Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 1

Episode 5 – The Girl Whose Name I Don’t Know

Carrying my broken shoes, I head to the shoe store in the shopping district. After walking for a while, my mind calms down. There are no more problems.

There are students from my academy everywhere in the shopping district.
Students from other schools are here in large numbers too. Some delinquent-looking students with chicken-like bleached hair and blonde hair are loitering in front of the convenience store.
I was taught by Hanazono that they are called delinquents, and are trying to affect an outlaw image. I don’t really understand it well.
This isn’t a slum or anything. It’s a relatively wealthy residential area.
“Look, that guy ain’t wearing shoes.”
“Seriously lame.”
The delinquents’ gazes are directed my way. I probably don’t need to pay them any special attention. More than that, I want to hurry and buy some shoes…What kind should I get?
To be honest, I have no sense for choosing clothes and accessories. How many times did Hanazono call me unfashionable?

I happen to look at the delinquents’ feet. What’s this, they’re wearing such cool shoes! I see, I should buy shoes shaped like those.
I want to get a closer look at those shoes.
So I approach the delinquents in front of the convenience store.

“Hah? Whaddya want? You pickin’ a fight?”
“Get outta here if you know what’s good for ya.”
I’d like to ask where they bought those shoes. But I don’t have the courage to talk to strangers.
Hmm, for now I’ll memorize the design and buy similar shoes.
“Ignoring me, huh! Hey, you!”
One of the delinquents grabs my shoulder and pushes me. There’s nothing to be particularly concerned about. It’s a common occurrence. Since they took the initiative to initiate physical contact, I’ll gather my courage and ask.
“What’s the brand of those shoes? Tell me.”
“…Huh? W-What’s wrong with this guy?”
Communicating is indeed difficult. The delinquent won’t tell me.
“Hey, wait up. This guy, ain’t he that Toudou guy Hime (princess) was talking about?”
“Huh, this is that [Toudou]? No way, he’s a total gloomy loner!”
“Idiot! Doesn’t he look just like the picture Hime drew?”
“Now that you mention it…”
“Sorry, but can you tell me the brand of those shoes? I’ll give you some candy as thanks.”
The delinquent releases my shoulder and has a sullen look on his face. What’s going on here? Why does conversing go so poorly? Is there something odd about my face?
Just then, a girl in flashy clothes comes out of the convenience store. One of the delinquents calls out “Oh, Hime, hello!!” to her.
I don’t know how to deal with more people joining. It makes me anxious.

“Shaddup, losers. I’m gonna go eat crepes while… Huh?”
The flashy girl and I make eye contact. She looks familiar. But I have no memory of talking with such a garish girl.
Then again, she could be in my lost memories.

Her makeup is thicker than Tanaka’s. Her eye makeup is perfect. I see, it’s the kind of stage makeup made to stand out even from a distance.
She’s wearing what I can only describe as unfathomably high fashion clothes. The exposure of skin concerns me, but if I don’t look it’s not a problem.
But why is her face red?
“Y-y-you! Toudou! I-I wanted to see you so…”
“Sorry, your face seems very red, do you have some medical condition? I can recommend a skilled doctor if needed.”
“N-no! Don’t you remember me? Though I guess it doesn’t matter! Umm, what are you doing now, Toudou?”
“Me? I was just thinking of buying some cool sneakers, and wanted to ask him what brand his sneakers are.”
“Ok, got it! I’ll help pick them out! Let’s go!”
Something strange is happening.
Why is this girl being so kind to me? The only times I get approached by women on the street are for selling dubious paintings or religious solicitations.
…She has a refreshing smile. She must not be a bad kid.
“Well then, I’ll be in your care. Is it okay to leave your delinquent friends over there?”
As I say that, the delinquents have already disappeared from the scene.
“Yeah, it’s no problem! Come with me!”
She grabs my arm. I can smell lavender coming from this girl called Hime. Inhaling that scent calms my heart for some reason.
And so, we headed towards the shoe store.

“Thank you so much as always!”
The cool sneakers were easy to obtain. Hime has quite good taste. I was about to hand over my tattered leather shoes to the clerk for disposal, but stopped at the last moment.
If I fix them up, maybe I can wear them again.
I decided to take the leather shoes home in a bag.

After that, Hime and I continued walking around the shopping district together for some reason.
I’m bothered by how close we’re walking, but this must just be Hime’s sense of personal space.
“The sneakers look great on you! You really haven’t changed since back then…”
“I’m sorry, I don’t have any memory of meeting you before.”
“Ehhh, even after that crazy thing that happened?”
Hime’s expression darkens a little. Did we know each other before?
“You don’t remember middle school? When I got caught by some half-ass thugs and you saved me?”
“I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean.”
“Even though your attitude was totally different, that was definitely you back then.”
“Are you sure you have the right person?”
“…Hey, did you seriously forget that we were classmates in middle school?”
“What…is that so.”
Too many sad things happened in middle school. Maybe I messed up resetting my memories and erased them.
I don’t remember, so I don’t remember. But that’s pretty common, so it’s likely.


Seeing my troubled face, Hime forces a wry smile.
Is she pushing herself? Is this my fault?
“No, nevermind, it’s not a big deal! Ehehe, this is just me being self-satisfied.”
“I see, then let’s not worry about it.”
“Whaaa!? You should care about it a little!”
“Which is it?”
The female mind is very difficult. Just this little bit of conversation is enough to confuse me. I can’t comprehend the meaning at all.
As we finished descending the slope of the shopping district, Hime and I arrived at the station front.
“In middle school, I could only see you as a weirdo. Watching was really painful. That’s why I did mean things too.”
“Back then, I understood ‘normal’ even less than now. If it wasn’t for Hanazono, things would have been much worse.”
“Hanazono, huh… Yeah, because of her.”
“We’re no longer friends, but she was a very good girl.”
When I said those words, Hime spat out stronger words.
“Huh!? Don’t tell me… That’s definitely no good! You can forget me, just not Hanazono…”
“Oh? It’s unrelated to Hanazono, we just broke off ties. I haven’t forgotten her.”
Hime looks at me with sad eyes.
“No, it’s sad. …… “
I don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean. Hime is trying to convey something important to me. But unable to find the words, she just mumbles.
Why is this girl crying?
Hime’s hand grabbing my arm is shaking.
But I feel nothing in my heart. I wonder why?

At that moment, a man coming out of the convenience store in the mixed-use building yelled at us.
“Hey you!! What are you doing!? Did you make her cry!?”
A man with short hair, wearing a jersey. Even through his clothes you can see high-quality muscular build. He’s the type well-versed in exercise.
He’s yelling at me.
I’m in trouble now.
“Um, this is…”
“Listen, Natsuki, don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not crying or anything!”
“Shaddup, you keep quiet! You’re totally crying aren’t you!?”
“No, I’m not crying!”
It seems they know each other.
Now the two of them are starting a fight…
Looks like he misunderstood and thought I made Hime cry. She must be someone precious to him.
The misunderstanding should be cleared up by Hime.
“I keep telling you! I have someone I admire! And don’t be so familiar just because we’re childhood friends!”
…Is she talking about me? Saying that will only make him more heated up.
“Huh!? I’m just worried about you!”
“No, you’re just jealous!”
“Damn it! I’m not interested in kids!”
Seems they have a complicated relationship. This is a pain, so I’ll try to slip away.
When I tried to leave, he grabbed my arm.
He glared at me with an expression like an ogre.
“You, don’t just leave as you please. I’ll play with you a bit.”
“No, I have to study at home. I don’t have time to play.”
“Just come with me.”
His grip on my arm tightens. I wonder what kind of game we’ll be playing?
Wait a second. Maybe it’s an incredibly fun game I don’t know about. If so, I don’t mind.
“Understood. So where should I go?”

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