Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

“Huh? This guy…? Ah, whatever. Come on, we’ll ‘play’ at the boxing gym on the top floor of this building.”
“Natsuki!! Stop it! You’re a pro!”
“Hah? I just said we’ll play a bit.”
I don’t really understand, but if it’s just playing, it should be fine.
“I’m not sure what this is about, but I don’t mind.”
“No, you can’t! Natsuki is ranked boxer in Japan”
“Shaddup, you keep quiet.”
Following his instructions, I got in the elevator and headed up.

I know of the sport boxing. I have the rules in my head. But this will be my first time experiencing it.
I don’t really like violent games. I understand it’s a sport, but beginners shouldn’t be put in the ring.
No one is here to stop us. He sees me as someone to give a trial experience.
I put on the gloves and stepped into the ring for the first time. The ring floor is surprisingly hard. I thought it would be small, but it’s just the right size.
Hime watches me worriedly from outside the ring.
Natsuki, the man standing across from me, has his eyes fixed on me. But from how he’s loosening up, I can tell he doesn’t intend to seriously box me.
“We’ll start when the next buzzer sounds.”
“Yeah, give me a good time.”
“Hey, I was thinking it’s going too far to put you in the ring. Just mess around and throw some punches at me.”
The buzzer sounds and he takes a stance. As I thought, he doesn’t seem to have any intention of actually punching me.
“Hey trial guy! Throw some half-assed punches, it’s not like they’ll hit me so try it out!”
The middle-aged owner yells loudly. The owner of this gym seems to have a foul mouth.
This always happens to me. I get misunderstood about something, do or say the wrong thing, and get anger directed my way.
Too many things have been happening recently.
The memories bring no emotion now that my feelings have been reset, so it doesn’t matter. But still, I feel something murky deep in my chest.
“If you’re a man, throw some punches! Sheesh, useless…”
Natsuki takes some steps and lightly throws a punch. Not within hitting distance. I didn’t move an inch. No need to dodge punches you know won’t hit.
“Hmm… strange feeling.”
His number of punches gradually increases, and his footwork grows sharper. But they’re not punches trying to hit me.
I block punches that look like they’ll connect.
But is it really okay for me to punch…
“…Experienced? Those aren’t boxing moves. …I’ll go a little harder.”
Natsuki’s movements are truly magnificent. Making skillful use of footwork and powerful punch combinations. It’s easy to avoid since he doesn’t intend to actually hit me.
Despite his earlier tone, it seems he sincerely faces boxing.
“Hey, Natsuki!! What’s the use if you can’t land a hit! Put in some effort!! It’s useless if you’re slacking off in practice!”
“Shut up!! Just stay quiet!”
Seems like Natsuki also has a sharp tongue. Perhaps because of what the gym’s master said, his movements become even sharper. Punches interwoven with feints. I can feel a stir in the gym. I don’t like drawing attention.
“Hey, isn’t something weird? Natsuki-san doesn’t seem serious.”
“Can you dodge that? I can’t.”
“Hah… pretending to be an experienced observer?”
“But hey, it’s Natsuki-san, right? It’s impossible unless you’re in the ranker class.”
“He’s definitely slacking off.”
“…Or, isn’t that guy’s core strength insane? He hasn’t landed a single hit since earlier.”
“Is he just good at dodging?”
It’s better to end this quickly. But when will this end?
…Is it only over when I throw a punch? Natsuki is earnestly training in this sport. It would be disrespectful not to face him earnestly.
I reflect the boxing theories I’ve had as knowledge into my body.

Switching my focus—

“Ahn… Huh? Ga!?”

I feel the impact of my left hand striking Natsuki’s head. I don’t particularly like violence, but this is a sport.
The atmosphere in the entire gym seemed to change. Even though I finally landed a hit, no one praised me. Indeed, it’s a challenging sport.
“Hey, we can’t see! He’s not just a visitor!”
“Dangerous, stop. Natsuki-san is getting serious. He’s in the heavyweight class! The difference in size is dangerous.”
Natsuki looked at me with a bewildered expression. But soon, the atmosphere changed.
Indeed, his movements are completely different from just a moment ago.
Natsuki unleashes a flurry of punches, evading them. In an opening, I land a punch. It’s a sport, so I must not break anything. I must not hit a vital spot.
I could hear his heavy breathing.

After a while, Natsuki collapsed in the ring.
I see, so this is the ‘playing’ Natsuki mentioned. As expected, I can’t come to like violent games.
“Hey! Bring the first-aid kit! He’s got a concussion!!”
“Don’t take him out of the ring! Lay him down and let him rest! Someone must have put something in that guy’s gloves!”
“Natsuki, why aren’t you wearing headgear!? And you, if you’re not an amateur why didn’t you say so first!!”
“Get out! Don’t mess around! What gym are you with!? I won’t forgive this!!”

“He has a title match next month… Natsuki, hey, hang in there… You’re going to become the champion… You’ve got what it takes to be the first Japanese heavyweight world champion…”

“I was just playing so he shouldn’t be too damaged. He’ll regain consciousness soon.”
No one is listening to my words.
Hostile gazes pierce me. I feel something cold within my heart.
Why does this always happen…? Same in middle school. When I try hard, get excited, give it my all, I get hostility directed my way. Suspected of cheating.
I thought it would be fine since it’s just playing.
Looking at Natsuki lying in the ring, I feel guilt welling up from my chest.
I messed up again…
“Natsuki!! Are you okay!? Hang in there!”
Hime looked extremely worried clinging close to Natsuki.
I’m the one who caused this situation.
I made Hime make that face. Even though I thought we were getting along well, there’s no chance anymore.


I got off the ring, forcibly took off the gloves, and changed into my uniform.
No one cares about me.
With complicated feelings, I tie the laces of the sneakers Hime picked out for me.
Why do I always end up like this…

I quietly left the gym.

“W-wait up! Toudo!”

When I got off the elevator, Hime was standing at the building entrance.
Drenched in sweat, gasping for breath. Did she run down the stairs to get here first?
“I was scared I might not see you again, so I hurried over!”
“I’m sorry, I hurt someone important to you.”
I expected Hime to yell and scream at me. That’s my daily life. No matter where, I make mistakes, get scolded, and spend my days with heartache.
“No, that was his fault. And I’m to blame for not stopping it too. pant… Sorry, Toudo.”

I never expected to be apologized to, so I was shocked.
“You’re the injured one here. I’ll tell everyone later. Getting mad at an amateur you invited into the ring is childish.”
“But I was the one mistaken…”
“No, you didn’t make a mistake. Everyone just isn’t dealing with you properly.”
This has never happened before. I make a mistake, get scolded, and live my days with heartache. I thought that was normal.
“You need to be more confident, Toudo. You really are amazing. Hanazono realizes that too.”
“Why are we talking about Hanazono?”
“Natsuki is getting in the way of the conversation, but there’s one thing I want to say. Face Hanazono properly.”
“That’s none of your concern.”
It can’t be helped that I lack confidence. Because I’m ignorant of the world.
But Hanazono is a separate issue. Hime has no right to tell me this.
I reset my feelings with Hanazono. So now she’s…
“It does concern me! That’s not…! I watched you two together all that time… I really wanted to be next to you instead! I wanted to switch places with Hanazono… But I, I…”

A sensation like noise running through my head.
I remember this voice. I remember this scent.
A hot summer day. Beautiful evening sunset. Walking outside the castle moat together. The crying delinquents. Me holding Hime’s hand. Running through the night city.

Unfamiliar memories surface in my mind. But they quickly vanish.
“I don’t really understand, but I will deal with it properly.”
That was the best response I could give at my limit. Perhaps if my heart grows more in the future, I may have a different answer. But for now, this was the limit of my words.

Even so, Hime nods happily.
“Yeah, that’s good! Toudo, I know you’re a really nice guy! Next time we meet, I’ll make up properly with you!”
Waving her hand at me while boarding the elevator, she bids me farewell.
There must have been something between us.
But there’s no need to know what.
After the elevator doors close, I wave my hand slightly and murmur.

“…I wish you had told me your name.”

I gaze at my own hand raised to the sky.
It feels like the cloudiness in my chest has cleared up a little.

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