Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 5

“Well, if I do get blamed, I’ll deal with it then. If he condemns me for misunderstandings, I’ll stand against it. It’ll be a losing battle, but still.”

“Even after hearing that, you don’t regret accepting his consultation?”

“I don’t wanna become the kind of person who regrets accepting someone’s request for help.”

“……My apologies. That was a foolish question.”

“Ahaha, don’t need to apologize over that.”

I’m scared inside, but I brushed it off with a laugh.

“I noticed upon this occasion, Byleth St. Ford, that you are quite cool. I felt you possess very mature thinking.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Including what you said earlier, during the consultation you stated, [There are many people who exploit goodwill for their own selfish desires. Not every world consists solely of good people.] Those aren’t words an ordinary student could say.”

I can’t reveal [Because I reincarnated].

Faced with Luna’s sharp remarks despite her sleepy face, all I could do was awkwardly play it off.

“But considering you’re so cool yet still said [I don’t wanna become the kind of person who doubts others’ kindness], that surprises me even more. You really are softhearted and foolish.”

“You’re laying it on thick.”

If someone had witnessed this, they’d surely freeze up.

No, they might even forcibly make her bow her head.

Because a girl from a Viscount house was brazenly insulting Byleth of the Marquis family, notorious for bad rumors.

But being told so directly myself let me truly grasp that Luna spoke her insults without any malice.

I was convinced that was absolutely correct based on her next words.

“While I used crass language, I believe someone like you who paved and walks their own path, believing it’s the right one, is very cool. “


“On top of that, for a consultation that could potentially lead to you being blamed, you seriously tried to find a solution by asserting your opinions. Most would just compliment him, saying [What a wonderful idea] to stay in his good graces.”

“Th-That’s not true, is it…?”

“Indeed. Ours is a hierarchical society, so that would be normal. Which is why you, who also put it properly into action, are truly wonderful. I respect you as a human being.”

Without averting her gaze, in a matter-of-fact manner.

Her expression was the usual poker face, but for some reason her cheeks seemed faintly flushed this time.

“Oh, uh…thanks. B-But if you call me [wonderful], you’re one of those people too, Luna.”

“Unlike you, I haven’t accomplished anything.”

“But Luna took action too, right? I don’t know what led to it, but like this, trying to help…”

I tapped the textbook, indicating proof of action.

“Action without anything accompanying it holds no meaning. Since I wasn’t able to help like you, I can’t be considered equal.”

“That’s just different perspectives.”

“……Different perspectives?”

Luna tilted her head quizzically.

“When he encounters difficult problems starting his business, the things Luna researched will definitely prove useful, won’t they? What Luna looked into covers the skills and information necessary when starting a business. I just happened to be the best match this time because of the timing. In the bigger picture, the knowledge Luna gained from taking action this time will empower him someday. I’m certain.”

“I see… Is that so?”

At this point, she who had been looking at me the whole time lowered her face. She seemed somehow smaller as she softly confirmed.

“Absolutely. In the first place, when he struggles and needs help, I plan to rely on smart Luna. For things like this, Luna’s the only one I can turn to.”


“So when that time comes, I’ll be counting on you. I know it’s weird to say this to a girl, but you’re cool too, Luna.”

That was returning her [cool] compliment. When I snuck a peek, smiling—

“Ah… Th-Thank you very much.”

As she bowed her lowered head and backed away, I called out to stop her. She randomly grabbed books from the shelves and started using them to hide the lower half of her face.

“Um, you okay?”

“I’m fine…”


“Please don’t mind me.”

(Even when she says don’t mind, she’s hiding her face with books…)

I didn’t understand her intent, but I picked up on Luna’s desire for me not to pry any further, so I decided to change the subject.

“Oh right, Luna. Are you free to hang out next week or the week after on our day off?”

“Wh-Why would that happen?”

“I still haven’t properly thanked you for the meal. Just because I called it thanks doesn’t mean I’m reluctantly inviting you.”

“Any other form of thanks is fine. Hanging out with someone like me wouldn’t be fun for you.”

“Huh? Just talking like this is fun, so there’s no way it wouldn’t be.”


“W-What? I don’t think I said anything weird…”

Do I seem like some freak to her? She retreated another step with her face still guarded by books.

“Please give me one day… No, two days to think it over.”

“Got it. I’ll be waiting for your reply then.”

“Y-Yes. Then, I’ll be off now.”

“Ah, you forgot the business boo— had other business too…! And she’s already gone…”

Before I could stop her, she left the area even faster.

(Luna can move that quickly, huh…)

While she doesn’t look sleepy, I was caught off guard since she always has a drowsy face.

When classes ended for the afternoon and I left the academy to head home with Sia…


There she was, walking lightly with a upbeat, though not exactly skillful, unique rhythm as she hummed.

“Sia, did something good happen? You seem to be in a great mood.”

“Eep! Y-You noticed right aw—”


(With how she looks, probably no one wouldn’t notice… The other students were also watching her fondly like [Something nice must’ve happened to her].)


She probably wasn’t considering how she was seen by others. She’s genuinely surprised.

Maybe she was unconsciously humming.

“So what nice thing happened?”

“Well, you see… I received thanks meant for Master Byleth…!”



Her large blue eyes widened vigorously with excitement as she leaned in to tell me.

“Oh, um… Regarding that expression of thanks, please tell him ‘Thank you again for consulting with me,’! Considering who he is, I was so surprised when he came to see me personally! It was such an honor, ehehe…”

“Oh, I see…”

“Thank you so much for making me feel this way!”

Seeing her hiding her grin behind her hand, it makes me feel more flustered than happy.

The only one the [consultation] could refer to is that guy.

And Sia seems to know him even though I don’t even know his name…

[He’s the successor of an Earl house with wide-ranging authority, one of the top houses. Surely you would know that much.]

If even the maid knows him, Luna’s words carry more weight.

(I guess I’ve got no choice but to find out naturally… In the end, I couldn’t get it out of Luna either…)

Sia, who said [an honor].

There’s no way I could tell her [Actually, I don’t know anything about him] now. That would surely disappoint her if she found out.

“So, just wondering, who did you get the thanks from?”

“Master Alan!”

“Oh him! The redhead?”


“And his eyes are purple!”


“Of the Earl’s family!”

“He’s Lady Elena’s younger brother!”

“Uh-huh, whaa!?”

I smoothly learned his name. I easily obtained the information. Just as planned, things were going great and I was getting into it when I got tripped up.

It was shocking enough to make me stop in my tracks.

(No way. I did think they looked alike but… That handsome guy was Elena’s little brother? He’s super good-looking… No wait, with Elena being so beautiful herself, it’s not that surprising.)

In other words, I heard about her brother’s struggles from Elena, then soon after I advised her brother on his consultation.

That’s way too much of a coincidence.

“Um, w-why does Master Byleth seem surprised? Could it be you didn’t know…?”

“No no, I knew. Of course.”

“R-Right! That makes sense! My apologies for saying something strange, you would know that much!”


The cost of my lie is getting unintended sarcasm from her.

Just like anger from a usually calm person is frightening, sarcasm from Sia who’s always kind and sincerely supporting me stings deeply.

If this conversation continues, it may wound me further. For self-protection, I decide to change topics quickly.

“S-So anyway, there’s a chance I might make plans to hang out soon, but are there any spots you’d recommend, Sia? I’m not super knowledgeable.”

“Places to spend time? There are several, but how many people will be going?”

“Just two of us. With a girl named Luna.”


The instant I said that name, it was Sia who stopped in her tracks this time. She looks at me with a clearly flustered expression.

“Um, you mean…that Luna? The third daughter of the Viscount family, the only one at the academy who commutes to the library…”

“Yeah, her.”

(Just hearing the name and she knows all that info… As expected of Sia.)

Just when I was impressed by her, I end up hearing something unexpected.

“It’s very hard for me to say this, but regarding Miss Luna… I don’t believe she spends time playing.”

“Huh? Why?”

“To put it simply, rather than playing, she prefers reading books.”

“Oh, I see…”

A normally unbelievable reason, but one I can accept since it’s her.

“But if I invite her, don’t you think she’ll agree to play?”

“Th-There’s certainly that possibility, however… It’s widely known that she turns down all invitations saying [Please let me read]… Miss Luna treasures her time, especially reading time, above all else.”


“In particular, she has been known to tell men [I don’t want to play with you]. Most likely because she has been pestered persistently despite rejecting them many times.”

Sia frowned, making her well-shaped eyebrows form the kanji for eight.

“By the way, the invitation didn’t come from Miss Luna, correct?”

She prompts me with a questioning look as if to say [That would change things!], but sadly that’s not the case.

“It came from me… She’s done me a favor, so…”


Luna doesn’t seem to have a history of accepting invites.

Seeing her apologetic face, I understand what she’s trying to say.

“Alright! Sia, let’s forget that talk for now. Okay?”


“Let’s head home! Yeah!”

I don’t want to keep making her say difficult things.

Knowing I’ll be rejected and having my heart hurt is…in front of my maid. I can’t show such a pathetic sight.

For tonight at least, I’ll soak my pillow in tears while pondering another way to repay my debt.

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