Two Childhood Friends Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Change of Plans

The Special Abilities Development Academy is a boarding school.

Since it was coeducational, normally the dorms would be separated by gender.

However, most of those who manifested special abilities and were strong enough to be admitted to this academy were female.

Therefore, instead of having two dorms for the few male students, they all shared the same one.

In the common area of the dorm, a male and female student were talking.

“Amazing, Hakuhou! Did you really defeat a monster?”

“Yeah, of course. No need to lie about something so boring.”

The one flashing a cocky grin was Kotaro Hakuhou.

He was one of the few male special ability users, and the boy who had defeated a monster during the recent dungeon exploration.

“But wasn’t it your first time seeing a monster? Yet you could defeat it just like that?”

“Ha ha. My family is special, you see. I knew about monsters even before enrolling here. So I was able to stay calm and respond properly.”

The Hakuhou family was a distinguished household, even more so than the Kakushigi family in modern Japan.

Having studied special abilities and trained to manifest them from a young age, he had been instructed about monsters and dungeons.

Defeating a weak monster was easy.

“I see. With how strong and cool you are, and there being so few guys here in the first place, you must be super popular with the girls, huh?”

“No no, it’s not like that. I just treasure any girl who likes me a lot, you know? How about it? Want to chat more in my room after this?”

He flashed a dazzling smile. Thanks to Kotaro’s handsome features, it didn’t come across as sleazy.

The female classmates didn’t seem to mind either.

However, things didn’t go as Kotaro wished.

“Eh… But that other guy is pretty interesting too. Yoshihito Kuchinasi from our class!”


Kotaro grimaced.

Yoshihito Kuchinasi. A male classmate.

As someone who wanted to be doted on by girls, he was an irregularity.

Frankly, Kotaro didn’t like him.

He had even gotten Enmi investigating.

“W-what’s so good about him?”

“Hmm, there’s a lot! First, his face is super cool right? More of an ikemen than actual actors!”

“N-no way…”

Vexingly, Yoshihito’s looks were very handsome.

He had good style and a nice face too.

Plus, he kindly interacted with everyone without discrimination, making him extremely popular.

“And the elopement is good too, isn’t it? We were forced to enroll here, so running off together like that for each other is pretty bold.”

“I don’t know about that. I mean, isn’t this more like a civic duty for Japanese people? So running away from it is…”

Kotaro desperately tried to find faults.

Their widely discussed elopement before enrollment at the academy.

Combined with their escape from testing, it had become a major topic throughout Japan.

Opinion was about evenly split on it.

Those with views like Kotaro’s tended to be somewhat older.

To them, special ability users should all be under national control and act for Japan’s benefit. It was only natural.

They were the generation who had paid heavy sacrifices when dungeons first emerged.

Which is why they felt the current youth should devote themselves even more to the nation.

On the other hand, younger demographics were more supportive.


Being forced to enroll in the academy and have their career paths decided was not something they welcomed.

Most of them had never personally witnessed the threat of monsters either, so they didn’t feel strongly about becoming a foundation to prepare for that.

While Kotaro was originally part of the younger side, as a Hakuhou family child, combined with his rivalry toward Yoshihito, he stated a negative opinion.

However, the female classmate before him seemed positive, shaking her head sideways.

“But they did enroll in the end, and there’s the story of them defeating a super strong monster!”

“Super strong monster?”

He had defeated one too. What was so amazing?

“Yeah, I think they called it an oni? I don’t know what kind of monster it is though.”

“An o-oni!?”

Kotaro’s eyes opened wide in shock.

The classmate before him didn’t know what kinds of monsters existed or how dangerous they were.

That was normal.

But having been educated about dungeons and monsters since childhood, Kotaro understood.

An oni.

A fearsome vanguard that had destroyed nations and civilization worldwide.

Their sturdy bodies resisted ordinary attacks, and their rampages blew away humans like trash.

Such a monster had been defeated?

Of course, it was a vicious monster that not even Kotaro had defeated before.

“Anyway, I wanna talk with Kuchinasi-kun too! So see you later!”


He watched his briskly departing classmate in a daze.

What welled up was anger toward Yoshihito.

He thought only he would get all the doting!

Yet that guy always went above him.

He stood out more with the elopement, had a better face, defeated monsters too!

Kotaro felt he would go crazy from frustration.

“Young master.”

“Gyaaah!? D-don’t suddenly talk to me while invisible, Kakushigi!”

At that time, he was spoken to from a spot where no one seemed to be.

It might make one think it was a ghost, but having known her since they were young, Kotaro knew someone here had that kind of special ability.

Still, it was bad for his heart.

Clutching his loudly thumping chest, he turned around to see a hazy presence there.

It was Enmi Kakushigi who had become transparent.

“And stop calling me young master. I’m a proper adult now.”

The Hakuhou and Kakushigi families had dealings with each other.

So this wasn’t the first time Enmi and Kotaro had met, even at this academy.

“I don’t care about that.”


He was startled by the low voice.

The ever-cheerful, fun-loving Enmi seemed filled with anger now.

Frankly, it was super scary.

Scary despite being invisible.

“Let’s crush Kuchinasi.”

“Ehh!? Didn’t you just say a while ago it’d be better not to lay a hand on him!?”

Kotaro had been bothered by Yoshihito, the rare boy besides himself.

So he had Enmi get close and gather information.

He planned to overwhelm Yoshihito, show off in front of their female classmates, and make them squeal over him.

The one who had been denying that and telling him to stop was Enmi, who had interacted with Yoshihito.

She said it would be better not to, and that coupled with them defeating an oni had made Kotaro rather hesitant.

But now she had done a complete turnaround.

What had happened?

“I can’t forgive that disgusted face after seeing me naked!”

“Whoa whoa, hold on. Just what exactly did you do?”

Kotaro’s questions only deepened.

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