them live food, the orcs’ intention is reproduction. If you remain calm, they won’t kill you. Of course, I’ll inform Lars about this. He would be the first to volunteer for the subjugation squad. So, do your best to handle the orcs until you have a heartwarming reunion with Lars.”

As I deliberately made that statement, Iria’s expression transformed, shedding the tension, frustration, irritation, and distrust she held.

All that remained was the same hostility she displayed upon seeing the orcs.

“I just want to confirm something. Are you serious, or is this tasteless harassment?” she asked.

In response, I shrugged slightly, and Iria muttered, “I see,” in a hauntingly low voice.

Just then…


Iria exhaled sharply and launched a kick with her right leg. The attack was nearly imperceptible, with minimal telegraphing. If I were still my former self, I would have been struck directly in the stomach and crumpled to the ground, heaving.

However, it was effortless for me to anticipate her attack now. I lowered my right hand gently and caught Iria’s foot with my gloved hand. Although I felt a strong impact through the glove, it was not enough to overcome my defenses.

In the next instant, I realized something. With my glove successfully blocking the blow, Iria’s body floated gently in the air.

Her white suit fluttered before me. Iria, weightless and swift, deftly twisted her hips in mid-air–


With a swift and powerful spinning kick that could decapitate anyone, she unleashed her attack.

I swiftly intercepted the kick using the glove on my left hand, feeling a much greater shock than before. Had I taken it head-on, my leg would have likely been broken.

Earlier, it was Klau Soras who defeated the orc, but Iria could have easily accomplished the same feat. After all, she wasn’t a sixth-class adventurer for nothing.

However, the battle had come to an end when she failed to land the initial blows.

Seizing the opportunity, I grabbed the hem of her white suit with my free right hand and pulled her down.

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