Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 35

Mob No.35: [Of course, it’s to make my remotely operated doll body.]

The day after witnessing Hero’s recovery moment.

I was able to spend a fulfilling day for the first time in a while.

Waking up in the morning, after breakfast I did laundry, cleaned my room, and took out trash.

By the time that was done, the laundry finished, so I folded it and put it away.

After buying groceries for the day, it was nothing but anime.

I watched stuff I’d saved up like the theatrical version of [Demon Slayer] and [Consecutive Spell Battles] [What a Wonderful Isekai Life – Season 3].

But I knew after that amazing day would come a depressing half day.

My ship was returning which was great, but I had to take it to the Guild marina.

Normally not an issue, but just Mr. Roans being away made me so anxious.

In the worst case of him quitting or getting fired, Mr. Zeistol does proper work, so asking him for reception should be fine.

Though various issues seem likely.

There are other male receptionists but few, mostly hunks swarmed by female mercs, so can’t talk to them.

Well, mooring just requires talking to the marina staff for procedure.

And so the next day.

I went to pick up my ship at [Dorg Maintenance Works].

“Hi there.”

“Oh, it’s done. Price’s the usual.”

Oyaji=Mr. Dorg replied while repairing something.

“Then I’ll pay over here please.”

“Ah, yes.”

His wife took over for Oyaji.

Despite being called [Dwarf] by neighbors and mechanics for his small, muscular, pot-bellied, bearded appearance, his wife was undoubtedly still a beauty even now in her later years.

She must have been extremely popular when young.

Apparently she was the one who pressed for a relationship.

While paying,

“Oh right, seems the manufacturer of that engine stopped production. So when repair parts run out, consider a replacement.”

Oyaji dropped a huge bomb.

“Eh?! But they were working hard… I can’t build engines myself though.”

“Just don’t break it.”

My ship Patchwork was originally a used model bought here that I built up by replacing and attaching various parts for what was lacking and reinforcement.

But I can’t mess with the engine itself so it has to be a genuine part.

So if it does break, I’ll have to replace it like Oyaji says.

Gotta be extra careful now.

After getting my ship from Oyaji’s, I immediately went to the Guild’s marina.

“This is ECIM-987072, John Uzoss. Requesting permission to land.”

[Merc Guild Ytts Branch Control Tower. Permission to land granted. Land at J-910.]


Landing at the designated spot, a staff member on the ground called out.

“Much appreciated. Skilled people really are different huh.”

“No no, I’m eternally Knight rank after all.”

Since he was complimenting me, I gently denied it.

“Rank’s got nothing to do with it.”

The staff shook his head and started speaking seriously.

“We staff decide parking spots based on capacity, convenience, ease of landing and taking off.

Skilled guys properly understand all that, land right where we indicate, and park neatly too.

But unskilled guys will land in the designated spot but park sloppily.

Conceited guys don’t land where indicated. Gotta be my favorite number, lucky number’s good they say.

Top guys like [The Jet-Black Devil] and our ace [Kabuto] cleanly land right where we indicate.”

Seems there’s various troubles.

“Then you should spread that talk.”

If it spread, guys claiming to be skilled would compete to follow instructions and park neatly.

But the staff again shook his head.

“That’s just us facility staff’s arbitrary standards. If the source of rumors is known, those guys won’t listen at all.”


The staff smiled sadly.

Maybe they tried spreading rumors before, but were ignored for the aforementioned reasons.

To exit the Guild facilities from the marina, you have to pass through the Guild building itself.

If left alone, it’s incredibly easy.

But that didn’t happen.

Suddenly a call tone rang from my bracelet terminal.

I immediately moved to the bench in a deserted area and sat to take the call.

It was from Ms. Rossweisse by the way.

Well, a saving grace she’s not a real person.

“Hello? Did you need something?”

[It’s been a while, Captain Uzoss. I have a small favor to ask today.]

“I have nothing but bad feelings so I’ll have to refuse.”

Ms. Rossweisse’s requests are undoubtedly no good.

[Why? I haven’t said anything yet?]

“Just had a bad feeling is all.”

[Please at least hear me out!]

“Fine fine…”

She’d probably call even if I blocked her so better get this over with quickly.

[Actually I want to order an android. Do you know any good shops?]

“I don’t know much about androids, only major companies really. For that much, Ms. Rossweisse could easily search herself right?”

[That’s why I want someone who knows good hidden gem places.]

Unfortunately I truly know nothing about androids.

And I’m not her partner, so getting consulted about this just troubles me.

“Shouldn’t you ask your partner?”

[He’s studying for a promotion exam right now.]

“Didn’t he refuse an unconditional Bishop promotion?”

[He wants to properly take the exam since special treatment involving tests can cause issues.]

Right. Ikiri, aka Lambert Liagras, rapidly rose to Knight rank from various battle records, and was immediately tapped for a test-exempt Bishop promotion.

But he declined and said he wanted to properly take the exam and promote, quite a famous story.

Unexpectedly diligent.

“More importantly, what are you using an android for?”

[Of course, it’s to make my remotely operated doll body.]

I’d vaguely realized when she first asked, but hearing it outright just heightened my unease.

With proper ancient tech, seems something amazing could be made, but that’s surely impossible.

“Anyway, I can’t help you there. Check medical sites, androids are pretty common there so info should be plentiful too. Asking android fetish sites might work too.”

[I see, then I’ll check those. Thank you for the advice. Well then.]

And Ms. Rossweisse ended the call.

All I can do is pray Ms. Rossweisse’s schemes are delayed even a second.

Since if that body is completed and converses familiarly with me, it’ll lead to my ruin.

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