Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 27

Newly Written Extra Story :  The [Demon] of the Devil’s Forest.

In the east of the dark elf country of Renalute, there is a large forest area called the [Devil’s Forest] where people are not welcome. It is said that this forest has geographical issues or that magic power drifts in this special land, affecting all living things in the Devil’s Forest. Those living things affected are said to be extremely powerful, and if one carelessly ventures deep into the [Devil’s Forest], they are fated to soon become prey for the [creatures affected by the magic power], in other words [demons]. 

However, many still enter the [Devil’s Forest]. Despite it being untamed land, materials obtained from demons are traded at high prices, and can be made into [powerful weapons and armor]. Therefore, there is no end to those who aim for the forest depths dreaming of hitting it big, but few who venture that far return. Also, the deeper one goes in the Devil’s Forest, the stronger the tendency for more powerful demons, said to be why so few survive.

Conversely, near the entrance and exit adjoining Renalute, there are almost no demons, it is an ordinary forest, so the dark elves do not venture deeper. Within the mysterious [Devil’s Forest], the demon said to be most numerous and at the base of the food chain are [Slimes]. Slimes are creatures that split and increase their numbers by accumulating a certain amount of magic power internally. Their methods of accumulation are absorbing the magic power drifting in the Devil’s Forest, and predating on plants and dead demons that grow in the forest. As a result, they are beings that endlessly repeat propagation. However, the number of slimes eaten and number splitting are mysteriously balanced, with no abnormalities like mass outbreaks or decreasing numbers observed. They are mysterious creatures. Yet for some reason, a slime was born among them that did not [split] but continued accumulating magic power internally. No one knew when a certain amount of magic power accumulated in that slime, a sort of emotion emerged. It was [fear] toward external enemies that came to prey on slimes. Upon seeing slimes with the same form silently being eaten without resisting, it feared and shuddered in horror. 

(I don’t want to be eaten, I don’t want to die!!)

While it was the moment when the slime was endowed with [emotions] it should not originally possess, it was also a terribly cruel happening. If it did not gain emotions, it would not feel [fear of death] and could have lived as part of the food chain. However, this slime had awakened to emotion. What’s more, slimes occupied the base of the food chain in the [Devil’s Forest]. In other words, a harsh reality awaited, having to live in constant fear of death… However, that slime was unexpectedly optimistic. 

(Hmm, if I stay with the others I’ll probably get eaten right away, so I’d better live quietly tucked away somewhere)

Thinking this, the slime searched through the forest while moving, desperately looking for a hole it seemed it could hide and live in. Fortunately, it managed to find a promising hole.

(Yeah. It might be a little lonely here, but better than being eaten, right?)

The slime decided to quietly conceal itself and live in that hole. Slimes were omnivorous demons, so it could easily survive by eating the moss and weeds around the hole by venturing out a little. Since the hole’s entrance and exit were only slime-sized, it could likely defend against external enemies too. And so, a peculiar slime living alone tucked away was born in the Devil’s Forest. 


One day after the slime had started its quiet life, the Devil’s Forest was a bit noisy. However, that was the daily norm. The weak becoming prey for the strong, just the usual game of tag unfolding. Though the one being chased this time was that [slime] living alone. 

(Oh no!! To think it would be here of all places, I let my guard down!!)

As it looked back occasionally, the slime chided itself. As usual, it had cautiously come out of the hole to eat weeds when it sensed an ominous presence and turned to find a demon called a [Green Snake] there. Though not fully matured, it was still a large serpent more than threatening enough for the slime. But the slime desperately escaped and somehow managed to flee into its residence hole.  

(Phew… I’m saved… I made it…)

Just as the slime thought that, the Green Snake’s tongue stretched in through the hole’s entrance and licked the slime’s body.


The startled slime fearfully retreated deeper into the hole while trembling. However, the hole it lived in was not very large. It could only wait for the enemy to leave. As the slime held its breath, body shaking, it seemed the Green Snake gave up and moved away from the hole. 

(Whew… Somehow… I got away…)

At that moment, a dull sound like the hole’s entrance collapsing reverberated around it. Before the slime realized what had happened, sunlight streamed into its location. 

(Ah… oh no…)

The Green Snake had not left. It had merely pulled back to smash open the hole. Stared down by the giant serpent, the slime was paralyzed by the despair of its impending death. The Green Snake flicked its tongue while watching the slime’s struggle, then largely opened its jaws to lunge at the slime and devour it.

(No… I don’t want to die!!)

However, the Green Snake could not eat the slime. The instant it pounced, something attacked the Green Snake’s trailing side, pulling it away from the slime. 


Unsure what had happened, the slime fearfully peeked where the Green Snake had been, seeing a giant cat and the serpent facing off threateningly.  



The Green Snake no longer had time to mind the slime. Because it had already become prey like the slime. To appear larger to its opponent, the Green Snake inflated the frills around its neck while rearing up to glare at the enemy. But the big cat did not flinch at the intimidation, only staring down the Green Snake. Unable to cow the big cat, the Green Snake clicked its jaws in vexation before resolving itself and lunging at the big cat.  



It was over in an instant. As the Green Snake attacked, the big cat dodged the strike while tearing open the serpent’s neck with its sharp claws. The Green Snake’s neck spewed blood but it immediately spun back, resuming its battle posture as it glared once more at the big cat. However, after exchanging stares for a bit, the Green Snake succumbed and crumpled limply to the ground. Having watched the events unfold, the slime was moved by what had happened before its eyes. 

(A-Amazing!! Big kitty, so cool!!)


The big cat began nonchalantly eating the finished off Green Snake as if nothing had happened, but it sensed a gaze on it. Looking around, the slime was at the spot the Green Snake had shoved its head into earlier. 

(Why is a single slime here of all places?)

Slimes mostly moved in groups. Finding one alone here was rare. Feeling the slime had a longing look, the big cat decided to casually share some of the Green Snake with it. Just because they were both demons didn’t mean they could communicate. The big cat tore off part of the Green Snake then sloppily placed it before the slime, as if to say [Eat up]. The slime was startled but understood the intent and happily began eating. This was the big cat and slime’s first encounter.


(Geez… Why’s it following me…)

The big cat was troubled. Ever since it had inadvertently saved the slime, the slime persistently tailed after it. No matter how it snarled at the slime, it kept following. And leaving it alone would likely get it attacked and promptly eaten by other demons. Feeling somehow irritated, it held its head. The slime had followed it all the way back to its den. The big cat’s den was a cavern beneath a large tree’s roots that was quite spacious inside. The big cat entered the den but the slime seemed to hesitate whether it should follow inside or not. The big cat sighed then signaled with its neck for the slime to [Come in]. The slime immediately understood and happily dashed into the cavern. And so the big cat and slime’s peculiar cohabitation began. 


The big cat decided to regard the slime it had reluctantly taken in as emergency rations and otherwise pay it little heed. The next day, the slime was still squatting in its den. The big cat left on its usual hunt, exasperated yet hungry. 

(Hey… I know you can’t understand me, but it’s dangerous out here so wait in the den if you don’t wanna die.)

The big cat growled at the slime before heading out to forage in the Devil’s Forest. Perhaps the big cat’s words got through, as after seeing it off the slime began [eating] inside the hole. 

While the big cat caught prey and ate, it fleetingly thought about that slime. With the big cat’s scent soaked into the dwelling, few external enemies neared it. But it was not absolute. Having heard from companions that many demons targeted the young and offspring, one could never be negligent about childrearing. For some reason, it then became restless.  

(Haa… What’s it doing now…)

Thinking that, the big cat decided not to eat all of its finished prey but to carry some of it in its jaws back to the den.

(Wha-…The den’s clean!?)

The big cat dropped the demon in its mouth in shock. Perhaps noticing its return from the sound, the slime happily came from the den’s depths. Although surprised the slime had cleaned the den, the big cat bashfully presented the prey it had carried back before the slime and lightly growled. 

(Don’t get the wrong idea… This is thanks for cleaning the den. I didn’t bring this especially for you or anything!!)

The slime seemed puzzled but understood the intent of [Eat up] and delightfully ate the prey the big cat had brought back. By the way, the things the slime [ate] were various scraps like leftovers and bones. Turns out the neat freak big cat was bad at cleaning up. Having the slime clean the den was inadvertently cathartic. Watching the slime eat, the big cat growled.

(You can live here. Just keep the place clean. You understand what I’m saying, right?) 

The slime looked at the big cat as it growled, seeming to nod…maybe?

(Did it get through? Well…if you understand then that’s good.)

Once done growling at the slime, the big cat immediately fell asleep. After finishing its meal, the slime approached the big cat and also started sleeping. From that day, their communal lifestyle of the big cat killing prey and bringing it back for the slime to clean the den began. Though no words were exchanged, their intentions were somehow conveyed well enough. The big cat was a little lonely without conversation, but acceptable as a housemate. While thinking so one morning as usual, the big cat heard voices as it slept. 

(Big kitty, big kitty!! Wake up, it’s almost time to hunt!)

(Mm… I hunt when I get hungry…)

After replying, the big cat suddenly realized the voice’s owner and jumped up in shock.

“You can talk!? Slime!!”

“…Huh!? Big kitty, you can hear my voice!?”

The big cat and slime stared at each other, equally astonished.


After the shock of understanding each other’s words, the two demons tried various tests. As a result, they grasped it was not so much [words] were understood but the slime’s [magic]. 

“You’re no ordinary slime… I’ve never heard of a slime that can use magic?”

“Is that so? But I’m happy I can talk with big kitty.”

Embarrassed by the slime’s candid words, the big cat pulled itself together and stared at the slime.

“I see, that’s good. However, considerable magic power is needed to use magic. Have you had any persistent thoughts or imaginings lately?”

“Hmm… That’s right. I’ve always wanted to talk with big kitty.”

The big cat nodded at the slime’s words. 

“Then that was likely the trigger. Your feelings of [I want this, I want to do this] probably enabled conversation through magic.”

“Is that so? Then, can I become the same form as big kitty too?”

Having heard the big cat’s words, the slime cheerfully asked it a question.

“Hmm, I wonder about that? I don’t really know magic either. But it’s more likely if you think about it than if you don’t.”  

“I see… Then I’ll do my best every day to become like big kitty!!”

The big cat revealed an embarrassed yet happy air at the slime’s words.

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