SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 1

Chapter Three: Tera Awayuki Didn’t Receive Anything from Momo***o san, Really  

I’m exhausted…just utterly exhausted. 
Returning home, I went straight to my room and flopped down face-first onto my bed.  
Transferring to Teio Academy, the appearance of mysterious choices in my head, encountering an angel, the fact my bad luck was truly just regular bad luck without cause, the implied synergy of that bad luck and the choices, meeting a quirky girl aspiring to be a superstar, the absurd debate match, the fact I ended up being celebrated in class due to misunderstandings, Hiratsuka Raichō.  
No good…too many things happened in quick succession, my head feels ready to burst. 
It’s a bit early but I’ll soak in the bath and refresh– 
Mom seems to have gone grocery shopping or something, no sign of anyone in the living room. I slip through there into the changing area and open the bathroom door– 
A girl was soaking in the bath.  
Moreover, it was– 
The angel I encountered on the school roof. 
“Wha–! Oops, perv–! Why’re you…in our bath?!” 
As I’m plunged into confusion, Corone’s already flushed face turns even redder– 
And she lets out an ear-piercing scream. 
“W-Wait, it’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t know you were in here–” 
“You saw me playing with my rubber duckyyy!” 
“That’s not the issue here!” 
“Ahaha, were you surprised? Were you surprised?” 
This brat…more acting huh. 
No, more fundamentally–  
“Hey…why are you here?” 
“Whaddya mean why, I’ll be in your care starting today!” 
“I mean, it’s easier to support you if I stay by your side right?” 
“Well yeah but…that doesn’t mean just moving into my place right… Plus aren’t you, y’know, not human?” 
“All the paperwork is nicely fabricated and I have a study abroad student identity, so I can even attend your school.” 
“You’re gonna come to school too…? More importantly, did you just waltz in here yourself?” 
“As if~! Your mom’s out right now but I got her permission. I called and checked with your dad too, got the OK.” 
This cat’s already got the outer moat filled in… No matter how suspicious an unplanned foreign student is, my crazy mom and dad would never turn down the fun prospect of a blonde homestay beauty.  
“But…where exactly are you planning to sleep and live?” 
I hate to say this but our house is pretty big. 
Aside from rooms for my parents, me, and my little sister (really studying abroad), we have some extras…but they’re overflowing with my parents’ enormous wardrobes and gifts from fans, no space livable for a person.  
“Ah, I’ll just sleep in Youta’s closet!” 
No closets…why’s she settled on a classic hungry cat hiding spot… Nah, more like a cat right. 
“So, what’re we gonna do nyaa?” 
“What’re we gonna do about what?” 
“Again-nyaa. When it’s just the two of us in the bath like this, aren’t you gonna do anything big brother?” 
“No, obviously not…” 
“Are you an idiot? Impotent?”  
“You’re the idiot!” 
“Ahhaha. So naive Youta-chin. I know you don’t have the guts.” 
She’s relaxing way too much… Of course I’ve got zero intention of doing anything, but her teasing nonstop is annoying.  
Some way to startle her a bit– 
【Choose ] 
① Show her my naked body. 
② Mimic a newborn deer fawn while naked. 
“You almost gave me a heart attack!” 
“Oh, what was it? Another choice in your head?” 
“Yeah…the worst kind.” 
No wait, for 2 it just says mimic, not show… 
“Corone…I’m going to do something now…so close your eyes. Absolutely don’t look, got it?” 
“Ooh, what what?” 
“…Don’t wanna say.”  
“Ehh, that just makes me curious. No waaay, gotta tell me or I won’t close my eyes.” 
“Ugh…you promise not to look if I tell you?” 
“Yes sirree.” 
“I’ll…mimic a newborn deer fawn on all fours.” 
“No way I won’t watch something that funny!” 
“I’ll seriously punch you!” 
“Doesn’t hurt to try~.” 
“No way!” ……Oh, that’s right. 
Right now I’ve opened the changing room door and am peeking into the bathroom.  
If I close this and prop it shut so it can’t open temporarily, that solves everything. 
“What a shame.” 
“Ah, you shut it! ……And I can’t open it no matter how much I jiggle the knob! Grr, sneaky Youta-chin!” 
Phew…you slipped up, Mr. Choice. My win this time. 
Right, better get this over with quick.  
I swiftly strip off all my clothes until fully nude. 
Then get on all fours, folding my limbs and shaking all over. 
There…my headache’s gone. Now to hurry and get dressed– 
“I’m home~ Youta, if you’re gonna run a bath do it before–” 
The door to the living room side opened abruptly and in came–  
My actual mom standing right there. 
Mom drops the grocery bags in her hands with a thud and covers her open mouth with both hands. 
“You don’t seem to have grown at all!” 
“I have grown!” 
And that’s not the issue here! 
“It’s okay Youta, boys your age do things like this sometimes.” 
“No they don’t! No one sane strips naked on all fours shaking just because they’re a teenager! Even if it is puberty!” 
Well, I am actually doing that now… 
“It’s fine. Your father did similar things when he was younger too.”  
“Nothing about this is remotely fine! Explain what exactly!” 
My dad did this stuff naked? …At minimum, something’s off in his head.  
Then a carefree voice comes from the bathroom. 
“Can I come out now Youta-chin?” 
“Don’t make this an even deeper level of hell!” 
“Oh my, Corone is in there? Well well, so it’s that sort of thing?” 
“N-No mom, absolutely not! There’s a deep reason why I’m like this!” 
“Youta probably doesn’t know since he’s a virgin, but foreplay doesn’t mean playing around in a naughty way before sex.” 
“Apologize to all the virgins nationwide!” 



One thing and another, I didn’t get in the bath until after dinner. 
During the meal, my naturally airheaded mom and mischievous Corone getting oddly friendly meant nonstop tsukkomi that combined with the mental fatigue from school earlier left my exhaustion at a max. 
Just sleep immediately tonig– 
Corone was doing a bridge on my bed. 
I silently closed the door, pinched my own cheek, then opened again. 
Corone was doing a bridge on my bed. 
“……………………What exactly are you doing?” 
“Huh? Isn’t this the kinda thing that excites you?” 
“Why’re you constantly trying to give people weird fetishes…” 
“I was wondering at lunch too y’know. When I fell from the sky, which would Youta like more, sticking headfirst into the ground or bridging… So I picked that one.”  
Neither are remotely appealing, but bridging is far superior… So why’d she go with sticking in the ground. 
“And why are you here anyway… We decided you’d use my sister room for now, right?”  
“Yehp, I got permission to sleep and stay in imouto-chan’s room until the others get cleaned up! So like, I’m pretty much Youta’s little sister now right?” 
…That logic makes no sense whatsoever.  
Corone undoes the bridge and lies on her back, spreading her arms– 
“So with that, please treat me as your little sister.” 
“What are you saying!?” 
“Nyahaha, teasing Youta is so fun. And wow, this bed is so soft and fluffy~” 
After thoroughly enjoying the sensation, Corone– 
“Wheee, rolly polly!” 
“Don’t roll all over someone else’s bed!” 
“Wheee, spinny spin!” 
“Don’t spin all over someone else’s bed!” 
“Wheee, barfy barf–ooooowaaaaah!” 
“Don’t actually barf!” 
“Nyahaha, so very naive.” 
Seeming finally satisfied after frolicking and messing around freely, Corone then lies on her stomach resting her cheeks in both hands. 
And looking up, she asks: 
“Lemme ask you something? Why’re you so against standing out, Youta?” 
…That struck right at the core of how I live my life.  
But the answer itself is very simple. 
The fact I’m the son of those superstars [Hoshi Toru] and [Ozora Misaki]. Of course it’s not publicized, but even at local elementary schools it was common knowledge.  
Fed up with that, I desperately studied and somehow got into a private middle school a bit away from home–I even commuted by train to my original public high school, intentionally going quite far. 

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