I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

The Identity of the Hero of Shadows

There exists a being called the [Hero of Shadows].

This figure suddenly appears in times of crisis and on battlefields in various countries, gallantly defeats the enemy, saves countless people, and then gallantly disappears.

He does not ask for compensation.

He is never thanked.

That’s because he disappears before you can even express their gratitude, erasing all traces.

As a result, all sorts of rumors fly around about him.

Some say his true identity is the prince of a neighboring country.

Some say he is a divine messenger sent by god to undergo trials.

Some say he is an extraordinarily skilled adventurer.

And so on—

The rumors intertwine in complexity, and there is not a single person who knows his true identity.

The only thing known for certain is that he wears black clothes and a plain mask.

Furthermore, credible rumors have surfaced that based on his build and voice, he seems to be a youth in his late teens.

That being called the [Hero of Shadows] is currently—

“How the heeeeeck did it end up like thiiiiiiiissssss!???”

A young man sits at a desk holding his head.

The room echoes with his shout. Not caring that his messy hair is even more disheveled, he clutches his head, his short cropped hair sticking out between his fingers.

In the soundproof room, his voice does not escape outside, and no surprised onlookers appear wondering if something is on fire.

The only one who hears his shout is a girl with waist-length red hair and distinctive features.

However, her face shows no trace of sympathy like “Hey, are you okay suddenly shouting like that?” or surprise or anything.

She simply heaves a sigh.

“Haa…. How many times is that today?”

“It’s the third tiiiime alreadyyyyyy!!!”

As the young man shouts with his voice cracking, the girl—Kahlua—approaches in her maid uniform, the frills fluttering.

As evident from her outfit, she is a maid serving a master.

With burning red eyes, a slender figure, and a cute face on the beauty side with small features.

If she dressed up, she could easily be mistaken for a noble daughter.

But she is wearing a maid uniform.

As long as she has a master to serve, she will never wear dresses and dress up.

And that master is—

“My true identity has been reveeeealed!!!”

It’s been like this all morning.

If a shouting competition was being held nearby, he should definitely enter.

He would no doubt win first place.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“You gotta be kidding! Why do you think I’ve kept my identity as the [Hero of Shadows] hidden until now!?”

—Phil Salemabart.

The eldest son of Count Salemabart, he has played around wantonly day and night, indulging in depravity to the fullest.

His reputation around him is quite bad. If competing on the number of insults, there would be none to match him on the right side, something he boasts about for some reason with pride in his chest.

And the truth is—he’s the one called [Hero of Shadows] around town.

However, that [Hero of Shadows]–

“I dunno. No, before that, why has it become ‘Phil Salemabart is the [Hero of Shadows]’ everywhere this morning when I woke up?”

It’s the day after his secret identity was exposed for some reason after he’d hidden it so carefully.

“….I’m sure there’s a reason deeper than a valley.”

“Don’t avert your eyes like that. You obviously have an idea.”

The young man looks straight ahead as the red eyes stare at him.

Another peaceful sunny day today.

If it weren’t for the shouts of “[Hero of Shadows]-sama!” heard the moment he opens the window, that is.

“I can’t help it! Yesterday I clCounty saved a pretty cute girl! Got excited! Drank on impulse! Then went to a brothel in the heat of the moment!”


“And there! Another cute girl…she asked me ‘Haven’t there been any more heroic tales lately~?'”

“You got asked, so you up and told her… But normally they wouldn’t believe you even if you said you were the [Hero of Shadows], right?”

“….I told her while wearing the mask and black clothes.”

“You idiot?”

The [Hero of Shadows]’s outfit has the plain mask and black clothes as its only distinguishing traits.

Even if you claimed to be him without those matching characteristics, they’d just think you were boasting.

But conversely, if you show them, it becomes clear evidence—

“So everyone undoubtedly believed the rumors. I thought the abnormal number of citizens I can see out the window seemed odd.”

“……Hey, if I go ‘That’s not true~’ now, do you think they’ll believe me? I get badmouthed all the time so ‘I was just playing a minor prank on you all’ should turn all those citizens’ faces angry, don’tcha think? How ’bout it?”

“Come to think of it, yesterday your black outfit and mask were left hanging outside to dry.”

“Whatcha doooooin’!?”

“They were covered in vomit, I had no choice. It’s your own fault for drinking until you puke.”

“I mean the open feeling garden outside the fence where people can easily peek in! Leaving decisive evidence there when you’re supposed to be my maid, how could you work against your master’s misfortune like that!?”

“I didn’t think it would turn out like this. Well, with the evidence right there, trying to gloss over it now won’t make them believe you.”

“I’m cornered from all sideeeeees!!!”


His fifth loud roar this morning. Kahlua was used to it by this point.

“But why do you want to hide it so badly in the first place? It’s not like you’ve done anything wrong.”

“I wanna fully enjoy a carefree life not bound by annoying crap! I wanna go to brothels in the morning, brothels at noon, and brothels at night!”

“Don’t parade to brothels all day.”

“If my identity gets exposed…they’ll just tie me down with some half-assed medal and make me a political tool, won’t they!? Every country tries to surround guys with power and make them run when it suits them! Who the hell wants to voluntarily become a sex-crazed carriage horse!”

Phil sinks back into the chair back with a gloomy expression.

“And you know, silently leaving like a hero is cool. Just the other day, I said something like ‘It’s not worth mentioning’ and left, you know? That’s───”

“You said your name right away… Lame.”

“I wish there was a hole to crawl into!”

Revealing your identity even when it’s not necessary.

Both the person who was rescued and the hero in front of them probably didn’t expect the cool hero to quickly fall to the ground and feel embarrassed.

“Sigh… If you hated it that much, you should’ve just not helped in the first place. You could have stayed quiet at home.”

“Don’t be stupid. No way am I ignoring people who need help.”

“….Are you a nice guy or an idiot? Pick one already.”

Kahlua holds her forehead at Phil’s serious rebuttal.

The contradictory kindness and scummy aspects seem unable to coexist.

“A-anyway! I didn’t wanna be found out! I wanted to smartly live a debauched life! I never wanted to become a pawn working amidst the muddy schemes of noble society! Especially royal families—”

“There’s a letter from the royal family.”

“I caaaaan’t take it anymoooooore!!!”

His fifth scream this morning comes the day after his identity is exposed.

The story begins from his identity being exposed —of the man who saved people while lurking in the shadows.

Kahlua’s day begins with waking up her sleepy master.

“Phil, I’m coming in~”

Despite the County morning hour, Kahlua is properly dressed in her maid uniform.

Not only that, she has bathed, brushed her hair, and lightly applied some makeup without even breaking a sweat.

This is to present herself in a way not embarrassing for someone by her master’s side,

as a maid’s image also impacts the image of the master she serves.

There’s likely some maidenly motivation mixed in as well.

Without even knocking, Kahlua enters Phil’s bedroom as such.

The bedroom contains a large bed, a table, and a single closet. There is not a single gaudy decoration or expensive work of art.

It lacks the feel of a nobleman’s room. As a noble, it would be fine to decorate extravagantly and appeal with grace, elegance and finery. At least that’s what she thinks every time.

But it’s clear her master has no interest in material things.

For Phil, focused only on carnal passions and a somewhat dazzling kindness, even if shown glittering gold and silver treasures, he would dismiss them with disinterest, immediately selling them off to spend on brothels instead.

Upon entering the room, Kahlua heads straight for the bed where her master lies sleeping.

On the bed lies the sleeping face of her esteemed master. From his rumpled clothes, his rugged, manly abdominal muscles peek out enticingly.

She can’t help but let her eyes wander there as a maiden.

“As always, what a cute sleeping face.”

A face retaining a hint of boyishness.

Where did his usual slovenly perverted demeanor disappear to? If the term “gap moe” exists, this must be the prime example.

While murmuring “You awake~?” Kahlua rests her elbows on the bed without actually doing anything.

Her eyes are gentle, merely peeking at Phil’s face.

For Kahlua, the happiest time of her life as a maid is this moment.

This moment where she can gaze at Phil’s sleeping face alone.

This moment seen by no one else is hers alone—a time when such monopolistic desire is fulfilled.

“Hehe, this—”

Kahlua pokes Phil’s cheek with a finger.

Seeing his mouth twitch cutely with each poke is irresistibly charming.


“Biiig……boobs…the best…”

” ………… “

The moment those sleep-talking words reach her ears, a vein bulges on Kahlua’s forehead.

Then without hesitation she jabs two fingers into his closed eyes.

With a splurt.

“My eyeeees, my eeeeeeeyes!!?!?!”

People who struggle waking up is a universal issue across the world.

That said, this method of waking may be groundbreaking. An excellent technique to rouse a sleeping person instantly.

Needless to say though, it likely impacts the human body of the sleeping person.

“Good morning, Phil.”

“Uh, good morning to you too, Miss Kahlua!? Quite an eye-opening way to blow away drowsiness you’ve given me!”

“Hmph, no rewards for praising me.”

“If you don’t know the term sarcasm, go back to school and learn it again damn iiiit!!!”

As he rubs his bloodshot eyes, Phil sits up.

“Oww…you really…got some grudge against me or something!?”

“Hmm, well…as a girl I’d say you’re a complete [scumbag].”

“I didn’t do anything…”

As Phil tries relieving the pain by rubbing his eyelids, Kahlua looks down at her own chest.

Adorned there were ripened fruit that could hardly be called big by any stretch.

“…What matters is the shape.”


“N-nothing at all!”

As Phil’s vision gradually recovers, what appears blurry before him is Kahlua with a sulky look. A girl who looks cute when sulking must especially tug at a man’s heartstrings as a natural phenomenon. However, that is unless the source of the pain inflicted on the eyes is the girl right in front of said man.

“Ah well…anyway, I don’t wanna get up.”

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