Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 37

Mob No.37: “Saw my wife and daughter! My daughter’s so cute! Oh, wanna see pics?”

The day after mooring at the Guild marina, I went to [Animember] and [Seizaban] for manga, light novel, and doujinshi hunting.

Thanks to that, I got:

The light novel [Somewhere a Mystic Summoning Ring]’s new volume.

The manga [My Nemesis is a Hero]’s new volume.

The comic adaptation of the social creature raising sim [SpeedQueen! The Planet Races].

And the doujinshi for the social strategy sim [Maiden Battle History].

And the next day after that fruitful haul.

Uncle Roans finally returned.

Now I could accept work in peace.

Obviously, Mr. Zeistol was properly working reception too.

“Man, that was the best vacation!”

“Good to hear.”

Seems he had a fun vacation, grinning ear to ear with a healthy complexion.

“Saw my wife and daughter! My daughter’s so cute! Oh, wanna see pics?”

“I’ll pass, thanks.”

Uncle Roans was clearly the typical doting father, already taking out an album, so I immediately refused and

“What’s with that Zeistol guy? He’s a total girl!”

confronted him about not giving accurate information.

“C’mon, he’s a guy and capable right?”

Uncle Roans made flimsy excuses.

“Sure he’s male and incredibly capable at work, but you never said he looks unmistakably like a beautiful girl!”

“The paperwork photo I saw made him look a bit more masculine. Short hair too. But yeah, feminine face.”

In other words, he didn’t know Mr. Zeistol had transformed since that paperwork photo was taken. Supposedly.

Well, that’s what happens when you leave choosing your substitute to HR I guess.

“If worst comes to worst and you’re not around…I’ll ask Mr. Zeistol for reception…”

But only getting work from Uncle Roans isn’t good, so this was a chance to reconsider that.

“So, any work while I was gone?”

“Yeah, I’ll take this one.”

I showed him the asteroid collection job Arthur introduced me to.

“Oh this one huh. Looks good.”

The details were:

Duties: Collection work for asteroid belt near Planet Kolkos, and emergency defense.

Term: Unclear. Until all asteroids collected.

Estimated 480 hours (around 20 days) in Galactic Standard Time.

Minimum total work hours 100.

Breaks optional.

Work environment: Free use of lodging in accompanying colony. Free meals.

Free ship fuel.


Conditions: Bringing own ship mandatory.

Repair costs for damage to brought ships self-pay.

Need to install management beacon and recording device.

Must respond and sortie even during break if emergency.

Leaving the space during term for aforementioned reasons will be penalized.

Pay: 2 million credits, fixed

Reduced if minimum work hours unmet.

Full pay if complete collection/end within minimum 100 work hours.

Note: Swift collection desired. Deliberate work draw-out will be penalized.

“Well, more accurately it’s work assistance. The debris guys will handle main collection. Can gather yourself too of course.”

Needed manpower it seems?

No bonus, and no quota except the term.

No shady parts, so a rather laidback job probably.

But something that bothered me since Arthur introduced it:

“Why’s it note finishing within the minimum 100 hours when the estimate is 480 hours?”

“Had to write it for nitpicky bastards. And in the off chance, y’know.”

Minimum total work hours means [the absolute minimum hours you have to work].

Short 30mins-1hr can just get pay deduction, but total work hours of 30mins-1hr could mean no pay.

“So, you taking it?”

“Of course.”

Still more laidback than combat-focused anyway.

After accepting the job I immediately headed to Kolkos space, arriving in the evening.

I was instructed to dock at the cylindrical colony that had been brought along – more accurately, dragged along – for this project.

Work started tomorrow, so I was told to rest.

Incidentally, of the colony’s 3 residential sections, 2 were parking, the remaining 1 was headquarters, lodging, recreation, repair docks, gas stands, warehouses, etc.

After parking my ship, I headed to the lodging and there I reunited with that debris guy ossan from before.

“Ossan! It’s you!”

“Oh, it’s the young man from back then!”

I’d heard debris guys were the main force so I wondered if I might see him, quite a happy coincidence.

“So you’re participating too huh.”

“Kolkos government request. The gist is debris collection, so lots of other debris companies are participating too.”

“So the procedure’s similar to before?”

“Yeah. Amount matters more for debris, but secure collection’s key here. Can’t drag it out or there’ll be hell to pay.”

Ossan Riggs Volbird and I exchanged addresses, agreeing to work together again this time.

Oh right, Arthur and Seila were properly participating too.

No fawning, but they definitely spread a lovey-dovey aura, making guys’ blood boil.

And the next morning.

Morning announcements? were broadcast facility-wide over open channels at breakfast time.

“Well everyone, thank you for participating in this venture.

For this asteroid collection job, the work process itself is simple.

Load the asteroids and rocks onto dedicated recovery containers, and gather them on the designated ultra-large transports.

Those over 50m diameter will be towed by tugboat near the planet Kolkos’s moon Guma for extraction work with them fixed in place.

Therefore you’ll be collecting asteroids and rocks under that size.

Those nearing 50m diameter will be cut with high power lasers then recovered.

You might think why not just cut everything, but we have limited high power lasers and want to expand employment by mining the over 50m asteroids.

The employment expansion itself is the objective here, so please understand that.

Get fuel and rest at this accompanying colony.

Safety first. Report immediately if you notice anything.

But dragging it out is also an issue.

Work swiftly and safely. Let’s progress without accidents.

Well then, please begin work after breakfast!

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