Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 28 part 5

Left alone, the well-dressed man drew a short sword from his breast pocket in frightened excitement, pointing its tip at the youth as he charged shouting.

“Wh-Who the hell are you!! I’m the son of Count Galliano, Logas Galliano!! You think you can get away with this!!”

Hearing the man’s shouts, the young man didn’t react at all and dodged his thrust with the short sword. At the same time, the youth swiftly kicked up the hand the man held the short sword in. With his hand kicked, the man cried out as the short sword slipped his grasp, dancing in the air.   

Moving smoothly and unfalteringly, the young man quickly slipped into the surprised man’s bosom. Grabbing hold of the man’s face with one hand, still amidst the momentum he slammed him onto the ground on his back while dropping down into a crouch himself. 

Slammed onto the ground, the man let out an anguished cry as his consciousness grew hazy. But the young man didn’t care one bit for his state, looking up to track the short sword dancing in the air. 

Grasping where the short sword would land in an instant, the youth held out his hand at the landing point to seize its hilt as it fell. Taking the short sword he had caught into a reverse grip, he immediately swung it down at the man’s face.

The impact from being slammed onto the ground had left the man dazed, but he was still conscious. As the man’s hazy consciousness recovered a little, the sight before his eyes was the youth swinging the short sword gripped in reverse right before his face.  

Realizing he was a hair’s breadth from death, the well-dressed man shrieked in terror of dying, forgetting his own actions as he let out an anguished cry.

“Uwaaahhhh!! Spare meeee!! I’m Logas Galliano, son of Count Galliano!!” 

“I told you I’ve no tongue to speak with you!!”

The young man mercilessly swung the reverse-gripped short sword down at the man’s face. At that moment, the metallic sound of the short sword clashing with the ground reverberated around them. The impact snapped the short sword – the young man’s hand now only gripped the hilt of the broken short sword. 

The fear of death made the man shudder and break down weeping pathetically, exposing his shame as he fainted on the spot. The young man had swung the sword down, stopping a paper-thin distance from the man’s face and the ground. Confirming the man had lost consciousness, the youth wore a fed up expression as he stood, casually tossing the short sword’s hilt onto the man’s chest.

After tidying up his disheveled appearance from the fierce motions, the young man glared sharply at the three brawny men shakily getting back on their feet.  

“…Take this man and leave here immediately. I won’t say it twice.”

The brawny men had already lost their will to fight, cowed by the young man’s spirit. One man carried the unconscious Logas on his back looking frightened as they scurried away from the young man and woman. Once the men were completely out of sight, the youth let out a sigh and turned to the woman with a smile.

“Phew…My lady, you’re safe now. Were you injured anywhere?”

“Um…well, that is…”

The young lady seemed unable to speak properly, bowing her head trembling. She had been surrounded by the brawny men and on the verge of being abducted. Her heart must have been incredibly frightened. The young man gently called out to the young lady again.

“It’s alright. I’ll properly protect you after this. Where is your home, my lady? If you’ll tell me, I can arrange a carriage and such to escort you there.”

But the young lady gave no response. Is she okay? As the youth tried to gently peek at her face, the young lady raised her face with tears welling up and dove straight into the youth’s chest.  

“Uuhh, it was so scary…So very frightening…I screamed for help with everything I had but no one came…I thought there was no saving me…”

“I see…You did very well enduring that. It’s because you bravely stood against them with everything you had that I was able to come save you. Please, commend yourself.” 

Even hearing the young man’s words, the young lady continued sobbing into his chest. It must have been terribly frightening. Sensing this, the young man gently placed a hand on the sobbing young lady’s shoulder, saying nothing and just standing there until she calmed down.

The young lady in the youth’s chest had red hair tied up in a neat bun at the back, and her long front bangs seemed deliberately left long, obscuring her eyes. 

Her outfit also gave a simple impression for a young lady. 

Judging by her attire, perhaps she was a viscount’s daughter? If so, that man Logas likely tried to forcibly make her his by flaunting his earldom peerage.   

The youth knew that even among imperial nobles, such lowlifes existed as humans. But seeing the young lady sobbing into his chest, their actions were utterly unforgivable in his eyes. 

The young man was furious but didn’t show it, just smiling gently until her sobs ceased.


Some time later, the young lady calmed down and suddenly sprang out from the youth’s chest. Loneliness, or something like it, struck the young man but he quickly shook it off and smiled at the young lady.

“Have you calmed down a little?”

“Yes…um, I haven’t even thanked you yet for saving me, apologies. Thank you so very much for helping me. So, if I may ask your na-“

Just as the young lady tried to ask the youth’s name, a hearty voice called out to the young man from behind them.

“Reiner sama!! Are you unharmed!?”

The young man, Reiner, looked back to see Dinas with a worried expression and Arwin grinning about something standing there. 

“…Dinas, we’re supposed to be incognito you know? Don’t go calling me by name so much.”

“Eh, but you said [young master] was no good.”

Reiner hung his head with palm on forehead looking tired at the exchange with Dinas, but soon snapped to and turned back to the young lady. 

“They’re my…friends, so don’t worry. Sorry if we startled you.”

The young lady initially reacted as if the brawny [men] and Dinas overlapped in her eyes, showing signs of fighting. But Dinas’ expressive air and Reiner being called [young master] seemed to tickle her funny bone as she smiled wryly. 

“Hehe…No, I’m fine. But to think someone so strong as you is called [young master] by his friend.”

Called [young master], Reiner made an indescribable guilty face. But the result was it became an opportunity for the young lady to regain a little of her smile, so he didn’t complain.

“Uh…Yes, well, it’s not a nickname I’m fond of but…if it helps bring a smile to your face, [young master] might be fine…” 

Hearing his words, the young lady looked a little surprised but happily smiled. 

“Oh my…hehe, that makes me so happy to hear.”

“Eh…!? Um, I didn’t mean anything…d-deep by that, apologies…”

At the vaguely sweet air flowing, Arwin deliberately coughed.  

“Ahem…Sorry to interrupt your fun, but could you explain the situation for us [young master]?”

“Uh…Yes, my apologies.”

At Arwin’s words, Reiner immediately regained his usual air and explained what had happened there. After hearing about the events with a stern expression, Arwin turned to face the young lady.

“My lady, for certain reasons I and [young master] here can’t reveal our names and standing, but regarding this matter, let me vow we will handle it appropriately on our end. Also, I’ll arrange a carriage so return home immediately.”

“Y-Yes, understood. However, I haven’t been able to thank you yet. Could I at least ask your name, [Young Master]…?”

The young lady pleaded with the two, but Arwin quietly shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but as I said earlier, that’s not possible today. We may meet again if chance allows.” 


Hearing his words, the young lady reluctantly nodded and hung her head looking disappointed. After that, they were able to reunite with the young lady’s attendants after moving locations a little. 

They expressed their gratitude to Reiner’s group for the young lady being unharmed. Soon after, a carriage arranged at Arwin’s direction arrived for the young lady.

Reiner’s group saw the young lady onto the carriage and bid her farewell there.

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