Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

The kingdom’s troops would suffer crushing defeat at the hands of Akitsu Shima’s combined forces of enhanced infantry and mobile armor, forced into fighting a war on two fronts against the neighboring Rinfelt Kingdom taking advantage of the opportunity. Despite achieving victory in the decisive battle against Rinfelt to protect Todd, Rienbach would die.
Todd would barely escape with his life as the kingdom followed the fate of defeated nations, worn down and forced into unequal treaties.
The Rynsgaya Kingdom would lose much of its territory, people, and treasure until it could counter with the mobile armor the spies it dispatched developed by kidnapping engineers from Akitsu Shima…
To survive…and prevent evil from reaching everyone in the Rynsgaya Kingdom, Todd had to move somehow to prevent this anti-Akitsu Shima route at all costs.
First, Todd needed to cross over to Akitsu Shima and poach Haruto Haruto if possible along with his subordinates.
Then promptly develop mobile armor at an earlier stage than the original history, subjugating the eastern mountain tribes before Totila could become tribal king.
Without Iijima Haruto, Akitsushima wouldn’t increase its military strength, reducing the possibility of being entangled in territorial expansion ambitions. The chances of entering the VS Akitsushima route should be significantly diminished.
If we manage to recruit Haruto and the others, we can focus on developing enhanced weaponry or even jump straight to developing mobile armor.
“I think I know Haruto’s personality well enough to understand what he’d be interested in.”
If Todd’s predictions are accurate, there’s a high likelihood that Haruto will side with us. think the chances of him joining our side are high.
If we make him our ally, the technological innovations in Akitsu Shima shouldn’t occur, keeping military power at current levels.
Conversely, the increased strength from Rienbach’s successful development would widen the gap even more.
That should also make avoiding war easier.
Next is dealing with the mountain tribes.
As Todd said before, the mountain tribes acted in small groups based on clan.
So striking them before they united into a single army would make nipping that threat in the bud vastly easier.
Todd actually had another objective for subjugating the mountain tribes. He planned to use this chance to make his father acknowledge the power of mobile armor.
Succeeding in proving their worth by using mobile armor to subjugate the mountain tribes should prompt even his stubborn father to enthusiastically approve national-level production.
No matter the route, the mountain tribes would become a thorn in the kingdom’s side.
To defeat Totila, Todd wanted to advance development of mobile armor as soon as possible. That was how he honestly felt.
But right now, Todd still didn’t have permission to travel to Akitsu Shima where Haruto, who could develop mobile armor, was located.
In the game, permission for Edward to travel abroad came around when he was thirteen.
The optimal strategy for the player was to trail behind then, taking various measures to fortify defenses and lay traps while preparing for the mountain tribes’ invasion.
But Todd, reincarnated in this world, was two years older than Edward, and thanks to being nearly abandoned, had far greater freedom of action.
He might be able to conquer the mountain tribes before Totila became king at his current level.
Perhaps he could even secretly intervene in Akitsu Shima before mobile armor saw action there and make Rynsgaya Kingdom the developer.
However, the situation showed little sign of changing.
The frustrating days of training in earth magic’s preservation and wind magic’s enchantment while continuing to fight Rienbach felt vexing, with impatience only building day by day.
Having long realized creating mobile armor alone was impossible, he had quickly given up on that.
Since there were things he wanted to do but couldn’t, Todd decided to use that time effectively.
He spent it deepening his bonds with his younger siblings and their mothers.
That time, which he could spend with everyone, was irreplaceably precious to Todd, who highly valued family.
Spending time together dispelled his frustrations, and let him motivate himself to work harder.
Thanks to that, his relationship with Edward remained good, and neither Takeru nor Miyahi seemed depressed.
Having few shared topics with Miyahi, their conversations naturally centered around her hometown of Akitsu Shima.

Todd compared their words to my game knowledge and made sure there were no inconsistencies. Sparring with the energetic Takeru had also become part of our daily life.
But those busy yet meaningful days spent cherishing family time were brought to an abrupt end one day.
The long-awaited travel permit Todd had been waiting for arrived on the very day Todd turned ten.
Todd beseeched his father and Miyahi, using her connections back home to help him cross over to Akitsu Shima.
(Now it’s…a race against time.)
The destination – the Bousou Peninsula where Akitsu Shima was located in Honshu.
The anti-yokai special armaments research lab where Haruto Ijima would be relegated to – the remote office established to deal with yokai unique to Akitsu Shima.
Todd hurried there…


Akitsu Shima existed across the sea from all other nations as an island country.
But its army was overwhelmingly land-based with the command structure remaining fragmented between the military families.
Thanks to the authority of the imperial family as rulers, there was no major conflict, with the families maintaining a loose confederation.
There is no room for a foreign campaign, and no crisis is imminent enough to unite the warriors on the inside
The current situation where the entire nation couldn’t band together and fight could rightly be called tranquil stagnation.
“Man, such peace…”
One man faced the sun visible on the distant horizon and let out a big yawn.
He wore a pure white lab coat, hands tucked into his pockets.
Though hard to tell due to his hunching, he was probably quite tall.
Even with his bent back, he was as tall as the woman beside him.
“Nothing happening is best, Mr. Haruto.”
“I guess so. Lately there haven’t even been many yokai disturbances, and I almost never get a chance at field testing. We’ve got Renge-chan and her suit, but they’re a waste of time and money.”
“I am not your possession, Mr. Haruto! Don’t lump me together with your inventions!”
The woman called Renge had black hair, common among Akitsu Shimans, grown to waist-length.
Her angry posture with hands on her slender hips looked charmingly attractive, aided by her natural grace.
But Haruto only glanced at her disinterestedly before returning his gaze to the sea, heaving a big sigh.
“You’ll lose your happiness, you know.”
“That’s just superstition. The idea that human breathing can determine fortune or misfortune makes no logical sense.”
Renge looked to be in her early twenties.
Her face was still filled with the confidence unique to youths who hadn’t yet experienced failure.
She wore a skintight bodysuit that emphasized her feminine curves.
It was gray with a glossy sheen, clearly outlining her shapely body.
Particularly noteworthy was the large green stone over her chest, with multiple vein-like tubes extending from it. That stone was a magic stone.
All magical beasts are born with one embedded in their hearts, growing larger as their bodies mature like a kind of gallstone.
Magic stones harbored dense magical power after slowly expanding within magical beasts for many years.
Thus they were highly useful for creating mystical artifacts and extracting magic power.
A magic stone’s value depended on its size and purity.
There was no doubting this fist-sized, highly transparent magic stone cost a staggering amount.
The wearable body mobile armor Haruto had produced over the last year or so was officially designated the Tokuni Model mobile armor.
By connecting circuits to the magic stone to form magic conduits, then channeling reinforcement magic imbued into the stone, it could drastically improve an infantryman’s motor capabilities.
To Haruto, this was groundbreaking equipment that could fundamentally change the nature of warfare, but his direct superior deemed it a useless pipe dream, heartlessly cutting research funding.
So he had continued development using his own finances, not stopping until it depleted him to the brink of destitution, somehow achieving performance even he found satisfactory.
But the higher-ups remained stubborn, saying they couldn’t entrust their lives to such a dubious thing, ultimately refusing permission for field use.
He had even directly negotiated with people above his boss, but the results were far from ideal.
The leaders of the research institute Haruto worked at valued precedent and formalities, often reacting critically to anything new.
Their official complaint was that he disregarded profitability far too much, and that the form-fitting bodysuit was too vulgar and in poor taste.
But Haruto saw through them – they just didn’t want to get scolded by their own superiors for wasteful spending.
Haruto believed anything should be sacrificed for advancing magic and mystical artifacts.
To him, his superiors and subordinates alike were nothing but old-fashioned, obstinate people.
He was convinced his mobile armor could cause a major shift in the world’s military balance of power.
Succeeding at independently developing such powerful weapons without anyone’s guidance, Haruto could undoubtedly be called a genius. Those of the genius persuasion could intuitively follow their instincts to arrive at optimal solutions. But rarely could they share that vision with others.
Because for someone to understand their ideology required talent on par with their own.
Like other geniuses, he was poor at gaining understanding from anyone besides himself.
Having earned his superiors’ resentment, Haruto was relegated from the research institute with its significant influence on national defense and trade to the Anti-Yokai Special Armaments Research Lab – nicknamed Taiyo – making it tantamount to banishment to the countryside.
Now he was stationed in the boonies of the Bousou Peninsula, with practically no yokai, let alone people, tasked with preparing countermeasures against yokai that might appear someday.
…Though calling cursory paperwork to fabricate reports afterward “work” was questionable.

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