Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 1

I. Meeting with the master

A primeval forest that refused human entry was densely packed, and ferocious monsters who seemed to devour each other were rampant in this forest of monsters.
In there, a red-haired beauty stood before me with the moon above her head.
Although it looks like a fantastic scenery, her strong willed gaze shows that this is reality. However, I couldn’t believe what she was saying at first.
“You, become my disciple because you ate monster meat,” she told me.
Not because of my talent with the sword, but because I ate monster meat?
“If you eat monster meat, you can take in a little of their strength. I didn’t realize it until after I turned 15. You are younger than me and already eating monster meat. And raw too. That’s not easy to do.”
Huh? If you eat monster meat, you can get stronger? Now that I think about it, I do feel like I’ve gotten quite a bit stronger this past year. Could that be thanks to the monster meat diet?
Also, this person eats it too? That nasty monster meat?
“Well, it’s not like I enjoy eating it. I just live this kind of life because there’s nothing else to eat…”
“Nothing else to eat? Are you an orphan? You don’t look like one at all though…”
As expected of a prince, my outfit was decent enough. There couldn’t be any orphans dressed like this in the world.
So I explained my circumstances to her. It’s a national disgrace but something everyone in the castle knows about so I don’t feel the need to hide it.
“Afraid of poison so you ate monster meat instead? Monster meat should be poisonous too right?”
Oh, I see. When I first started eating monster meat I threw up a lot. My health also deteriorated a little.
But it was still better than poisons that would almost kill the food tester after just a tiny taste, so I persevered and eventually my body got used to it.
“Well, if you get used to it, there’s nothing you can’t eat except true poisons.”
When hungry, humans can eat any kind of meat. Except real poisons.
“I see, as expected you are amazing. But if you are still afraid of poison then you still have a long way to go.”


Saying that, she reached into her pocket.
“I will give this to you.”
She took out a ring and threw it to me.
It was a ring with an ominous purple gem attached. But since she gave it to me in this flow, it must be that right?
“Could this be a magic item that gives poison resistance?”
There exists magic items that can neutralize any poison.
They do exist but are very rare items that every royal family in the world desires, so their value is astronomical. If one appeared on the market, it could probably be traded for enough to buy a castle. Unfortunately, our country does not possess one.
To be able to obtain such an item in a place like this… What luck!
“No, it’s a ring that inflicts poison status.”
“Relying on items for poison resistance, how lame. You should overcome it with your own strength.”
But if I could overcome it with my own strength, wouldn’t that mean this itself is poison?
Of course, she doesn’t hear my inner thoughts and continues talking.
“That’s why I have this ring. By constantly inflicting poison status on yourself, fighting against poison and overcoming it, you can gain poison resistance.”
What is she saying? Is something wrong with her head? What she’s saying sounds logical but there’s no way you could gain poison resistance like that. Otherwise no one would have any trouble.
“Um, how strong is the poison from this ring?”
“Hmm? It’s poison so of course a normal person wearing it would die right? Also, once you put it on your finger you can’t take it off until you die or overcome the poison.”
Isn’t that just a cursed item!?
Who besides those looking to commit suicide would wear something like that!
“No, no, no, you’d die right? Wearing a ring like that would make me no longer normal human anymore right?”
“It’ll be fine. With your body used to monster poisons, you’ll be able to endure it. When I first used it, I was in poor health for about a week but after that I got used to it. Now it’s not enough and I’m wearing an even more powerful ring.”
Saying that, she held out her right hand towards me. On that finger was a ring with a red gem, exuding a dreadful presence.
“This is a rare item packed with poison, paralysis, petrification, curse, confusion and other effects. You won’t find many pieces like this. It was difficult to obtain.”
…Yikes, this person has a screw loose. She’s definitely someone I shouldn’t get involved with. I’ll throw this ring into a pond tomorrow.
However, despite the apparent madness, she is undoubtedly a skilled individual. So, I’ll go ahead and ask for her name. She might be useful for something.
“Oh, I see. That’s impressive. Um, I should probably head back to the castle soon; could I know your name? I’m Prince Mars of the Kingdom of Faloon.”
“Mars, huh? Good name. I’m Cassandra.”
Cassandra? The name rang a bell. While the name Cassandra is common, the red-haired woman and master swordsman Cassandra…
“Could it be, [Sword Saint Red Oni] Cassandra!?”
“That’s what they say. I don’t particularly like the nickname Red Oni, though.”
Cassandra, the Red Oni, she is a monster that silences even crying children.
She was said to slay humans upon meeting them, dragons upon encountering them, demons upon facing them, and gods upon crossing paths with them
The owner of a legendary tale who, when sought by a nation to serve them, declared, “If someone is stronger than me, I’ll consider joining,” initiated a battle, and subsequently destroyed the nation. —a berserker renowned for her uncontrollable combat frenzy.
“Seven days from now. By then, overcome that ring. That will be the first trial I give you as your master. Let’s meet here again in seven days, disciple.”
With those words, Cassandra turned her back and walked away.
“No, I haven’t decided to become your disciple yet…”
I muttered in a small voice. I didn’t want to say it too loudly; I didn’t know what might happen.
The palm of my hand seemed strangely heavy.

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