Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 8

The carriage rumbled through the busy streets toward the center of the capital.
Around the royal castle of Lionel, in the heart of the capital, were the mansions of many nobles.
Among the rows of magnificent buildings, I spotted a particularly massive mansion. My home of three years ago.
Stepping out of the carriage, I stood at the familiar front door with the guards flanking it. The guards, whom I didn’t recognize, stared at me with fierce eyes.
“Who are you? What makes you think this is your home?”
The guard questioned me. Three years ago he hadn’t seen my face. Of course he didn’t recognize me.
What should I do? I hesitated a little. Since the Grahm family had close ties to the royal family, we were a long-established court house. Our visitors were all influential people, so by custom, those of uncertain status were not received. In my present village-girl dress and shabby carriage, I would not be believed even if I gave my name. I would get through in a safe and polite manner.

“Excuse me, this seems to be Lord Grahm’s residence. Is there anyone here named Cairo?”
I asked quietly. The guard nodded at Cairo’s name.
“Ah, what is it? Do you know Ms. Cairo?”
“Yes, I know her very well.”
Grandmother Cairo had taken care of me for many years. She was closer to me than my real mother.
“I’m sorry to interrupt your work, but could I ask you to inform her?”
I approached the guard and took his hand, slipping him a few coins. A small bribe to deliver the message.
“Sure, what’s your name?”
My courtesy and bribe seemed to work, as the guard readily agreed.
“Just tell her it’s Romel. I think she’ll understand.”
Upon hearing my name, the guard seemed to realize something, but laughed softly, saying it was impossible, and then walked toward the main building.
Not long after the guard entered the main building, a scream came from inside. The main door flew open and an old woman came running out. It was Grandma Cairo, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time.
“Young lady Romel!”
Forgetting her age, the running grandmother had aged in the three years. Her white hair had grown considerably.
I grabbed the stumbling grandmother.
“Young lady Romel, is it really you?”
“Yes, Grandma, I’m sorry I worried you. I’m back.”
“Ah! Thank goodness! I’m so glad you came back safely! Seeing young lady Romel’s face makes this old woman happy.”
Tears rolled down Grandma Cairo’s wrinkled face as she cried.
We cried into each other’s arms while the two guards stared blankly. I revealed my identity before Grandma could calm down.
“I am Romelia of Grahm, the daughter of the master of this house. I have returned after three years of absence.”
Hearing my name, the guards’ faces paled in fear.
“Ah, please don’t take it to heart and keep up the good work. You see, Grandma shouldn’t cry anymore either, okay?”
I reassured the guards, who were afraid of being punished, as well as the crying grandmother.
“Yes, yes, I’m just so happy to see you.”
Grandma wouldn’t stop crying. I regretted worrying her so much.
Holding my grandmother’s shoulder as she cried, I entered the house I hadn’t seen in three years.
Inside, I saw the figures of servants. Like the gatekeepers, many were new faces.
“So many strange faces after three years.”
“You’re right, but, um, young lady, a lot has happened.”
Grandmother seemed reluctant to continue, but we could talk later that night. I should see Father and Mother first.
“We can discuss this later. Father and Mother are here, right? My brothers aren’t home yet?”
I had two brothers who were much older than me. But they were studying abroad, so it was probably too soon for them to return.
“Yes, those two haven’t returned from their studies yet. The lord and madam are in the great hall.”
“I see. Then I’ll talk to them first.”
After Grandma replied, I went to the great hall where Father was.


As I entered the great hall, I heard a woman crying. There was a tall middle-aged man and a fat woman. It was Father and Mother.
“Father, Mother, it’s me, Romelia. I’ve returned.”
I approached and bowed slightly to my parents, whom I hadn’t seen in three years. Father had more wrinkles and white hair than I remembered. He seemed to have lost some weight. Mother, on the other hand, was fatter than before. Tears soaked her handkerchief as she sobbed louder when she saw me.
“Oh! How could it be? To think that your engagement has been broken off, how pitiful!”
“Calm yourself.”
Though Father tried to calm Mother, she continued to cry and sigh, then cry again.
“How terrible, our loyal family being treated like this by the royals!”
Listening to Mother’s cries, I also became irritated.
So this was the kind of person Mother was. A habitual weeper. But she would never shed tears for anyone else. This woman’s tears flowed only in self-pity. Proof of this is that she never said a happy word about my safe return.
“Go back to your room and rest, Romelia. I’ll take care of this.”
Father called for Mother to be taken back to her room by the servants.
“Yes, I leave it to you. I’m powerless now.”
Mother left without speaking to me, still sobbing as she walked down the hall, loud enough to echo in the great hall. Seeing her off took more energy than accompanying her. It was best to let her cry her heart out.
The two sighs overlapped amidst Mother’s fading cries. The two who uttered them looked at each other.
I waited for Father to speak, but when he refused to open his mouth for so long, I took the initiative.
“I have returned, Father. I’m very sorry for leaving home without permission.”
Only now could I say what I had been like. I had only thought of the departing prince and had run away from home. I hadn’t given a thought to my remaining family and Grandma.
To be honest, I wouldn’t blame Father if he slapped me. Even if not, I had steeled myself for a scolding.
But neither came.
Father just stared at me. I couldn’t guess what he was thinking with those beady eyes.
“And… you must know by now, but many things happened between Prince Henry and me on our journey, resulting in our broken engagement. Has the palace informed you?”
Father nodded briefly at my question.
“Yes. Although it has not yet been officially announced, there have been inquiries about the annulment.”
“I sincerely apologize for tarnishing our family name.”
I could only bow my head. This must have been a huge blow to the Grahm family.
Our family was closely tied to the throne, one of the few pillars of support for royalty. My marriage to the prince represented that unity both internally and externally.
For the royals, dissolving our engagement was tantamount to stripping Father of his authority at court. He probably couldn’t stay in Lionel much longer and would sooner or later have to return to our ancestral county of Gram.

This was an extreme loss of face that we had to swallow, even though we were separated from the royal family. It could be called a blot on the family history.
After a period of silence, Father finally spoke and asked me a question.
“Were you hurt at all?”
“Huh? No, I wasn’t hurt.”
His unexpected words left me blank.
I had been seriously injured several times during the trip. I fell off a cliff and broke my leg, and nearly drowned when the boat sank. When a demon shot me in the shoulder with a poisoned arrow, I really thought I was going to die.
Fortunately, Elizabeth had become a companion by then, and she healed me with her healing arts, leaving me without even a scar. However, she refused to treat minor cuts and scratches, so I still have some scars on my body.
Compared to three years ago as a sheltered young lady, I had probably become quite dirty. My skin was rough from the rough journey and my hair was damaged. However, I didn’t care much about my appearance, so I had no regrets.
“I see. You must be tired as well, Romelia. Rest for today.”
“I understand. Then please excuse me to rest.”
Having obtained Father’s permission, I left the room to find Grandmother anxiously waiting for me outside the great hall.
“Oh, young lady Romel! How was it?”
“He just told me to rest.”
That was really all. Not another word. I could understand Mother easily, but Father was incomprehensible.
“Please don’t hold it against the master. After the young lady left, rumors spread in high society that you had eloped and seduced Prince Henry.”
“I see.”
Grandmother’s words helped me understand. Elopement was the highlight of romance novels. But that was only for the two who eloped. For those left behind, it was hell.
Children’s marriages were decided by their parents and they had to obey them. If a child rebelled and eloped, the parents and family were seen as unable to control their own child and were severely blamed.
Since the royal family could not be criticized, the rumor spread that I had seduced the prince.
The constant change of servants was probably because many got tired of the gossip and quit.
“But the prince should have left a letter and told them about our trip, right?”
Three years ago, the prince said that he had left a letter when he left. In addition, people who recognized him often revealed his true identity during the journey. At that time, the prince said that the purpose of his journey was to defeat the demon lord.
It’s impossible for the royal palace not to know this fact. The rumors about eloping with me should have been denied immediately.
“Yes. After a while, those rumors disappeared, but since that engagement was canceled…”
“Ah, you already know about the canceled engagement?”
I thought it was just a small piece of gossip, but I didn’t expect it to spread like wildfire in high society.
“Yes, although it hasn’t been officially announced yet, it seems to have leaked out from somewhere.”

“Did it come from the Church?”
I deduced the source of the news from my step mother’s words. If they decided to cancel my engagement to the prince, he would need a new partner. The first backup should be St. Elizabeth of the Salvation Church, who was traveling with him. For the Church, promoting Elizabeth could be part of their efforts to solidify their position and build relationships.
“Miss Romelia!”
My devout step mother said loudly, “There may be consequences for speaking ill of the Church.
But she seemed suddenly deflated, her shoulders drooping.
“But that’s true. I went to church yesterday, too, and I overheard some gossip about Miss Romelia being a reckless woman.”
Because of my connection, this pious step mother couldn’t stay in the church any longer.
“Even the royal family can only spread such rumors.”
In a way, I agreed with the royal family’s actions.


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