Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 4

“My goal for the restaurant is to provide cuisine that satisfies all customer demographics—nobles and commoners alike—at low cost. And to reduce food waste. I’m considering those two points.”

“I see. Regarding serving cuisine and pricing, procurement plays a huge role so I can’t really comment… What about ideas to reduce food waste?”

“Yes. At my father and mother’s shops, any excess stock or inventory past its safely edible date is disposed of entirely. I want to change that cycle. I’m thinking that before disposal, I want to cook it as much as possible and provide free meals to those struggling with food. That’s my aim.”

“Ohh. I get it… That’s a great idea. I think it’s a very idealistic policy.”

“Thank you so much!!”

(He’s trying to solve serious issues so young…)

I could only admire his strong resolve. However—

“But, but… As a restaurant, it’s not a recommended approach, you know?”


“Firstly, it needs to not affect sales, for one. And it’d force employees to do unnecessary work, so there’s too little benefit for the restaurant, right? I hate to say it, but there’s almost no return from helping poor people, and there’s the chance no good rumors might spread about [the restaurant that helps the poor].”


(Did I ever ask my grandpa the owner similar questions when I worked part-time at his restaurant and we still wasted ingredients…?)

Asking such questions earned responses like [It’s educational] as he taught me various things. Without that experience, I couldn’t have said any of this.

I understand I’m saying harsh things to someone who wants to realize their ideals, but profit-wise, it can’t be helped.

Since I was relied on, I have to convey negative opinions too.

“I’d say the biggest issue is [providing free meals].”

“Why…is that the biggest issue?”

“Because risk management is difficult when malicious people get their hands on the food.”


He tilted his head in puzzlement. Likely because he’s still young and unable to imagine it.

(It’s gonna go there, huh… This is a difficult conversation I want to avoid, but…)

It can’t be helped in order for him to understand.

“Let me give you a hypothetical example, okay? Just hypothetical. If the people you gave free meals to claimed ‘I got sick from that food’ or ‘There was something strange mixed in,’ how would you take responsibility? While their aim is money, manufacturing evidence is easy, and even if you fought for innocence, bad rumors would definitely spread. It leads to negative results for the shop, and most of all for your family.”


“Unfortunately, there are many people who exploit goodwill for their own selfish desires. Not every world consists solely of good people. It’s because restaurateurs who know that, even if it means wasting ingredients, they choose to dispose of them. If their business doesn’t thrive, they can’t protect the livelihoods of their employees who work hard.”


He hung his head silently, not refuting me. He seemed to be prudently taking in what I said.

(For him, it must sound unrealistic… If I was in his shoes, there’s no way I’d accept what someone not much older than me said… )

I felt like I was doing something incredible that I couldn’t put into words. And someone trying to take on difficult challenges, I just wanted to cheer them on.

From here on I decided to focus on words that could draw out his motivation and courage, on praising words. But not empty flattery, of course.

One glimpse of his studying was enough to easily say as much.


I wonder if around ten minutes had passed. The unexpected consultation I hadn’t anticipated ended, and alone now, I let out a deep sigh.

(So…who the heck was that handsome guy in the end…? He was super polite even when we parted ways.)

With the nagging feeling left unresolved, I rested my chin in my hand.

(Oh! I can ask Luna, she might know!)

Since he was using the library, there’s a chance he’s used it in the past too.

In other words, Luna who commutes to the library might know his identity.

Thinking I’d found a ray of light to resolve this vexing feeling, I raised my face the moment I tried looking for her—the original reason I came here.

“The library is neither a place for consultations, nor for resting your chin in your hand. Byleth St. Ford.”


Without making a sound, she appeared behind me with her hands clasped behind her back, directing her usual listless golden eyes my way.

“L-Luna… Don’t tell me you overheard that consultation earlier?”

“With the volume you were speaking at, I could hear it even without trying. The library is a quiet place.”

“R-Right… Really sorry. For disturbing your reading.”

“As long as you’re reflecting, it’s fine.”

Unable to refute her sound argument, I scratched my cheek and apologized, prompting her to readily forgive me.

“More importantly, will he be alright?”

“Him? I think he’ll be fine. He really had a strong look in his eyes, so I don’t believe he’ll fold so easily… I’d like to believe that, at least.”

“I see.”


After murmuring that, Luna turned her face in the direction the red-haired youth had left.

──In that instant, I witnessed a breathtaking sight.

Due to her slightly changed posture, I inadvertently caught a glimpse of what she had clasped behind her back.

A business book gripped in her hand. And multiple memo sheets inserted inside that book.

(C-Could it be Luna was trying to help him…?)

But I immediately answered myself that it had to be mere coincidence.

Seeing her overflowing with such kindness, I couldn’t help but speak up.

“Hey Luna, could you turn around for a sec?”

To take the book she was hiding behind her back, I tried luring her, but it didn’t work so smoothly.

“Whatever is the matter so suddenly? Are you planning an ambush from behind?”

“N-Nothing like that!”

“Suspicious. I must decline.”

I was completely shot down in an inorganic tone. Luna was undoubtedly on the defensive.

Realizing that, trying to beat around the bush would be meaningless now. I directly conveyed my aim.

“Sorry, I’ll be frank. Could you show me the book you’re hiding behind your back?”


A rare non-response from Luna.

But she didn’t ignore me either.

“When did you notice? I was trying to conceal it so it wouldn’t be visible.”

“Just now. When your posture changed a little, I caught a glimpse.”

“I see…”

With her drowsy eyes cast downward, Luna gave a resigned reply.

She brought forth the hand she had clasped behind her back, along with the book it held.

(I knew it…)

I wasn’t mistaken. She was holding the business book stuffed with numerous memo sheets.

“Was this for the guy from earlier?”

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you. If that was the case, it would make me look pathetic.”

It was practically an affirmation that [she did it for him], but she likely judged it would be harder to make excuses given the circumstances.

“Luna, could I at least see that book for a bit?”

“It contains difficult content. This is…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Oh, leave the inserted papers as they are.”

“……Nothing interesting is written on them.”

“I don’t think there’s anything like that written.”

Before handing it to me, Luna tried removing the memo sheets, but I stopped her and borrowed the book.

What I absolutely had to check were the memo sheets being used as bookmarks.

Flipping through the pages with them let me grasp their purpose.

【The way things are viewed here may prove useful to you. 】

【Cultivating the resolve to make decisions after considering the risks outlined here will likely become necessary going forward.】

【I believe the importance of communication described here will also be vital.】

Luna’s various opinions, picking out parts from the thick, difficult book after reading through it all.

And finally, an【I know it will be tough, but do your best!】to cheer him on.

After reading all twelve memos and closing the book, as if waiting for that timing, Luna called out to me.

“……But you really are brave, aren’t you?”


“Yes. Not only did you accept his consultation, you properly conveyed harsh truths. While I believe you spoke correctly, if he took offense from this, there was a possibility of you being blamed. Even for one of your standing, that cannot be taken lightly.”

“Huh…? Wait. Don’t tell me that kid is someone super important?”

“Why the confusion? He’s the successor of an Earl house with wide-ranging authority, one of the top houses. Surely you would know that much.”

(Wh-Seriously!? The top of the Earls…? And I could get blamed just for giving advice!? Hey, with that level of kid you should at least remember the face and name, Byleth-boy…)

I’ve only been able to live in this world thanks to Byleth’s memories, but the gaps are the worst.

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