Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Prologue


A rabbit with horns, about the size of a child, leaped towards me with its red eyes gleaming.
A Killer Rabbit. It’s considered relatively weak among monsters, but its horn attack from a leap can be fatal even to adults.
I sidestepped its attack and slashed with my longsword from the side.
A dull sensation, not enough for a fatal blow.
The Killer Rabbit bounced back to create distance and immediately charged at me again.
This time, I narrowly dodged and swung the sword from bottom to top, aiming for its neck.
With a soft resistance, blood sprayed from the Killer Rabbit’s neck.
Now that its movements had slowed, I calmly circled to its blind spot and delivered the finishing blow.
Then, I skinned it, bled it, ignited a fire with magic, and grilled the meat.
At first, the sight of blood disgusted me, but now I handle it with ease, flowing smoothly.
Of course, it’s for the sake of eating. I brought along spices to season and remove the gamey taste. However, even with those efforts, monster meat is still unpleasant. It’s not tasty, but I have no choice if I want to survive.
By the way, I’m not a hunter; I’m the prince of this country.
The prince who sneaks out of the castle to hunt and eat monsters in the forest.
Don’t get me wrong; it’s not because the country is poor and I’m leading this kind of life. I specifically eat the unpleasant monster meat, probably the only one in the kingdom who does.
It’s just that I can’t get meals in the castle, and when my stomach growls, I reluctantly resort to eating monster meat.
Oh, there’s plenty of food in the castle and in my room, you know?
But quite often, it’s laced with poison. Why, you ask?
Because our country is corrupt, and Prime Minister Gamaras abuses his power.
It wasn’t like this from the beginning. Gradually, he began to seize power. Eventually, he forced his daughter onto my father, the king. Probably wanting to secure power as the king’s in-law.
My father apparently resisted. He loved my deceased mother, the queen, and, more straightforwardly, the daughter looked exactly like Gamaras and was ugly.
Even from my young perspective, she was ugly. Well, forcing such an ugly girl onto the king shows the strength of Gamaras’ power.
But well, he did what he wanted to do (there seems to be some kind of precedent), and soon enough, a child was born. A boy.
So, I became a hindrance to the Prime Minister. When the poison taster almost died three times in a row, I felt, “This is bad,” and stopped eating the castle’s food.
My mother supposedly died of illness when I was young, but now, it’s questionable if it was really a natural death.
So, not trusting anyone in the castle, I’ve been procuring food in the forest for about a year. Why the forest? Simply because there was a secret passage connected to it, leading out of the castle, a straightforward reason.
The back of the castle is surrounded by high walls, and beyond that is the Beast Forest, where no one dares to approach.
Considering the founding history of this country, the anti-monster defense wall gradually grew larger, eventually becoming a fortress. It became the current castle when a certain hero ruled the area.
This certain hero is my ancestor.
In essence, the castle is meant to protect people from monsters, so even though it’s close to the forest, no one ventures into it.
Therefore, in case of an emergency, there’s a secret passage leading to the forest, making it convenient to procure food while avoiding prying eyes.
I’m twelve years old, but I’ve been learning swordsmanship and magic since I was young, so I can hunt weak monsters. I defeat them with my sword, cook them with magic fire. To be honest, it’s not delicious, but it’s better than eating poison.
Thanks to this, I have one meal a night. Since I’m always plagued by hunger, I can eat this kind of meat.

—But, how long will this life continue?
—If the poisoning attempts persist, won’t Gamaras come to kill me more directly?



The unpleasant thought crosses my mind. Every day is a struggle to survive, but naturally, there must be limits.
While chewing on Killer Rabbit meat and pondering the dark future, I felt a presence behind me.
“You, become my disciple.”
Suddenly, someone spoke.
In an instant, I prepared for death. Until then, I hadn’t sensed the presence of the speaker at all.
Since the poison hasn’t killed me, I thought Prime Minister Gamaras had finally sent an assassin. Reflexively grabbing my sword, I faced the direction of the voice.
“Hmm… your sword skills still have a long way to go.”
It was only now that the meaning of what the other person said entered my mind. Become a disciple? What is this person talking about?
The one who spoke was a tall, red-haired woman. She carried a large sword on her shoulder, clad in light armor. Despite having a quite beautiful face, it was tough and firm. The unique expression of someone whose profession is fighting.
“Um, who are you at this late hour? An assassin… or not?”
“At your age, already fighting assassins? You must have racked up quite a bit of experience. Indeed, you have potential.”
The red-haired woman responded with satisfaction. …Something about this conversation doesn’t seem to add up.
“No, I haven’t fought any assassins yet. I’m prepared, though.”
“I see. Well, rest assured, I’m not an assassin.”
With those words, I could finally calm my heart. Honestly, the woman in front of me is quite powerful. Including the sword instructor, I’ve seen many skilled individuals in the castle, but she is on a different level.
Having lived a life where every day is a struggle between life and death, I’ve naturally developed the habit of judging people with such eyes. If the opponent is an enemy and stronger than me, there’s a possibility of dying. I’ve acquired quite an unpleasant observational skill.
“Um, you mentioned becoming a disciple, but what kind of disciple are you talking about?”
“A disciple is a disciple. You have potential. Worthy to inherit my sword. So, become my disciple.”
“You mean a disciple of the sword, right? By the way, why do you see potential in me?”
To be honest, I knew I had some talent in swordsmanship. I often heard it from the sword instructor. However, before talent, the urgency to become strong quickly, to avoid the physical possibility of death, drove me to strive for improvement. I don’t know if it’s genuine talent or the result of effort.

“Because you ate monster meat.”


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  1. He states the castle is meant to protect people from monsters, yet he’s probably safer in a forest because humans are worse than monsters.

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