The Devil Princess Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: I Became Human

This is bad. All kinds of bad. It’s become a catchphrase recently for how bad it is.
Of course I don’t say it out loud. In the first place I can’t form words. When I try to make a sound—
“Ooh, aah…”
—that’s the kind of sound that comes out. It’s obvious without having to think hard. Because the current me is a human baby, without any teeth or ability to properly move my tongue.
“How adorable… Princess Eur! What do you think, hmm?”
When I make a sound, the cute blond maid sister immediately makes an absurdly loose expression as she babbles at me in baby talk.
Yeah, well, it can’t be helped. Babies are cute after all. But when you ask me “What do you think?”, what do you want me to do about it? I don’t have any particular business so I clapped the maid’s hand peppep and she got so happy she looked about ready to pass out….You don’t have that kind of hobby, do you?
I heard that using baby language to babies is bad for their language learning, but I’m fine with it.
But you know… Being called [Princess Eur]… I understand Eur is a nickname from my name Eurushia, but other than my affirmed Demon name [Eurushia], sometimes I don’t realize it’s referring to me for a moment.
That’s fine. Not good as a Demon but I’ll endure it.
But something about the nickname Eur bothers me. Maybe it’s just me, but with the knowledge I have from the dream world, it feels just like those loose “Yuru characters”.
Well, that’s not important, but since being born into this world two months have passed and I’ve come to understand some things.
I thought my existence was affirmed and I understood various things, but that was just comprehending the circumstances – I didn’t actually understand anything about this world. Is my mind loose because I’m Eur…?
So it seems I was born into quite a wealthy family. Every day I look up at the high ceiling beautifully decorated above. My room is also large. The maids are all young and cute beauties with black, blond, chestnut-colored hair, and they call me Princess Eur as they dote on me all day, so I’m definitely an “ojousama”.
…Hm? Wait a minute. Am I a girl? Feeling a little uneasy, I rubbed my legs together to check and was a bit relieved to find that I didn’t feel anything.
Demons don’t have definite genders, but the feminine consciousness had affected my Demon body’s form and behavior, so it would be troublesome for it to change now.
I was uneasy at first. About properly getting by as a human baby… But there weren’t many issues. Since my origin was a mental life form, my mind is easily affected by my physical body I guess, as it falls asleep, cries, and excretes on its own when I relax my vigilance.
Among the various issues, language was a problem. The spoken language I could consciously hear was not one I knew from the dream world. I think my ability to understand this language I’m hearing for the first time is probably thanks to a Demon’s power.
My Demon ears doesn’t automatically translate the spoken language I hear but more like making me somehow get the “meaning”. Now that I think about it, even the words of “him”, the Dark Beast, were originally just growls, after all.
I feel I could probably somehow manage speaking too, but if possible I want to learn the language here. I mean, it might be fine now, but once I grow up, being able to listen in on conversations but not read and write would be too pitiable for an ojousama.
And then there’s the food issue. My current staple food is mother’s milk.
This is also tough. No, mother’s milk tastes delicious so that’s fine, but for some reason the milk given to me by the wet nurse doesn’t taste very good. Hard to drink. Plain water also doesn’t taste like anything when they make me drink it. And on top of that, I don’t get hungry at all… Why is only mother’s milk okay?
But they give me worried looks when I drink a small amount so I force it down.
Now then… The biggest remaining issue:
What am I now… A [human]? Or [Demon]?
Even if I’m still a Demon, at least the people in this house don’t seem to have summoned me.
The humans I’ve seen face-to-face in this house number just five.
First is mother. Maybe because she gave me my name, but I really love her a lot. I feel both my human baby self and Demon self love her at the same time. And she’s very young – looks around high school age at most. A very cute blond person.
Next is my wet nurse, Mrs. Torphy. She seems like a wealthy madam in her mid-twenties. It seems that recently her second child became one year old and started weaning, so she’s wet nursing me.
Why do I know this? Because she brought her one-year old son to meet me once.
She said something to my attendant(?) but when that child met my eyes, he tensed up, and hasn’t been brought since… Is my face really that scary?
And then the three maids taking care of me – Veo, Fel, and Min… saying their names in sequence sounds vaguely familiar somehow.
These three are also very young. Around middle or high school age probably. Very cute….Are only beautiful people in this world? I can’t confirm if they’re real or nickname-like names as I am now.
Since it’s a wealthy household there’s probably also cooks and such, but at least among the people I can meet in this house, there doesn’t seem to be anyone capable of using summoning magic to call Demons.
In the first place, does magic exist? It does. Veo used something like it. She used magic or something similar when turning on the lights in the room.
Since I came by this world’s summoning magic I wasn’t surprised magic exists, but I was a little disappointed to find it’s different from the dream world’s.
Even if I was summoned as a Demon by the people in this house, they’re treating me like a normal baby, so they must not think I’m a Demon.
In that case, one of those occasional dimensional holes they say happen sometimes? Or maybe a magician somewhere failed, causing an accident or something?
But that’s not a big problem… The problem is that I’m “manifested” in the material world with a physical body instead of as a mental life form.
So…who did I take as a [sacrifice] to manifest in this world?
Summoning Demons isn’t simple. Compensation is always necessary to call them out. To call them out let’s see… magic power? You call them by offering some invisible power as compensation, but if you want to make an intelligent Demon work, visible compensation becomes necessary.
The most common and best compensation is gaining a “body” that can freely wield strength in this world… In other words, receiving a high quality sacrifice. Then a “contract” is usually formed so Demons can’t do as they please.
I involuntarily break into a cold sweat.
The most likely possibility is I manifested using this baby’s body as a sacrifice.
A newborn’s innocent soul and body. Judging by the level of wealth here, if it’s a noble bloodline or such it feels sufficient as a Demon sacrifice.
This is bad, way too bad for me!
Stealing away a baby and taking over for such a kind mother is far too cruel.
What do I do… While I agonized over it daily, my anguish became needless thanks to a chance occurrence.

One day while I was working hard drinking milk, seeing me like that mother and Mrs. Torphy started reminiscing with satisfied expressions.
“For Princess Eur to be so full of energy… I’m truly glad, Lady Leah.”
“Yes, I really am… When I was told she was stillborn I was in despair, but for her to suddenly start breathing again… We really must thank Veo for working so hard for her.”
“Veo has always wished to serve Milady. That’s why she must have been able to continue casting healing magic until her power ran out. She seemed happy about it too.”
In short, this body was dead when it was born. Veo cast healing magic on me repeatedly.
But being able to cast it continuously means it didn’t come back to life. There’s also the possibility no soul dwelled in it from the beginning. So I got summoned in by chance at that time?
It feels a bit forced that I manifested with just the flesh for a sacrifice but… At least the possibility I sacrificed a baby’s soul went away so I was relieved.
But with possessing this body I have way too much affinity, don’t I? There’s absolutely no discomfort at all, is there? Could I have possibly truly reincarnated as Mother’s child? Because currently I don’t have any power as a Demon at all.
Did I use up almost all my power with that summoning gate? As a Demon I have non-human abilities like lingual skill and not getting hungry, but other than that I can do absolutely nothing. I can’t even roll over yet, let alone crawl – don’t I have way too low specs!?
In short I’m currently just an infant with slight vestiges of Demonic power. It wouldn’t be an issue if I were truly a normal human, but I’m bothered by my lingering Demonic traits.
For now it looks like all I can really do is gather intel to learn what state this world is in while observing…

It’s been one year since I was born. Information gathering has barely progressed.
The reason being I’ve almost never been allowed to leave the premises. Well, can’t be helped since I’m a baby. I think birth rates are reasonable thanks to healing magic and such existing, but without magic at the level of doctors in the dream world, babies seem to be fragile in this world.
Now that I’ve turned one and can finally crawl, but I can’t even go into the garden alone, let alone imagined I wouldn’t be taken shopping.
This is a bit… Aren’t your mother and maids too overprotective?
Even so, I did learn some things. This house is gorgeous enough to call a mansion, but from what I can see from the window it’s smaller than other houses.
It feels like either a super rich vacation home or a prosperous merchant’s residence. Because of that I still don’t know what position I hold.
Mother’s name seems to be Leahsteere. Leah is a nickname. She’s only 21 years old. So that means she gave birth to me at twenty, but might that be common in this world?
I still haven’t met my father even after a year has passed. From conversations between Mother and Veo I gather I did meet him when my vision was still bad apparently.
I’m glad… He’s alive. Since I got toys and such for my first birthday, I want to believe I’m loved. He must be very busy with work probably.
For new people I learned are in the mansion, there’s a middle-aged uncle and young person as cooks, and a man who seems to serve as gardener and guard in his thirties. By the way he seemed interested in Veo but the age difference is too wide and she didn’t reciprocate. Maybe it’s about time he wants a wife but he shouldn’t rush.

And as expected – this world has no electricity. Around the medieval period of Western history? It’s meaningless to phrase it in the dream world’s values, but with no science yet magic exists it feels culturally more advanced than it looks. Gotta say, sanitation seems considerably thorough. Important. Maybe it’s a world that functions fine without depending on petroleum products?
But I also feel the culture resembles the dream world’s too much. The monarchy system with nobles etc seems to exist in this country too like the medieval countries in the dream world, but with similarities this great, I wonder if there might have been people like me who reincarnated with otherworldly knowledge and spread it around.
But the food is not delicious. Quite a problem…
I understand the reason. Rather than issues with the chef’s skill or this country’s food culture, it’s an issue with my sense of taste… I had an unpleasant premonition ever since water had absolutely no flavor or aroma!
I’ll never forget the shock when I first ate baby food… I can taste flavors. Sweetness and saltiness register properly. But I was completely unable to sense any “savoriness” there.
Things like pudding and such without any savoriness at all are hell foods in my opinion.
There was a bit of a workaround, but it didn’t apply for normal cooking.
I realized the reason the milk tastes different from Mother and Mrs. Torphy isn’t physique, personal differences or such, but because pleasant scents drift from Mother’s milk. A faint sweet scent from Mother’s original nice scent.
That light tipsiness I sensed fluffing up “him” in the Demon world. I can sense a similar scent from Mother’s, and thanks to that her milk tastes delicious to me too apparently.
Well, I’ll be weaning soon for the most part so it’s meaningless now. (Tears)
Just what is that smell… I need to get to the bottom of it someday… For the sake of a proper diet!

Shortly after turning one, I was suddenly dressed up in a pretty bib. It’s not the kimono from the dream world or anything, and the clothes I usually wear are pretty too, but this means I was dressed for a special occasion.
That’s right. Today for the first time ever, I’m going on an outing from the mansion! I’m happy, yippee.

This is the worst… I’m in serious trouble.
The excitement I had for going out with Mother shriveled away bit by bit.
Inside the carriage I’m riding for my outing are the two maids, Fel and Min, as well. Thinking these two were also quite young, it turns out they’re just fourteen. Veo is sixteen but isn’t coming today, house-sitting instead.
That aside, amidst being tenderly pampered by all three on the rickety one hour carriage ride, one outrageous fact came to light.
This place is called the [Holy Kingdom] and is a country with a very strong religious presence, having many religions and many churches, with countless priests. Though one religion is endorsed by the country as the national creed or something, citizens are free to fervently believe in and worship gods and religions of their choosing.
And most all priests serving at those churches can use something called [Sacred Magic], a holy magic.
In this country there is a custom to receive a [Blessing] with holy water for newborn babies at a church. Since a degree of monetary donations are required it’s not compulsory, but unless something comes up the devout people of this country receive blessings.
However, for some reason this time only, there was an edict for all babies from around half a year to half a year old about to turn one gathered at once to receive serious official blessings by priests fully paid for by the country…
All babies means every single baby in the country. Whether non-religious, a traveler’s child, or a child without registry living in the slums, they’ll all be searched for and made to receive blessings. In short, perfectly compulsory.
Like, this is bad, right? This is bad, right? A genuine serious priest’s serious blessing and holy water could instantly wipe out a weak Demon!
Am I just an ordinary baby right now!? Super weak!? Won’t my lingering Demonic parts just disappear like this!?
While I trembled with fright like that, Mother, Fel and Min comforted and pampered me saying it was because of the carriage being bad, since it was my first time out, and that horses are big but not scary, but my mood never brightened. Of course it wouldn’t!
Why only this time are they doing such a thing…



We arrived at the church… The churches in this country don’t look much different from the ones I saw in the dream world. Though the symbol of the church is a cross, it looks more like a shuriken cross. Probably flies well.
I was told they enshrine the Goddess of Fertility here… Min told me but I’m a baby.
Leaving that escapist attitude aside, there were quite a few women inside the church holding babies like me. Today is for the babies who just turned one year old this month gathering. There were so many lined up I wondered if we had to wait, but Mother was guided by a female priest who came to greet us and taken before a very prestigious looking old man before the goddess statue.
“Archbishop, it has been a while.”
“Oh my, Lady Leahsteere, welcome.”
As Mother greeted him, the old man smiled gently and welcomed us. Scary. What does archbishop mean? Am I getting blessed by someone so amazing?
Since he seems to know my mother, such an amazing person is giving me a special blessing.
I really feel like I’m gonna disappear…
“So this child is…”
“Yes, she is my daughter, Eurushia.”
“You have gained fine treasure. She closely resembles her father.”
“Thank you very much.”
Under the archbishop’s appraising gaze, my cheeks involuntarily twitched.
“Well then, shall we begin? Please relax.”
As the old man started chanting something, a “light” was born in his hand which he showered onto me.
…But in the end, nothing happened. Bracing myself for things like my skin suddenly being seared or feeling agony, it was an anticlimax. I flinched at the cold when the holy water was sprinkled, but the sacred magic and holy water were no problem at all so I was relieved.
The words the old man muttered were probably the chant for sacred magic I guess? I couldn’t clearly hear since his voice was small, but it sounded to my autotranslation ability like he said [May there be light].
“You didn’t cry much at all. Very impressive.”
Saying that, the old man stroked my head and was smiling cheerfully as if in good spirits.
Rather than being good spirits it feels more like relief? I think even babies would inevitably cry when water gets poured on them, but is that wrong? Even though other ordinary kids getting blessings from regular priests are crying plenty…

…Huh? Some distance away, the sudden sound of something being destroyed could be heard.
[Damn you for pouring holy water on me!!]
A warped voice as if something besides a living thing was forcibly uttering it. Screams rose from the surroundings, forming a chain with more babies’ cries, and from within my mother’s arms tightly embracing me to shield me, I witnessed a “human-shaped mist” rising like steam from another baby.
What the heck is thaaat… Out of nowhere, a guy who looks pretty ill-natured… A human? Or who forgot what he looked like and became quite unsightly, no longer a human appeared.
“As I thought, it was hiding within a baby!”
The old man steps forward to shield us. Eh? Were they gathering all babies to search for that? What a pain!
“Priests, protect the children and mothers! I shall purify this one!”
[Hyahhahah! Does this senile fool think he can defeat meee!]
Probably an evil spirit? Looks like that but from how long it seems to have been active as an evil spirit, its appearance has become quite Demon-like. Not a Demon but more Demon-like than me.
If even a spirit certified as wicked by the country is being hunted down by national forces to destroy, it might be evil on a level to endanger the country. To think something like that was in this country, how awful.
In that case, checking all babies with not just priests but archpriest class people this year might have been in order to destroy that wicked thing when it appeared?
“Begone, evil!”
The sacred magic of the old man’s and the evil spirit’s evil power collide, fiercely flashing light. Oh, pretty. But when the priests and such who finished evacuating guidance returned and ganged up assisting the old man, beams of holy light shaved off about half the evil spirit’s body.
[Damn yoooou!]
“No good! “
Sensing disadvantage, the evil spirit came at us. Since it was hiding in a baby’s body it must have been after their soul to increase its power… Huh? Could it have been targeting me?
Mother, Fel and Min are paralyzed from the sudden terrifying occurrence, unable to move. Being in the inner rear VIP seats seems to have delayed our evacuation.
I can’t do anything without my current power. But—
The moment our eyes met, something froze up….the evil spirit.
Its ethereal body’s eyes were wide enough to almost pop out, and though it didn’t have a physical body it somehow broke out in copious sweat, vibrating so intensely it looked to be moving at supersonic speed.
Ah, it ran away. I don’t really get it but the evil spirit that had charged over here did an about face right away and went back but…
[GYAAAAaaaaahhh!? ]
The old man and chasing priests and such unleashed a combined sacred magic that seemed to pulverize the evil spirit, making it disappear like dust.
…What was that just now? That.

Afterwards, the old man said stuff like [the Demon perished] and the like, and my first birthday blessing somehow ended ambiguously. That wasn’t a Demon but an evil spirit, was it okay? But everyone else doesn’t seem injured either so I guess it went well? The baby it possessed also seems unharmed.
More than it being over I don’t care but if even a spirit the country designated as wicked was extinguished by the sacred magic I received with no effect, what I’ve thought up to now becomes suspicious.
I thought I was a [Demon-like Demon without power] but could I possibly just be an [only Demon-like human]?
Could it be I truly reincarnated as a human…? I can’t state that definitively since I’m still quite Demon-like, but isn’t that an extremely close situation?
I feel somehow strange for having forcibly come to the material world but… Oh well, it was an accident. Force majeure I couldn’t resist.
After that we left the church, shopped a bit then headed home. While shopping I got passed around, held by Mother, Fel and Min, but isn’t that a bit strange?
The wealthy looking people around all mostly just held babies occasionally, using stroller-like things the rest of the time it seemed. We seem well-off so why don’t we use them?

The Holy Kingdom of Taliteld , a major power situated in the center of the continent.
Due to its religious tolerance, many sects were established with churches, and as a result its citizens were devout with many visitors coming on pilgrimage as a holy land renowned even abroad.
The holy capital of Velsenia where the royal family resides has nearly a million residents as a massive city second only domestically to the royal capital, while the total population of the country protected in the shape of a pentagram by five ducal families with the royal capital at the center numbers ten million.
One of those five ducal families protecting the west, House Quel’s previous lord and lady died young, so the second prince of the royal family entered as son-in-law. The second prince leaving the royal family was bestowed the name Tul, becoming Tul domain under Duke Quel’s territory, allowing the house further development upon the second prince becoming duke.
Occupying the greatest territory among Duke Quel’s personal land, Tul domain’s city boasted the second largest city in the country behind the royal capital, its central location making Tul domain’s inner land and surrounding associated nobles into Duke Quel’s vassals, pledging loyalty toward the royal family equaling his own.

Daily life began early for Mord, the Great Archbishop and Chief Supervisor of the entire Tul domain headquarters. He presided over the national religion approved by the Holy Kingdom of Taliteld, which was followed by over half of its population—the Costault Church devoted to the Goddess of Fertility.
Though over sixty years of age he upholds an ascetic lifestyle, waking with the morning sun he purifies himself then holds his daily worship, tends to the personal garden behind the church, then takes his morning meal with the church brethren.
After the meal, while drinking tea with the church’s top officials, and having issued all the day’s directives, he finally completes his tasks. Privately, he rubs his shoulders with his exhausted face concealed from followers, all the while lifting his lower back that began feeling heavy.
It had been busy this past year. These past few months had been so hectic that Mord himself had to take action. Blame it all on the influence of the incident from a year ago.
In the rural outskirts of Tul domain, a large-scale Demon summoning incident by a Demon worship society took place.
In addition to the mastermind, the renowned summoner Viscount Haydn, several noblemen participated in this large-scale Demon-summoning ritual, sacrificing the lives of a hundred unofficial citizens and traveling vagrants. The ritual successfully massacred and captured nearly the entire organization that had been targeted during the raid carried out by knights on the day of the incident. However, there were considerable casualties among the knights and troops.
That day to capture them all, a total thousand strong force carrying out a violent assault on a certain nobleman’s residence, including Tul domain’s knights and troops along with soldier-priests of the Costault Church,
and what they witnessed there was a gigantic summoning magic circle spreading over the whole garden grounds far exceeding the room-sized ability of even big summonings.
Though able to rescue many kidnapped victims with prior intel, as the preliminary ceremony sacrificing a hundred people had already finished before the raid, over ten [Demons] awaited the raid force with the large-scale Demon summoning.
Demons are residents of the [Demon World], one of the mental worlds opposite the material world.
Exceeding humans in height with filthy black beast fur or scale covering their bodies, walking upright on two legs yet possessing speed and might surpassing beasts to trample the troops.
Their grotesque forms awakened instinctive terror in the living, their gloomy eyes seeming to curse the living, their thin lips baring filthy fangs twisting in delight at the troops’ fear.
There were over ten such lesser Demons. Furthermore, even three greater Demons possessing power surpassing them had been summoned.
A clear hierarchy existed between lesser Demons and greater Demons besides the difference of land strength, seen in factors like body size and whether they bore weapons or not. However, the greatest differences were [intellect] and [magic].
Something called [magic element] fills this world. magic element is said to flow in from the mental world…or be generated from reincarnating souls, with living organisms taking in magic element through breathing and eating, converting it into usable energy called [magical power].
Magical power constitutes the blood of mental world residents like spirits and Demons, imbuing all their actions with it.
Even a low-ranked Demon could not even be wounded by a non-magically charged weapon. Their prowess rivalled imperial royal guards of knight peerage, requiring around ten regular troops combined to match.

On the other hand, greater Demons could unleash flame bullets and icy arrows with mere roars, without the need for magic chanting. If humans attempted to counteract this, they would have to summon the fewer than twenty individuals who made up the supreme Holy Imperial Knights—knights who held the highest position even in the Holy Kingdom of Taliteld.
Humans attained slim victory at the cost of several dozen casualties solely because the Demons lacked manifested physical bodies, the knights all carried magical power imbued anti-Demon weaponry, there were many soldier-priests of the Costault Church able to oppose Demons…and magus from magic academy able to unleash powerful spirit magic were invited as consultation regarding summons.
Spirit magic is a kind of magic in which a spirit is given power in exchange for the magic power of the magician. the spellcaster’s magical power as compensation.
As fellow mental world residents of the spirit world, spirits and Demons are considered equivalent ranks so the magus could only summon intermediate spirits at most, but lacking physical manifestations, the Demons couldn’t replenish their magical power and were defeated by spirits utilizing their connections with humans to cast magic.
However…this was not the end.
It was merely the “beginning”.
The grotesque Demons and fallen knight and soldier victims were all “offerings” to the [main dish] sacrifice for the colossal summoning magic circle in order to summon something greater, additionally sacrificing the lives of surviving Demon worship members to call forth a mighty Demon.
When spirits are summoned they materialize using attributes like fire or water as temporary vessels, Demons take living flesh and use human souls as compensation to likewise materialize.
If a high-level Demon boasting high intellect summoned by offering the souls of the strong like knights, magus and priests manifested itself, it held potential as an existence equaling a [Greater Spirit] said to wreak nature’s wrath.
In the past when [Greater Demons] equaling Greater Spirits’ strength appeared it was said much blood was shed with a small country perishing trying to defeat it.
They couldn’t allow something like that to happen here, so the knights and troops fought desperately, seemingly oblivious to death itself. However, the moment a knight thrust his sword through the chest of Viscount Haydn, the mastermind behind the incident, Haydn grinned just before the door of destruction. At that instant, something emerged from behind him within the enormous magic circle, gleaming with gold.
It was an extremely lovely [Golden Cat].
Everyone involuntarily caught their breath at its lovable and divinely beautiful form, even the chest-stabbed Viscount Haydn forgetting to die, dumbly staring unblinking.
Was this truly a Demon?
Might a heavenly messenger have been summoned by mistake instead?
While everyone thought and wished so, the sole surviving fading greater Demon knelt fearfully, deeply bowing its head in reverence.
[──The Golden Beast──]
Leaving those words, the greater Demon faded to dust, making the priests knowledgeable about Demons and magus from magic academy shudder at their meaning.
When Demons describe another existence as a [Beast], it means an exceedingly wicked existence even Demons themselves fear and revere. Meaning this being called the [Golden Beast] likely boasted potential as a wicked mighty Demon surpassing even greater ones.
If unleashed it could even endanger the Holy Kingdom of Taliteld.
What would become of this country? What should be done regarding this Demon? While everyone hesitated to act with such thoughts in mind, only Viscount Haydn with an absentminded expression tried approaching the [Golden Beast] while on death’s door, the moment he stepped into the magic circle Haydn was blown back by golden light, disintegrating to dust.
Without the spellcaster, who served as the core of the simultaneous summoning, becoming a sacrifice and disappearing, the summoned Demon, the [Golden Beast], turned into a pillar of golden light and vanished into the sky.

In this way, the Demon summoning incident, which resulted in significant sacrifices, reached some form of resolution.
However, the Demon disappeared into the sky, and that became a problem.
Normally when a Demon’s summoning is interrupted they disappear within the summoning magic circle and return to the Demon world. Then where did the Demon called the [Golden Beast] disappear to?
Duke Quel, who took this case seriously, mutually consulted with the Holy Kingdom of Taliteld’s royalty and ministers among others to decide for the knights and Costault Church to jointly search for the Demon.
It may have returned to the Demon world. It may exist no more. However if that Demon boasted high standing, gaining a vessel could potentially endanger not just the country but the world.
Centering on high magic element density areas and spiritually inclined places greater spirits sometimes descended upon, their search found not even a trace, finally making the Costault Church request cooperation from other denominations.
Suspecting wicked beings might possess infants or such, all babies born around half a year before and after that day would receive sacred water blessings by archpriest – if this came up fruitless, they would handle that Demon as having perished.
Mord personally had blessed hundreds of babies himself in the past half year. Of course even just this Tul domain held many more infants, but the ones Mord blessed were believed those most likely to become vessels for Demons – focusing on magically potent children born around that day from the country’s utmost secret investigations.
Mord personally took on that most dangerous role himself. Doing so lessened burden on young priests by removing the danger from them.
Hence he couldn’t be negligent with each one, naturally wearing Mord ragged.

“…It should settle down today.”
As Mord muttered so his young priest assistant affirmed.
“Yes, Sir Mord. While some children remain, we will likely finish dealing with the magically potent children believed most at risk today. We should somehow manage the rest ourselves.”
“Mm. Then, let’s keep at it til the end without negligentce.”
Satisfied things were proceeding as planned even if confirming it, Mord nodded.
Blessing would continue another half year but by national and magic academy estimates, if nothing happens by this month to the children receiving blessings, the Demon could be deemed to truly have perished.
While Mord couldn’t be that optimistic, he felt relieved enough to consider treating the hard working temple brethren to street stall grilled chicken and drink after finishing today.
But that was talk for after today ended. Thinking so while performing blessings, at the end a noblewoman appeared cradling an infant.
She was a viscount’s daughter Mord blessed when she was born too.
For Mord, who had no wife or children, Leahsteere was like a real daughter. Although she couldn’t appear in public due to certain circumstances, the child she had with the person he had always been fond of, radiated a dazzling beauty with added maternal warmth. She had always captivated with her beauty, and now she shone even brighter.
Apologies to friends who can’t easily meet Leahsteere now, but for Mord, her child is like a grandchild. The child, named Eurushia, had beautiful golden hair and golden eyes, appearing like an angel. Mord couldn’t help but smile warmly.
The child, whose name was Eurushia, seemed to be frightened of something.
Understandably having a stranger touch and pour water over your head would also be scary. On the other hand, Mord was impressed that she didn’t cried after the blessing.
Yet her fear felt somehow unnatural. Can she sense something unlike an ordinary baby? The moment that notion crossed his mind an evil existence manifested from another baby a different priest was blessing.
“As I thought, it was hiding within a baby!”
Molt, who could not participate directly in solving the Demon-summoning case because of his position, was concerned about it and thought that by working hard, he had finally found the hidden Demon.
Reports indicated that the Demon took on the appearance of a [Golden Cat], but Demons can alter their forms using vessels. It likely changed its inherent form to mimic humans for concealment.
However, possibly due to this transformation or being interrupted mid-summon, the Demon seemed considerably became weaker. Although more human-like, its appearance took on a more malevolent, Demon-like quality.
Even though it possessed enough power to be insurmountable for all the priests and clerics present, lacking a decisive blow as a Demon, it likely recognized its own disadvantage. Seeking a new vessel, the malevolent spirit rushed toward Lady Leah’ group, catching them off guard.
As nobility, Lady Leah has high magical power but not the temperament to fight. Contemplating worst-case scenarios, as the malevolent spirit fixated on the innocent baby Eurushia, it suddenly trembled in fear. Seizing the opportunity, Mord’s group capitalized on this opening and finally eradicated it.
The baby Eurushia, likely extremely sensitive, unconsciously feared the presence of the Demon through her innocent soul. Simultaneously, the Demon quivered in fear, likely sensing the purity of her soul.
This thought reminded Mord of a legend once told him by the archbishop in his youth.
He was told evil beings like Demons fear the innocent souls of [Holy Maidens].
(I see… So that was it!!)
Mord abruptly understood. This baby – Eurushia was a [Holy Maiden] sent by the Heavens to dispel the dark shadows cast on the Holy Kingdom of Taliteld by the Demon summoning incident!
Legends of the “Hero” and “Holy Maiden” existed in this kingdom since ancient times, it becoming a religious nation because the goddess of earth granted divine investiture to the first king’s first princess who expelled a great evil alongside the hero.
That princess joined with the hero, deemed a [True Holy Maiden], established this land’s Costault Church enshrining the earth goddess as fertility deity which the king then adopted as the national creed.
So both this Holy Kingdom and Costault Pontificate deeply revered [Holy Maidens] as special existences.
Even exceeding…the royal family or His Pontifical Eminence…
Perhaps the Holy Maiden appeared now not to purge the kingdom’s evil but confront an even greater one, with the Demon discerning her birth then utilizing Demon summoning magic to reach the Holy Kingdom in order to harm her.
Powerful Demons appeared matching Eurushia’s birth, them manifesting at her blessing ceremony proved this to Mord’s absolute certainty.
As Mord last stroked the [Holy Maiden]’s head, Eurushia smiled angelically as if to encourage him.
Seeing this Mord now believed Eurushia was definitely the Holy Maiden sent by divinity here. Her distinctly powerful magical power also felt comprehensible as a Holy Maiden.
Many trials likely awaited her as one from here on. At this point in time and era, hearing heaven’s voice told Mord himself becoming archbishop was to support Eurushia the Holy Maiden.
“Oh Lord. I give thanks for this destined meeting.”
Returning to his room Mord penned missives informing the king and His Pontifical Eminence in the capital of discovering one who would become Holy Maiden.

Veo, one of the mansion’s three maids, served as Lady Leahsteere’s exclusive personal maid since graduating magic academy at fifteen.
Despite commoner status thanks to rare beauty and noble-par education suitors constantly came courting, both openly and covertly.
But Veo spurned all paths to become Lady Leah’ maid. All for dearest Lady Leah’ sake.
Allowed to attend the royal capital’s magic academy despite commoner status, Veo suffered from noble harassment and standing out in excellence and looks. But magic academy had senior students guide juniors, so fifth year noble Lady Leah kindly doted on Veo like a little sister as fellow “Big Sis”.
Not just that – Veo’s talent with sacred magic brought some denominations demanding she enter a church as oracle maid, but refusing brought harassment upon her family business, even making Lady Leah help out at the store as nobility and pull strings with the Costault Church’s archbishop to place them under protection.
Hearing Lady Leah conceived, graduating Veo begged to serve her.
The birthed child was stillborn but fortunately revived and grew healthily now.
Everyone at the manor says it’s thanks to Veo’s continuous healing magic but she absolutely couldn’t feel her magic took effect.
(Do gods really exist…?)
While some denominations made Veo unable to believe in divinity, Lady Leah and her child felt blessed by the heavens as [God’s beloved children].
That child – named Eurushia – was no ordinary baby whatsoever.
She barely cried. Almost no night wailing. Surprisingly little fuss for an infant left Veo feeling an odd sense of discomfort.
The culmination was her appearance. Leaving aside a newborn, in just days her beauty became astounding. While Lady Leah and her husband both boasted outstanding looks, and babies themselves are adorable, Eurushia vastly exceeded that.
Younger by two years, maids Fel and Min doted on her listlessly like their souls got snatched but Veo became strongly drawn by Eurushia’s heavenly, fairy tale angelic beauty and the strong will sensed in her eyes.

Thus began Veo’s observations on young miss Eurushia.
One day in an apparent attempt to stand gripping the bars, unable to rise up well she recoiled trying to straighten up and smashed her head full force against the crib railing, leaving Veo hurrying to apply some emergency healing magic after she fainted.
One day hearing noises from Eurushia’s room, taking a peek revealed her seemingly singing some chaotic humming song with her mouth wide open, letting an insect that flew in from the window enter her mouth becoming greatly choked up, requiring all maids to assemble and make her spit it out.
One day Min earnestly made soft cookies edible for babies hoping to tempt the picky eater Eurushia, who uncharacteristically happily stuffed her cheeks full becoming unable chew toothlessly instead puffing up her cheeks like squirrel’s, wearing a troubled face.
One day crawling Eurushia on the carpet disappeared when Veo looked away for an instant, then while everyone desperately searched for her she had become wedged upsidedown inside the living room waste bin struggling.
Seeing such things Veo thought.
A blessed child loved by god. The divine sent sage with soulful, sapient eyes. Adorably lovable young miss like an angel. And yet…
“…Quite the unfortunate young miss.”
Though gifted such blessings she was such an unfortunate young miss indeed…
Understanding so simultaneously removed Veo’s sense of discomfort toward Eurushia.
Perhaps the gap between conduct and looks but ever since Eurushia was born the manor filled with brightness and smiles.
“The young miss might truly be an envoy from heaven.”
“What is it, Veo?”
Asked back a puzzled Lady Leah getting her hair brushed.

Veo happily smiled while thinking Eurushia descended upon unhappy Lady Leah like a true angel to bring her happiness.
“Veo… Please continue caring for Eurushia too.”
“Yes, Milady. Everyone here dearly loves young miss Eur.”
Recalling Eurushia, Lady Leah and Veo met eyes and laughed.
And so the manor gained a tiny “princess”.
Preferring simple snacks maids made with heart over chef cuisine makes her like understanding commoners’ feelings –
however due to Eurushia being too dangerously precious constant attendance ensured she never left unattended, compulsively carried everywhere and no baby carriage used either, though unaware the ojousama’s overprotective status reached such intensity.
Recalling so Veo chuckled softly, beginning earnest tea preparations for returning madam and ojousama out for first birthday blessings once the time drew nigh.

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