The Devil Princess Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I Became a Demon

In the midst of a hazy, dozing light, a “scene” came into view.
It was like…when I was a child, lying at the bottom of a swimming pool, gazing up at the sky…such an ambiguous, nostalgic scene spread out.
The scenery flowed by, switching the “picture.”
As if an aged film reel, the worn “pictures” kept changing one after another.
A man holding the small [me’s] hand amidst the autumn leaves.
A woman carrying the tottering [me].
A boy and girl holding little [me’s] hand as we walk.
What’s visible from the car window is a fancifully illustrated bus and behind it, a towering building and tiny shops passing by.
From the train window, the unending railroad tracks flow by and the sprawling cityscape stretches far into the distance.
The “pictures” I saw, like a digest compilation, switched one after another and [I] who had grown just a bit walked to school wearing the same uniform together with other children.
At school, I’d study, chat with friends, watch delivered videos sandwiched between my siblings on the sofa, and eat dinner together with my parents when they return home from work.
Those blissfully happy “pictures” with colors flowing by were abruptly painted over in “white.”
White walls. White floor, white sheets.
All [I] lying in the pure white bed can see is the plain white ceiling.
When [I] feebly try to lift my hand, it looks withered like dead wood.
The “picture” changes.
It changes again and again but the white world remains the same and amidst the fading scenery, only the broken sounds of someone crying echoes on and on…
[My] world was slowly painted over in “black.”

My hazy consciousness awakens bit by bit.
Was I dreaming?…Somewhere nostalgic…A dream of a very distant [World of Light].
Where is this…It’s dim and like a black fog hanging over so I can’t see anything. It’s as if my eyes are closed…No, it seems like my eyes were closed. The instant I tried moving my awareness around, without any sensation of opening my eyelids, the surrounding scenery suddenly jumped into my vision.
Eh? What’s this…? The scene spreading before me wasn’t the white room or park or streets in the city I’d imagined but as far as I could see, a warped, devastated land and above in the sky — endless pitch black clouds.
Simply put, there was just the colorless, blackish gray earth and dark sky devoid of any color.
Other than that, in this world that was genuinely nothing at all with not even weeds growing…
I don’t know how to express this feeling but if tumbleweeds could blow through here like in comics, scattering a few withered leaves for that nice mood…unfortunately, there aren’t even dandelions here let alone trees.
But wait. Rather than something like that, there’s something far more concerning! That is — how exactly am I “seeing” this scene…?
I don’t recall opening my eyelids. No matter where I try focusing my senses, it’s as if remembering scenery from memories, able to see everything simultaneously in all directions from front to back, left and right, even up and down.
And my own form as well…
I unconsciously cry out but no scream came out. Instead, “that” bounced with a twitch making me realize the object there was myself.
Seriously, hold on a moment. Stay calm a sec…Why? How!? This body squirming at my will…No wonder no voice comes out. Since…I don’t have a mouth.
Rather than that, let alone a proper body, what was there was some muddy custard cream-like entity representing my current form.
What is this…
Good, calm down a bit. I think I’m calm. Maybe I was actually stunned for hours but since I can’t grasp the flow of time that’s not an issue. Moreover with this body, there’s no heartbeats or anything so I settled down relatively briskly without agitation.
This is me now. Gotta accept it. Even if I don’t wanna…
By the way, calling it custard cream is a rather positive expression. It’s more like mayonnaise that hasn’t emulsified properly and looks far from delicious.
Ahaha, I crack up. Which I can’t do. In short, I’m apparently some kinda gaseous? Slime-like? un-emulsified Mayonnaise-like substance.
Could this be…part of the dream too?
A continuation of the dream I was watching earlier? And my current state is the harsh nightmare contrasting that reality which was the [World of Light]?
However, reality is ruthless. The sensory information and sensations from this mayonnaise body taught me coldly that this is “reality.” What’s more, frighteningly, my “cognition” acknowledged this body as “me” assimilating naturally without any discomfort whatsoever already.
…To acknowledge, myself. (Befuddled)
Is this that, whatchamacallit…? Where the mind affects the body and simultaneously, the body affects the mind or something?
I probably don’t have a body prone to intense emotional ups and downs like humans. No heartbeat so no thumping heart, and maybe I don’t even breathe hence won’t get breathing erratic. Not sure if this body feels pain but I don’t get sleepy or even hungry.
…Most of life’s pleasures are gone. Though I can’t cry either.
Anyway, my body became this un-emulsified mayonnaise thing but I wanna keep my sense of self at least. I am “me.” Not anyone else, me.
…So who am I?
I suddenly stumble. My name…I can’t recall. In the first place, I’m only retaining my sense of self due to memories of the [World of Light]. But whether those are actual experienced [memories] is unclear plus they might merely be recorded [footage] of just imagery and video flowing with no certainty the “girl” watching them is me.
However, it feels unlikely this mayonnaise-esque entity in this desolate world could conjure up such a detailed dream. So there’s a chance I really was in that world.
Just a possibility. Yet I wanna have hope. For now, I’ll designate myself [Nameless]. Maybe drawing randomly from the dream memories to set my own name is fine too but somehow, I sensed my current body rejecting that.
I can’t name myself. Names are given by someone else. I remember that.
Even if the [me] in that world was me, I can’t recall my name. I’ve even forgot my own face. And even though there should’ve been family and friends too, no names or faces surface.
Yeah, let’s move on.
Since there was the scene of wearing a uniform, maybe I was a student? Judging by my range of knowledge, early teens or 15 at most I’d think. But that was the [me] in the dream…Still.
I think I’m a girl. Don’t need any contrived settings like I was actually a boy cross-dressing. I wore skirts when small too and personality-wise, fits seamlessly as a girl.
Yeah. My self image gradually solidifying right? Let’s keep at it and maybe I’ll discover who I am…Huh? Did my body color just get thicker somehow? Feels like the un-emulsified mayonnaise is normal mayonnaise again now.
Oh well, I don’t feel any worse than before for now so let’s continue trying to remember the dream and setting “who I am.”

And so, after some time passed since I became me…I feel.
Since it’s always overcast here with no sunrise, plus I don’t get sleepy nor can I grasp the passage of time so there’s absolutely no clue how long it’s been.
It seems I can retain myself pretty well after reminiscing various things and adding “settings” at times. (Vague)
Yet out of things I initially didn’t see as issues, new issues cropped up.
So very bored.
See, if this were real, finding myself in such circumstances without comprehending my own state would definitely cause anxiety I think but, strangely I feel no impatience or anything, no irritation, and absolutely no signs of mental illness from isolation or anything.
Must be due to becoming this simple body perhaps? Maybe a life form not necessitating convoluted thinking.
Or could it be…lingering effects of having been bedridden for years…I’d rather not think I was never the deeply contemplative type to begin with though…
Yeah…The [girl in the dream] was bedridden. Considering that, maybe I actually died and fell into hell or something…Yet it’s neither painful nor distressing.
There are rumors, as I first thought, that here’s a dream. And of course, those hopeful rumors started by me.
Something “jumped” in the distance again.
I said there’s nothing here but after calming down staying put for a while, I noticed there are tiny “bug-like” entities. Not bugs exactly but bugs regardless. Can’t compare so no basis but they’re super tiny and move buggily hence I call them [bugs].
Might’ve been here from the start? Just didn’t notice at first in my turmoil. Once my mind settled, my vision—no, my fused sense of sight, hearing, and smell perhaps perceived them.
Or maybe after determining I wasn’t dangerous upon gaining a sense of self and staying put, they showed themselves?
Even so, since I thought there was nothing here, honestly even just having moving existence is pretty soothing.
Yeah, looking closely they’re kinda cute huh. The shape isn’t really buggy, more like misty granules but since I’m not doing anything, they get close enough I can observe them like this.
…Shock. The instant the bug drew near, with speed astonishing even myself, I leapt out stretching a part of my body to squash and kill the bug.
Ehhh…What am I doing? Well, when it approached I did feel a kinda restless curiosity but why am I suddenly smashing it?
Am I a cat!? Even I’m amazed by my own lack of restraint.
But more than that…what’s this…?
There was definitely some bug-like entity before I hit it. Yet the moment I did, it vanished like mist leaving a “sweet fragrance” like flower nectar behind.
Just what is this…? Why a bug gives off such a fragrance is a mystery but oddly enough, that scent gave a faint feeling of “satisfaction” to this body unrelated to hunger.
In the dream when small…It reminded me of the nostalgic feeling of sipping nectar from tiny blossoms.
An itch…An itch…For the first time since becoming this body, I felt an urge seeking something.
Charmed by that scent of prey rather than the soothing bug I’d smashed and stimulated by it, my mayonnaise body began undulating and I wandered around driven by that sensation.

…How am I moving in this body? I inferred some degree of physical strength from the sensation of hitting that bug but rather than crawling or anything as I’d imagined, I discovered I floated fluttering, moving to wherever I tried going.
Maybe cause my personality is light…No, that’s not it. Probably different I think.
While I can achieve some speed like when swatting the bug floating right above ground level, I can only hover and not actually fly through the sky. Bit disappointing.
Ah, found a second bug buddy.
Truthfully, I was a little lonely so considered keeping one as a pet y’see. But y’know…
The moment I spotted it, I shot out and smashed the bug once more….I really am like a cat huh? I’m amazed even at my own lack of restraint.
Yet I can’t stop. This sweet scent has some irresistible quality. Cuz I’m a girl y’know. It’s the bugs’ fault in the first place — bouncing around tantalizingly right before my eyes, stimulating a cat’s naive hunting instincts.
Am I being corrupted by these circumstances? Or is my mind getting contaminated? That possibility makes me feel gross too but I told myself it’s necessary for living in this world with this body.
Plus…the “me” based on those incomplete dream memories isn’t perfect either. Fitting my current self into those missing puzzle pieces should make me the real “me”…I think.
…Oh? The first bug had a floral kinda smell but this one was hmm, fruity I’d say.
Itch…itch…Wanna search around a bit more? Yeah, let’s do that. Definitely not giving in to appetite or anything, ‘kay? Sheer intellectual curiosity, yes siree.
And from then, my daily boredom relief and routine became searching for these bug buddies.
It’s not like I wanted snacks or anything alright?

Splat, splat.
Splat, splat, splat.
My days smashing bugs I searched for and discovered thus began that day. Mm, tasty scent again today. Obviously it’s incomparable to the sweetness seen in that [World of Light] so likely very simple flavoring but satisfying my feline hunting instincts, it becomes a nice accent.
I don’t enjoy killing and tormenting bugs or small critters recreationally. And they vanish when I squash them so there’s little disgust. Plus there’s that when you catch it yourself, it probably activates a mechanism perceiving it as delicious.
Not the reason but…the bigger more lively ones seem tastier to me for some reason.
If I moved away from my original location, there were some large rat-sized ones. They’re more cautious than bugs, won’t approach, and are quick getting away.
Just might this be, a chance for a pet!?
It was quite scrumptious. Had a cherry or strawberry flavor.

While living out my days thusly, a change visited my body.
Not something like getting fat from too many snacks…instead, my turbid yellow, separated mayonnaise-like body gradually solidified into a pudding-like consistency and the color turned vivid — genuinely like a luxury crème custard using high quality free-range chicken eggs and rich cream.
…Why’d I liken it to food?
Rather some cool color would’ve been better but can’t be helped I guess.
Along with the color change and solidifying shape, it turned into a viscous, slimy thing. Yet not like cute, bouncy slimes. More like spilling freshly-made custard cream on the floor.
But is this growth?
My body got heavier so I can’t float anymore but…
Could I have actually gotten fat? Just plain fat!?
With increased density having transformed into luxury custard, I might even possess flavors like the variously tasting bugs for all I know.
Thinking I probably look plenty delicious from the outside at this rate as well, as if in response to such thoughts — “that” which I had never seen before appeared before me.
…A huge thing suddenly popped out!?
It was a monkey. Visually, it was a monkey. Where the heck did it come from!? If this were really following the proper order, something like me as a slime should’ve appeared right!?
But…could it be, I don’t see others like me around because they all got hunted by this evolved monkey? Or maybe the slimes mutually ate each other and evolved into this monkey?
I somehow felt it was something like that. That I too had “evolved” from those tiny bugs into my current form. And that’s why I finally gained a sense of self once in this state.
If that’s the case, it means this monkey is an existence above me in the hierarchy.
I say monkey but it isn’t some huge one like a chimpanzee. Visually it was a pitch black small monkey, like one of those titi monkeys or that sorta small primate. It looked smaller than me but in terms of density constituting its body, I sensed it was higher than mine.
Noticing me shrinking back a bit, the monkey gave a broad grin with the characteristic vivid red scar on its forehead.
Eww…Gross. That grossness conversely calmed me down. While it shocked me suddenly appearing, even if that monkey evolved, I don’t think its perceived power matches mine.
Or does it? Can I fight it? Just clobber it like I do the bugs? I did cool down (despite the grossness) and don’t feel threatened enough to cower but whether or not I can fight it is another issue.

Ah~~…But Mister Monkey…you sure do look “delicious” hmm…


Perhaps sensing the change in my air, the monkey stopped grinning and tensed warily bracing itself.

I understand my constituting sense of self turning jet black right before my eyes.

Now then, shall we start?

I’ll eat every last bit so…

As the monkey recoiled poised to flee, I spread my viscous body as if to engulf and devour it whole.




The monkey and “I” simultaneously recoiled in fright.

What…is this!? Suddenly, an oppressive miasma-like pitch black aura gushed out in the surroundings, and I thought my custard body might collapse from the overwhelming power I felt.

Oh crud, hang on! Don’t flee alone Mister Monkey! This body got heavy so I can’t move quickly anymore see!? I wanted to run away too. But couldn’t.

What I saw was a massive black leopard standing on a slightly elevated rocky area.

Baring its ferocity yet standing proudly, its unadulterated “pale” ink black fur.

More than its frightfulness, I was so captivated by its beauty that I couldn’t even flee.

Even considering my size as roughly cat-sized to that monkey, the black leopard looked bigger than an elephant.

I wonder what jet black shade that is…Somehow felt like combining “vivid” and “black” made no sense yet I couldn’t express it any other way.

Swaying its lithe tail longer than its body like a whip split into two strands, the black leopard that stepped forward crushing rocks with silver claws turned its intelligent eyes I hadn’t seen in this world before onto me — a silvery white.


Terrifying. My first time feeling pure, naked fear after gaining a sense of self in this world.

Yet to the point of forgetting such concerns, I was completely charmed by the black leopard. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from that sublime being.

Ah…So very…Fluffy.

I wanna pet it, pet it, it’s definitely all sleek and smooth to the touch. Its chest in particular must be extra thick and cushy.

Ahhhhhhh, what a gorgeous creature!


Looking down at me like that, the violent aura faded from the black leopard. Then making strangely human-like gestures, it tilted its head puzzlingly.

[Why do you not fear me?]

—Huh!? That was definitely a “voice!”

What I heard was the black leopard’s faint growl—yet within me, it echoed as clear, meaningful “words.”

[—!? —!? —!?]

Hearing the first intelligent words in this world, I was enormously shocked.

What a nice voice surprisingly…The black leopard’s voice was a middle-aged uncle just short of a baritone…belonging to a man seeming in his mid-30s.

To be fully honest, as it was a voice quite to my tastes, I expressed that feeling by hopping around enthusiastically as much as I could. Didn’t come out as words but I felt like my passion got across.

Seeing me act that way, an expression close to surprise floats onto the leopard’s face. Despite being a leopard.

[…You can comprehend my words?]

Unable to nod in response to his query, he abruptly pinned me down with a massive front paw as I was trying to convey through my entire body.

[Hmm…So you don’t vanish after all. In that case, you must possess quite a substantial sense of self I see]


Huh!? If I didn’t have that kinda self-awareness or whatever, then getting stepped on woulda meant getting preyed on just like that!? While I believe I do possess a sense of self…that was dangerous.

Sensing my trembling in such thoughts, I felt him faintly laugh.

[Don’t cower so. Or are you angry?]

Not particularly angry but…things feel kinda discordant? Perhaps some vague nuance like that got across since he removed his paw pinning me and brought his face closer to peer at me.

[Be at ease. I’ve no intentions left of doing anything to you. However, one thing puzzles me. Why do you still retain that form?]


Why I still…Even I’m not willingly staying in this deliciously tempting state y’know.

Attempting the best body language possible with my bewitching custard cream body, astonishingly he understood me despite lacking words and taught me with a fed up air.

[An evolved individual like you ought to naturally evolve a more mobile body to deal with the heavier, solidified one. Becoming like the one you fought. Normally that’s when one first gains a sense of self but you seem to be an unusual case. I was thinking of devouring the impudent one out of mere whim but unexpectedly, an interesting creature showed up]

Ah, dangerous. Even beating that monkey I might’ve still gotten eaten by him.

[Essentially, you should evolve by instinct…But perhaps unable to due to the intensity of your sense of self, you tried coping somehow while retaining your form instead? However, without restructuring your body, when encountering strong beings you won’t even be able to flee. Detrimental effects of mental fortitude but…It’s not all bad]


[Possessing a sense of self means becoming able to more easily acquire a stronger body suited for you. Most cases evolving fully on instinct tend to become apelike. Not weak yet abilities average, requiring fortune to become stronger still. But you are lucky that you met me first.]

He really is right…

Not just for teaching me but, if the first powerful being I met wasn’t him, I’d probably be dead.

[Go ahead and evolve first. I’ll watch over you]

…Unexpectedly kind. Curious about stuff regarding him or me but looking into it, I felt like some outrageous facts might get discovered so let’s focus on evolving first.

What I wanna become. This decisive one shot evolution means I must think carefully on the direction and strength I aim for — my projection. But for me, the path I’d take was decided from the start.

Working toward that imagery, I tried reshaping my body and he suddenly stepped on me forcefully.

[You…making light of me?]


[Quit that nonsense becoming apelike or whatever right off the bat]

Nearly driven to tears. Which I can’t shed anyway.

The very first thing I considered when evolving was [human]. Can’t be helped pining after that nostalgic [World of Light] seen in the dream.

Once I establish a directional orientation, taking a different form becomes difficult. And I did wanna become human but he said that’s suicidal.

[Choosing humanoid from the outset is what fools do]

Humanoids are weak. Normally it’s obvious but if a carnivore of equal size fought a human, the beast mostly wins. Humans are strong because they form groups and make weapons.

However, such assumptions hold no meaning in this world. Hence becoming strong means optimal forms are beast types like him or insect types. Even desiring limbs, compromise with the orthodox ape form he told me.

Supposedly attaining considerable might once grown even with the average ape form. Gorillas for instance can supposedly twist apart and kill carnivores. Well, whether able to achieve that much growth is reliant on fortune though.

Some individuals apparently possess horns and scales too. Since offense and defense rise, obtaining those are also one strategy he said. But…he doesn’t have horns or scales himself. I personally feel lacking those makes for prettier, cooler looks like him but perhaps sensing what I felt, he smiles wryly at me.

[The weaker flaunt decorations. I just need claws and fangs]

So cooool!

Additionally, seems like some who get tremendously strong might become humanoid later. However those are individuals so powerful, they proclaim themselves boss of their domain or something along those lines supposedly.

In that case, he as a black leopard ought to be able to become humanoid yet judging by his earlier remark, I presume he takes pride in his form.

Now returning to what I as an evolution — considering, I felt making some kinda beastman with cat ears might barely be feasible but combat ability surely drops plus in the first place, my current size means I likely wouldn’t amount to anything bigger than a young child probably.

Guess I’ll just…go with the same beast form as him? Since I’ve been meowing on about cats so much, cat type works. Matching his leopard look is a great dynamic.

[Figured it out now?]

As I moved once more, his attention returned on me. He had been politely waiting for me to finish sorting out my thoughts.

As always, quite an imposing pressure but…I no longer found him scary.

[Then commence. What matters most is who you wish to become and what strength you aim for — your projection]


Yes sir, senior! As if replying, I bounced up peppily and started solidifying my image.

Picturing someone svelte and cool like him, a pretty cat. Fluffy fur looks wonderful too but I also like short hair. Shedding doesn’t bother me either.

No good, gotta picture properly. Loveliness carrying a sense of cuteness is also important alongside beauty. I love doggies too but with my nonexistent stamina in that dream, I’d be completely exhausted if some exuberant dog kept playing with me and wanted my attention all day.

Shoot, attention wandered again. Imagery…Running through the darkness swiftly then cleanly taking them out ninja-style with fangs and claws looks so cool y’know.

Nimble, dashing over the land like flight and…hmm~~ flying huh…Birds are nice too. Think hawks and stuff are cool. Which was the fast one, peregrine falcon? But speed alone isn’t enough right? I vaguely recall something like that. Zipping through caves without bumping into anything…

No no no no, not that. It’s a cat kay! I’m a cat…kitty cat cat kitty cat neko, I’mma cat. A lovely cute little kitten-chan…

[…Just what do you think you’re doing?]
[…How might I put this?]
Yay, evolved and can talk now! But contrary to such joy, his expression as he looks at me couldn’t be more fed up….Despite being a leopard.
My evolution resulted in me becoming a cat.
Can’t decide whether to call it true to my imagery but I was an adorable cute little kitty. I’d even praise myself!
But cat or not, I had become a teensy, fluffy furball “kitten.”
Tiny, bat-like wings growing out my back make for a terribly cute addition.
The custard cream-esque coloring had somehow beautifully turned a lustrous gold, ruby-like bright eyes, even my claws and fangs gleaming vivid red like translucent gemstones.
Literally a living gem. The world’s greatest treasure. If I were still that [me] from the dream, I’d be cuddling and hugging all day — to absolutely spell it out, an unbelievably cute kitty cat.
[So? How exactly do you intend to fight like that……?]
Crap, he’s angry. Why’d it become like this? No, I know the cause.
I was an idiot was why. Even a dummy like me understands that much. This body isn’t suited for fighting in this world of survival of the fittest.
As I foolishly let out an awkward chuckle, his gaze pierces me cold as ice.
Did I completely wear away his patience? Meeting someone I could talk with for the first time too…
I liked his voice and all so really wished I could get some pets…Got my own fur coat but still hits different y’know?
Attempting to approach him with tiny steps on stubby legs, I tripped midway. Remembering I have bat wings now, tried flapping them and got a light float up before plopping down with a splat.
A beast rendered speechless along with the kitty.
At a complete loss how to rescue this awkwar atmosphere while I fidget about, he deeply sighs then approaches me. Deliberately baring fangs, he picks me up in his jaws.
Noooo, gonna get eaten~!?
[Keep quiet]
chomp Carrying me in his mouth like a mother cat, he begins walking.
While the scenario resembles a hamster captured by a large predator size-wise, wha?
[…Not going to eat you. Just been awhile since I had an intelligent conversation partner was all. Troublesome but I’ll keep you as a pet until I grow bored of chatting. Be grateful]
My lonely self yearning for a pet thus became his pet beast, commencing our cohabitation life together just us two.
That said, I’ve got a girl’s mentality. Handsome male voice even if a black leopard.
I’m his pet…somehow makes my heart go thump thump with that nuance!
[Hey, what sorta foolish notions are you pondering back there?]
[Wh-Why of course not! Ahh…That’s right, just had a little question is all?]
His tone was suspicious but he readily entertained me straight-faced, unexpectedly accommodating.
We were in an area I moved to away from my initial location which seemed to be his domain as ruler black leopard but not his [“den”]. Sleep and food unnecessary for us hence no need securing safe spaces either.
Still, my current weak kitten body desires safety yet no strong beings who feared him would approach.
[This place is…what exactly?]
[Instead of my sphere of influence, you mean this world?]
[That’s right!]
Despite my vague questioning linking clumsy words, he narrowed his eyes a bit considering then grasped my precise meaning anyway.
[Odd question. Were you not “summoned” by someone, obtaining language and knowledge that way?]
[Summon…? No, I think I was just born is all]
[What did you…]
Startled by his astonished growl-like voice yet I explain about myself anyhow.
I figured since he knew about humanoids…humans, he probably knows of that dreamt [World of Light] too. In that case, he might somehow be able to deduce this utterlydifferent world yet hopefully that isn’t so…
[A dream’s memories…In this world, arriving souls occasionally fragment, spilling knowledge. Whether you were born from that pool or “recalled” it, I know not]
So the possibility of me not being [me] exists after all…
Despite their serious expressions as they nodded to each other, the sight of a huge black panther and a golden kitten was quite surreal.
I feel like I don’t have enough sense of crisis myself, but since I can only be “me” anyway, there’s no use worrying about things I can’t change.
Still, he accepted it more easily than I expected… It’s partly because he’s very intelligent, but I felt that as a powerful being, he doesn’t get caught up in petty details.
[As for this world, it has many names. You wouldn’t be able to understand the true meaning unless you’re one of the ancient races, but…]
No, I’m not trying to ask about such technical things.
[But humans summarized this whole world in one word. This place is the [Spirit World].]
[Spirit World…?]
[…Let me explain it in a way you can understand.]
…Thank you very much.
In short, the place where living creatures with life force like humans and animals live is the “Material World”, and the place where only souls with will exist is the “Spirit World”.
[Look above.]
As I looked up following his gaze, stretching endlessly high in the sky as usual was the misty dark cloud that seemed to continue forever.
[That’s not the sky. It’s the “wall” that blocks the boundary. The Spirit World is divided into several layers. Beyond there is one of them called the [Fairy World].]
Hearing that surprised me, but it didn’t confuse me.
It would be better to say that I was gradually convinced. Even when I was bedridden in that [my] dream, my siblings had brought me fantasy and mythological books.
[…Is Heaven there too?]
[Heaven? I don’t know anything like that, but at the very top of the Spirit World is the “Divine Spirit World”. It’s where the guys who are responsible for collecting souls and scattering them into the world live.]
So those divine spirits are like the God and angels I imagine. If so—
[What’s wrong?]
[So, where is this? Some kind of spiritual realm? No, I am… what are we called by humans?]
[Well… if you mean us as a whole, humans call us “Demons.”]
[I see…]
I had a vague understanding of it, though!


Ideally, I hoped to be more like a dark spirit or something in that realm… but reality is ruthless. Did I do something so bad to be a Demon?
[In terms of terminology, this place is called the “Demon realm.” At the lowest level is the “abyss,” where souls rejected and cast away from all worlds fall into, shattered but still impure souls overflow into the Demon realm and become Demons.]
…Do you have to be so mentally crushing?
With that kind of talk, I became aware that I am a Demon, but even so, I think it’s good that I became aware of myself. …That’s what I decided.
[Firstly, you should do something about that inefficient appearance of yours.]
[Inefficient… but isn’t it cute?]
[…And how do you plan to survive like that?]
When I joked around, I got bitten on the head. I should refrain from joking, even if it’s just a playful bite, as it feels like I might die.
[Don’t fall off.]
He said he would provide food for me, considering I can’t hunt on my own in this form.
This time, I’m not being carried in his mouth; instead, I’m perched on his head like a golden wig. I mustn’t use my claws even if I feel like I’m about to fall. He bites down quite fiercely.
He, a Demon, is surprisingly kind. …That’s what I thought, but when I saw him finding slime bodies similar to my previous self and killing them, tearing apart mini monkeys that looked like those little monkeys, I realized he truly is a Demon.
The slime bodies were kind of subtle, but with the mini monkeys, I could feel a certain level of consciousness. Because, when they were torn apart by him, the eyes of the mini monkeys filled with fear met mine…
By the way, the mini monkeys tasted like apples or grapes.
They were really delicious.
[Will I become stronger like this?]
[If you continue for a while, you should grow to the point where you can hunt on your own. Well, I think you’ve become stronger on your own already.]
[Huh? What do you mean?]
[The strength of a Demon is the strength of its own ego. Starting with a certain level of self, and being quite ruthless in devouring everything, at this point, you should have no problem with small monkeys.]
Wasn’t there a better way to put it? I just had a little bit of an appetite rampage…
I can’t believe winning against such a small monkey would make me strong. That wounded monkey was a bit bigger, though. Even so, monkeys, him, you… it’s confusing.
[Hey, hey, Mr. Black Panther, what’s your name…?]
[Black panther?]
As I called out to him, I was immediately interrupted in an attempt to bite me.
[Don’t call me like that. Demons aren’t born with names. If Demons were to name each other, it would be a denial of one’s existence, resulting in weakened power.]
In short, the residents of the Spirit World don’t have names. As he said, Demons naming other Demons is an attacking act that denies the existence of the other. So he couldn’t even name himself.
However, there are Demons with names in the Demon world. Such beings are named by other races when they are summoned to the material world, it seems.
The material world residents are able to name Demons.
Demons who are named strengthen their sense of self and become even stronger.
But there are also disadvantages. Humans can only name Demons weaker than the summoner. By being named, a bond is formed between souls, and in the worst case, they can end up being enslaved until one of them dies.
If a human tries to forcibly name a powerful Demon, the human soul may shatter. Scary.
For someone as powerful as him, it’s already difficult for material world creatures to name them. For the highest level of existence like maybe…dragon. If such an existence exists, it might be able to name them, but they are almost hostile to Demons so he said it’s impossible.
[Then what should I call you?]
[We don’t have names, but there are titles and races. The way we are called differs depending on skin color and habitat. Other existences call me “Dark Beast”.]
[…Dark Beast…]
[I am the only one of my kind, so you can call me that.]
Dark Beast… That’s too troublesome, so I’ll call him “he”. From what he said, more than a race, it sounds like a scientific name. Oh well, if he’s the only one that exists, then that works too.
By the way, the Demon mini apes that he killed constantly are simply called [Apes]. So vague.
[Then, Mr. Dark Beast san. What about me?]
Demons can’t even name themselves so it’s inconvenient.
[No need for “san” in race names. Just call me whatever.]
[Okay. And what about me?]
[Your race name? …Well, your appearance is quite rare…]
Beast-like forms like mine and his seem to be uncommon. He mentioned that until I evolve, even with intelligence, I’d end up resembling those monkeys. How harsh.
The race name “Dark Beast” for him seemed to be given by intelligent beings over a long period without him realizing.
[Since you have a similar form to me in terms of species, I’ll call you “Golden Beast”.]
[Oh, thank y—]
A golden cat, a golden beast, huh… That’s pretty half-assed, you baka
But I couldn’t say it. If I were talked to with that smug face, I wouldn’t be able to say anything, so I secretly let out a sigh.

After that, I became quite used to living as a Demon.
That mini ape I was scared of when with him now bares its fangs at me when I’m alone, but once I got used to it, it was surprisingly easy to defeat.
As he said, I seemed to already have some power in this form.
I don’t care as much about their terrified eyes when I defeat them. Demons probably don’t have the delicate sensibility to worry about such petty things.
[That’s due to your original nature.]
What is this big cat saying?
[I don’t mean it in a bad way. The reason you have imperfect memories despite being a Demon is probably because your “ethereal body” remains.]
More incomprehensible things…
In summary, the soul is a vessel to become a life form, and memories are separate.
A living being with a soul forms a sense of self around the soul by gaining consciousness. For humans, they grow by accumulating experiences, eventually forming an [ethereal body] that has the same appearance as that person.
The ethereal body accumulates memories and emotions as experiences. If something called [reincarnation] exists, by consuming those experiences, it’s possible to gain high abilities in the next life, and if all the memories remain intact in the next life, there would be no ability score bonus.
So I’m like incompetent…
[No human exists that retains memories yet has a high ability score.]
[Yes, There is.]
There is?
[In that case, either the human soul is bound by a high-ranking Demon or a transcendent being. Humans who retain memories are convinced they will live another life, and do reckless things, but in most cases, when they die, all of their experiences up to that point are snatched away, and they have to start over as caterpillars.]
[No way.]
Going back to the main topic – because ethereal bodies remain, the body is influenced by them. Conversely, the ethereal body is also affected by the body.
It’s said that normally when reincarnating with memories, the emotions disappear as records rather than memories, but at that time, stubbornly clinging to the emotions of the previous life prevents the ethereal body from adapting, making it difficult to accumulate new experience points.
[What about in my case?]
[In your case, haven’t your memories already become records? I don’t know if you had a previous life or your ethereal body is a collection of shattered records, but now that you’ve accepted being a Demon, I can’t even imagine what form your current ethereal body has taken.]
[I see…]
He thinks because the dream memories remain as a base, my original personality is still present too.
[However, you’re still you no matter if you’re affected by records. Golden Beast. Be proud of who you are now.]
Thank you… I’m me.
[By the way, the experience points of souls become food for us Demons. The more experiences humans accumulate, the more delicious their souls are.]
That kind of ruined things.

As I talked with him, I learned a lot.
I asked why he doesn’t talk with existences that clearly have emotions such as the mini apes even though he mercilessly kills them.
[Do you enjoy conversing with fools?]
[I see.]
There are also intelligent beings in this Demon world aside from mini apes. However, most of those, according to him, are either [fools who can’t converse] or [arrogant morons].
That’s why it had been a long time since he had someone he could talk to normally like me without being intimidated.
[Do you enjoy conversing with me?]
[Your dream stories are interesting.]
I also enjoyed talking with him. Despite his ferocious appearance – and he actually is quite ferocious and feared – when we talk like this, I could feel the knowledge and intelligence of someone who lived a long life.
But sometimes we don’t talk.
Maybe because we’re felines, we also enjoy lying sprawled on the ground rolling around. Our play and frolicking preferences seem to be similar.
As I was dozing off, he shoved his nose into my fluffy belly and started fluffing me up.
That tickles. He sometimes shows these cat-like traits too.
I was thinking I’d scratch him if he started licking me, but he just rolls me around into a fur ball with his nose and sniffs me, so I’m not enough of a kid to unsheathe my claws for that level.
After all, I’m fluffing up his fur coat too!
His fur is silky smooth, but the chest area becomes fluffy when he relaxes his strength. I bury my whole body into it, immersing myself in the fluffiness.
And it has such a nice scent…
It’s faint, but it gives me the slight tipsiness of having licked liquor. I’ve never had alcohol though… I wonder if my belly smells like that too?
Hey now, I told you you can’t lick me there!

scene translation


We spent a long time together, just the two of us.
Since the flow of time is erratic in the spirit world, I don’t know the exact time, but the change in me let me feel it.
My appearance went from just a cute kitten to a slender but mature cat, and my size grew to about the size of a bobcat. Still not even close to him in size, but I became fast enough to run about as fast as him!
I sometimes cheat by using my wings though! But if I seriously use my wings, maybe I could be faster than him?
My strength increased considerably too…Is it because of the binge eating? He catches a lot of prey for me, and I’ve been with him almost all this time so I end up eating with him.
When I want snacks I hunt by myself too so I have no choice but to tangibly realize I’m getting stronger.
See, even though that monkey over there is quite big, the moment it saw me it started slowly backing away.
But monkeys this big are rare. We sometimes see things like centipedes and beast-types like us, but individuals this big are not seen much.
Getting this big it looks just like a chimpanzee. But wait…
That red scar on the forehead is ……
[Are you that “Mr. Monkey” from back then?]
[Kiii… Kisama……]
It talked! Well, at this stage of evolution it would talk. In fact, even old mini ape individuals talk normally… We just hear their death throes.
This monkey is probably the evolved individual I first met. I think it’s that monkey I almost ended up fighting with back then.
It’s nostalgic. Were you well? You got really big!
…When I tried approaching he escaped. His skillful escape ability is still splendid as ever. Though I could probably catch him if I flew, I was dumbfounded and just watched him leave.
I wonder why that happened… I didn’t say anything like, you look delicious like concentrated strawberry jam, or other things like that.
For some reason, monkey-type Demons have a fruity scent. Strange!
With a face like that it makes me realize I’ve gotten stronger. But when I still play with the black beast and wrestle, I get pinned down in the end and get my belly fluffed up.
Am I really strong…? I won’t lose this time for sure.

One day while things were like that…
[…Hey, what’s that?]
In the end, the black beastbeat me when we played so I got fluffed up, and because I kept nagging him he bit my nose as an apology and I got my fur fluffed as compensation. While I had my face buried in his chest, I suddenly noticed something in the corner of my vision.
[What’s… that’s a [Summoning Gate]. I’ve told you about it before.]
Then, in a suddenly grumpy tone of voice, he briefly glanced that way with just his eyes as he curtly answered. Even though I asked him again to tell me something he already answered once, I figured it was annoying…
[No, not that. Something small is being pulled into that summoning gate, what is that?]
Honestly, what’s with the sudden bad mood? His mood was great just a moment ago!
I had been taught about the summoning gates before. In short, it’s like a “door” created from the other side by magicians? I’ve never seen them, but that’s what humans who use magic in the material world do. And when a Demon enters through it, they get summoned to the other side.
By the way, I don’t know if it’s actually true. I only know about it from my dream memories and what I’ve heard from him. I haven’t actually seen that humans exist or that the world exists.
Because I can’t enter it anyway. When I first heard about it I was happy thinking I could go to that [World of Light], but I wasn’t able to sneak through that door with my body.
The reason is that the size of the door is affected by the power of the magician using the summoning magic on the other side.
Only small Demons can pass through a small door. My body is small, but my power has become strong enough to wrestle with black beast, so only my toes could fit through.
…I have the experience of sticking one leg in, flailing it around, and hearing agonized screams from the other side, which really surprised me.
It seems he also went to the other side several times long, long ago when he was a small Demon, but now even his toenails can’t fit, he said.
Magic, huh… I wanted to see it…
While I was reminiscing about that, he suddenly leapt up from where he was lying down and opened his mouth with a displeased look again.
[…Weak-willed individuals are being forcibly summoned like that. Then they can’t form proper contracts and end up forced into servitude.]
Ah… I see. The ones being pulled in do seem to only be slimes, rats, and other small fry with intelligence on par with insects.
When Demons in the Demon world respond to summons from the material world, they form “contracts” with the summoner in the other world. In return for wishes, souls and sacrifices are offered, but the material world residents seem to be quite “stingy”.
If good compensation is received, Demons can fully “manifest” without restrictions on the other side, granting wishes with powerful strength, but humans seem to fear granting Demons too much power.
Well, the contract prevents reckless actions… Being able to find loopholes in the contract and act as freely as possible is a Demon’s chance to show off their skills, but…
[There sure are a lot of bad people in the world. I’ll be careful about contracts too.]
Not to brag, but I have confidence in my lack of self-control.
[You should… be careful.]
[…Isn’t this where you’re supposed to compliment that I’ll be fine?]
We’ve been together for quite a while.
[You’re kinda careless, y’know…]
I pouted a little and tapped his face with my paw pads, and he laughed cheerfully.
He suddenly had a serious expression after laughing at me displeasedly patting him, then abruptly shoved me away and stabbed his fang into my back.
[That hurts a little…]
Demons don’t feel physical pain, but I felt the gradual erosion and his strong emotions transmitted from his fangs sinking into me a little at a time as “painful”.
It was my first time being bitten by him with this much force so it made me shudder, reminding me of when we first met.
But this pain informed me that his mind was in disarray.
[Golden Beast… You have no need to go anywhere else. …Stay here.]
That scary voice I’m hearing for the first time… As he finally released his fangs from me, I got up and gently rubbed my nose against the tip of his ragged nose.
[You’re so… troublesome person.]
[…… You’re not a person.]
His muttered rebuttal like a cat with an attitude made me laugh a little.
[It’s okay… I can’t go anywhere anyway.]

Black panther Demon, beast of the Demon world, Dark Beast—
As expected he is a fearsome Demon, and he always obtains what he wants.
His restraint on me tightened from that day forth.
It’s not like I wanted to get away from him or anything… Even so, the words I can’t go anywhere were not a lie. Sensing that, he is worried that I would wander off somewhere on a whim.
Isn’t this restricting me a bit too much?
Was he always this possessive?
We were always together before, but we weren’t together all hours of the day. When I was a little hungry I would sometimes wander off alone to hunt, and sometimes he would happily rush off to battle when stronger Demons entered his territory.
But now he stays by my side all the time. He follows me when I move, and if I try to leave he bites me and drags me back.
But the biggest problem is, he doesn’t fluff up my belly as much anymore. Even though he always fluffs up my belly, now when I try to fluff him he bites me to stop me.
Mm… Could it be I’m being trained…?

One day, I noticed his figure was nowhere to be seen, which was rare… I thought I should secure some prey for a snack while he’s out, but the next moment he was already back.
[What’s going on?]
[…Brought it.]
Saying that, he dropped what was wrapped around his twin tails in front of me. It trembled and shook vigorously as if afraid.
[A Demon… infant?]
What he brought back alive was a small Demon that had just evolved from a larva form, with an indescribable misty and gelatinous four bodies.
But they seemed a bit different from Demons around here. There were two jet black ones I rarely see, one yellow one like I was before evolving, and even a white one I’ve never seen before… He really found some rare ones.
[Were you out searching for them?]
[…just happened to.]
Just happened to what… They all had a faint, pleasant floral scent I liked. But none of those scents were ones I had smelled around here, and the colors were also rare.
I wonder if this is like… when a boy gives a girl flowers…?
As I stared at him intently, the little Demons became even more afraid and started shaking harder. Of course – they were captured by the mighty “Dark Beast” of the Demon world, then brought before me, believed to be associated with him. Even without established egos they would be overwhelmed by instinctive fear.
I think he remembered the flavors I like and caught them for me but… I feel a little bad for them.
…They really do look delicious though.
At that moment, the little Demons shrieked and jumped in fright.
[I-it’s okay, I won’t eat you or anything?]
My persuasion skills must still be on vacation. They have no convincing power.
[What do you intend to do?]
When I said I wouldn’t eat what he caught and brought for me, his voice became low.
[Hey, Dark Beast… Can I raise these children?]
At my words his eyes narrowed slightly.
[You caught them for me after all.]
[I see… Do as you like.]
Saying that, he flopped down on the ground.
As hard to read yet easy to understand as always. Oh well. I think he expected I would be distracted raising pets.
There’s no mistake about that but… Since I have them, why not try playing seriously.
[I’ll be in your care from now on.]
I was trying to smile gently but for some reason it just frightened the little Demons.

That day my Demon raising project began.
Somehow, he who hadn’t left my side all that time started allowing me considerable freedom while I raised these children.
Well, they might have shown self-restraint since these children are abnormally terrified of him.
Him being self-restrained…? Pfft (snickers)
Then what do they think when they see me…? I’ll leave it to your imagination.
In that case… Alright, let’s go with that approach.
I picked up the four trembling bodies in my mouth and carefully started running with them bouncing on my back, gradually gaining speed until I spread my bat wings and flapped up into the vast sky.
Vast sky… where is that? There are only dark clouds. But flying still feels nice. My wings now are magnificent, several times my body length, so my appearance is also quite cool.
So how should I go about this raising project?
For that, rampant hunting is decided.
Gliding through the gloomy sky at top speed, when I found mini apes I swooped down and tore them apart with my claws. Now that my power has risen this much I feel like I’ve pulverized them just passing by, but it’s fine. I don’t care.
[──! ──!]
At first the little Demons were scared, but as I killed Demons and fed them, their fear gradually disappeared, and they came to jump and hop cheerfully atop my back.
Hey now, no thrashing around or you’ll fall. Though it’s hard to tell if they’re happy because they got food, or happily delighted by the gory slaughter… Probably subtle.
Well, I shouldn’t worry about petty details.
This raising game-like feeling matched my personality, and before I knew it I had immersed myself in the infant Demons’ development, even forgetting about yearning for that world.
He saw me off every day with a complicated expression as I energetically flapped my wings to soar into the gloomy sky.
Shall we begin today as well…?
[── Waitasec, right here’s a good sp──]
Did I hit something!? It felt like quite a powerful Demon, but I couldn’t suddenly brake.
I was in a groove flattening Demons lining up in my path with paw pad punches, but I seem to have bounced something away midway… Yeah, I didn’t see anything.
I won’t look back. Live seeing only ahead – that’s my motto… Besides, there’s no Demon that can keep up with my top speed as far as I’ve seen.
But that sure was close. Could it have been stronger than me? He said there were no Demons around here that could beat me but the Demon world is vast!
In reality, the height is narrow but the width of the spirit world is said to be as vast as outer space, so I probably wouldn’t meet very strong Demons often even in the Demon world.
Getting carried away flying at full throttle, I seem to have gone pretty far from his territory.
Can’t be helped. I’ll return at full speed… And crush some mini apes along the way.
But damn, my kids are amazing. They were still happily jumping and hopping even after I ran over and splattered that thing!
Their frolicking figures are starting to look cute. I’m relieved they’re finally not scared of me anymore. I slowed down my hunting pace a little and talked to the little Demons.
Like a mother, sister, teacher from those dream world memories, talking to them slowly many times over…
…Is it okay for a Demon to do this? Will I self-destruct and disappear by negating my sense of self…? Oh well, I’ll deal with it when the time comes. I’m a Demon too so I don’t think about cause and effect.
Rather than thinking deeply, I’ll do my best to get them talking properly at least. It should be fun for you too after all, right?

As we continued that lifestyle, whether due to the effects of education, the little Demons’ intelligence seemed to… increase, I feel.
Their bodies grew considerably larger too. Maybe it’s time they evolve?

[Why not name their race for them?]
[Name their race…? Can I go first?]
I was also a bit surprised when he suggested that to me. His grip has finally loosened a bit and he’s not glued to me while I dote on the kiddos, so I’m kept quite busy being fluffed up by him again when I’m not.
[Normally they wouldn’t have the intellect to understand such things. But those guys raised by you have absorbed your knowledge and become rather… uniquely individual.]
Did he almost say weird just now?
[If you guide them along the racial image you have in mind they might be able to obtain inherent forms unlike the ordinary ape types.]
[Ohh… Then at that time for me too──ouch!]
When I started to complain I got lightly bitten on the stomach. Then when I said it hurt he licked me, so I still don’t really get what he wants to do. Oh well, do whatever you want…
[So? What kind of race is good?]
[You must have peculiar knowledge.]
At his words that pushed me away a little, I also turned my nose away. We’re both kids.
But… now that I think about it properly, it’s not a bad idea.
Race, huh… What’s good…? Why not take something from the religious books in that dream world since I have the chance? No no, those are more like half god-like beings rather than Demons. My image can’t keep up. Then mythological monsters and such?
Not ordinary monsters, but occult-type or undead-type, or maybe divine beasts might be good too. While mumbling such thoughts, the four kiddos also seemed worried and started bouncing around me. …Oh, only the white one is playing on its own.
Even though they were given the same knowledge, their personalities differed considerably. Somehow I felt these children were even beginning to develop something like “genders” like me and him.
[Let’s see… I’ll go with you two being brother and sister since your colors are close, ‘kay?]
When I decided that, the two black Demons rejoiced by bouncing up and down while the yellow child watched me expectantly… Where’s its face? Even the white kid playing stopped and came over.
[Let’s build up the racial image like this.]
That’s how I created settings for these children based on the racial image.
…I wonder if this is okay…? What if these kids already had ideals and aspirations on what they wanted to be? But these four Demons happily accepted the race and image I set up for them as a matter of course.
I asked him if this was good since I was a little anxious, but it doesn’t seem that unusual.
[It’s difficult for Demons with indeterminate young forms to create an image for themselves unless they get summoned into the material world. That’s why their appearances stay ambiguous, becoming ugly like apes.]
[…Why monkeys to begin with?]
There are Demons other than apes like him and I in the Demon world, even if small in number. Fish types and bugs and such. Wouldn’t a little more variation be nice…? When I asked about that, he also tilted his head thinking for a moment.
[Who knows. It’s probably the image of Demons held by the humans in the material world flowing in, no?]
So why are Demons monkeys, huh?
In reality, it’s not just Demons – when spiritual beings from the spirit world manifest in the material world, salamanders represent fire spirits, dwarves and beasts represent earth spirits, and maidens represent wind and water spirits, seemingly influenced by the images people hold apparently.
Is it romantic? Is it romantic…? I definitely wouldn’t like it if water spirits were old men after all.
…In other words, Demons become ugly, so they turn into monkeys? Dangerous, dangerous… My four kiddos are being raised cute by me every day after all, so they will surely grow into adorable Demons!
And the time finally came for the kiddos to grow.

[…What is the meaning of this?]
[…How should I put it?]
What to say indeed? I somehow feel déjà vu. But unlike last time, rather than his voice showing anger, he sounded thoroughly exasperated.
The four little Demons that grew up with slight baby talk but still cute and able to properly converse.
Oh no, they’re super cute. The only problem is they’re too cute.
The two black ones I first made siblings had enchanting chubby round bodies with shiny purple round eyes looking up at me.
The Demonic parts were maybe their jet black goat horns about the size of a baby goat’s? But wait… the one who’s a little more docile and laidback that I set as the little sister…her horns aren’t like a goat’s but more sheep-like.
…Oh well, it’s fine. The two horns looking like twin tail hair is cute so no issues.
Next to them, the yellow one, who had their “pet me, pet me” aura at full power, had coloring closer to mine. But a snake. Not cat but snake. For some reason their skin was supple and squishy rather than scaly, but that’s cute too, right?
And the last white one that played freely, took ape form. But not an ugly ape – fluffy snow white fur was adorable, wonderfully fluffy to touch.
But for some reason, they were wearing what looked like a clown mask on their face, but when I looked closely it was actually just their normal bare face.
scene translation

[…Golden Beast]
[Ah, yeah. I know.]
Please don’t say any more than that. These are just pet companions.

Our life became more colorful with the addition of new family members to talk with.
The kiddos sprouted up and tell me happily about things like what enemy they fought today, or eating a Demon bigger than themselves… Though the conversation topics tilt a little toward the brutal side…
But… I know too.
The reason he… “Him”… allowed me to keep these children was to tie the lingering attachment called “chains” and “collar” on me so I don’t disappear somewhere.
In reality, watching the four Demons play before us, I can tell my own heart has become tranquil.
But… Dark Beast… Him… Do you know?
That Demons don’t have such emotions to begin with.
The calmer I am, the more I remember the [world of light] I saw in my dream. …….
When my heart becomes tranquil, the [World of Light] from that dream comes back to memory even more, making the yearning I had given up on for that world stronger…and burning with intense longing.
[──I want to go home──]
Overflowing with feelings I can’t put into words, the powerful homesickness smolders my insides like flames.
I want to go home. But I can’t go home.
That shining place might not actually exist as that [Dream World].
Noticing me like that, “he” stays by my side all the time.
It’s not just him. The four Demons also noticed my mood like I might disappear somewhere, gazing at me with uneasy expressions somewhere.
I want to go home. But I can’t return to that world.
But to the world where people shining with the same light live…


A loud popping sound echoes at that moment.
“He” and the four Demons are vigilant, not understanding what happened.
But I know. No, I understood instantly. That a “door” from the other side opened up somewhere around here.
My feelings attracted the “door” of summoning magic circle opened from the other side.
It’s not easy for us Demons to go to the material world. The dark emotions entwining the soul are the sin and weight of the soul.
A heavy sinful soul falls to the earth. That’s why ordinary Demons had no choice but to have the gate pried open for them from the other side in order to crawl up from there.
Have I become strong enough to ignore the weight of my soul? Or is it because I hold the knowledge of the world of light?
I don’t know the reason. But the “door” the other side and I pried open enveloped me, creating a massive summoning gate.
scene transition

[What the–!]
Noticing, “he” charges toward me. But his powerful body that should be mighty rebounds from the summoning gate’s light as if refused.
That was only natural. I instantly understood as a matter of course. Because this summoning magic circle was born solely for me – for my existence – to go to the other side.
[Wait! Don’t go!!]
“He” shouts loudly, repeating tackling attacks.
But all my power is poured into this summoning gate, so he can’t easily destroy it no matter how mighty “he” is.
Wrapped in the familiar light I saw in that dream leaking out of the summoning gate… As my body disappears into the gate,
I feel my consciousness is about to… cut out… Opening my eyes trying to take one last look at the Demon world where I was born and raised, there was “him” staring only at me in a horrible distorted form.

[“Gooolden Beeeaaaast” aaaaaaa!!]

The sound of “his” voice echoing in my ears… I’m sorry. I made you angry again.

I see light… Like looking up at the sky while submerged in a dark sea, my consciousness awakens as the space around me is gradually filled with light.
Where is this…? Was I able to make it to the dream world…the world with light?
I can’t see… Sounds don’t reach me well either. Amidst faint hubbub echoing around me, I couldn’t move my body.
Did the summoning fail…? If so, I unconsciously cringed from fear of losing the existence I haven’t sensed for a while. But─
Petchin! Shocked by an impact as if something tapped me, I involuntarily gasped.
…Huh? Am I breathing?
A small creature’s crying echoes in my ears. Before I realize the sound is leaking from my own mouth, I hear a willful “someone’s” voice, and the moment I comprehend it as “words”, the meaningless words are rearranged and transmitted to me as comprehensible “words”.

“Oh, my beloved child… My “Eurushia”…”

At that moment, shocks like thunder echoes in my soul.
Born a nameless Demon and summoned to the material world after using up all my power, as I was first given a [name] by an existence with will here, my ambiguous existence was affirmed and I comprehended everything that I am.
That “me”, a Demon from the Demon world, lost all my strength and was born as a powerless human baby in this world – I understood that.

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