Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 10

Somehow I feel like I can get used to this place

Nobody wants to be on a ship that’s said to be like that.
So the ones who stick out get gathered here in the Coast Guard.
As a result of being gathered here, this ship ended up being called the ship of the unwanted ones and other such names. That’s how it was explained to me anyway.
But from my perspective, the folks here actually seem quite capable.
I was also able to kind of understand from the explanation why the boarding party called the raiding squad is made up entirely of women.
Especially the almost manly lieutenant known as Sister Meyrica – she’s probably pretty hard to use in some ways.
After that, as I looked around and chatted, I was able to hear some pretty detailed stories.
In the end, while the crew on this ship do all have some quirks, they don’t seem to be the unwanted ones at all.
They just ended up being assigned here because they’re hard to use for the commanders and upper ranks.
And from what I hear in the stories, it seems to apply mainly to the officers assigned from the military. Many of them actually seem quite excellent.
At the very least, I heard that some of the escort fighter pilots here could be aces even in the Space Forces.
That was info from a maintenance guy who’s smitten with them – I’m taking it with a grain of salt, but still, that’s impressive.
Chatting around like that took up more time than I expected.
At Lieutenant Meyrica’s suggestion, Maria, who’s a squad leader, showed me to my room inside the ship.
It’s not exactly a lovely room, but as an officer I’ve been assigned a decently spacious single room near the rear hatch next to a storage bay.
After entering the room and quickly organizing my personal belongings, I got a call on the ship’s intercom from the captain.
I’ve been invited to dinner, it seems.
Of course, even in the strict military hierarchy, an invitation from the captain is equivalent to a summons.
I don’t really have anything to do, so I was about to head to the officers’ mess.
The layout isn’t too different on any ship, so I have a rough idea where the officers’ mess should be, but still I’m a little worried.
I was thinking of catching some random soldier nearby and asking for directions to the officers’ mess, when there was a knock at my door.
It was Lieutenant Meyrica, who I’m indebted to from yesterday.
“Captain, since this is your first time on this ship, I’ll show you the way to the officers’ mess.”
“That’s a big help. Honestly I was wondering what to do. Thanks for taking care of me.”
“Oh it’s nothing. As a lieutenant in name only, I was called too. I wouldn’t go near there otherwise. If possible I’d rather not even see the captain’s face.”
“I see, so that’s how it is. But what do you normally do then?”
“Usually I eat with everyone in the break area next to the rear storage bay. That’s also the waiting area for the pilots, so we can eat there too. It’s way more comfortable than the officers’ mess.”
“That’s good to hear. Since I’m just extra baggage, I’d like to avoid any unnecessary friction if I can. But I guess that’s not possible today.”
“That’s true too. Let’s go so we’re not late.”
The two of us headed together to the officers’ mess located near the center of the ship.
It looked like we arrived pretty late. Right after we got there, less than five minutes later, the captain showed up.
“Gentlemen, did I keep you waiting? Before the toast, I want to introduce someone. Lieutenant Bruce, stand up.”
“Yes sir!”
At the captain’s instruction, I stood at attention.
“No need to be so stiff. Let me introduce him to you gentlemen. Just assigned today as leader of the 2nd boarding squad, this is Lieutenant Nao Bruce. I’m counting on you.”
The captain introduced me to all the officers on this ship.
“Lieutenant, introduce yourself.”
“Yes sir. I’m Nao Bruce, just assigned today as leader of the 2nd boarding squad. I’ve only just graduated from the capital’s officers academy, so I’m still green. I look forward to learning from you veteran officers.”
At that, murmurs rose around me.
“Oh, so that’s who he is.”
“Is he the lieutenant from the rumors? Will he be alright?”
“Poor guy, he must have graduated from the elite officers academy. I wonder why he got assigned to a place like this.”
The things I could hear weren’t giving very good impressions.
“Well, I’m sure you’ll come to understand him in due time. For now, let’s toast his arrival.”
“Now then, I have one more announcement before we eat. As I’m sure you’ve heard in the scuttlebutt, the operation against the Hishiyama group will finally begin the day after tomorrow. Therefore, as of now, this ship is entering pre-combat standby. Our actions during the operation will be ordered once all the ships participating assemble after we depart the day after tomorrow. I’m counting on your best efforts.”


The meal started with the captain’s announcement.
I was introduced by Lieutenant Meyrica to the ship’s first officer.
“Captain, the ship is under the effective command of the first officer.”
The one introduced to me seemed like quite an old salt, a senior captain.
I heard he’s nearing mandatory retirement, and this operation may be his last.
In any case, he seems like someone I won’t have much more contact with, so we didn’t really talk.
Overall it seemed like a pleasant meal.
At least, as far as the initial reception, I left with Lieutenant Meyrica, so I don’t know much about what happened afterwards.
But I did learn one thing from this meal.
Frankly, the officers assigned from the military don’t have a good reputation.
After all, the captain was completely isolated. And as Lieutenant Meyrica explained, it seems this ship is being held together by that first officer or whatever.
But with him set to leave the ship soon too, I can’t see a future for this ship.
Oh well, it’s irrelevant.
If I die in action first, it won’t matter anymore.
Speaking of which, I’m kind of looking forward to this operation.
With my lack of field experience, going up against pirates right away, this is clearly an accident waiting to happen.
I just need to keep from getting Lieutenant Meyrica and the others involved.
I returned to my room and, with nothing to do, decided to turn in early tonight.
The next day, thanks to the habits from my student days, I was able to get up quite early without oversleeping.
While relaxing in my room, I heard a knock at my door.
Wondering who it could be, it turned out to be Maria, who will be one of my subordinates. No, she’s Lieutenant Meyrica’s subordinate.
Squad Leader Maria was at my door.
“Good morning, Sergeant Major Maria. Do you need something?”
“Good morning, sir. I’ll be taking care of you today, Captain. Please come with me for a tour of the ship.”
Maria, who I’m indebted to from yesterday, came to my room saying she would show me around the ship today.
This is a big help, honestly.
I thought the layout would be the same as any military ship, but this is still the oldest ship I’ve ever seen.
I wanted to leisurely walk around the ship and see everything once.
“Thank you. Will your work be alright?”
“Yes, no problem.”
After that, in a very small voice, I heard her say “I was told to stay away today because all I do is get in the way.”
It seems she’s a mech-fetishist, and has a habit of tinkering with anything and everything.
It’s easy to imagine her subordinates asking Lieutenant Meyrica for help because she just can’t sit still unless she’s fiddling with something.
“Then I feel better. I’ll rely on you for the tour today.”
“Yes sir, leave it to me!”
came the cheerful reply. But the first place I was shown was the rear storage bay.

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