Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 4

IV. Training Companions

It has been about 3 years since I met my master, Cassandra.
We meet face-to-face once every 7 days, eat nasty monster meat together, then lightly spar.
If there are days when I haven’t eaten monster meat in between meetings, I get force-fed the meat when we meet (the master’s brought meat was intensely nasty).
By the way, my master accurately guessed the number of days I hadn’t eaten meat.
Apparently she can tell from the difference in my body’s growth from our last meeting. I didn’t understand at all, but it feels a little creepy being peered at so closely.
Also, if I was slacking on training between meetings, I’d get beaten black and blue during sparring.
She can supposedly tell from the difference in my skill growth compared to last time.
My master’s beatings are intense, leaving my whole body covered in bruises and wounds. Coming up with excuses after returning to the castle was difficult.
So I decided to diligently train every day.
After all, I needed to eat monster meat and train every day to get stronger, so I naturally ended up fighting monsters every day. If I fought weak monsters, my master would see it as slacking off, so I always fought monsters that I could barely beat and ate their meat.
When I first started wearing the bracelets, my movements were sluggish and I was mistakenly thought to be poisoned again in the castle, but I got used to them after about 3 months. Humans can get used to anything.
By the way, I was almost assassinated during this time too. When an assassin attacked me, I panicked and tried to hold him down with my hands, but we toppled over together and I crushed him. Gravity magic sure is scary.

After about another year, I was able to take the bracelets off. I was so happy at that time. It felt like a prisoner finishing their sentence.
When I happily reported this to my master, she said:
“I see, then I’ll give you a new bracelet.”
And she put on a bracelet that tripled my weight. My master’s love is physically heavy.
After about a year, I could take off the triple-weight bracelet too, but I kept quiet about it. If she made me wear a quintuple-weight bracelet or something, I’d be done for.
By the way, my master wears a 10x bracelet. She said “You’re not ready for this bracelet yet,” but if I wore something like that, I’d die just from daily life.
In hand-to-hand combat, my master moved too fast for me to avoid her attacks while watching her. I had to sense her presence and move accordingly.
Also, my master had the nasty skill of attacking just enough to not kill me.
Since a direct hit would deal critical damage and bring me to the brink of death, I was desperate too.
As a result, I honed the skill of sensing her presence and avoiding her attacks. Or rather, my intuition became abnormally good.
My master called it “grasping one’s spirit,” so I guess it’s a proper skill after all.
Once you can grasp it, you can sense killing intent aimed at you.
By the way, after I built up poison resistance for about a year in the castle, a large number of assassination attempts disguised as accidents started happening.
It ranged from stray arrows to building collapses to magical attacks – they came to assassinate me by any means without hesitation.
If I had died from such things, my master would have killed me long ago.
Compared to the attacks from my master and powerful monsters, avoiding assassination attempts was a piece of cake.
In fact, the assassins seemed more considerate than my master.
At the beginning of my apprenticeship, I had the intention of using Master Cassandra’s name to protect myself from assassinations. Now, that idea no longer exists. In fact, it’s unnecessary.
With no need to fear assassination, mentioning Cassandra’s name had no purpose anymore.
If anything, bringing up her name would lead to troublesome questions like, “Where were you?” or “Were you sneaking out of the castle every day?” or “Don’t eat monster meat” or “Stop such dangerous training.” So, I kept silent.
Living on the edge of not dying every day, I spent my time like that. However, one day, my master bid me farewell.
“Now that you’ve learned the basics, train yourself on your own. If you slack off when we meet again, I’ll kill you.”
With those words, she went off somewhere.
Originally not the type to settle down anywhere, she roamed the world in search of formidable foes. Staying in one country for three years was probably an unusual occurrence for her.
Even though my master was no longer around, the “slacking off will lead to death” was not a metaphor; it was serious. So, I continued my daily training.
Around this time, perhaps getting tired of faking accidents, the assassins started coming directly to kill me.
Assassins attacked while I was walking outside for official duties, dropped from the ceiling while I was having a conversation in the castle, waited in my room after I returned, and so on. They came to kill without any pretense.
However, since I could sense their presence before being attacked and they were weaker than my master or monsters, it wasn’t a big problem.
It wasn’t a problem, but I received complaints for reflexively killing them.
“Your Highness, to uncover the motives behind this, we must capture them alive…”
“I don’t intend to kill them, but they’re too weak to capture alive.”
When I answered like that, I got disdainful looks from those around me.
Compared to my master and monsters, ordinary humans are frail and can die from little things.
I don’t know if Gamaras heard about what I said, but the quality of the assassins improved after that. And their numbers increased too.
When somewhat trained assassins started coming in groups, it was a little troublesome.
Since I had mostly fought one-on-one against my master and monsters, I didn’t have much experience fighting multiple opponents.
But I couldn’t afford to let my guard down just because I was outnumbered. Even if God forgave me for that, my master would not.
While I was wondering what to do, I heard the sounds of swords clashing as I walked through the forest after fighting monsters one day.
By this time, in order to find stronger monsters, I had started going fairly deep into the forest, but the sounds came from some old fortress ruins.
When I stealthily observed the situation, two armored men were fighting with swords inside the fortress. There were also three other men watching them, so five in total. The men watching were also armed.
From the way the spectators were cheering and advising the fighting men, they didn’t seem to be killing each other, but simply training with swords.
They were crossing swords as if in real combat.
However, this was rare.
Nowadays in this country, training like real combat is not really practiced anymore. When it comes to sword training, the mainstream style is gracefully tracing preset forms. Even hand-to-hand sparring is basically done with pulled punches, and trying to hit your opponent would get you showered with harsh words like “You incompetent fool!”
This is probably because, after over 200 years of peace, the knights in the royal capital rarely had to actually fight, so real combat came to be looked down on.
The concept of chivalry became popular, where importance was placed on acting as gracefully and elegantly as possible.
Frankly, swordsmanship was considered unnecessary and barbaric. Even dueling with swords was prohibited, and even for training, combat-style practices were shunned.
My training with my master? That’s out of the question – unethical. If others found out, my master would be arrested and imprisoned by the guards. Well, there are no guards in this world who could capture my master though.
But anyway, these men were quite skilled. They must have trained extensively. On closer look, both the fighting men and the watching men had many scars from live training.

This could be useful.


I could join their training and get practice against multiple opponents.
They seem about the right strength.
So I decided to call out to them.
“Hey, mind if I join your training too?”
I tried to address them in a very friendly manner.
However, they were quite wary of me emerging from the bushes in the middle of the night.
Come to think of it, no decent person would be in a place like this late at night. Their caution was only natural.
“Who are you?”
The leader-like blond man with a rugged face said. He’s probably the most skilled of the bunch.
“Oh, I was just walking through the forest and heard sounds. When I came to see, you guys were doing combat-style training rare in these times, so I thought I’d ask to join…”
“Just walking through the forest, huh? Through these monster-filled woods? Don’t lie! Who are you!”
“And you, you’re some young noble brat, right!? Get lost if you don’t wanna get killed!”
“Heh heh, got some nerve laughing like that. You’re just bored and wanna mess with us for fun right!? You must be looking down on us from up there!”
The other men all shouted at once.
They seemed to really dislike nobles.
I want to wear something less conspicuous too, but unfortunately the castle doesn’t have any commoner clothes.
While I was wondering what to do, the leader said:
“Ah fine, if you wanna train together then we’ll train you alright.”
Oh, so there’s someone who gets it.
“But don’t complain if you die, got it?”
And with that, he came slashing at me with his sword.
Ah, so he’s just a musclehead.
I reflexively blocked with my sword, and he unleashed a barrage of strikes in quick succession.
I could clearly tell from his sword skills that he was seriously trying to kill me. However, he wasn’t as strong as the assassins who regularly attack me.
So, I lightly dodged and hit the side of his torso.
He barely blocked with his sword, but was blown back beautifully and slammed into the ground.
He’s coughing up some blood but seems to still be alive. He’s trying to get up but can’t properly move his body and is trembling all over.
With that one blow, the assassins would have been bisected by now.
Seeing that, the other men attacked me together, but I beat them all down without killing them.
However, since none of them died, their endurance seems about right. Yes, they’re just the right opponents for training.
For now, after making them all sit seiza, I told them about the future.
“You guys will be my training partners with the sword once every 7 days. To be honest, I’m stronger than all 5 of you. Sparring with me will make you stronger too. Not a bad deal, right?”
The men had complex expressions.
The leader was named Ogma. The other 4 were named Warren, Barry, Bill, and Bruno.
“But you’re so strong already, why do you need to train with us now?”
Ogma said.
“I have my circumstances – I need practice against multiple opponents.”
It’s hard to say it’s because the number of assassins has increased recently and I need training to deal with them.
“A bored young noble just wants to mess with us for entertainment, right!?”
The short Warren glared at me with hostility. Despite being forced to sit seiza, he did not drop his defiant attitude.
“We’re struggling to even get food day to day! While you get to eat good stuff all the time, right!? Tell us, what’d you eat today!”
“Uh, let’s see… Red Bone meat today?”
The monster I had defeated before meeting them was my dinner today.
“See! You ate meat! We only get things like bread and soup at best… Red Bone meat!?”
Warren was stunned speechless, and the expressions of the other 4 men also froze.
“Why are you eating monster meat? And Red Bone at that – it’s not a monster you can take on alone, right?”
Ogma looked at me quizzically.
“Simply put, it’s to get stronger.”
I’m not lying. I’ll keep the reason that I have to eat it daily or my master will kill me when we meet again to myself – it’s uncool.
“Eating monster meat makes you stronger?”
Ogma seemed interested in the getting stronger part.
“Yeah, the more meat of strong monsters you eat, the stronger you get. Though the toxicity of the meat also gets stronger…”
“Toxicity? I heard monster meat is toxic and inedible, is that true?”
“It’s true. Well, if you start with weak monsters, you get used to it and it won’t bother you as much.”
“Hey hey, wait a minute!”
The stunned Warren cut in.
“There’s no way you can eat monster meat! Everyone knows it’s toxic and inedible! You’re just making stuff up to trick us, right!?”
Warren didn’t believe what I was saying.
False accusations of lying don’t sit well with me, so I decided to demonstrate a little.
Besides, a Blood Bear was approaching them from behind while they sat seiza. It must have sensed human presence and came to attack.
“Look behind you.”
Noticing the Blood Bear approaching from behind at my words, Ogma and the others panicked and tried to run away.
The Blood Bear let out a roar and charged at them to prevent their escape.
I swapped places with them, drew my sword, and struck in a flash, decapitating the Blood Bear. Monsters at this level are no match for me now.
I heard gasps of admiration from Ogma’s group.
Furthermore, I swung my sword to hack the Blood Bear into meat chunks. It was a familiar task.
Picking up a suitably sized piece of meat, I tossed it into my mouth.
It was raw so I chewed it up noisily and quickly swallowed it down.
“See, I’m eating it right?”
At my words, Ogma and the others nodded repeatedly. Warren too.
“Wanna try some too?”
Saying that, I tossed small pieces of meat at them.
“Just nibble on it a little. Eating a whole piece will probably kill you.”
They hesitated, but Ogma steeled himself and put a little of the meat in his mouth first.
“Gueh! Ugghh…!”
Ogma immediately spat out the nibbled meat.
The others tried some too but similarly could not eat it.
I felt a little proud at having proven monster meat was edible.

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