Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 26

Newly Written Extra Story : Fara’s Journey to Baldia Territory

“Fara, before long there will likely be talk of your marriage to the Imperial Family. Prepare yourself mentally,” said my mother, Eltia. 

I quietly nodded at Mother’s words. I had heard before that I, Fara Renalute, would be married off to the imperial family in order to strengthen relations between the Empire and Renalute. That’s why, I’m told, I have to study more than most people. Since I’ve been raised to see this as normal, it doesn’t weigh too heavily on me. Though previously, Asna, who became my personal guard, said it seemed like I was being overloaded and overworking myself. When I told her I didn’t mind too much, she looked a little sad. I suppose I’m more eager to be praised by Mother and Father…

Today, Mother had called me to her room saying she had an important talk.  

“Fara. You will eventually live in the imperial capital. So first, I want to take you to the nearest imperial territory, the Baldia region, to get a little advance exposure to the atmosphere of the Empire. Prepare yourself,” said Mother.

“Understood, Mother.”

I returned her words with a quiet nod. I was shocked inside. I had barely left the castle grounds, let alone the town. And now I would suddenly be going to imperial territory? I hadn’t expected that.

“That is all I wanted to tell you today. You may leave now,” she dismissed me.

“Yes, Mother. Pardon my intrusion.”

I bowed to Mother and left the room with my guard, Asna, returning to my own quarters. Back in my room, I had Asna sit on the sofa while I sat across from her at my desk. Asna was a master swordsman who had become my personal guard. I vaguely recall someone saying they were having trouble finding anyone willing to be my exclusive guard, since I’d been told from a young age that I would marry into the Empire someday. Among those who ended up as candidates, she’s probably the only one I can call an ally.

“Hey Asna, have you been to the Baldia region before?” I asked.

“No, unfortunately I have not. While I’ve been to some places domestically, I haven’t gone abroad much,” she apologized.

The Baldia region huh. From what I learned in my lessons about the Empire, it was territory ruled by the Margrave of Baldia, revered as the “Empire’s Sword”. I heard the Margrave of Baldia occupies the highest military position among imperial nobles. 

“I imagine you’re also curious about the Baldia region, Princess. But I’ve heard long distance carriage rides can be quite taxing. If possible, it may be good to get some exercise beforehand,” suggested Asna.

“Is that so? But why would it take physical strength just to sit in a carriage?” I asked in return.

Asna laughed wryly and explained, “Apparently the roads to the Baldia region aren’t very developed, so the shaking is intense and the motion sickness severe.”

“…That sounds rough.”

I couldn’t imagine how bad the reasons Asna gave actually were. Still, the thought of finally going out and seeing the world beyond the castle had my heart dancing with delight.


A few days later, as Mother had said, we secretly visited the Baldia region. On the day of departure, Mother and I rode in the same carriage.

“The purpose of going to the Baldia region this time is for you to get a little advance exposure to the atmosphere of the Empire. Keep that point firmly in mind,” Mother told me.

“Yes, Mother.”

I responded and quietly nodded to her words. Our carriage then headed for the Baldia region. Having barely set foot outside the castle, everything visible from the carriage was fresh and novel to me. I was so engrossed with looking out the window that I didn’t feel the “motion sickness” Asna had warned about at all.


“Princess, we’ve arrived. This is the Baldia region,” said Asna.

I was moved by the world outside the carriage. The buildings completely unlike the castle town of Renalute, the diversity of people coming and going – my eyes were wide with wonder.

“Pardon me, Princess, but please use this headscarf to cover your ears,” Asna said, circling behind me to wrap my ears so they weren’t visible. 

“…This should be fine. Dark elves tend to be targeted by villains when abroad, so always keep your ears concealed,” she cautioned.

“Yes, I’ll be careful,” I nodded.

Once Asna and I finished preparing, Mother, who had observed us, spoke.

“Now that you’re ready, go take a look around the town. The imperial capital is on a far larger scale than this. Be sure to examine it closely.”


I responded and began strolling through the town with Asna and several guards. It was my first time in a town, my first outing, so everything I saw was fresh and novel, leaving me overjoyed and wandering every which way. By the time I realized it, there was no one around me.

“A-Asna? Is anyone her…e?”

No one responded to my voice. I remembered Asna’s warning about being “targeted by villains” and suddenly felt uneasy, my feet frozen in place. I wanted to call out but was too afraid. What should I do? Feeling anxious and on the verge of panic, I was addressed from behind.

“Are you alright?”


I turned around, startled by the voice. Standing there was a child about my age, I guessed? With silvery white hair and lovely purple eyes – a very pretty girl, I thought, until I noticed the clothes and realized it was a boy. He had one male and one female attendant with him, so maybe he was a noble’s son. But honestly, because of the sudden situation I was very frightened. Seeing my state, the boy gently spoke to me.

“Sorry, I must have startled you calling out so abruptly, huh?” 

“N-No, I’m fine…”

He had a kind personality. He must have noticed me looking troubled from afar and called out to help. They were associated with the margrave’s knights, he explained, so not suspicious. I agonized over it, but honestly conveyed my plight. In response, looking worried yet smiling to reassure me, the boy said he couldn’t leave me alone and would help search. At that time, I felt an odd heat in my chest.

“…Thank you very much.”  

“No no, we have to help each other when there’s trouble. And I can’t just abandon such an incredibly cute girl.”

Incredibly cute girl – it was the first time I’d been called that by a boy my age, and again I felt my chest grow hot.

Thanks to them, I was soon able to reunite with Asna and the others. While Asna scolded me severely, the boy who had worried for me still wore a smile.

“Well, see you later. Be careful not to get lost again!”

The boy said that, then left. For some reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he went. When I returned to Mother, I received another scolding. She was more furious than I’d ever seen, her anger seemingly ready to turn on Asna and the other guards as well, until I desperately conveyed that it was my fault and begged her forgiveness.

We were staying overnight in the Baldia region that day. Asna and I shared a room. When I told her about the odd heat I’d felt in my chest, she reacted with a complicated expression of joy and sorrow.

“Princess, I believe that is a kind of ‘romantic feeling’.”

“Romantic feeling…”

“Yes. However, if Lady Eltia’s words are true, Your Highness will be bound in marriage for national ties. It would be best to keep such feelings hidden in your heart and forget them,” said Asna.

I silently nodded at her words. I understand my position where I’ll likely be bound in political marriage someday. So as Asna says, it’s probably best to forget.

“Oh, that reminds me, I heard the lord of Baldia’s son is close to Your Highness’s age. Perhaps he was the boy you met today?” 

Asna changed the subject as if to encourage me. The Baldia lord’s son? He did have retainers and certainly seemed noble-like. But that’s surely not the case. Besides, even if I do marry into the Empire, my partner will be royalty. Having decided that, I shook my head.

“Hehe, I don’t think that’s the case.”

After that, I chatted idly with Asna and decided to forget about the “boy” I met today. If the “heat in my chest” I felt back then really was the “romantic feeling” she spoke of, then he may have been my “first love”. So I chose to forget him. However, I did have one lingering regret that I murmured privately in my heart.

“I should have gotten that boy’s name…”

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