Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 2

II. Poison Resistance Ring and Body Strengthening Bracelet

After returning to the castle, I stared at the poison ring.
Initially, I had no intention of wearing it, but if the person who gave it to me is Cassandra, it’s a different story.
To be frank, if things continue as they are, I’ll eventually die.
While I’ve managed to avoid assassination, Gamaras’s power is growing day by day, and my allies are dwindling. Many people in the castle believe that my younger brother, Gamaras’s grandson, will become the next king. Politically, as long as Gamaras keeps implementing sound policies, there is no room for mistakes. Despite his blatant villainous facade.
We’re barely getting by. I’m not particularly attached to the throne, but even if I renounce my right to succession, I don’t think I’ll be allowed to live. In any case, to sever any lingering concerns, I’ll likely be killed.
That’s where Cassandra comes in. The infamous Sword Saint. With her backing, I probably won’t be killed outright.
However, Cassandra, while not as berserk as the rumors suggest, doesn’t seem like someone with whom normal conversation is possible. Still, at least she said, “Become my disciple,” so my impression of her shouldn’t be too negative.
If I become Cassandra’s disciple, play my cards right, and make her think of me as her “precious disciple,” that would be a great achievement.
Now, the first hurdle to becoming her disciple is the poison ring…
Wait a minute? Hasn’t the danger to my life accelerated?
It said it won’t come off until I either die or overcome it, but thinking about it now, isn’t this more of a cursed item than a simple tool for assassination?
It doesn’t make sense to wear items meant for assassination to escape assassination.
She said that a normal person would die instantly, and I’m a normal person.
But if I survive this, I have a chance to live. On the other hand, if I don’t take advantage of this opportunity, I will surely be killed in a few years. With that in mind, …….

It was time for breakfast. Food was brought to my room. Normally I’d say “I don’t have an appetite” and send it back untouched but today I didn’t say anything.
The attendant and maid who carried in the food had surprised expressions while the food taster had a grim look.
“No need for a taster today. I want to eat alone so could everyone please leave the room?”
While the food taster’s face clearly relaxed, the attendant stubbornly refused.
“I cannot allow that! Don’t take your life lightly, my lord!”
Looks like the attendant thought I was resolved to die. Well, I can see why he’d think that.
But I didn’t want them to see what I was about to do so they needed to leave the room.
“Leave the room. That is an order.”
“My lord…”
The attendant had an expression like he was about to cry any second. After a pause, he silently bowed and left the room with the maid and food taster.
After confirming they left, I began my preparations. Since I couldn’t actually eat the food, I messily cut up the dishes to make it look like I had eaten and spilled some soup on the table.
Then I steeled myself and put on the ring.
The moment I equipped it, my vision darkened. Along with nausea, the heat from a high fever and numbness in my limbs hit me. I’m going to die, this will kill me.
I should take it off after all. As I moved to grab the ring, I found that it had become a part of my body and wouldn’t come off at all.
“Ah crap. This really is just an assassination tool isn’t it…”
While poisoned, I mustered my last strength and aimed for the bed.
That’s when I lost consciousness.

In the end, I survived. When I came to, I was lying in bed with two attendant nurses keeping watch nearby.
I had been in a comatose state for three days. My complexion was deep blue, my fever improbably high, and the doctor had thrown in the towel early on. Dispel magic for poison was apparently used but was completely ineffective.
Well of course, since I had the poison as an item equipped.
I also realized after waking up that I could’ve been assassinated while unconscious. But considering nothing happened, they probably called off their attempt thinking someone beat them to it. I shudder at my own lack of foresight.
While some numbness lingers, I seem to be fine for the most part. As a test, I touched the ring and it slipped off easily. I must have gained resistance to the ring’s poison.
Word that I had recovered from near death quickly spread through the castle. Everyone congratulated me superficially but didn’t seem to find it strange that I was nearly poisoned to death.
I received advice like “You have to be more careful okay?” and “Don’t let your guard down!”.
Even my father the king vaguely told me something like “You have to protect yourself.” Those aren’t words you tell a victim. Well, this was self-inflicted.
A cursory investigation for the culprit was carried out but of course they didn’t find anyone since I was the culprit. Everyone probably thinks “It must have been Gamaras” but he’s innocent this time.
Since I hadn’t eaten anything for 3 days, I obediently ate the served food. If what Cassandra said was true, I should have gained poison resistance.
At first it seemed fine without any poison mixed in but after several days, I felt an irritating stimulation in some of the food. It wasn’t spices or anything like that. Probably poison.
I did have some diarrhea but overall didn’t have any issues. Looks like I’ve completely win against poison.
I abolished the food taster role.
“There is no need for you to die for me,” I said, and those around me were moved, saying I was “so kind” and such but I simply had no more need for one.
And so 7 days passed and the day to meet Cassandra again arrived.

“Master, I have overcome the poison ring,”
I said while showing her the ring on my right hand. Our location was the forest as usual.
“Oh, I see! As expected of my disciple!”
Cassandra looked very happy.
“Thanks to you I can now eat poisoned meals with no problem. You have my gratitude.”
While the method was questionable, gaining poison resistance was a huge boon. I genuinely feel thankful for this.
“I see, that’s good. By the way, are you still eating monster meat?”
“No, I haven’t had any this past week but…”
Now that I can eat normal, albeit occasionally poisoned, meals there’s no reason to go out of my way to eat nasty monster meat.
“No good. Wait right there.”


Immediately after saying that, Cassandra disappeared into the forest.
After a while, she returned dragging a monster I had never seen before.
When I say dragging, you might imagine it to be on the small side but its size was about 10 times Cassandra. It was a surreal scene that makes you question if it’s an illusion.
The monster being dragged was drenched in blood and looked dead. No, I’ve never seen such a gigantic monster around these parts. Where did she hunt and kill this thing?
Cassandra lightly tossed the dead monster and swung her longsword faster than the eye could see, dismembering it midair.
In an instant, the thing that was a monster transformed into mere meat chunks.
Then she picked up one of the meat chunks and held it out to me.
I reflexively held out my hand to receive it and it made a gross squelching sound against my palm.
“Eat. It’s Great Basilisk meat. If you’ve overcome that ring’s poison then eating this shouldn’t be an issue,” she said.
Great Basilisk? A highly dangerous monster that knight brigades would sortie en masse to defeat if one appeared near human settlements. She discovered and killed one in this short time?
No, more than that, am I supposed to eat this raw!?
“Master, would it be alright to cook this over a fire?”
“No good. It reduces the efficiency.”
According to Cassandra, monster meat is best eaten as fresh as possible while raw in order to absorb its power most effectively.
Cassandra grabbed another meat chunk and remorselessly started gnawing on it.
I could hear the chewing sounds. She’s seriously eating it…
“Come on, eat.”
With her eating it right before my eyes, I couldn’t say no.
Reluctantly, I brought the meat chunk in my hand to my mouth.

It stinks.

Unsurprisingly, there was the scent of blood. But not just that, there was also some kind of beastly odor that made me feel like throwing up.
I steeled myself and took a bite.
A raw, intensely stimulating flavor spread through my mouth and my body desperately started ringing every alarm that this should not be eaten.
I want to spit it out but Cassandra is staring right at me.
I forcefully chewed and swallowed with great difficulty.
I feel awful. Like everything in my stomach is about to come back up. It’s as if my body has reverted back to before getting used to poison.
“Master, could this meat have quite a lot of poison in it?”
“Of course. The more potent the monster’s meat, the less palatable it becomes to humans. Dragon meat, for example, is highly poisonous. The Great Basilisk meat I brought today is probably the limit of what you can ingest right now.”
While Cassandra continued to devour the meat in her hand and eventually swallowed it whole, she declared, “Eat everything I gave you” as if pronouncing a death sentence.
I ate it slowly, tears streaming down my face. This was the most brutal moment of my life, making the poison ring seem much more tolerable.
“All right, you’ve eaten. Now, try taking a stance with the sword.”
Finally finished eating, Cassandra called out to me. Training after being forced to eat poison? I can only feel a sense of murderous intent beyond strictness.
My hands and mouth were bloody, and I wanted to wash somewhere, but she wasn’t someone who would allow such things.
Drawing my sword, I faced Cassandra.
“Come at me.”
She didn’t even put her hand on her sword. It seemed unnecessary.
Feeling a mix of frustration at being underestimated and resentment for being forcibly fed meat, I decided to attack with all my might. I had the right to do that much.
However, the moment I tried to raise my sword, I was sent flying and slammed into a tree behind me.
Intense pain surged through my abdomen and back.
Looking around, Cassandra was where I had been preparing to attack just moments ago.
It seemed like she had either punched or kicked me the moment I raised my sword, but I didn’t see the movement at all.
“You’re still slow,”
Cassandra said.
“No… I didn’t expect to be targeted the moment I raised my sword.”
Rubbing my aching abdomen and back, I defended myself.
“Battle is a matter of life and death. Such excuses are meaningless. Don’t show any openings.”
The master responded calmly. Well, it’s true. My daily life was somewhat like that too.
“The reason you’re slow is that your physical ability is low. Let me give you this.”
The master took out a bracelet from her pocket. It was a beautiful bracelet made of blue-shining metal, but upon closer inspection, it was covered with densely inscribed spells, giving an ominous feeling.
“This is a bracelet that imparts the effect of [Gravity].”
Gravity. One of the hindrance magic spells. It has the effect of making the opponent’s body heavier, slowing down their movements. It should mainly be used in battles against monsters.
“Gravity? You apply it to the opponent?”
“No. You apply it to yourself.”
Apply it to myself? Hindrance magic? I’ve never heard of such a thing.
“When you wear this bracelet, your weight will increase by about twice. Try putting it on for now.”
Catching the tossed bracelet, I put it on my arm.
Instantly, I felt a sensation of heaviness in my body.
“Try standing up.”
Told to do so, I tried to stand up, but my body didn’t move smoothly.
Struggling, I managed to stand up with the support of the tree behind me, but my body felt heavy. So, this is the effect of Gravity.
“It’s quite difficult to move, isn’t it? What are we going to do in this state?”
“You’re going to live your daily life while wearing it. Your body will be trained just by doing that. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? You’ll get exercise without doing anything, marvelous, right?”
The master laughed without a care. She probably genuinely thinks it’s wonderful. What’s so wonderful about making daily life inconvenient? This person is definitely not right in the head.
I have no confidence in my daily life, let alone returning from here.
Let’s take it off for now. Gradually get used to it; otherwise, it’s impossible.
…Huh? It won’t come off?
“Master, how do I take this off?”
“It won’t come off.”
Casually, I received an absurd answer.
“It was originally created as a prisoner’s escape prevention tool. It’s designed not to come off on its own.”
A prisoner’s tool!? After the poison ring for assassination, now it’s a tool for prisoners. Where is she even obtaining these things?
Could it be that she actually got targeted, imprisoned, and acquired it?
“Do you know how to remove it, Master?”
“I don’t. After wearing it for about a year, you’ll be able to take it off. Probably, you’ll develop resistance against the restraint magic placed on the bracelet. So, don’t worry.”
What’s there not to worry about? I’m worried about my life at this very moment.
Breaking restraint magic is not so simple. Moreover, if it could be broken, it would be meaningless. I couldn’t see tomorrow.

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