Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 28 part 3

“However, I always wished for my daughter to find happiness. Presumptuous as it may be, I’m grateful today for this opportunity to connect with Sir Reiner and the Baldia family. There may be issues between the individuals, but please look after my daughter.”

Having finished speaking, Tristan lightly bowed his head. Reiner was a little perplexed by the talk with Nunnaly not present, but soon had Tristan raise his head and spoke gently with a smile.

“While I haven’t yet met Lady Nunnaly directly, I can tell from your character that she must be a wonderful young lady. I also consider this marriage proposal a fortuitous opportunity, so please be at ease.”

“…My apologies, it seems my emotions got the better of me. But as her father, it gladdens me greatly to hear you say that.” 

Tristan nodded at Reiner’s words, then bowed apologetically for getting overly emotional. Just then, there was a knock at the room’s door and a clear female voice could be heard.

“Father, please accept my deepest apologies for the delay. May I enter?”

“Oh, come in Nunnaly. We’ve been waiting for you.”

As Tristan responded to his daughter on the other side of the door, Reiner suddenly felt nervous for some reason. He watched the guest room door she would enter from with expectant eyes. 

“Pardon my intrusion.”

Together with the woman’s voice, the door opened and [Nunnaly Ronamis] first revealed herself to Reiner. She wore a beautiful dress and had flowing [crimson hair] as rumored. Her eyes were the same purple as Reiner’s, no, a slightly lighter purple.

She briefly glanced over the people in the room. Then she approached the sofa they sat at, delicately yet skillfully moving her feet while gently holding up her dress’s hem with both hands, and greeted them with a [curtsy].

“I sincerely apologize for my late arrival. I am Nunnaly Ronamis. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Having finished speaking, Nunnaly briskly straightened her back, flashing a cute smile as she showed her beautiful stance. Every action she took – her stance, her gait – exuded elegance, and just briefly seeing her lovely figure would leave a deep impression on the beholder. To think this beautiful woman was [Nunnaly Ronamis] – Reiner unintentionally found himself captivated by the sight.

Noticing his gaze, Nunnaly wondered what was wrong, had she been improper somehow? She questioned Reiner.

“Um, Sir Reiner…Did anything about my conduct bother you?”

Snapping out of it at her words, Reiner awkwardly covered his mouth, briefly averting his gaze before looking back at Nunnaly. She tilted her head bewilderedly at his actions, while those around them grinned at the innocent interaction. Among them, Reiner took a deep breath to calm himself.  

“To be honest, I was captivated by your beauty, Lady Nunnaly. I apologize if I made you uncomfortable.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Reiner lightly bowed his head. Surprised by his unexpected actions, Nunnaly’s face flushed as she immediately had him raise his head.

“Th-That’s not true at all, Sir Reiner! Please raise your head, I took no offense!”

Seeing the two’s innocent, amicable exchange, Esther smiled happily. 

“Ohoho, though just meeting, the two of you seem to get along well already. We’ll take our leave. Torett, Sir Tristan.”

“Yes, you’re right. Nunnaly, we’ll move to another guest room so chat with Sir Reiner about anything on your minds.”

As Esther spoke, he stood, prompting the other two called to follow suit. Then after Torett and Esther left the room, they approached her with smiles.

“Lady Nunnaly, please take care of my son.”

“I ask the same of you. And also…hehe, that behavior from Reiner was a first for me. Please talk together plenty.”

Nunnaly was surprised by their words but firmly accepted them with a nod. 

“Yes, I was also hoping to have various discussions with Sir Reiner, so I’m fortunate for this opportunity today.”

Seeing her response, Esther and Torett made impressed expressions before exchanging grins as they turned their eyes to their son. 

“Ohoho, we’ll take our leave, but don’t get too nervous with Lady Nunnaly and act overly rude now.”

“Father…please don’t tease me too much.”

Reiner responded somewhat awkwardly to his father’s words. Esther amusedly watched his state before smiling and leaving the room, holding back laughter. Torett and Tristan followed, exiting the room. 

Left alone with Nunnaly in the guest room, Reiner spoke up after a brief silence.

“My parents got a little rowdy, sorry about that.”

“Not at all, please don’t worry. Besides, I felt they’re very kind people with warm hearts.”

She responded with a smile. Reiner’s heart throbbed again at her smile, but he calmly continued the conversation.

“I see, I’m glad you think so. But Lady Nunnaly likely has numerous potential partners to choose from, so why did you accept this marriage proposal with me?”

This was the first and biggest question Reiner had about the marriage proposal. Actually, when investigating the Ronamis family’s circumstances in preparation for the meeting, he learned that several proposals had already been made for Nunnaly Ronamis but all ended in dissolution. And it seemed talk of engagements continued even after that, but she declined them all.

Despite that, why did Nunnaly accept a proposal with Reiner whom she had no connection or relations with? Seeing his quizzical expression, Nunnaly laughed cheerfully.

Here is my full translation attempt:

“Hehe, yes…actually, I’ve seen Sir Reiner several times around the noble district and castle before. Also, though you may not recall, we’ve met directly as well.”

“Is that so? Lady Nunnaly, I feel that if I met you once, I wouldn’t forget…” 

Reiner couldn’t hide his surprise at her unexpected words. He had no memory of meeting Nunnaly, and no matter how hard he tried to remember, nothing came to mind.

Seeing him deep in thought, Nunnaly smiled cheerfully. 

“I see…then let me give you a hint. Do you remember some months ago, when you saved a young lady being harassed by young men in the noble district?”

“Months ago…noble district…young lady…”

With the hints given, Reiner brought a hand to his chin, bowing his head slightly as he tried to recall the memory. Certainly, as she said, some months ago while accompanying Arwin, he had gone to the noble district with Dinas. 

Recalling a certain incident from that time, Reiner looked up at her in realization. 

“Could it be…that red-haired young lady back then?”

Seeing he remembered, Nunnaly blushed happily and smiled. 

“Yes, that’s me – the [red-haired young lady].”

Reiner couldn’t hide his surprise at her words. The red-haired young lady and Nunnaly felt like completely different people – their presences, appearances were so different he didn’t make the connection.  

Reiner furrowed his brow, trying to recall the events that transpired in the noble district back then.


Months before Reiner’s marriage meeting with Nunnaly…

That day, saying he wanted to check the state of the town as he had hoped for some time, Arwin went with Reiner and Dinas to the noble district in light disguises. However, Reiner was somewhat exasperated at Arwin happily walking ahead. 

“I understand seeing with one’s own eyes can lead to important discoveries and improvements. But was it really necessary for you to disguise yourself to this extent?”

Reproached, Arwin stopped and turned back with a grin at Reiner.

“Don’t say that. Those clothes and glasses suit you unlike your usual. You normally give off a [knight] vibe but today you look just like a [civil official].” 

“…While you’ve changed your hair color and style with that wig. With those plain clothes, at best you look like some viscount or merchant house scion.” 

The two gave wry smiles checking each other’s disguised appearances. Watching their exchange from behind was a bald man who spoke up expectantly.

“Young master, how about me?”

Reiner looked obviously displeased as he turned to the bald man called [young master]. Dinas wasn’t in his usual knight garb but light adventurer-like gear with a sword at his waist. Seeing [young master] stifling laughter, Arwin was desperately holding back laughter himself.

“…Don’t call me [young master]. And you look like an [uncouth guy] or [uncouth adventurer].”

“Hmm, you’re certain about [uncouth]? And where exactly do I look uncouth…?”

Dinas tilted his head puzzledly at the label. 

Reiner nearly blurted out It’s your bald head and intimidating over-muscled body with bulging muscles!! but managed to restrain himself. Watching the two beside him, tears were welling up in Arwin’s eyes from holding back laughter too much. 

“Pfftt, you two make a good pair.”

“…Your praise honors me.”

Reiner returned sarcasm at Arwin’s words, but he seemed not to mind at all and continued speaking as they walked.

“Hehe, don’t take it so hard. There are proper reasons I wanted to see the town. One is as you said – seeing is believing. The second is I wanted to buy a present for my wife.” 

“…Couldn’t you just ask your attendants or call merchants into the castle for that?”

He understood the first reason but didn’t really see the necessity of the second. Reiner wore a puzzled expression. Seeing his state, Arwin gave a wry smile.

“Well, since you’re not married yet you may not understand. But doing this – personally thinking of, searching for, and selecting a secret present for my wife myself – has meaning. If you don’t understand that, the woman who becomes your wife will have it rough.”

“Hmm…While I do think it’s important to consider your partner’s feelings, isn’t it a little reckless for you to move directly given your position?”

He grasped what Arwin was trying to say. But given his standing, it was dangerous even if disguised. Reiner wore a discontented expression. Seeming to notice, Arwin stopped and turned back, starting to speak in a voice only the two of them could hear.  

“Actually, my father’s health has been quite poor. The doctors say a full recovery to a state where he can perform his duties will be difficult.”

“…!? I had heard a little about His Majesty’s ill health within the castle, but is it truly so serious…?”

While not showing it on his face out of consideration for their surroundings, Reiner was shocked inside at the startling truth. Arwin own father was the current Magnolia Empire’s emperor. For the emperor’s poor health to impede his rule was a national secret that could influence the empire’s future. Arwin nodded gravely at his words. 

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