Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 29 + Afterwords

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Reuben’s Childhood

The Baldia territory is close to the border with a neighboring country, but it is ruled by the Baldia family, known as the Empire’s Sword, keeping a wary eye on the neighboring nation. Also, lively trade takes place with “Barstow,” which has a large port, and “Renalute,” where forestry and agricultural technology is advanced. Because of this, there are many visitors from other countries, so the villages and towns in the Baldia territory tend to be relatively lively places. In one such village in the Baldia territory, some children were playing.  

“Reuben, hurry and run or the demon will get you!”

“Haa…haa…wait up, Diana…I can’t…anymore…”

Diana was pulling Reuben along as they ran, but Reuben put his hands on his knees, gasping for breath, and came to a stop. As he caught his breath, Reuben wiped the sweat from his brow and tried to start running again, but his feet got tangled up and he fell over right there.


“Geez! What are you doing!?”

Diana immediately held out a hand to the fallen Reuben, but looking a little embarrassed, he couldn’t take her hand right away. Losing patience, Diana forcibly grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet.  

“Geez! If you don’t hurry, the demon will get us!”


At Diana’s sharp tone, Reuben’s body shook briefly, but looking behind her, he made a startled expression at the “demon” that was there.


While Diana was helping Reuben up, a boy had stealthily come up behind her and put his hands on both her shoulders, a triumphant grin on his face. Diana looked back at the boy in surprise, and seeing his boastful grin, she stamped her feet in frustration.

“Nelus…!! Oh, geez!! That’s why I told you to hurry up!!”


At Diana’s scolding, Reuben weakly apologized with his head drooping. Seeing Reuben like that, Diana let out a breath and turned her gaze to Nelus.  

“Hmph…Fine, I’m the ‘demon’ now. Nelus, please take care of Reuben. Without me, he gets caught by the other kids right away.”

“Yeah, yeah. Alright, let’s go Reuben.”

“Ummm, yeah. …….”

Nelus nodded at Diana’s words and took off running while pulling Reuben’s hand. They were playing “demon tag” with the other village children right now. Diana loudly announced that she had become the demon and took off running to find the others. This was a common sight around here. Once they were done playing, the children who had been playing gathered in one spot. One of the boys pointed at Reuben and said,

“Haah…Reuben’s so slow, and he’s useless at everything, so playing with him isn’t any fun, right?”


The boy’s cutting words pierced Reuben’s chest, weighing his heart down. He was bad at sports, and it was true he wasn’t very capable at most things. Having it pointed out by someone else even though he was vaguely aware of it himself made Reuben droop his head dejectedly. Seeing Reuben like that, Diana glared at the boy with the face of a demon.

“What was that…? Say it one more time…!!”

“Wha–!? But it’s true!! And why are you getting mad when I was talking to Reuben, idiot!!”

Despite quailing at Diana’s expression, the boy didn’t back down, matching her tit for tat. Diana seemed to have snapped at the boy’s words and attitude as she shot back sharply.

“Shut up!! I’m special so it’s fine!! Guys like you who look down on others are the real idiots!!”

“I’m…I’m not an idiot!!”  

Called an ‘idiot’ by Diana, the boy’s face turned bright red as he started getting angry.

“All idiots say that!!”

“You said it again!! You…!!”

At Diana’s words, the boy boiled over with emotion and clenched his fists, swinging down at her. His movement was instantaneous, and Diana gasped but there was nothing she could do. Shutting her eyes tightly and cowering at the impending impact, her body shook. Then a dull sound echoed around them, but Diana was unharmed. When she cautiously opened her eyes, what was there was Reuben’s back.

“You can’t hit girls…”

“Wh-What the hell!! Reuben who can’t do anything without Diana hiding behind you, yet you–!!”

Reuben had taken the boy’s fist with his forehead, and the boy who had punched him was holding his hand in pain. Hearing the boy’s words, Reuben collapsed on the spot as if his legs gave out beneath him.  

“Reuben!! Are you okay!?”

“Y-Yeah…Diana, you aren’t hurt?”

Seeing there were no noticeable injuries on Reuben’s forehead, Diana looked relieved as she spoke.

“Yeah…thanks to Reuben protecting me, I’m fine.”

“I see…that’s good.”

Seeing Reuben and Diana’s interaction, the boy who had tried to punch her made a vexed expression.

“…!! I won’t play with useless Reuben who can’t do anything without Nelus and Diana anymore!!”

Spitting that out, the boy took off running from the scene. The children were stunned by what had transpired before their eyes and the boy’s violence, but then they all gasped and rushed over to Reuben.


“Hey Dad. What should I do to get stronger?”

“Hm? Where did this come from all of a sudden?”

After returning home, Reuben talked to his father about the fight today. He conveyed his desire to become stronger. Reuben didn’t like that he was bad at sports and weak-willed. Diana always supported those weak points of his. He felt that way, but the incident today made Reuben want even more strongly to gain the strength to protect Diana. Hearing Reuben’s words, his father Harth made a slightly surprised expression before smiling.

“Oh…in that case, I know a knight from the Baldia Knights Order who’s an acquaintance. Should we go talk to him?”

“A knight from the Baldia Knights Order…Yeah, I want to hear about it!!”

Reuben was very interested in the word “knight” and his eyes shone. And he thought to himself.

(Alright, I’ll become a knight who can protect Diana!!)


Some days later, Reuben and his father were visiting a small house. Reuben’s father stood in front of the door and pounded on it vigorously. 

“Hey!! Dinus, I know you’re in there!! Open up!!”

But there was no response from inside the house. Reuben’s father kept violently pounding on the door.

“Uh, Dad, is it really okay to knock like that?”

“Hm? It’s fine. No doubt he’s just sleeping off a hangover or something.”

As Reuben’s father responded, a hearty, loud voice was heard from inside the house.

“I can hear you!! I’ve got a headache from a hangover!! Ah, damn!! O-One second!!”

Then after Reuben’s father and Reuben waited at the door for a while, sounds of things crashing around came from inside the house. And the door was flung open forcefully.

“Who is it!! I’ve got today off!! It’s my day off!!”

“Hey, Dinus. Long time no see.”

The one who came out of the house was a burly, muscular, skinhead man. Seeing the people at his door, Dinus furrowed his brow and made a wary expression.  

“…It’s you, Hans? What do you want this early in the morning?”

“It’s not morning anymore…it’s afternoon now.”

As Reuben’s father Hans pointed out, the sun was already high in the sky, and indeed it was afternoon, not morning. Holding a hand to his forehead, Dinus shook his head and spat at Hans.

“Don’t care! I just woke up. So for me, it’s morning!!”

“I see. Then let’s say it’s still morning. Anyway, I was wondering if you could teach my son some swordsmanship?”

Saying that, Hans shoved Reuben, who had been hiding behind him, out in front of Dinus. Seeing Dinus’ brawny face, Reuben couldn’t help making a frightened expression. Staring hard at Reuben, Dinus shrugged with his hands spread and acted exaggeratedly.

“Haa…Why do I have to do something like that?”

“Come on. In return, I’ll introduce you to ‘that girl’ you were interested in.”

Hearing Hans’ words, Dinus’ eyebrows twitched subtly as he stared at Hans and let out a breath.

“Hmph…Don’t forget that promise, you hear?”

“Yeah, please.”

As Hans and Dinus talked, Reuben was confused, and pulled on Hans’ pants while looking up at him with a frightened expression.

“Um, Dad…”

Hans crouched down to be at Reuben’s eye level and gently spoke to him with an instructive tone, looking him in the eyes.

“Reuben, Dinus may look like this but he’s a knight of the knight order. And he’s skilled too. First, have him teach you various things. Okay?”


At Hans’ words, Reuben nodded while still seeming scared, and looked up at Dinus as he said,

“Mr. Dinus, please take care of me…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Reuben gave a deep bow. Seeing that, Dinus scratched the back of his head with the air of “give me a break” and stared hard at Reuben. 

“Got it. But I’m strict, you know? Are you prepared?”


And so, Reuben came to receive swordsmanship instruction from Dinus. Reuben was seven years old at this time.


After leaving Reuben with Dinus, Hans said he had work to do and left the scene. Dinus then quickly changed and led Reuben to the yard of his house. Dinus had handmade exercise equipment set up in his yard, and it was ready for practicing with swords too. Bringing Reuben there, he looked at Reuben’s tense face and asked,

“So…why did you say you wanted to learn ‘swordsmanship’? Hans’ job is agriculture, right? Do you want to become a ‘knight’?

“Yeah…I’d like to become a knight, but more than that, um…I want to become strong enough to protect someone.”

Reuben said somewhat bashfully, blushing a little. Seeing his expression, Dinus made an impressed face then grinned knowingly. 

“Ohh…so it’s ‘I want to become strong enough to protect the girl I like,’ huh?”

“Wha–!? That’s not it at all…It’s not like that…”

Seeing Reuben desperately deny it with a red face, Dinus guffawed loudly.

“Hahaha!! It’s fine! Wanting to work hard to protect the girl you like is reason enough for a man to get stronger. But Reuben, if I’m going to teach you, I need you to promise me something.”

Dinus’ mood did a 180 from lighthearted to intimidating as he pierced Reuben with a sharp gaze. Sensing Dinus’ serious air, Reuben gulped.

“O-Okay. I understand. What do I need to promise?”

“Umu. That is…to ‘not be corrupted by power’ and ‘not bully the weak.'”

It was more basic than Reuben expected, and he quietly nodded with a slightly surprised look. Seeing his reaction, Dinus continued speaking.

“Listen Reuben. What I’m saying is simple but it’s important. People’s hearts are weak. That’s why when someone gains power exceeding others, they will surely be corrupted by that power and become arrogant. Guys with weak hearts like that inflict violence on the weak to gain a sense of superiority. To prevent that, you have to temper both your ‘power’ and ‘strength of heart’ together. Understand?”


Meeting Dinus’ serious, direct gaze, Reuben nodded firmly while shuddering a little. Seeing that, Dinus made a satisfied smile. 

“Good…seems you understand. Alright, I’ll be troubled to teach you until you can confess to the girl you like.”

“Ehh!? You don’t have to go that far!!”

Reuben declined with all his might regarding Dinus’ last words. Seeing his reaction, Dinus let out an amused, hearty laugh.



Hello everyone, this is MIZUNA, the author. 

First of all, thank you very much for picking up and reading “I Reincarnated As A Mob Villain In An Otome Game I Was Bashing Away At, But I’m Gonna Live Straight Because I Don’t Wanna Be Condemned.” 

I’d also like to take this chance to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in publishing the book version of this work. TO Books, who granted the Fiction Award in the 10th Net Novel Grand Prix. Editor H. Illustrator Ruki who drew the wonderful art. The many people who cheered for it online. Thank you so much. I made it this far thanks to you. I’m overwhelmed. 

Incidentally, I think I started writing this work around February 23, 2022. On a whim I decided to submit it for the 10th Net Novel Grand Prix, and just kept desperately writing out the story I had come up with in my head without really knowing left from right. I was honestly shocked that such a work not only won the Fiction Award, but was even published as a book. 

While I had always loved imagining stories, I had never put anything into writing before. But for some reason, a quote in a book of famous sayings I bought at a convenience store pierced my heart – “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit,” by Richard Bach. At the same time, I vaguely thought, “It’s true, if I keep writing, I might be able to do it too,” and so I started writing, which became this work. Incidentally, although Mr. Richard Bach is apparently a writer, I must apologize that I have not read any of his works. If I have the chance, I will try reading them someday.

Now then, this is my first time writing an “Afterword” so honestly, I agonized over what to write, but I think I will write about this work’s characters after all. 

This work’s protagonist, Reed, appears at first glance to be a cute boy who could be mistaken for a girl, just as Ruki-san portrayed him in the illustrations. The expression in the bonus digital illustration of Reed is especially nearly identical to the image I had, so I hope you can see it sometime. 

As I added a little more to the print edition, Reed was originally an existence on the path to falling into darkness due to a certain happening. But the purity that caused him to fall is also exactly why he fell. He cursed and lamented his own powerlessness, and the result was awakening memories of his past life…and so forth.

I think Reed will continue to face many hardships, but he will confront them with his innate cheerfulness and purity, playfulness and slyness(?), making use of all his assets. Imagining his troubled expressions while writing is fun. So for me, giving Reed all sorts of troubles is enjoyable. 

By the way, the second book is also currently in production. It will also have many charming new characters appearing, so I hope you look forward to that as well. 

I’m also considering quite a variety of content for future side stories, so I’d be delighted if you enjoy anticipating those too.

Lastly, Reed’s story has only just begun. I will keep working hard so that you can continue enjoying it, so thank you as always for your support.


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