Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 3

III. The soliloquy of a certain head maid

I am a maid who serves beside Prince Mars as his attendant.
Although I am technically the third daughter of a certain noble house, unless you are the eldest daughter, you are not blessed with a good marriage prospect.
In order to live as a noble in the future, while working as a maid, I need to catch the eye of a noble with a decent position.
…However, ignoring such modest ambitions, I was given a mission.
I was instructed by Earl Randolph of the main family to “poison and kill Prince Mars”.
Earl Randolph is part of Minister Gamaras’ faction. He was likely ordered by Minister Gamaras.
Personally, I don’t like the faces of either Earl Randolph or Minister Gamaras, but that’s beside the point. Considering the power relationship between the main and branch families, I couldn’t refuse.
However, poisoning and killing the prince is not so simple. He has a food taster after all.
It seems Earl Randolph himself didn’t expect the poisoning to succeed.
The goal was likely to make Prince Mars think “my life is being targeted” and weaken him mentally. What a nasty personality.
I had no choice but to diligently lace his food with poison.
As a result, after Prince Mars witnessed his food taster collapse three times, he completely stopped eating meals.
There is no doubt this would lead to both mental and physical decline.
…There was a period when I thought this way.
Although the prince temporarily declined, it seems he was getting meals from somewhere, as he gradually regained his vigor and became even more robust than before.
The Earl ordered me to investigate where he was getting food from, but I had no idea. I thoroughly laced all the food in his room with poison after all.
Then, around a year later, the prince suddenly said he would start eating meals again.
I was shocked. He should have given me advance notice about such things. After not eating for a whole year, of course I didn’t lace it with poison.
Yet for some reason, the prince collapsed after eating it.
Huh? Why?
It was quite mysterious, but I received words of praise and some reward from Count Randolph, who mistakenly believed that I had poisoned Mars. So, for now, I’m letting it be known as something I did.
For three days and nights, Mars was in a state akin to the brink of death, but miraculously, he managed to recover. During this period, I refrained from intervening, thinking it was someone else’s doing. It was a careless move on my part.
I felt a complex mix of emotions. While I wasn’t the one who did it, Mars’s recovery made it seem like I had failed.
In fact, when Count Randolph learned that Mars had recovered, he said
“Don’t fail this time.”
and handed me an even more potent poison than the one I had been using so far.


Fortunately, the now recovered Prince Mars started taking meals without a food taster, making it relatively easy to poison him.
After almost dying from poison, not being cautious about it—does this prince underestimate the hardships of life?
Until now, I had subtly mixed a small amount of poison to avoid detection, but feeling a bit annoyed, I decided to teach him the harshness of life by generously lacing his meal with poison. It’s another form of kindness, after all.
The moment he put the meal into his mouth, he should be reunited with the late queen in the afterlife.
However, to my surprise, Prince Mars didn’t just eat the heavily poisoned meal but enjoyed it, saying,
“I knew it, Regular meals are delicious after all.”
He is chewing the food with joy.
Strange, right? Why is this person still alive?
I was prepared to blame it on a fellow maid, so this foils my plans.
But this is not my responsibility.
Earl Randolph must have mistakenly given me a harmless medicine instead of poison.
Even so, I can’t just say “it’s your fault” to an Earl without evidence.
So I decided to carefully drip some of the poison I was given into a cup filled with water, mix it well, and lick it with the tip of my tongue.
Since the prince had wolfed it down, it must be harmless. And even if it was poison, a small lick shouldn’t amount to much.
This will prove the poison I was given was a decoy, and trick Earl Randolph.
…That’s what I foolishly thought.
The instant I licked it, my whole body convulsed, and I felt a tearing pain run through my throat. I shoved my fingers down my throat to vomit up everything in my stomach.
Even after that, my body was still numb and I couldn’t move for a while.
When I reported this to Earl Randolph, he said:
“Strange. Even with that poison, there wouldn’t have been time for an antidote. Considering that, it’s also odd that he survived the previous time, even though I bribed the doctors and healers.”
The Earl furrowed his brow in thought. He’s probably worried about angering Minister Gamaras if the assassination fails.
“Has anything changed with the prince recently? Even a trivial matter will do.”
Changed? I don’t sense any major changes in the prince. But if you mean trivial things…
Come to think of it, there was gossip among the maids a while back about the prince starting to wear a ring.
When I mentioned this, the Earl said:
“Could it be…a magic item? I’ve heard of a ring that nullifies poison, but could he have acquired something like that?”
This was my first time hearing of such a thing. Now that he mentions it, the prince did seem impervious to poison after he started wearing that ring.
“I see. It must be so. That’s how he could boldly abolish the food tasters!”
I understand now. When the prince abolished food tasters, he was praised by those around him as “how kind,” but some were downright hypocrites. I felt a surge of anger toward Prince Mars as well.
“Good! You will describe the form of that ring in detail. I will have a replica made. After switching it with the real ring, we will assassinate Prince Mars once his guard is down!”

After a while, a well-made replica arrived from Earl Randolph. Its decorations and size were identical to the original.
I concealed the replica in my clothes, and succeeded in switching it with the real ring while the prince was bathing.
Then I immediately took the real ring to Earl Randolph.
“Oh, so this is the ring that nullifies poison?”
The Earl was delighted as he held the ring.
“I’ve heard it trades for quite a high price, but it’s a bit too bad to give to Minister Gamaras… “
Saying that, the Earl tried it on his own finger to see if it suited him.
“Guh, gyeeeeee! kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”
In that instant, the Earl let out a shriek like a strange bird. He grabbed at the ring stuck on his finger, then collapsed on the floor.
His face was pale, and he bled from his eyes, nose, and mouth.
He was completely dead.
I stifled a scream by covering my mouth, then first tried to destroy evidence by removing the ring from the Earl’s finger and fleeing with it.
The next day, Earl Randolph’s corpse was discovered in the place where we had met in secret, throwing the castle into turmoil.
Since I was not publicly associated with the Earl, no suspicions fell on me. Although, I didn’t actually kill him…
Some time after the uproar settled down, I switched the ring back with the real one while the prince was bathing.
Of course, I never once wore that terrifying ring myself.
I watched the prince after his bath with trepidation, but he casually slipped on the ring without hesitation.
The prince made a “hmm?” expression, then murmured:
“I feel a little under the weather today for some reason?”
and walked to his room.
…Could this person be dangerous?

Earl Randolph is dead. Moreover, it seems he was killed by poison.
Rummors had suggested that Prince Mars had poisoned him. Naturally, I said nothing directly and there is nothing to implicate me, the Minister.
This way, even if the assassination failed, no blame would reach me.
Yet the Earl was the one assassinated instead.
This must be a warning.
Those who make a move against Prince Mars will receive due retribution…
A fearsome opponent. Not a single trace left behind. Moreover, there are practically no allies of the prince left in the castle, let alone someone who could carry out this kind of covert work.
The underground guild is cooperating with me and our interests align, so there is no way they would betray me.
Just who has the prince made an ally of?
I don’t know. And that is frightening.
To be honest, I thought Prince Mars would not pose much of an obstacle, and even if we couldn’t assassinate him, it would be no problem. The poisoning was intended as something like a little threat.
But it seems I was mistaken about this.
We must kill Prince Mars by any means necessary. In order to place my grandson on the throne.

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