Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Awakening

“Ah, you’re awake?”

I vaguely recognized an unfamiliar ceiling and heard Heidi Marie’s voice from my right.


“Good morning.”

My voice didn’t come out properly. My body felt heavy.

Heidi Marie stayed quiet for a while. It seemed she gave me some time to gather my thoughts, and finally, I started to remember.

That’s right, I faced the labyrinth with “Night Dragonfly,” and then the Floor Master appeared, and…

I sprang up.

“What about everyone?”

That’s right! Is this the hospital room? There are lots of white things—sheets, curtains.

“Heidi Marie! What about everyone?”

If I’m here, it means they rescued me. Um…

“Settle down, Vim. All the members of ‘Night Dragonfly’ survived, although some are seriously injured. You’ve been sleeping for five days, got it?”

Heidi Marie smiled mischievously and said.

“You did well.”

I felt a sudden release of tension.

“…Thank goodness.”

I sighed with relief and collapsed back onto the bed.

It’s truly a relief. It was worth risking my life.

“As soon as you woke up, Camilla told me to call her. Can I call her in?”

“Ah, of course.”

I hope Camilla is safe too. Well, I just heard that everyone was fine.

As I cleared my drowsiness, I asked Heidi Marie various things.

How did they escape? What happened during those five days?

“Hey, Vim.”

And she asked me, with a hint in her voice. It felt like she saw through all the context I had and declared, “I see right through you.” It was slightly frustrating to feel manipulated, but I wasn’t feeling bad.

So, I decided to honestly say what was on my mind.

“Well, to some extent…”

“I see.”

She seemed genuinely happy and laughed.

“Vim, my boy.”

“Uh, well…”


Camilla bowed at a perfect right angle, lowering her head.

It was a slightly mismatched sight. On one hand, I thought tall people should be good at bowing, and on the other hand, it seemed paradoxical and amusing to have a powerful bow.

No, that’s not it.

“Um… if you would raise your head… uh, well, I don’t know what to say.”

“Gratitude. I don’t know how much I can repay, but for now, allow me to express my thanks. Thank you.”

“Oh, um, well…”

I didn’t know how to respond when someone was being so deferential. After panicking for a moment, I glanced at Heidi Marie as if to escape.

She was smiling. Ah, she’s not here to help.

“I’m glad everyone is safe.”

“Vim, my boy, you truly…”

Camilla looked at me with eyes full of emotion.

“Well, in a lighter… um, simpler way…”

In front of me was a gigantic body.

I was being hugged by Camilla.

“Ouch, ouch, it hurts! Help, I can’t breathe, ugh!”

“Hahaha, Vim-san is being squeezed by the General!”

A voice came from behind Camilla. It sounded cheerful, but there were tears in it.

That voice belonged to Marc. No, there were more people. Abel, Hans, and Zeeman, everyone.


Now Abel also joined in the embrace. I’m going to die. I’m going to die. This is death.

And it went on for a while.

“Now then, everyone, as you can see, Vim isn’t in perfect condition. Let’s avoid putting a strain on his body and keep handshakes brief today. Don’t worry, we have plenty of time from now on.”

“Don’t you find that contradictory, General?”

“Did you say something, Marc?”


One after another, everyone expressed their gratitude and firmly shook my hand. Some of them made me feel guilty for their excessive gratitude.

Alone, I immersed myself in the afterglow.

I felt proud. It was the first time so many people expressed their gratitude to me like this, and my heart was filled with the realization that even someone like me could do something.

I pondered about the future. There were talks from the Guild Master and other things. Someone unknown came to the hospital room and was politely sent away. I’m sure there will be troublesome things happening from now on.

That’s right, I’m officially joining “Night Dragonfly.” If that’s the case, then I should be fine. The paperwork and everything else would be easy with strong backing from someone like Camilla. There are many people to help with various things.

Yes, there are many people. The people who thanked me just now. They respectfully expressed their gratitude, those people.


I stopped my thoughts there.

No, that won’t do. I shouldn’t think that way. It’s their genuine kindness after all.

My chest felt restless. I couldn’t hide the leaking true feelings. No, it’s not true feelings. I’m not thinking those things.

I exhaled and covered myself with the blanket.

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