The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Meeting [Revised]


Confirm that the items prepared beforehand are at hand. It’s almost time, so I should get moving.

“Al-kun, where are you headed?”

“I have a meeting with Grashian now.”

“The Knight Commander?”

“It’s part of my networking efforts, Lady Charl. So far, in this short time, I’ve gathered quite the connections with Duke Mersenne, Miss Elinne, Mr Eval, etc… But I still need one more big push.”

“A meeting for that decisive push.”

Based on the previous incident with the [Fragment], I suspect impressions within parts of the Knights and from Grashian have improved. Reports to that effect have been coming in too.

“Then I, Charl will attend as well.”

“No need. This is just a follow up of sorts. Plus, this meeting itself was proposed by them to begin with.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. So take it easy, Charl.”

I headed straight to the meeting room where Grashian Gwenael, the Royal Knights Commander, was waiting.

As soon as I entered, Grashian stood and bowed in greeting. As always, his eyes showed no contempt or disdain towards me.

“Welcome, Lord Alfred. Thank you for coming today.”

“Likewise, I’m counting on you.”

Today’s meeting is about our strategy against the [Fragments].

Apparently Grashian investigated historical records and discovered that I had been secretly working with [Shadow] to fight against the [Fragments].

So he wants to develop new tactics against the [Fragments], using our experience as reference. That’s what this meeting is for.

“[When Fragments appear]…our duty as Knights is currently to delay them.”

“With their extreme resistances to fire, water, earth, and wind, we can’t deliver a decisive blow. So that’s how it ends up.”

“Yes. We understand this, and are delaying them using existing formations… However, when you came to assist us last time, those formations collapsed.”

“According to these documents, the magical restraints were broken. The core members were gone. There wasn’t enough magical power.”

“But such situations can arise anytime. Especially now in the Kingdom with only you and Lord Leo. There are limits to how much you can cover, so naturally the burden on us Knights will increase. But [we couldn’t delay them because there were only new recruits] is no excuse.”

“So in other words, [you want to be able to steadily delay them regardless of the members] right?”

“As expected. You catch on quickly.”

“Spare me the flattery. I’m just the useless Third Prince after all.”

“If you wish to wear a mask in this place, then let us perform as jesters together.”

After the previous incident, Grashian seems to have gained quite a bit of trust in me…I actually thought it would take longer,

Seemingly having read my inner thoughts, Grashian gave a wry smile.

“You excel at [playing a role], and at the same time, my vision was clouded… However, after witnessing that much power and researching the records from the past on my own, my eyes are not clouded enough to blindly believe rumors. It might lack persuasiveness, but I am still the leader of the knight order entrusted with guarding the Kingdom of Leuville.”

“I see… You’re quite the idealist.”

There are times when just demonstrating power isn’t enough to gain trust. I know that well. That’s why Grashian’s words were surprising. The me from the past would probably be greatly astonished. I might have dismissed it as unbelievable.

This surprise, and Grashian’s trust, were things I wouldn’t have obtained without stepping out of the shadows into the light. What motivated me to make that decision was…

“….I’ll properly thank her again later.”


“No, just talking to myself… So about the new tactics?”

“If you could provide any advice, even as reference, what kind of tactics do you and [Shadow] use against the [Fragments]?”

“There are several, but broadly two types. First is [collapsing the foothold]. Or rather, [pitfalls].”

“Oh, pitfalls…? That’s quite, how should I say, unexpected.”

“No no. This is, surprisingly effective, you know. To begin with, in my opinion, directly restricting movement with magic has low efficacy.”

“But in practice, restraints through [binding magic] are effective…I believe?”

“It does stop movement. But it doesn’t last long, and like last time with the new recruits…in other words when there’s not enough magical power, it gets broken even faster. Why is that? It’s simple. [Fragments] have resistances to the four major attributes, so the duration of restraints by [binding magic] becomes extremely short.”

“And [collapsing the foothold]…[pitfalls] are different?”

“That’s right. In the first place, the low effect of [binding magic] is because it uses [magic]. But footholds themselves aren’t magic. They’re [terrain]. No matter how much [Fragments] have the advantage of [resistances to the four major attributes], that advantage becomes meaningless against mere [terrain] restraining them.”

“I see… That does make sense.”

“Plus, most [Fragments] have humanoid forms. Of course, there are non-humanoid types too, but…the majority have bipedal humanoid forms. In other words, they stand on the ground with feet. If you destabilize that, their posture crumbles too. With crumbling posture, openings appear and restraining them also becomes easier. It’s the same as humans. In that sense, [collapsing the foothold] is effective. We’ve tried various things so far, and this has worked pretty well. I can provide data on it later if needed.”

“….It was a blind spot. Given they have humanoid forms, it’s not unthinkable that they share human weaknesses as well. Come to think of it, by adhering to [form], we forgot to [break form].”

“No need for self-deprecation. It’s because [form] exists that you can [break form]. Above all, it’s that [form] which has protected the Laiwell Kingdom until now.”


“…You saying that is itself rewarding.”

“That said…[collapsing the foothold] requires a certain level of training. Applicable locations are also limited, and you’d need to gather [earth attribute] personnel too. It might not be reassuring with just new recruits.”

“I see… But given its confirmed effectiveness, incorporating it into training is worthwhile.”

“I’ll send over the training regimens [Shadow] uses later, for your reference. Make use of them.”

“You have my gratitude for everything.”

I never thought the day would come when the training regimens used by [Shadow] would be adopted by the Knights.

This is something I couldn’t have imagined a little while ago.

“So, the second one… judging by your request, this seems to be the main event.”

I placed the item I had brought for this meeting on the table.

“Is this… a rope?”

Grashian picked up the rope placed on the table.

“A rope made by bundling steel threads… something like that?”

“I had Sophie create a prototype magical tool for restraining Fragments based on the [Spirit Armament] of the spirit I contracted, [Alvilda]. It’s called [Steel Serpent Rope]. It has excellent durability and flexibility, and by channeling magic, you can have some control after throwing it. You can also increase its strength.”

“Sophie-sama?… Indeed, she was a special advisor to our country’s Institute of Magical Arts. What kind of equipment is this?”

“The usage is simple. Use it to bind and restrain Fragments, sealing their movements. It’s about replicating what I did with [Chain Binding Magic] using a magical tool.”

Despite explaining it briefly, Grashian’s reaction seemed somewhat dull.

It appeared he hadn’t fully grasped it.

“But, Alfred-sama, didn’t you mention that restraint through [Chain Binding Magic] is not very effective?”

As I mentioned before, the weak effectiveness of [Chain Binding Magic] is because Fragments have resistance to the [Four Great Attributes]. But this is different. This magical tool has no attributes.”

“I see…! If you use magic, it inevitably imparts attributes… but if a magical tool has no attributes, it shouldn’t be affected by the resistance of the Fragments.”

Magic inherently carries attributes. That’s why, inevitably, magic also possesses attributes. Even seemingly attribute-less magic, like [Enhancement], actually has attributes.

“That’s right. I devised this, and Sophie made it for me before I went abroad for studies. It’s still in the experimental stage. There are various issues, but it’s effective in restraining Fragments.”

Afterward, based on my knowledge and experience, I worked with Grashian to develop [Anti-Fragment] tactics.

“Well, this was supposed to be just a reference opinion, and I didn’t intend to formulate a detailed strategy… but I got carried away.”

“I got carried away as well. I never thought I’d get sensible advice from the dubious Third Prince and the [Shadow]’s technology and experience.”

Not being able to share our know-how until now was due to the kingdom functioning as it did…but also largely because the Knights didn’t trust us. To them, [Shadow] was a shady group, and my own achievements were intentionally erased. Above all, we couldn’t recklessly leave behind results. For Leo-nii’s sake.

“Changing training regimens, trial implementation of Steel Serpent Ropes… work has suddenly increased. A pleasant development, so to speak.”

“Work is fine, but don’t overdo it. Get too absorbed with work and you’ll be forgotten by family.”

I said it jokingly, but Grashian smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Well now…maybe that would make him happier.”

“….You mean Dold?”

Dold Gwenael.

Grashian’s son, and the man who denounced Charl alongside the First Prince on that day she broke off the engagement…

“All we Knights can do is delay the [Fragments]. No matter how many screams, grief, and wailing there may be…all we can do is steadfastly delay. Even if companions are injured and collapse, delaying is all we can manage… My pathetic self as a father who can’t do more, he scorns me for it. He’s even called me a [gutless coward].”

The world’s curse. The grotesque monsters called [Fragments] can only be defeated using [the Fifth Attribute] or [Sixth Attribute]. That’s surely what vexes Grashian, as the Knights Commander, the most.

“The fact that he sides with and foolishly supports the First Prince’s rampage…is also partially my fault. I apologize.”

“I don’t think you alone are responsible, but if you want to apologize, do it to Charl. She had it hardest in that situation.”

“You’re right… I will find the chance to offer my apologies.”

“If anything, it must have been tough on you too. After all, Grashian was the one who interrogated Leo-nii and the others right?”

“Yes. It was quite the headache… Especially because they showed no hint of reflection.”

Grashian smiled wryly. The interrogation of his own son and the First Prince must have been extremely difficult. It would be even worse given their poor father-son relationship.

“….For now, it seems Dold is behaving himself. I hope he continues to do so…”

I wonder if he is really quiet.

Somehow, those words sound ominously unconvincing.

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