Before the tutorial begins chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Go, boy! Run, girl!

— Dungeon City of Sakura – 336th Dungeon [Perpetual Darkness] First Floor

After our first battle in [Perpetual Darkness], Haruka and I had no problems reaching the transfer gate to the next floor.

Of course, there were more battles on the way.

But they didn’t become a problem because of the overwhelming difference in our fighting strength…or rather, because Haruka-san was working like crazy…well, either way, those are minor details. The point is, we were able to find the Transfer Gate without incident.

“At least we passed the first hurdle.”

Technically, we haven’t gone through the gate yet, but getting this far is practically clearing it, so I guess it’s okay to celebrate.

With the swirling purple gate towering behind us, Haruka and I lightly high-five.
Yay, congratulations on passing the first floor!

“That was a pretty good speed, don’t you think?”

I look at the analog watch on my wrist and watch the hands move. 10:56 AM. We’ve been here about an hour. Yes, excellent time.

“Oh, a wristwatch? Kyouichirou, you have a smartphone, right?”
“No signal gets through here. And it’s risky to swing and dash around with valuables on me.”
“Ohh, I see-“

Haruka-san pulls her smartphone out of her breast pocket and quickly stuffs it into her outdoor backpack, seemingly impressed by this logic.

I wonder if the smartphone was in her breast pocket the whole time Haruka was jumping, bouncing, and backflipping. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or envy her.

“You have a naughty look on your face.”
“Not at all. I’m always completely focused on the adventure. Anyway, let’s get going. We don’t want to inconvenience other adventurers by dawdling around here, since they use this place as well.”

I put on a cool face, but my heart is actually beating loudly.

Damn… Now even Haruka has started to see through my [Tendency to read thoughts of close acquaintances]. What should I do, maybe I should really think about making a mask?

“I don’t think a mask would suit Kyou-san nya~”
“Can you really read my mind?”

That’s practically a superpower now! Even if it’s useless!

Scene Transition – Dungeon City Sakura – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness] Second Floor

After that, our adventure continued smoothly.

The second floor had uneven, jagged, sloping paths that crisscrossed like highways in the middle of the deep purple wasteland, but that was nothing to Haruka and I, who had been practicing every day.

While not exactly a carefree picnic, we made progress while chatting casually and defeating enemy spirits (mostly lizardmen, but sometimes pig-faced spirits carrying goblins on their shoulders). Before we knew it, we had found the next transfer gate.

Clear time was about an hour and forty minutes.

We probably could have gotten there faster with a map, but unfortunately, the dungeons in this world have the bizarre feature of [All Maps Force Reset Every 24 Hours], so it’s useless.

From the principle of non-interference between worlds to this, Dun Magi staff really love to get in the way of other people, huh?

“No, no, that’s the good part!”

However, Haruka seems to have a different opinion.

“We can always walk unknown paths without a map, right? Every casual step becomes a pioneer’s footprint, don’t you think that’s super exciting?”

Haruka-san says with her starry-eyed smile.

A straightforward, pure adventure fool. The phrase “born for this” really does apply to people, I feel strongly when I see her like this.

Unexplored steps in the space between worlds where smartphones and GPS don’t work. Yeah, when you think about it, it makes your heart beat a little faster.

Not having a map is pretty exhilarating.

Scene Transition – Dungeon City Sakura – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness] Third Floor

When we entered the third floor, the variety of enemy ghosts suddenly increased.

Among them, the [Chon-chons] were crazy. You know the effect.

Chon-chons are just a neck. I guess you could call them reverse Dullahans. Their whole body is nothing but a neck.

Smooth bald head, split mouth, eerily glowing round eye sockets, and most striking of all are their “ears”.

Chon-chon ears are extremely large. So big, in fact, that they can fly around and support the chon-chon necks.


That’s right, chon-chons fly. They fly by using their ears to steer their neck-only bodies.

And on top of that, they have vampire attributes, it’s just too much.

How many attributes were they going to pile on this thing?

“Ohh, so these are the famous creepy guys!”

While feeling this strange excitement, Haruka-san sliced off their two big ears left and right with a Flame Orb summoned copy of [Aoku].

Like a fish out of water, or a bird with its wings clipped, the earless chon-chons will be unable to do anything.

If I crush that helpless living neck with Ekzakksu, we can easily get the kill.

Crushing unresisting severed heads is a terribly uncool role, but Haruka pushed it on me by saying, “I don’t want to cut the creepy-cute guys, so I’ll leave the final blow to Kyou-san,” so I tearfully obliged.

“Pleghblegh agyoburiba!”

The living head leaves a nasty death rattle as it returns to the spirit world.

I really can’t understand where the cute elements are in this pure, one hundred percent creepy monster.

Is that what middle schoolers are into these days?

Scene Transition – Dungeon City Sakura – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness] Fourth Floor

The terrain on the fourth floor was like a gorge. However, there weren’t any rivers or lakes in the canyon.

There were only deep valleys scattered among the land.

Fortunately, there are paths connecting the valleys, so movement itself isn’t hindered, but it’s still more rigorous than flat roads, of course.

Climbing, descending, walking, fighting, climbing again…

Feeling a bit exhausted from the fast march with heavy luggage, Haruka and I decided to take a late lunch break at a place with good visibility after laying out a blue sheet.


Haruka happily wolfed down a salmon onigiri with filling spilling out. People eating happily look so nice… Huh, fast!? Just like characters in manga and anime who eat at lightning speed, she finished the onigiri in a flash.

“Not to brag, but I eat crazy fast and a lot. I’m even called [The Blue Comet] in my neighborhood.”

The Star Swordsman says brightly, his eyes twinkling.

I see, so you’re a big eater as well. But what’s with that name, The Blue Comet? Does it mean triple speed or something?

“When it comes to speed eating challenges, I’m usually on top, but there are stronger people for endurance and eating contests. Especially the absolute eating contest queen FUMIKA and the uncrowned empress Goddess of Time are the two titans of the eating department. Goddess of Time has times that are even close to mine in the speed division…”

What’s with that look, Kyouichirou?

“Oh, it’s nothing… I know nothing.”

She must be a doppelganger of a stranger. Hearing the names of complete strangers that I have nothing to do with at all won’t make me feel anything, but for now, I’ll be sure to beat up anyone who calls FUMIKA-san weird nicknames like [Beelzebub].

So, the lovingly made bento my sister made… I mean, the one my sister made for me was a special, extra-large, five-tier bento box.

Arranged thematically in each elegantly lacquered tier were gems of food such as meat, vegetables, and fried things to give energy to my empty stomach.

As expected, my sister… I mean, my sister is incredible. I mentally prostrate myself while eating the best lunch ever.

Scene Transition

After finishing our lunch, Haruka and I crossed the canyon again, carrying our heavy luggage.

Repeatedly fighting and exploring, walking countless paths for about two hours, we breathed a sigh of relief when the transfer gate finally came into view.

The time is 4:52 p.m. – it’s almost 5 p.m. already. No wonder the reddish tint of the sky has increased.

“So, Haruka-san. What awaits us ahead?”
“Yes, Captain! There is a middle boss on a level divisible by 5!”

I nod “Mm-hmm” at Haruka-san’s cheerful answer, signaling the correct answer.

That’s right. Behind this massive swirling purple gate lies the mid-boss.

Hearing the word “mid-boss” may conjure up disappointing impressions thanks to some hyahha-jerk, but don’t worry. The (well, most of the) mid-bosses here are serious business.

“Be prepared for a sneak attack at the beginning, just in case. It goes without saying, but mid-level bosses are formidable enemies on a completely different level than the small fries along the way. Let’s tighten our focus.”

We draw our weapons of choice and assume combat stances.

As for morale – well, one look at this face says it all. I’m fired up today.

“Let’s go, Haruka. This is the climactic battle of the first day.”
“Yeah! Let’s have fun, Kyouichirou.”

With a “Yeah!” I nod and line up to go through the gate.

Will it be an ogre or a snake? If it’s like the preliminary research says, then most likely…

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