Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 28 part 6

On the carriage ride home after parting with Reiner’s group, one of the lady attendant spoke to her.

“I’m so relieved Lady Nunnaly is safe. We can’t thank those gentlemen enough.”

“I know, just imagining what would have happened if Sir Reiner hadn’t come to help gives me chills.”

Recalling the earlier events made fear creep back up Nunnaly’s body, making her shudder. Logas Galliano – as the son of an count house, he was well-known. So no one readily tried to help Nunnaly in that situation, and she had thought it was hopeless. But then [he] appeared before her. At a glance he looked like a civil official but his stance reminiscent of a [knight].  

He had effortlessly knocked out Logas’ group and rescued Nunnaly from her plight. 

(Sir Reiner…he seemed like such a wonderful person…)

As Nunnaly recalled the earlier events, blushing slightly, her lady attendant asked puzzledly.

“Earlier, you called him [Sir Reiner] but Lady Nunnaly, did you know his name?”

“Eh? Oh, well, the attendant named Dinas called him [Sir Reiner]. Hehe, the attendant got scolded for calling him by name.” 

As she talked, Nunnaly recalled Reiner and Dinas’ exchange, inadvertently beaming. 

Remembering the indescribable face he made when called [young master] after moving like that makes her unable to hold back laughter no matter what.

While gazing out the carriage and smiling, Nunnaly murmured somewhat wistfully. 

“If there’s a chance…I wonder if we’ll meet again…”


Reiner hung his head, dredging up the memories from back then. And certainly Nunnaly closely resembled the woman from that time. Or rather, of course she did since it was her… Raising his face and moving the hand at his mouth, Reiner stared intently at Nunnaly’s face and murmured.

“…Could you really be…that young lady from back then?”

Seeing his astonishment, Nunnaly smiled. 

“Hehe, you finally remembered. I was worried you might have forgotten.”

“Ah, my apologies. It’s not that I forgot. Just that Lady Nunnaly’s appearance and impressions now and back then are completely different, so…”

Carefully choosing his words, Reiner looked her over once more. When they met in the noble district, she had bangs obscuring her eyes with her hair bundled up in a bun, and wore clothes to avoid standing out too, so she seemed nothing like the woman before him now. Hearing his words, Nunnaly happily smiled.

“A woman’s grooming isn’t only for looking nice. Sometimes it’s grooming to deceive suitors.”  

“…I see, so you had various circumstances that day.”

Grasping the meaning of her words, Reiner slowly nodded as he responded. She had likely disguised herself that day by her own means to avoid getting entangled by the likes of [Logas Galliano]. 

In that guise, an ordinary person likely wouldn’t realize she was Nunnaly. But then why was she seen through by Logas? Did he recognize her by voice or something? As he puzzled over this, Nunnaly blushed slightly, eyes glittering as she peeked at his.

“By the way, I’m very curious what you think of me now.” 

“Wha-!? Um, well…that is…”

At her unexpected words, Reiner averted his gaze in turmoil and embarrassment. 

While embarrassed herself, Nunnaly was even happier at the favorability he was showing, leaning forward. After a brief pause, Reiner seemed to resign himself as he cleared his throat and murmured.  

“Ahem…[The Crimson Young Lady] was as rumored, moving to behold.”

“… “

Though he had meant it as a compliment, Nunnaly made a stern, puzzled expression, completely unlike earlier. Then, as if lost in thought, she brought a hand to her chin before murmuring slowly after a while.

“Sir Reiner…pardon my rudeness, but may I ask what you meant by that?”

“Eh…!? You want me to explain the meaning!?”

Trying to slip by with an [example], Reiner wore a troubled expression. In contrast, Nunnaly now had a slightly uneasy look unlike before.

“My apologies…it may be a trifling matter but it’s important to me.”

“…Very well. Um…by [The Crimson Young Lady], I meant that Lady Nunnaly has beautiful crimson hair and is a lovely woman. Did I offend you somehow…?”

As Reiner fearfully finished speaking, she went “Eh?” in a slightly spaced out voice with a bewildered expression. Soon after realizing the meaning, Nunnaly’s face turned bright red. Steaming, almost. She covered her blushing face with both hands as she bowed her head but soon raised her face again, clearing her throat.  

“Ahem…I deeply apologize. I didn’t expect such a wonderful meaning at all.”

Here is my attempt to translate the text naturally in English:

“…Does [The Crimson Young Lady] have some other meaning?”  

Feeling something off about her words, Reiner couldn’t help but ask. Nunnaly spoke up somewhat awkwardly, looking embarrassed to explain.

“Well…actually, before having the marriage meeting with Sir Reiner, I had been engaged several times through noble connections but they were called off. At those times, I was told my [harsh words] to my partners caused the dissolutions…and since then, rumors spread calling me a troublesome young lady – [The Tormented Young Lady].”

“What…such things happened?”

Hearing her words, Reiner inadvertently showed an astonished expression. As Nunnaly herself said, she had engaged in several marriage meetings with imperial nobles before him. But clearly, her beauty and status were the aim for those meetings. However, she couldn’t bluntly refuse due to the connections. So the plan was to gracefully send notices of refusal after the meetings…or so it should have been. But the noble sons who came to Nunnaly were all fools unworthy of even speaking to her in her eyes. Though she dealt with them politely at first, Nunnaly eventually lost patience – between her bold nature and their foolishness, she ended up sending them [harsh words], cutting off the engagements early and dissolving them. Among them was of course [Logas Galliano]. As a result, the noble sons scorned by Nunnaly spread rumors calling her [The Tormented Young Lady] as if in retaliation. Though she didn’t care one bit herself.  

Interestingly, without Nunnaly or the noble sons intending it, the rumor’s contents had somehow warped as it spread, becoming understood as [The Crimson Young Lady] – the similar words, but with the opposite positive meaning praising her looks and grace. Naturally, the rumors Reiner had heard held this meaning praising her as [The Crimson Young Lady]. 

Touching her red hair, Nunnaly shifted her gaze to him with a smile and blush. 

“Hehe…but I didn’t expect you to call me that. Your words [The Crimson Young Lady]…make me very happy.”

Through her bashful smile and words now, Reiner realized anew that he was attracted to her. 

Some time later after the two continued chatting for a while, Reiner’s mood shifted slightly. His eyes showed determination and a touch of fear. Sensing his change, tension ran through Nunnaly as well. 

After powerfully gazing straight at her, he carefully spun his words. 

“Lady Nunnaly, I’m very drawn to you. If…no, I sincerely wish for you to come to the Baldia territory and become my wife.”

There was no falsehood in his direct eyes and words. Only a touch of apprehension in his eyes as he awaited her reply. She drew in her breath, blushing slightly, shyly spinning her reply.

“Yes…I too have been attracted to Sir Reiner. I would gladly accept if I’m suitable.”

“…!! Thank you. I swear to protect you and bring you happiness.”  

Hearing her reply, Reiner showed a relieved expression. And just as he had said, he swore to absolutely protect Nunnaly and bring her happiness.


After confirming each other’s intentions, Reiner and Nunnaly had a maid call their parents who were waiting in a separate room. Soon after, there was a knock at the room and Reiner responded for their somewhat worried-looking parents to enter. 

Seeing both sets of parents’ tense faces, Reiner and Nunnaly beamed, blushing slightly as Reiner cleared his throat and spoke.

“Ahem…Lord Tristan, Father, Mother, I wish to formally propose to Lady Nunnaly.”

“I too wish to accept Sir Reiner’s proposal.” 

Hearing the two’s words, their surprised parents soon broke into delighted smiles. 

“Well said, Reiner!! Wonderful news indeed. And Lady Nunnaly gracefully accepted too.”

“Yes…hehe, nothing could make me happier. Thank you so much, Lady Nunnaly.”

“N-No, I should be thanking you as well. Please treat me kindly.”

Beaming, Esther and Torett approached Nunnaly, conveying thanks and blessings. She seemed somewhat embarrassed by his parents. Watching this joyfully beside them, Tristan quietly spoke to Reiner with a solemn face.  

“…Sir Reiner, please treat Nunnaly well. Having lost her mother so young, she’s had hardships. So I want my daughter to find happiness.”

Reiner nodded at Tristan’s words, then powerfully met his gaze straight-on. 

“Understood. I swear to bring Lady Nunnaly happiness.”

Tristan delightedly smiled hearing his words. Just then, a question occurred to Reiner and he asked Tristan.

“Lord Tristan, forgive my rudeness for asking, but will there be issues with the Ronamis house’s successor if I marry Lady Nunnaly?”

He had heard she was the Ronamis family’s only child despite their earldom peerage. If Reiner married Nunnaly and took her to the frontier territory, the Ronamis house would lack an heir. Seeming to grasp his question’s intent, Tristan amiably answered.

“Hehe, thank you for your concern, but please don’t worry yourself over such things, Sir Reiner. Besides, when you and Nunnaly have a child in the future, we’ve considered the possibility of them becoming the Ronamis house’s adopted heir to inherit the peerage if needed.”

“…My apologies for the unnecessary prying.”

Thinking he had asked too much, Reiner bowed apologetically. However, Tristan showed no sign of minding, his expression still a smile. 

“Sir Reiner, please don’t think too much of it. You’re just worried about the Ronamis house right? Besides, regarding the Ronamis house…no, nevermind. We can discuss it someday.”

Tristan had started to say something but stopped himself. Reiner was curious what he had meant to say but didn’t pursue it since he had just pried unnecessarily about the heir issue. Tristan lightly clapped Reiner’s shoulder. “Let’s discuss this matter another time,” he murmured by Reiner’s ear only.


Reiner wore a slightly puzzled look at Tristan’s words but just nodded. After that, Tristan spoke loudly enough for all present to hear.

“Sir Reiner, Nunnaly, while the formal procedures haven’t been done yet, I and Sir Reiner’s parents have no objections to the marriage. Isn’t that right, Sir Esther, Lady Torett?”

With smiles, Esther and Torett responded to Tristan’s words.

“Yes indeed, we couldn’t ask for a better match. Right, Torett?”

“That’s right. To think Lady Nunnaly will become Reiner’s wife – we couldn’t be happier.”

Reiner and Nunnaly bashfully blushed a little having received their parents’ blessings. 

Afterwards, an engagement celebration was held at the Ronamis estate. Though surprised at his own parents’ joy, Reiner gradually felt the reality that Nunnaly would become his wife. And thanks to the celebratory drinks, this was probably the reddest his face had been in his life.

Incidentally, it seems Reiner uncharacteristically had a hangover the day after the meeting. However, amidst the happy tidings, none noticed the approaching footsteps of misfortune drawing near…


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