Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 36

Mob No.36: “If we get time, I wanna go to the arcade. The 3 of us.”

Coming out to the lobby, Arthur called out to me after my call with Ms. Rossweisse.

And as a matter of course, Seila stood next to him with an aloof air.

“Hello, Mr. Uzoss.”

“Yo, Lingard. And Ms. Cygnita right? How was the reception?”

Since they’d been invited to a military reception for the previous job, I casually asked about it.


“I should not have gone to such a thing!”

Seila suddenly had an enraged expression.

“The men kept sniping that Arthur was [lucky] [just fortunate] [I’m stronger than him]! And asking me [Won’t you go out with me?] [Dump that merc scrub] [Be my adjutant. I’ll treat you well~] Ugh!”

She ground her teeth, reigniting anger at the men who slighted her lover.

“The women did the opposite! Saying I [fawn over men] [I’m better than that thing] [Just a lowly merc after all. How poor~] such petty jealousy and venom!

And fawning over Arthur including Captain Hiyaliate!”

Her anger flared again at the women who approached her lover.

“Now now, Seila, calm down. And Captain Hiyaliate acted as a buffer…”

Arthur tried calming her down but ended up pouring fuel on the fire.

“How awful… “

Glad I wasn’t invited.

With Hiyaliate’s acquaintances, probably all nobles.

They really had it rough, I pity them.

But Arthur didn’t call out to me to discuss that.

“So, what did you need?”

My words made him recall the purpose, and he started explaining the request.

“Right. A job came in to collect asteroids around a small asteroid belt near Planet Kolkos.

Seems rare metals were discovered extractable from the asteroids, so the Kolkos Lord ordered mining operations, but the asteroid field is vast with rampant illegal mining and theft, so they plan to gather and melt the asteroids to efficiently extract…”

Arthur explained and transmitted the request form to my bracelet terminal.

Felt oddly crude but is that okay?

The Kolkos Lord isn’t desperate right?

“With your radar, monitoring surroundings and detecting approaching asteroids should be easy, lowering risk of collisions too right?”

Seila supplemented Arthur’s explanation too.

“Sorry, my ship just finished overhaul and I’m on vacation now. Looks like there’s still time so I’ll decide before then.”

Nothing seemed suspicious from their explanation, but I wanted to check and I was on vacation, so I held off responding.

“I understand. I hope we can work together. Well then.”

“Thanks for taking the time.”

Hero-kun would’ve demanded [Decide here and now!].

Arthur’s got human decency.

He probably asked reception “Talk to the bored looking ones please” or something.

Finally leaving the building, I immediately headed to the black market shopping district.


As ever, it had an otherworldly appearance.

Of course I came to Pattson’s Pharmacy to get gossip.

And as expected, that extremely conspicuous banner was up.

And a new banner had been added.

It read [Dancing pus, dressed in dead flesh, the origin of wandering souls].

That butcher came up with more creepy new products…

But seems pretty popular, it was packed with people immersed in the atmosphere here.

Ignoring the crowd, I arrived at Pattson’s.


“Welcome…oh, it’s you.”

My friend Gonzalez greeted me same as ever, looking up from his newspaper.

I went to the counter and placed an envelope on it.

“Came to hear some [gossip].”

“What’s it about?”

Checking the envelope’s contents, Gonzalez prepared to listen.

“There’s an asteroid belt near Planet Kolkos right?

Seems rare metals can be extracted from them, but with rampant illegal mining and theft, they plan to gather and melt them for efficient extraction.”

That was written in the request from Arthur.

“Got it, gimme about an hour.”

“Cool, I’ll quietly wait.”

With Gonzalez starting his search plugged in, I sat and began reading a light novel.

No issue with melting asteroids to extract rare metals itself.

They probably won’t actually melt them all together, just batches.

What bothered me about the request was the rare metals part.

Ships that move through space with all its radiation and the spacesuits already take measures, so that’s not an issue.

But if the asteroids contained corrosive gas that could vent during collection, it’d be bad news.

Can’t toss gas-filled asteroids into the furnace either, they’d need to be completely drained.

If you know that’s present, working with proper gear is no problem.

Even discovering it by chance, stopping work immediately and changing to suitable gear allows resuming work.

But that gear is very expensive.

So sometimes they intentionally omit mentioning it’s present, make you work, then when it vents say [We’ll ready gear soon so keep working as is] and make you continue without taking measures to the end.

Arthur probably checked properly before accepting, so it should be fine, but just in case.

Right on time, one hour later Gonzalez unplugged from his port.

The information he got matched the request, no dangerous stuff it seems, aside from the contents of the Kolkos Lord’s mind.

“Come to think of it, saw Kruss Arnoid recently huh.”

Anyway, business done, I tried a little small talk as friends.

“Yeah, he came by the shop.”

“You guys know where to find each other. I move around a lot so it’s rare for me.”

“In return, you can earn 3 million in a day sometimes right?”

“At risk of death though.”

Aside from contents, conversing like this somehow reminded me of our school days.

Aside from what happened our first year, I think we had plenty of fun times.

Thinking about that,

“If we get time, I wanna go to the arcade. The 3 of us.”

Gonzalez suddenly muttered.

Even if we kept in touch, it can’t be the same as back then.

We each have positions now, things we have to do.

Considering that, I’m fortunate to be able to freely take time off and work at my discretion, albeit with personal liability.


Next time, I’ll adjust my schedule.

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