I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 prologue


—Several months ago.

“Uh, no…”

A girl named Milis-Alamirea found herself at the most significant turning point in her life.

It was an event that would drastically influence her life, an instantaneous moment.


In front of her stood a colossal demonic beast, easily exceeding three meters in height.

Its fangs dripped a mixture of saliva and blood, and its sharp gaze, like that of a hungry beast, was fixed on the girl. Looking around, the remnants of armor were scattered, and unrecognizable fragments of flesh and organs lay scattered in the forest.

The golden embroidery on the girl’s monastic dress was now tainted red, resembling the extravagant decorations on her dress.


A turning point meant deciding between “life” or “death.”

There would be no turning point greater than this in her life.

If there were, it would involve tales of being called to heaven or hell.

—I don’t want to die.

—Even though I should have been saved.

—Because of me.

Nevertheless, the girl could do nothing but look up at the demonic beast drooling before her.

(If, if only I had the power…)

Although she had the talent to heal, she lacked the ability to harm.

Days were spent expressing gratitude for the blessings bestowed by God, but today she couldn’t help but wish for a different blessing. Deep down, she couldn’t help but lament.

No matter how much she was called a saint, she was just a human being.

Death is frightening, especially when it unfolds right in front of you.


The demonic beast’s roar echoed.

It shook the grass and trees, asserting its presence all around.

To be commended for merely losing one’s composure in the face of such fear was quite an accomplishment.

Although there was an addendum stating that commendation wouldn’t change anything.

Therefore, the girl wished.

For someone to help her.

At that moment—


In an instant, the entire ground was covered in black.

“Shooting long-range magic doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t hit, and you’ll only carry various risks. So, I decided to lend a hand.”

Abruptly, a voice came from above.

Milis was surprised but didn’t bother imitating the act of turning her head to where the voice came from.

The brain had captured the situation in front of her as a greater surprise than the voice’s owner.


The demonic beast’s legs sank.

As if it had become stuck in a vast swamp, moving its legs only caused other legs to sink further.

The massive body that had been intimidating with its presence disappeared, and its earlier roar was now colored with surprise and fear.

“In the end, there’s no risk if you can sink it. No need to approach with a sword, and no need to use magic with no guarantee of hitting. Why don’t creatures other than fish live in the sea? Simply put, it’s an unfavorable environment.”

The voice descended suddenly. Despite landing, the feet didn’t sink, unlike the demonic beast.

While Milis shared the same situation, she didn’t have the composure to notice it.

“In that case, once you drag it into an unfavorable environment, all you have to do is watch from the sidelines. We’re not in a situation where we’re going to win, so use any means necessary if you can win.”


“Sink, carnivorous beast. You must have had enough to eat by now.”

The demonic beast’s cry gradually faded.

It took dozens of seconds to witness it completely. The colossal body sank slowly into the shadows and eventually vanished completely.

What it meant was the disappearance of the threat. The most significant turning point in life had just occurred, tilting everything dramatically in a single moment.



Even so, the girl did not express joy.

Was it because corpses were scattered around? Or perhaps, her thoughts were overwhelmed by fear?

No, it was more likely that her mind couldn’t keep up with the sudden change in the situation.

“Sorry for being late…”

Regretful yet slightly sulky, the young man in front of her spoke.

Clad in black with a featureless mask, he was slightly taller but had a voice that conveyed a hint of youthfulness.

It resembled the information Milis had heard before.

(Black attire with a featureless mask… and what just happened was magic. In that case, this person is…)

“I’d like to help with the mourning… but that’s your job, isn’t it? It seems you’d handle it faster than an amateur like me getting involved.”

The young man advanced.

Slowly, he disappeared into the forest.

“I’ll take care of the demonic beasts in this forest, so you can mourn as much as you need. After that, it’s better for you to quickly return home.”

The last words she heard were those.

Without waiting for gratitude, he left, and only the sound of rustling leaves remained.

Looking around, there were no nauseating organs that seemed to make her sick.

There were only broken armor and weapons carried by the guards.

Was this consideration? A subtle kindness to ensure the girl wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

(Is he… the [Hero of Shadows]?)

She had heard stories.

A hero who would dash into danger, rescue someone, and then quickly leave.

Never did she imagine that he would appear before her. Never did she imagine that she would be saved.

When she first heard the rumors, such thoughts never crossed her mind.


“Ugh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Putting aside such surprises for later.

Now, overwhelmed by the sudden rush of sadness and relief, her tear ducts, which had been holding back, collapsed.


Within her screams, there was also a shade of gratitude.

It took several tens of minutes for the crying to stop.

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