Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 11

Kirido Hashiru’s expulsion.
The first incident since the academy life began, centering on that student.
Well, it wasn’t big enough to be called an ‘incident,’ but this is its modest follow-up.
Kirido Hashiru was expelled.
That fact seemed to spread through the academy in an instant, and its victims, me and the girl sitting beside me—Kurashiki Hotaru, naturally became the talk of the school, so to speak.
It was gym class the day after Kirido was expelled. Pressing an ice pack to my cheek, Kurashiki with her head bandaged, the two of us exempted from participation due to ‘observation’ after our injuries from the other day, sat side by side silently watching our classmates’ combat training.
“So in the end, what really was Yuuto-kun’s Ability?”
“[Eyesight Ruiner] like I said.”
I gave the same answer to the same question I didn’t even know how many times this was.
“I’m sick of that obvious lie! Like Kirido-kun said right? He saw Asahina-san enter the empty classroom. Heard Asahina-san’s auditory hallucinations. Amamori is definitely hiding his real Ability!”
“The ravings of a madman. Seriously listening will rot your ears, Madam President.”
I told her, but the President’s expression was less than pleased.
“To be honest, I still don’t really get it… Especially those photos and videos framing Kirido-kun. I wasn’t involved at all. If Kirido-kun didn’t know either, that means you, Amamori-kun, disguised yourself and took them alone… But those photos, there’s no way a single person could take them at those angles like that.”
She peered into my eyes. While her tone was that of the fair student council president, the gaze with which she looked at me was as sharp as a bird of prey’s.
“Say, Amamori-kun, are you collaborating with Asahina-san behind the scenes?”
As she said that, she turned her eyes toward Asahina receiving class in P.E.
“[Divine Protection of the Thunder God]. I think that Ability’s greatest terror lies in its speed. With that speed, maybe Amamori-kun could react, but normal people wouldn’t be able to right? That’s probably faster than we could react no matter how enhanced we were.”
If it was Asahina’s speed, it would explain all the hallucinations Kirido saw.
And if I was disguised as Kirido in that video, the mystery of the photos would be solved too.
But Kurashiki. The most important part is missing from your deduction.
“…That Asahina would cooperate with someone like me?”
“Yeah…I knew that much already.”
At my words, Kurashiki readily backed down, surprisingly.
That I’m collaborating with Asahina behind the scenes.
Let me state it clearly, the possibility is zero. Absolutely impossible.
No matter what, this is pure and simple fact.
…Well, anyone would realize that considering her personality.
I’ll ignore that Kurashiki indirectly called me ‘inhuman’ just now.
“Then I can only think you already have some other collaborator… Ahh, I misread you didn’t I, Amamori-kun, thinking you were a hopeless communication disorder loner…”
“Hey, don’t say sad stuff.”
It’s not that I can’t talk to anyone but you. I just don’t need to talk.
If I wanted to talk, I could talk to anyone. I could probably even talk to some random upperclassman girl I passed in the hall. What would happen after talking to her is another story though.
“Well, I’ll pry the identity of your other collaborator out of you another time…”
Prefacing with that, she returned her gaze to me again.
“My current guess is, Amamori-kun’s Ability is—a transformation Ability.”
“You seriously don’t listen do you.”
It makes me want to be the one to crack, seriously.
Thinking that, I deeply exhaled and swept my gaze around.
Let’s see, anyone who seems to be eavesdropping… Other than Asahina training in the distance, I don’t see anyone. I can’t understand at all why she’s so interested in me, but…well, she definitely can’t hear from this distance.
“…Yeah. Your guess isn’t wrong.”
“Oh, you’re gonna tell the truth?”
Kurashiki sidled right up to me. Meanwhile in the distance, Asahina’s body shook as she started glancing this way more frequently than before. What’s with these girls.
I heaved a single sigh, then confessed my ability again.
“My real Ability is [Transformation]. Commonly known as fourth-rank…a small fry Ability with no traits.”
Hearing my answer, Kurashiki made a very uninterested face.
Her expression said ‘That’s a lie too.’ I pretended not to see it.
“I disguised as Asahina to provoke Kirido right by his side. That’s the answer.”
Rather than disguise, I thoroughly ignored him. I figured that would make Kirido angrier.
On top of that, that fake love letter—you wrote it for me Kurashiki. It definitely had great effect based on Kirido’s screams I could hear faintly.
“But Amamori-kun, you were in the classroom with me the whole time right?”
“Was I? Maybe I’m having trouble remembering clearly after the shock of you punching me.”
“Maybe I should’ve punched you harder.”
At my flippant reply, she leaked words tinged with irritation.
“…Well, there’s no need for you to know me. As long as I don’t pry into you.”


Like I said before, she doesn’t need to know or trust me.
I just need her to listen to the plan and carry it out.
We’re merely cooperating and using each other in the end.
I think, you move. Our relationship is built on each exploiting the other—a warped relationship.
Yet even so, we can joke around like this…how strange.
Feeling an unpleasant presence approaching, I turned my gaze forward.
“Ah, uh, umm, Ame, Amemo, Amemo, Amamori-kun!”
Before me was Asahina stuttering as she gazed at me, and our classmates’ warm looks made me strangely uncomfortable.
“Cl-Classmate Asahina! I-If you want, let’s stretch toge—”
“Sorry, I’m recovering right now.”
“I won’t do it—I knew that already. Yes, I knew, Asahina Kasumi… Of course you’d refuse.”
Naturally rejected.
I had no intention of interacting with her in the first place. I was fully intent on using her as a piece too, but still, being clingy in daily life is a bit different. Maybe very different.
So I stick to the attitude, ‘You said you’d protect me from Kirido but didn’t protect me. You broke your promise so I’ve lost trust in you. Please don’t talk to me anymore?’
It doesn’t matter that Kirido is gone.
No matter how much you go ‘Mmm…’ it’s useless, Lady Asahina. I won’t cheer you up even if you’re depressed. I don’t want to talk to you, understand?
“Bu-But Amamori-kun! It’s because you’re injured now that stretching is especially important! After all, when injured you tend to get insufficient exercise! Non-strenuous stretching is optimal, I think! I won’t lose!”
However, Asahina didn’t seem to plan on giving up either.
Well, that last line, she was definitely pouring out her true feelings, but what is this girl saying?
When injured, be obedient and rest. That should be an ironclad rule.
Just as I started to reject her again—Asahina’s voice echoed over me.
“I-I couldn’t protect you… That won’t change, I don’t intend to change it. I don’t plan on making any excuses either. It’s my fault you were injured so many times. That fact absolutely won’t change. That sin will never disappear in my lifetime.”
“What are you saying—”
“That’s why—!”
Asahina’s voice echoed. This girl doesn’t seem to intend to let me get a word in edgewise.
Beside me, Kurashiki was laughing under her breath.
Asahina’s face flushed with tension as she clenched her fist before her and made her declaration.
“No matter how much I’m rejected, I won’t give up on you! This time for sure, I’ll stand by your side and protect you so you can live in peace! Even if it costs me this life!”
It was Asahina Kasumi’s declaration.
To protect me. I wondered if it was just big talk for a heroine of justice who would protect everyone, but even Asahina probably wouldn’t declare something like that thoughtlessly.
In the end, it must have been the answer she arrived at after consideration.
She gazed down straight at my eyes.
…Fine, Asahina Kasumi. If you’re saying that much, I have thoughts of my own too.
I stood up and stared Asahina straight on in return.
Surely the flame of determination must dwell in my eyes.
Seeing something in my flame-filled eyes, Asahina’s expression brightened—
“Um, please don’t talk to me, you’re annoying.”
—Asahina vomited blood.



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