Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 25 part 2

That day, Chris had come to the reception room at House Baldias, but lacked her usual energy. Rather, she seemed a bit depressed.

“Ohh, what should I do….How should I apologize to Lord Reed about last time….”

What she meant by last time was a few days prior, when Chris collapsed from exhaustion and was allowed to rest in a guest room at House Baldias. At that time, Reed had called it a prank when he snuck into the room she was resting in alone and saw her sleeping face. Chris had gotten upset about that afterwards. Then she was admonished by her servant Emma and realized her own mistake. However, realizing her mistake didn’t make her anger over it disappear. She had been thinking she needed to properly apologize when she got called to visit House Baldias like this.

Today was that day, and after being guided to the reception room, Chris took deep breaths with a nervous expression, considering the process for her apology in her head.

(First, apologize. Anyway bow my head and apologize. If I do that, Lord Reed will surely forgive me….!!)

While Chris thought the same thing over and over, a knock came at the door.

I arrived at the reception room where Chris was waiting and knocked on the door.

“Chris, is it okay if I come in?”


Y-Yes? Did she bite her tongue….? I heard Chris’s reply but felt something was off from normal, so I didn’t open the door immediately and hesitantly asked her.

“….Really okay to enter?”

“W-Wait a moment please!!”

Did something happen? She replied in a somewhat flustered manner, so I decided to wait in front of the door until Chris was ready, though confused.

“Umm…let me know when you’re good.”

Replying so, I could hear breathing like deep breaths from inside the room. Then before long, Chris’s voice came from inside the room.

“Sorry, Lord Reed. Please come in.”

“Okay, coming in.”

Opening the reception room door, Chris with golden hair and green eyes, giving a firm impression, welcomed me standing gracefully. Had she tidied up her appearance or something? While thinking that, as usual I sat down on the sofa facing her with the table between us. I smiled lightly at Chris.

“Sorry for calling suddenly. And thanks for coming.”


After hearing my words, Chris watched me somehow absentmindedly. Then with a start she shook her head forcefully as if shaking off distracting thoughts. I wonder what happened to her? Chris seems a bit different than usual. I peered worriedly at her face.

“….Chris, what’s with shaking your head so much?”


At that time, I recalled I still hadn’t apologized to her about the [prank] I did last time.

The prank’s content was peeking at Chris’s sleeping face, like a wakeup prank in my memories of my past life. But a man freely entering an adult woman’s bedroom is not very acceptable in this world. If just a [child] it might still be forgiven, but in my case there’s the position of being a noble’s eldest son. By the way, thanks to Mel and Danae, my prank immediately reached Mother’s ears and I was thoroughly scolded. I abruptly stood up and looked straight at Chris.

“Sorry….I hadn’t properly apologized about last time yet.”

“Wha!? A-No…!!”

My actions seemed to catch her off guard, as Chris looked around in confusion. I conveyed my apologetic feelings to such her, spinning my words.

“Chris, sorry about last time. No matter how worried, it was rash for me as the noble eldest son Reed to freely enter your….a woman’s room while you were sleeping. I think it’s natural you’d get angry. I’m truly very sorry.”

After finishing speaking, I deeply bowed my head towards the table.

“No!! Please raise your head, Lord Reed!”

The moment I lowered my head, Chris spoke in a very flustered manner. Then she also stood up and reached out both hands to me, fluttering about to get me to raise my head. When I lifted my head at her words, Chris had a very remorseful expression, so I gently smiled to reassure her.

“Good….you’re not angry Chris….If I’d left you angry, I was worrying what I’d do, so I’m really glad.”

“No….considering what I did to Lord Reed, I thought perhaps you couldn’t forgive me….”

At her words I made a surprised face. Me grow to dislike Chris? No way. I lightly laughed then immediately smiled again.

“Hehe….There’s no way I’d dislike you Chris. Because I….like you.”


Hearing my words, Chris blushed, seemingly embarrassed. I decided this was a good chance to convey my feelings for her, as thanks for everything until now too.

“Because when I first went to the company, you properly dealt with me Chris. Of course, it might have been because of the prototypes and product descriptions I had. But still, believing in me like this, I really love you as a person.”

After speaking, I smiled lightly at Chris. Sensing she understood how I felt, the embarrassment on Chris’s expression disappeared and I felt her calmly collect herself.

“Ohh….To be shaken by this….As Emma said, I must be “too far”.”

She seemed to muttered something but I couldn’t hear well. Only the name [Emma] I caught.

“Hmm? What about Emma?”

“Oh, no!! I recalled Emma said Lord Reed surely isn’t angry at me….and was reminded…”

I was surprised learning Emma had covered for me without my knowing, so while thanking her in my heart, I replied to Chris.

“I see. Then, can you also tell Emma, sorry for worrying her because of you?”

“Yes, understood.”

After Chris nodded at my words, I suddenly realized we were both still standing, so I wryly smiled and prompted her to sit as well. Then we both lowered ourselves onto the sofas. Sitting on the sofa, she lowered her gaze, pondered something briefly, then shook her head sideways again. Chris is quite emotional today…. While thinking that, I changed the topic to advance the discussion.

“Thanks, please give Emma my regards. ……So, what I want to discuss absolutely must be kept secret, okay?”

“Understood. I will absolutely keep secrets as a merchant.”

Hearing my words, she made an about-face from the emotionally rich mood she had shown until now, naturally tightening her expression. Chris really is a dependable woman, I thought gratefully and continued speaking.

“Thanks. Actually, it’s been decided I’ll be marrying the Renalute princess soon.”


My words seemed to surprise her, as Chris opened her eyes wide and was stunned. But she soon realized the meaning and looked surprised.


“…!? Chris, that’s too loud, you can’t!”

In her great surprise, she raised her voice louder than I expected. I hurriedly held a finger to my lips and gestured [Shhh!!] to her. Was it that surprising? Seeing my gesture, Chris covered her mouth with “Ah”, then said “Sorry…” and asked in a small voice.

“But isn’t that too fast no matter what…?”

“Yeah, I only heard from Father about this recently too. Can’t give details but seems it’s a special case.”

“Special case….”

Muttering [Special case], Chris made a dubious expression. I continued talking to answer her unspoken questions.

“Yeah. So even though I have a lot of requests for Chris, it’s not good but I wanted to tell you first. Absolute secret, ‘kay?”

“….Yes, that is most certainly an absolute secret.”

If I’ve said this much, Chris should infer the rest. A special case marriage with the Renalute princess means the countries involved are certainly moving on something behind the scenes. It’s confidential so I can only tell people I trust, but no issue with Chris.

“Right, so about me saying I’m going to Renalute and asked you to accompany me last time?”

“Yes, I had heard that request, so am in the process of preparing some candidate locations now.”

“Thanks. There are some products I want you to procure when there. ….”

After that, Chris and I became absorbed in discussions about things I wanted her to look into procuring locally when visiting Renalute.

“Phew, that should cover the gist.”

A considerable amount of time passed as I requested this and that product from Renalute to Chris. The necessities were conveyed to her so now it was about whether trade routes could be established.

“Lord Reed is as amazing as always. I didn’t know those products from Renalute had such potential.”

What I told Chris was procuring raw materials from Renalute, processing them, then selling the processed goods in places like [Renalute] and [the Capital]. And if I actually marry the Renalute princess, there would undoubtedly be preferential treatment on tariffs, tolls, and easier price negotiation. It could be a good business opportunity anticipating that. There was also mention of bringing [a certain craftsman] from Renalute over here. For that, the company would search for the person, with further handling processed by House Baldias.

“Well, even if it works out, results won’t show immediately. But in the future it could become a flagship product of Christy Trading Company and Baldias Territory. Are there any skilled craftsmen here, I wonder?”

“Craftsmen? Like dwarves?”

Dwarves. At that word, my heart jumped a bit. Speaking of craftsmen, dwarves are certainly it. I rarely get chances to meet them so would be happy if I could. I conveyed with a smile I wanted [dwarves], but Chris made a reluctant face.

“Dwarves rarely ever leave their homeland, so if recruiting, it may take some time. However….”

Chris seemed somehow reluctant to speak but continued as if resolved.

“….Searching for dwarven slaves in Bahrston or other countries is one method.”

“Slaves, huh….”

In this world, some countries allow slavery while others don’t. With coastlines, Bahrston buys and sells slaves domestically and abroad, rapidly gaining power from the profits and labor force recently. But it correspondingly has a bad reputation, quarreling frequently with other countries. Renalute is one of the chief nations there. I agonized. At the timing of marrying the Renalute princess, slaves – the cause of the [Bahrston Incident]. Even indirectly buying them now could have a dangerous scent. I should consult Father about this.

“For now, let’s hold off on slaves. Can do normal recruitment, right?”

“Understood. May I ask what you plan to have them make?”

“Hmm? I’m thinking board games and such.”

My answer seemed to surprise her, as she made a dubious expression.

“Board games? You mean games nobles use for entertainment like chess and playing cards?”

“Well, something like that, yeah.”

In this world, when speaking of simple entertainment, it’s chess and playing cards. I wonder why only these two exist, but I tried not to think too deeply about it. However, with the foundations of chess and cards existing, selling similar yet different games should work. Yes, all kinds of games from my past life would be a big hit. Hearing my words, Chris lowered her gaze, seemed to ponder something, then looked straight at me.

“….I don’t know what kind of thing board games are, but they don’t require delicate craftsmanship on gems or weapons, right?”

“Yeah. I don’t think it’s that difficult. They just have to make what I come up with as the original plans.”

“If that’s so, skilled craftsmen of other races should gather quickly, but what do you think?”

Hmm. I feel some appeal towards dwarves but if recruiting is difficult, no need to stick to it I guess.

“Yeah, no need to stick to dwarves. Some good people is fine.”

“Understood. I’ll check into it then.”

“Thanks, please do. Well then, shall we wrap up for today?”

Finishing speaking, I spread my arms up with a [Hmm] sound. Alright, now if we can establish trade with Renalute, considerable profit and development can be expected in the future. But I wonder, are there really no dwarves who leave their homeland? I want to do something about that someday. While pondering such things, I noticed Chris seemed somehow depressed about something.

“Chris, did something depressing happen?”

“Huh? No, it’s nothing!”


I’m still worried about Chris’s mood. While thinking that, she hesitantly asked a question.

“Um, how old is the Renalute princess?”

“Huh? Umm, I think she was the same age as me, six. Amazing right, kids like us getting married. Truly a political marriage between countries.”

“The Renalute princess is the same age as Lord Reed. That certainly is amazing….”

Chris is smiling but I can’t shake the feeling she seems somehow down.

“But since she’s becoming my wife, ultimately I want us to become a married couple like my parents. I’ll introduce you then too, Chris.”

“Yes. Please treat me well then….”

And with that, the discussion wrapped up without incident that day.

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