Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 28 part 2

On the day of the marriage meeting with Nunnaly Ronamis, Reiner was tidying himself up in his room at the manor where he lived in the capital. Then there was a knock at his door, so he responded and Dinas entered the room, speaking up.

“Pardon my intrusion. Sir Reiner, preparations for the carriage are complete. Let us be on our way.” 

“Got it. Let’s go right away.”

Reiner was feeling somewhat nervous for some reason. Meeting a woman for the first time and seeing her in the context of potentially marrying would of course make one nervous. With a nervous expression, he headed to the manor entrance where Esther and Torett were already waiting. The two had arrived in the capital from the Baldia territory just the other day for this marriage meeting. 

The territory administration was temporarily left to their steward Garn and the knights. Yesterday, they had enjoyed pleasant times like dinner and idle chatter as a family. When his slightly drunk parents had said [We look forward to grandchildren], he had inadvertently coughed in surprise.

He could somewhat understand it coming from his mother Torett, but Reiner found it unexpected even from his father Esther. 

Seeing his parents drunk and eager for grandchildren, Reiner quietly thought. 

(If I marry and show them their grandchild’s face, that may be one way to serve my parents…)

Knowing his parents’ feelings, Reiner changed his negative attitude toward the marriage meeting and decided to move forward with concluding this engagement positively. That’s why today, the day of the meeting, he was somehow nervous about how to make it work out. At that time, Esther called out to Reiner.

“Reiner, what’s wrong? It’s rare to see you with such a nervous expression.”

“Ah, my apologies. I was lost in thought for a moment.”

Hearing the reply, Esther scratched his cheek with a somewhat guilty look. 

“I see…By the way, what…Sorry about yesterday. I seem to have drank a bit much so don’t really remember what I said. Right, Torett?”

“Yes, it had been so long since I drank with Reiner that I was a little too excited.”

Torett nodded with a bashful blush as she lowered her face, showing the same guilty expression as her husband. You don’t remember saying [We want to see our grandchild] over and over even when drunk? Reiner inadvertently grimaced but soon reconsidered.

(For them, clearly remembering that foolish drunk state may be more embarrassing.)  

Reiner muttered internally then smiled at the two.

“Is that so? You both seemed to be enjoying yourselves greatly with the drinks. However, please refrain from drinking in a way that leaves you with hazy memories from next time on.”

Hearing Reiner’s words, his parents smiled wryly. 

“You’re right. We’ll do that.”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right. We’ll be careful from now on.”

As the two responded to Reiner, Dinas’ voice rang out around them.

“Pardon my intrusion, but we are pressed for time. Let us depart.” 

“Certainly, we lingered in conversation for too long. Let’s hurry, Father, Mother.”

As Reiner finished speaking, the three left the mansion and boarded the carriage heading for Count Tristan Ronamis’ estate. 

And so, Reiner’s marriage meeting began.


The carriage carrying Reiner and the others stopped before a certain estate, and Dinas’ voice could be heard from outside.

“Sir Reiner, we have arrived at Count Tristan Ronamis’ estate.”

“Haa…Here we go…”

As Reiner briskly stood and opened the carriage door, stepping outside, the first sight was the large, splendid estate.

Reiner rarely felt nervous for business negotiations or sword matches. But just for today, he had continued with a nervous expression inside the carriage. Noticing his nervous state, Dinas looked worried as he spoke to Reiner.

“Sir Reiner, will you be alright? If you wish, I have a special technique to relieve tension I can show you, if that would be acceptable?”

Reiner looked at him quizzically. A technique to relieve tension? He didn’t have a good feeling about this but Dinas seemed to be considerately worrying in his own way.  

“I see…Well, might as well let me see this so-called technique then.”

“Understood! Then I’ll show you!”

Looking delighted, he stuck out his chest and smoothed down his clothes before starting to shift his chest muscles left and right, up and down. Reiner was stunned speechless by the motions at first before hanging his head with palm on forehead. However, Dinas continued moving without regard for Reiner’s state. 

“How was that, Sir Reiner? Did it relieve your tension? It’s more interesting with things like chestnuts, but…”

Still hanging his head, Reiner let out a sigh then raised his face.

“Haa…You’re right, thanks to you I do somehow feel my tension relieved…However, please don’t do that in front of me again.”

Hearing the response, Dinas tilted his head and stopped moving. Just then, Esther’s voice rang out around them.

“Reiner, what are you doing? You’re keeping Tristan waiting. Let’s go.” 

“Yes, understood.”

While the result was that Dinas’ silly antics had relieved Reiner’s tension, unfortunately the person himself didn’t realize that fact. 

Afterwards, the party was guided to a guest room by the Ronamis family butler and maids and took their seats on the sofa. 

The interior of the Ronamis estate was simple yet tastefully decorated, giving a very refined impression. As Reiner observed the estate, there was a knock at the room’s door. Esther responded and the door opened for a gentle-looking man with kind brown hair and blue eyes to enter. He approached Reiner and the others, speaking as he neared.

“Please accept my apologies for the wait. I am Tristan Ronamis. Thank you for the marriage proposal. I’m pleased to make your acquaintances.” 

Having finished speaking, Tristan sought handshakes with Esther, Torett, then Reiner in that order. When shaking hands with Reiner, he looked at him with slightly warmer eyes than the other two. 

“You must be Sir Reiner. You have good eyes like your parents.”

“You honor me with your praise. I also thank you for this opportunity to connect with the Ronamis family, one with a long imperial history.”

Hearing Reiner’s words, Tristan made a slightly surprised expression. 

“Oh…Sir Reiner, you are quite learned. You knew of my Ronamis house’s history with the empire?”

“Yes. For some years I’ve served as the crown prince Arwin’s aide. Thanks to that role, I had chances to study the imperial nobles’ history and have learned a little.”

As he responded, Reiner smiled slightly. 

It was true that serving as Arwin’s aide increased his chances to study imperial history. However, Reiner had only closely investigated the [Ronamis family] after learning his marriage partner was [Nunnaly Ronamis]. Before then, he only had the impression they were a [prestigious count house] and didn’t know much detail. 

According to the information Reiner investigated, the [Ronamis family] was one of the few nobles houses that had persisted since the empire’s founding. They had a long history and truly proper lineage. Their history and lineage could be said to be on par with or surpassing even marquis or frontier count houses. As a result, even among imperial nobles, the [Ronamis family] received special treatment compared to other [count] houses of the same rank. Reiner wondered about why they had remained at the [count] rank despite such history and lineage, but even his friend the crown prince Arwin didn’t know the reason. Seeming convinced by Reiner’s words, Tristan nodded with a satisfied expression. 

“I see…So Sir Reiner served as the crown prince’s aide. Studying the empire’s various histories must have been quite difficult?”

“Not at all. Since the territory I govern is far from the capital, I consider it a great opportunity.”

Tristan seemed impressed by Reiner’s calm, unfaltering responses and smiled. 

“Hmm…Sir Reiner is someone I very much look forward to seeing flourish in the future. He must be the prided son Sir Esther boasts of, no?”

As he spoke, Tristan turned his eyes to Reiner’s father. Noticing Tristan’s gaze, Esther awkwardly coughed to cover his embarrassment. 

“Ahem!! Rather than that Tristan, what about your daughter Nunnaly? She’s still not here yet right?”

Pointing out that his daughter had yet to appear, Tristan gave a wry smile before sending a meaningful look Reiner’s way. 

“My apologies. It seems she’s taking great care with her appearance, so she’s running a bit late. For her to be so concerned with her looks for the first time, it surprises me as well.”

Noticing Tristan’s words and meaningful gaze, Esther grinned as he turned his eyes to Reiner.

“Reiner, isn’t that nice?”

“…Please don’t tease me, Father.”

Reiner spoke somewhat awkwardly to Esther, but internally felt indescribable embarrassment and agitation. 

Watching the exchange between the men, Torett smiled sharply with a fearsome gaze as she gently yet forcefully murmured.

“You three gentlemen, it’s only natural for a woman meeting her potential partner’s side to take care with her appearance. I believe it would be best not to let your imaginations run too wild.”

Unlike her usual demeanor, her words were kind yet chill, freezing the three men for a moment.  

Brought to their senses from their vulgar joking by Torett’s words, the three men had somewhat guilty expressions. Just then, Tristan, who had sat on the sofa, coughed to change the subject.

“Ahem…Well, I raised my daughter alone after losing my wife, but I believe she’s grown into quite the young lady.

Hearing his words, Esther made a stern expression. 

“Yes, I heard your wife passed when Lady Nunnaly was still a child…”

“Yes, she passed when Nunnaly was four. I think I made that child feel a little lonely…”

After speaking, Tristan briefly made a regretful face before switching expressions to a bright smile.

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  1. The names Esther and Torett are use for the wrong genders. I have never met or heard of a male called Esther. Nunnaly I have found to be used as a Disrespectful name.

    1. here’s the original text by the way :
      母親のトレットが言うのは何となくわかるが, 父親であるエスターまでそんなことを言うとは思わず, ライナーにとっては意外なことだったのだ.

      Japanese people often create Western-sounding names based on their perceived coolness. In Nunnally’s case, her name is ナナリー, which can be romanized as Nanari, Nanali, Nanaly, Nanalee, or something similar. I chose Nunnally simply because of Code Geass.

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