Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

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Another year passed, and Todd turned nine years old.
Likewise, his younger siblings were growing up steadily.
Compared to any route in the game, they were probably all able to lead quite happy lives.
Takeru was no longer bullied by his older siblings, and Enethya had become much more easygoing than before. It was hard to say with Anastasia, but…judging by her unclouded smiles when she was well, she too was probably able to live each day joyfully.
Edward honed his intellect further; his win rate at intellectual games was now barely sixty percent.
In another year, Todd might not be able to beat him anymore.
While feeling that sense of crisis, deep down Todd looked forward to Edward surpassing him.
In the game, by this time Todd would have given in to gluttony and started rapidly fattening up.
But the current Todd had continued enduring the Spartan training of Rienbah, spending nearly half of his free time each day on mock battles and strength training (and the other half on magical theory and practicals).
Due to the intense use of both mind and body, he had a slender build with muscles starting to develop.
While he might not beat Edward yet, it wouldn’t be wrong to call him a handsome boy.
This past year, Todd had grown dramatically.
Blessed with the royal bloodline, he possessed outstanding talent for both the sword and magic.
Schlein, the head court magus, broke into smiles at Todd’s rapid rise, while Rienbah, the royal knights brigade commander, let out hearty laughs at his efforts bearing fruit.
The reason Todd cut into his precious free time to push his body was to prepare for someday piloting mobile armor.
mobile armor was a weapon that granted superhuman durability and mobility by imbuing magic into materials from magical beasts and metals.
However, it was operated by humans, so its power and speed were proportional to the pilot’s physical abilities.
Therefore, intense physical training was essential to become a powerful mobile armor knight.
Compared to magi who could attack from afar with magic, knights with a certain level of physical competence were more valued as mobile armor pilots.
For this reason, the role of battle magi would gradually fade away.
But that didn’t mean magic would become unnecessary.
Magic was indispensable for creating mobile armor and mobile armor.
Going forward, magi would shift away from being frontline combatants to support roles, standing on the production side.
The reason Todd trained in magic was to take the lead himself and give rise to mobile armor.
Todd had a reason he had to do so.
To subjugate the mountain tribes – a threat to the Rynsgaya Kingdom – before they could become one.
Having played through [Augustus: Throne of the Supreme], Todd felt an extremely strong desire to quickly manufacture mobile armor and pilot it.
But the real reason he was working so desperately now was because the Rynsgaya Kingdom could face danger if things continued as they were.
The mountain tribes living in the Ernechia Mountain Range east of both countries. They lived in tribes and clans, riding ponylike horses as nomadic equestrians.
All of them, from children to elderly, used bows, capable of shooting backwards from horseback and firing while standing.
Few possessed magical talent, with exceptions like shamans, but virtually none besides those.
Though they were fated to decline after mobile armor granting speed rivaling horses appeared, for now they could still pose a serious threat to the kingdom.
Currently, though they frequently conducted raids, their lack of unity allowed the kingdom to deal with them without issue.
However, among those mountain tribes existed a single charismatic figure.
And he was the one Todd considered the greatest danger – the tribal king, Totila.
If he subjugated all the clans and united the mountain tribes…
Depending on how it was handled, the Rynsgaya Kingdom could vanish from the map.
This was the tribal annihilation ending, a bad ending where no one survived.
It was one of the so-called fkill-at-first-sight endings, concluding before the signature mobile armor of the game could be developed.
With their high mobility light cavalry trampling them repeatedly, the Rynsgaya Kingdom was at a complete loss.
Totila’s great army advanced on the royal capital, capturing the king after battle.
In exchange for his release, massive amounts of treasure were handed over, further decreasing the kingdom’s power.
Sensing opportunity, the neighboring Rinfelt Kingdom invaded, taking the royal capital.
The royal family was all beheaded, vanishing like dew on the execution grounds…
To avert such a bad ending, Todd hoped to develop the mobile armor weapon known as mobile armor, which could defeat them, at an earlier stage than in the original history and subjugate the mountain tribes in the eastern highlands before Totila could become tribal king.
However, currently he had absolutely no discretionary funds or pocket money, so all he could do was train himself in anticipation of someday piloting mobile armor.
As for his sword skills, Rienbach had stamped him as unlikely to lose to a novice knight at this point.
For magic, he had succeeded in stepping into the new level known as the Second Stratum that only seasoned practitioners could wield.
Here is a bit about how magic works in this world.
The fundamentals are the four elements of fire, water, earth, and wind.
These are called elemental magic, and with some exceptions they are what is referred to as magic.
Each elemental magic, upon reaching a certain proficiency, enables drawing out new effects.
This is called the Second Stratum, and magi who can wield these new powers become eligible for court service.
The effects attained at the Second Stratum differ by element.
Listing each, they are:

Fire – Physical Enhancement
Water – Recovery
Earth – Preservation
Wind – Enchantment


That’s how it goes.
Magi possess powerful attacks that can strike from afar.
However, maintaining the focus to keep chanting spells is difficult. Once targeted by knights, their inferior stamina compared to the trained knights means they are often captured.
Therefore, magi with some talent typically first learn fire magic, which has the highest attack power and upon reaching the Second Stratum grants speed enough to simply escape enemies.
Then after making a name on the battlefield, they learn water magic to serve in support roles rather than the frontlines by acquiring recovery magic. This was the standard path for magi.
But the magic Todd asked Schlein to teach him wasn’t fire, but earth magic.
Ignoring the disdain and snide remarks, he reached the Second Stratum around age seven.
And currently at age nine, he had succeeded at attaining the Second Stratum in wind magic as well, which he was taught next.
It seems the head court magus Schlein wasn’t pleased that Todd was learning earth magic and other elements with few roles, often recommending he study fire magic instead.
He probably thought it was the typical teenage rebellion, disliking learning magic properly.
Since he didn’t particularly mind the low evaluation, Todd made no effort to correct it.
What would become necessary in the future was wind and earth, not fire.
Even explaining that water magic would end up third priority likely wouldn’t earn understanding.
And considering the future, him being able to use magic alone wasn’t enough.
Ideally, at this stage he’d want to secure earth magi from the neighboring Rinfelt and Akitsu Shima.
But that was difficult with his current position.
No matter that he was a prince, there was a limit to the allowance he received.
To make large-scale movements using national budget rather than his own money required showing his father the utility of mobile armor and mobile armor.
With no permission to even go out yet, all he could do was struggle to create mobile armor himself using his pocket money to buy materials and catalysts. All of this was for the future, for Rienbach’s sake in Todd’s eyes.
However, recently Todd’s reputation had clearly started declining.
The direct cause was Edward making a dazzling debut in high society, showcasing intellect surpassing Todd and drawing comparisons between them.
[Compared to the graceful and dignified Prince Edward, how is Prince Todd? While he may be smart, doesn’t he just do weird things like battering himself in mock battles until covered in wounds, or buying creepy stuff with his allowance?]
[Engaging in vulgar alchemy-like crafting? Harsh training that leaves scars on his body? Such things hardly seem fit for royalty!]
The nobility’s evaluation of him was roughly along those lines.
Todd also heard many were trying to remove Todd from contention and switch their support fully to Edward.
Iris, displeased that Enethya had started playing with Takeru, was taking the lead in this, Todd couldn’t help but let out a wry laugh.
The king, wanting Todd to succeed him, had angrily scolded Todd many times for injuring the body as royalty.
Todd mother also chided him, asking what purpose such acts served and to practice fire magic in that free time instead.
But Todd had no intention whatsoever of changing his behavior. Edward was better suited to be king than him, and there were countless things in this world he could only do if unencumbered.
While he did want to consider those around him, he no longer had the leeway to do so.
The time left to Todd was shockingly little, after all.
When Todd turned thirteen – in other words, four years from now – a certain incident would occur in Akitsu Shima.
The seal restraining the evil dragon Yamata no Orochi would break, and several cities would be destroyed.
And those would be slain by the enhanced infantry unit led by Haruto Ijima.
Recognized for his development abilities after defeating magical beasts the knights couldn’t handle, Haruto would be promoted from eating cold rice to research institute director. With the effectiveness of mobile armor, until then treated as quack weapons, proven, Akitsu Shima would begin mass production and greatly increase its military power.
And in the process…mobile armor would be completed in Akitsu Shima.
After that, depending on the Rynsgaya Kingdom – in other words, his father the king’s response, they could end up at war with Akitsu Shima.
If war broke out, it would be disastrous.

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