Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter Eight: Meeting on Countering the Magma Monster

Magma Monster.
The powerful monster that Katsumi somehow managed to repel by cooperating with the JSDF at the time.
It’s seen as a executive class or above and seems to be a top secret existence within the government and headquarters.
Of course being in the position of fighting monsters, we knew about the Magma Monster we might have to fight in the future but never imagined we’d get involved in this form.
“Sorry. They’re making you wear handcuffs.”
“Nah, I don’t mind. If anything this puts me more at ease.”
“That strangeness is part of you. Hahaha.”
Walking down the passage on the way to the briefing room for the strategy meeting, Katsumi with handcuffs and the president who had been messing with his character until just earlier chatted.
“Oh my, why are you looking at me with such eyes of wanting to avenge your parent’s deaths?”
Is this president trying to provoke us more?
I have to endure since it’s an emergency, but as I do so Katsumi who had been walking about a person’s distance away speaks up.
“Don’t get the wrong idea.”
“I don’t intend to become your ally, so I won’t call you by name either.”
Saying that, he turns away.
“….It’s not that I hate you or anything.”
“Hey, don’t get cocky! Don’t cling to me, it’s annoying!!”
He chases us away but doesn’t stop walking.
“But the Magma Monster huh. The fact that even Katsumi couldn’t beat it means it’s pretty strong right?”
“Yeah, basically it’s invincible as long as it’s on land. At worst, it could easily destroy Japan with its power they said.”
I let out a sigh without surprise at Katsumi’s words.
Kirara and Aoi have the same reaction.
“The executive class does tend to have some kind of outrageous ability like that but the Magma Monster is just straightforwardly strong huh.”
“The Air Monster that almost beat us, and that one trying to steal the ozone layer…I have trauma so it was a really scary enemy for me…”
“Oh right.”
“I get it.”
Kirara and Aoi react to my mutter.
They both seem to recall something with distant eyes.
“Glitter Light Eating Monster was awful too. Japan had night for a whole week straight. It stole my electricity and vision, it was so bad. And it had such an annoying heroic appearance too.”
“And that one was crazy too. Candle Monster. I thought it was weak but it had a ridiculous space creating ability that almost killed me by pulling me in.”
There wasn’t a single easy fight.
The same can probably be said about the battles where Katsumi came to help us.
“I don’t only value my good friend Katsumi. You’re the same as him, wearers who can handle the suits…you can be proud you know?”
“Suddenly calling him good friend…”
“Can’t calmly be proud when you say it like that…”
Ignoring Aoi and Kirara’s tsukkomi, he smiles slightly.
“You might even be able to face the Magma Monster. After all, that’s humanity’s hope – the Justice Crusaders.”
The president starts walking with such an incomprehensible decision.
His unchanging trait of arbitrarily deciding things is the same as ever huh.
“Well, thanks to you guys I was spared from being targeted by monsters.”
“What were you doing during that time, Katsumi?”
“….I forgot the details. I don’t remember.”
“You don’t remember? You just don’t want to say?”
At Kirara’s words Katsumi scratches his cheek looking a bit guilty.
“No, it’s not that. I seriously don’t remember. Well, it’s the same feeling as not remembering what you ate for breakfast three days ago. It’s not something to worry about.”
Well, if that’s what he says then that must be how it is.
He doesn’t seem particularly troubled or to be faking it.
As we have that conversation we arrive at the briefing room.
The staff members who support the Justice Crusaders’ activities were already there, and the screen projected by the projector showed the Magma Monster who had begun moving.
“Everyone has gathered. As headquarters development chief, command has been left to me. The situation is urgent so let’s get to the main issue immediately.”
While casually concealing that he himself is the president, he operates the projector.
It zooms in on the Magma Monster moving on the sea enveloped in white steam.
“The target is slowly moving toward Japan across the sea. Its objective is invasion, or destroying the nation. For that thing manipulating energy absorbed from the land, destroying a small island nation like Japan would be easy in a matter of hours.”
It displayed the Magma Monster’s movement route and the tragedy if it managed to arrive.
After showing Japan fracturing and scattering apart, the president clapped loudly.
“But that didn’t happen last time thanks to the efforts of the people of this country at the time, including Black Knight Katsumi here. Then we should join hands and cooperate like them, and work to resolve the situation. The government already intends to cooperate to resolve the situation.”
The staff nod at his words.
These people here have been supporting us all this time.
So they have experience dealing with situations like the Magma Monster, and are extremely strong in circumstances like this.
Seeming satisfied that no one here was giving up, he next turns his gaze to Katsumi.
“Then Katsumi, do you mind explaining how you fought it since you battled the Magma Monster up close?”
“Got it.”
With handcuffs, Katsumi steps forward in the president’s place.
Looking at the projector displaying the Magma Monster’s movements again, with a somewhat tense expression he…turned seeking help in my direction.
“Um, I won’t do anything bad so can I wear the suit?”
“I’m not used to people seeing me without the suit. I’ve never talked in front of people like this without it.”
Huh, that’s kinda cute.
The two beside me probably thought the same, like an electric shock ran through their heads.
But letting him transform here would be a major issue, and…
“Use this.”
Unexpectedly the president hands a mask-like object to Katsumi.
It being a Black Knight style mask toy surprises me instead.
“A Black Knight mask. It just happened to be in this room. Feel free to use it if you want.”
“I’m grateful, Reima.”
“Hmph, don’t worry about it.”
When he comes out wearing it, murmurs run through the room.
Of course, I think while asking the president why he had such a thing.
“Um, why the mask? When did you make it?”
“We were doing marketing for product development in this room. One of the employees over there made the Black Knight-kun mask as part of that. What I handed to him was something left forgotten here.”
“There are too many things to retort…”
“My younger siblings will probably want it.”
Even though they sell redesigned toys and merchandise of our weapons, equipment, and more… Don’t tell me they’re trying to sell Katsumi-kun’s too?
Thinking that, the murmurs seem to represent a different murmur.
“Well, one thing I can say is that the Magma Monster is invincible as long as it remains on the ground. You all… know that, right?”
I’m surprised he’s speaking politely.
Come to think of it, the only ones who’ve seen Katsumi-kun speak are us, the president, and Shirakawa-san.
Even though he wouldn’t admit it, you really are a good person, Katsumi-kun.
As I watch over Katsumi-kun with kind eyes, he points to the Magma Monster on the monitor.
“This guy absorbs energy from the earth and makes it his own power. It’s the same as the Electric Slug Monster, but unlike that one, he gets a continuous energy supply as long as he’s in contact with the ground. In other words, he could be called immortal as long as the earth has energy.”
What a monstrous monster.
Higher-ranked ones usually have some kind of special power or quirk, but the Magma Monster is just straightforwardly strong.
“We already knew that before we fought him. So the plan was to use a custom container with multiple layers of specially combined armor and a state-of-the-art helicopter to drop the Magma Monster into the deep sea in the Pacific Ocean… Separating him from the earth would cut off his energy supply, after all.”
Then a staff member raises their hand.
When Katsumi-kun nods, the male staff member standing up asks a question while checking documents.
“How did you get the Magma Monster into the container? I understand you put him in, but the details of that part weren’t written.”
“He was invincible, but not immune to physical impacts, so we relentlessly attacked and forced him into the container when he was knocked back.”
“I see, so you just beat him up?
“Um, yes.”
“So you deliberately fought him one-on-one in an enclosed space to vent heat, right?”
“That’s right.”
The male staff member sits back, satisfied.
These staff have been watching Katsumi-kun’s activities since before we became Justice Crusaders, so they understand his intentions well.
Meanwhile, Katsumi-kun looks perplexed.
“So we transported him in the container and dropped him into the deep sea, but…”
As Katsumi-kun explains up to the part where he dropped the monster imprisoned in the container into the deep sea, he turns back to the projector.
“Excuse me. Can you zoom in more on this image?”
“Yes, that’s possible.”
“Okay, there it is. This monster’s chest area, there’s something stabbed into it, right?”
Looking at the zoomed image, there is indeed something stabbed into the monster’s chest.
What is that? As I tilt my head, Katsumi-kun points to it, looking somewhat relieved.
“That’s the monster’s arm. When dropping him into the deep sea, I tore off his arm and stabbed it into his chest. Unfortunately I didn’t hit the core, but that spot could become his weakness.”
The voices of everyone present overlaps.
You tore off his arm!? Stabbed it into his chest!? You had already cornered him that much during the previous fight!?
“He was invincible before, but not anymore. In fact, the energy levels around his chest should be low now.”
“…He’s right! Chief!”
“Then we’ll strike at his chest wound before he can heal it! We’ll use our new anti-Magma Monster weapons with full force!”
The room suddenly becomes chaotic. As he takes off his mask with a tired sigh, he says,
“You guys are strong, so it’ll be fine. Well, do your best. I’ll be in solitary confinement praying for the success of your strategy.”
“…Can’t you fight with us?”
“I would have if the Magma Monster was still undamaged, but now he’s turned from an undefeatable enemy into a defeatable one. You guys can definitely take him down.”
Saying that, Katsumi-kun sits down in one of the nearby empty chairs.
I think he’s right, but refusing to join us so stubbornly makes me feel like there’s another reason…
“Ah, hello? Our strategy is set so we’re sending it over… What?
The president makes a rare flustered voice.
“But he’s… I see… Understood.”
“What happened?”
“Raaaah! Earthlings, consider our circumstances!”
The president slams and smashes the terminal on the floor with a vigorous death voice.
Ignoring the startled staff, he approaches Katsumi-kun, also wide-eyed in surprise.
“Sorry, but Katsumi-kun.”
“W-What is it, Reima? Haha, are you an alien or something?”
“Nevermind such trifles! The government has requested… They want you to participate in the operation too.”
Katsumi-kun is stunned by the president’s words.
“Why though? I don’t think there’s a role for me.”
“They know of your feats last time and the Magma Monster’s terror. They probably want to defeat the Magma Monster decisively while ensuring certainty. Just in case… I’m sorry.”
“…Got it. I get it. You don’t need to apologize, it’s not your fault.”
He sighs heavily and stands up, then walks over here.
“Ah well, looks like I’ve been roped into fighting together after all.”
“Well, I guess it’s not bad if I think of it as a chance to go wild after so long. Let’s do this, Justice Crusaders.”
Though we didn’t want to fight together under these forced circumstances, Katsumi-kun’s assistance is still reassuring.
Against the Magma Monster, we have to fight carefully like always.


Before deploying, we basically always transform first.
It’s rare for us to transform in the city, only when urgently needed.
In this day and age, if someone sees us transform it’ll spread easily, so to avoid unnecessary commotion we transform first before heading to the scene.
It was the same this time.


I press my finger against the Justice Changer held out in front of me, activating the authentication process.
After a different sound than Katsumi-kun’s Changer reverberates, a unique waiting sound starts flowing.

“Loading N. N. N. Now Loading → Loading N. N. N. Now Loading”

Matching the rhythm of the catchy waiting sound, we bring the Changers to our mouths and utter the final voice command to transform…

『Flame Red! Acceleration!!!』

A special field forms centered on the Changer.
The suit and mask particles materialize, covering our bodies.
The Justice Changers equipped on our arms.
The weapons attached at each of our waists.
In the three main colors of red, blue and yellow, our transformation ends at the same time as the final sound rings out.

“Change → Up Rigging! System of Justice Crusade…!”

Listening again, the voice is too flashy compared to the Proto Suits.
You can tell the president did whatever he wanted. And most of all, what’s worst about these suits is…
“The blazing flame is proof of courage! Justice Red!”
“The flowing water is a mark of miracles! Justice Blue!”
“The roaring thunder is a light of hope! Justice Yellow!”

[“The three together are… Three Color Taskforce Justice Crusaders!”]

If we don’t say these lines, an alert sounds inside the mask.
Apparently it’s a function the president added for sponsors or his own amusement, but we haven’t said it in front of others since our first transformation.
Rather, we shouldn’t have to since we don’t transform in front of others, but having to do it is really hard.
After completing the pose, I noticed that Katsumi-kun, who had already finished transforming next to me, was looking at us with a somewhat withdrawn expression.
“I’ve been thinking about this for a while now… Aren’t you guys embarrassed by this?”


scene transition


“Ah, sorry about that. I mean, don’t just cry in silence like that! Even though you can’t tell with the mask!”
Once it’s pointed out, I suddenly feel a strong urge to cry.
After defeating the Magma Monster, I’ll definitely have this feature removed later.
With the image of the grinning-faced president in mind, I make up my mind to do so.

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