Before the tutorial begins chapter 19

Part 2 : The Raven’s Crown (1st Half)

Chapter 19 – The night before and…

living room of the Shimizu house

Time flies in the blink of an eye.

Just the other day, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, the essence of spring. But before I knew it, the leaf cherry blossoms were starting to show, and the big holiday was approaching.

That’s right, the beloved Golden Week that we all adore.

Yay, whoopee, it’s festival time! While jumping and dancing like that would be middle school-esque, I’m not in that kind of mood right now.

April 29th, which is tomorrow, is the day I finally set off with Haruka on our first dungeon raid.

The schedule is three nights and four days, and the location is the [Eternal Darkness] dungeon.

That’s right, the day has finally come. The moment we set foot in the land of [Perpetual Darkness], where the legendary Panacea Elixir sleeps! It’s here, the time has come!

Now, this is no time for silly excitement and pointless yelling.

Screaming for no reason, chatting idly with Haruka for two hours, still not being able to calm down and doing a thousand full power squats in gratitude, then being called annoying by Al and getting kicked in the balls.

Well, thanks to that whole process, I’m relatively calm now.

…Although I should be calmly preparing for tomorrow, I can’t quite shake these useless thoughts. I keep thinking useless things.

Like the dates of Golden Week.

Even though our histories and the creation of our worlds must be quite different, Golden Week exists here as a matter of course.

Not only that, but it starts on April 29th. No matter how you look at it, it’s too much of a coincidence.

“Kyou-kun! Don’t go away and put this in too!”

This celestial music-like beautiful melody is ringing in my brain, which has been rather unfocused.

When I turn around, there stands my sister Ayaka, the highest angel in my world, puffing her cheeks and holding a sleeping bag in one hand.

The scent of soap wafting from her medium black hair makes me feel a sense of awe at how fragrant she is.

“Sorry, sis. But why a sleeping bag?”
“Oh, really! What are you playing ignorant about, Kyou-kun? You’re going to be spending the night in a dungeon tomorrow, weren’t you planning on bringing even a sleeping bag?”

I was about to object that we’d be staying in a special dungeon that I had registered, so it was okay, but I stopped myself.

Since I’m a devoted follower of Sister-ism, I’ll do whatever my sister says, no matter what.

If she says [white], then no matter what color it is, it’s white. And if she says [round], then no matter how square it is, it’s round. That’s the way the world is. At least inside me.

“Got it. Thank you, sister. I’ll take good care of it.”

I quickly stuff the sleeping bag into my big bag. Okay, I’ll use this one for the bed.

“What’s so funny all of a sudden?”

Did I do something weird? Well, if I was able to entertain my sister for even a moment, that’s a happy thing, no matter what the circumstances. In other words, my sister’s smile is the best.

“Oh, I just remembered something from the past. When I was little, Mom used to help me prepare for field trips like this, I remember.”

As she laughs, as if remembering the scenery of days gone by, she hands me a stuffed bear pajama.

Mother, huh…

Shimizu’s parents died in a cave-in a few years ago.

That’s why my sister has to take care of me (plus the boarder who moved in last year) when she should be enjoying her days, and yet she doesn’t complain one bit.

I’m truly in awe.

My unending respect, guilt, and gratitude.

My sister is really great.

“Um, sis.”

So I brought up what I had been thinking about for a while.

“Starting tomorrow, I’ll be diving into a dungeon too, so please spread your wings and enjoy this Golden Week.”

I take a credit card out of my pocket and place it on my sister’s warm palm.

“This is a money card. You can use it at convenience stores. The PIN is 8931, so remember ‘hakusai.'”

Just in case, I also send her the PIN numbers on her smartphone.

Verbal instructions can be lost in the moment. Recording them in different media is super important.

By the way, there’s about 7 millions on it. I transferred the pesky money for taxes and adventurer stuff to a separate bank account, so this page is safe for her to use as she wishes.

“No, Kyou-kun, you can’t waste money!”
“That’s why I want you to keep it, Sis. If I kept it, I’d just waste it all.”

I deliberately scratch my cheek and make up a plausible sounding reason.

Of course, the second half is all pretense.

In this current situation where my life is in danger, I don’t have the leisure to enjoy wasting money.

Ah, but manga, light novels, girl games, anime, and voice work are different. These are mental supplements, you know. A necessary expense, yes, sir.

“I know you’re always careful with Dad’s inheritance. And I’m really grateful that you’re always working hard as a mother figure for me.

But I also want you to be happy, sister. Please eat lots of delicious food, buy things you like, and take luxurious days off every now and then.”


Giving in to my enthusiasm, my sister finally accepted the money card.

Thank you as always, Sis. I hope you can relax at least a little this Golden Week.

———Shimizu House – Kyouichirou’s room

But this is my pure and kind sister we’re talking about. If she were left alone, she definitely wouldn’t use the cash card because she would feel too hesitant.

So to prepare my secret plan, I called Al to my room.

“In other words, all I have to do is throw a tantrum because I want Ayaka to have luxury, right?”

The boss behind the scenes, the linchpin of this plan, ponders my opinion. At the same time, she begins to munch happily on the chicken skin senbei arranged on a small plate. After waiting a while, I nod and say, “Yes.

“Sis is weak to Al. If you say you want to go somewhere, she’ll definitely take you there.”
“I think that’s true, but wouldn’t Ayaka hesitate to use the master’s money even if I asked?”
“That’s why I’m leaving this.”

I hand Al the letter I prepared before.


[I, Shimizu Kyouichirou, allow Shimizu Albion to freely withdraw from the cash card deposit if she desires luxury during the Golden Week. However, withdrawals must be made in the presence of Shimizu Ayaka.]”


You even politely stamped your seal… Master, you are quite sis-con.”

“Hey, stop with the praise. It’s embarrassing, man.”

“I am not praising you. I am belittling you.”

With a small shrug, the white-haired beauty sighs. Even such a trivial gesture looks beautiful and makes me feel pathetic for finding it so.

“Anyway, the main point is about to begin. Listen, Al. When you and my sister walk around, you’re probably going to stand out like a sore thumb. I mean, my sister looks and really is an angel, and you give off the vibe of a mysterious beauty who hides sorrow and all that.”
“How rude. I really am filled with sorrow.”
“This is a mistake between calories and sugar. Sheesh, how much do you eat to be so fuu—oof!”

Kicked. But not in the balls, so I protect myself with my muscles. Heheheh. My bulk armor nullifies physical attacks except for the balls. A frail girl’s kick can’t hurt or tickle this iron fortress! Oh, sorry about that. Please spare my sweet son down there.


Somehow I reset with an ahem. My crotch stings, but that’s probably just my imagination.

“If you and my sister are walking around, there’s a good chance you’ll get hit on. At that time you should…”
“Smash their genitals with [The End of Genesis], right?”

What is she saying that’s so scary?

Don’t smash the strongest move I gave you a title with in a man’s precious place!

“Rest assured. My [The End of Genesis] is the full version that can be used for ranged attacks right away. I would not mind at all if I were to extinguish both the hanging filth and the lust monsters down there, thus contributing to the public order of the city.”

“That’s why it’s so scary!”

What horrible thoughts are in that girl’s head? She’s completely overstepping the acceptable lines for a Galge character…!

“Ah mou! What I’m trying to say is…”

This kind of rambling conversation continued until the date changed.

No suspense or wit. Dramatic nighttime conversations on the eve of departure are impossible for us.

And so the morning of April 29th finally arrived.

I take a shower, eat the breakfast my sister made, brush my teeth, and check my belongings.

Now there’s nothing left but to go out. Just as I was about to leave, my sister gave me a tender hug.

“You have to, you have to come back safely, okay?”

When I heard my sister’s tearful voice, I almost wanted to cry as well.

[Master, don’t forget to bring back some souvenirs.]

This one almost made me cry for a different reason.
Lady Al is as steadfast as ever.

I told the two who saw me to the door, “I’m off!” with all the volume I could muster.

With two Big bags and the weapon on my back, I dashed through the Cherry Blossom City.

With the scene of cherry blossoms fluttering in the morning sky etched in my mind, I activated the art of [Strengthen Leg] many times over.

Thanks to the level-up rewards and daily training, the performance of my honed [Leg Strength Enhance] is several levels stronger than it was during that battle.

Lightly, quickly, with full strength, while still calm.

Passing through the residential area, leaving the main road behind, running along the coast, climbing the mountain road.

The slightly precarious slope doesn’t bother me now. I jumped up the slope, crossed the animal trail, and sprinted straight up the mountain road.

I can see trees.

The landscape is getting higher.

The air is getting thinner, but I keep running.

Running, running, running, running.

And after about twenty minutes of running, I come to the top of a small mountain.

“It’s so big…”

A huge tree towers over me. To say that the thickness of the trunk, which appears to be the convergence of several trees, is impressive would be an understatement.

Dungeon City of Sakura – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness] This gigantic tree, bursting with vitality, has a majestic appearance that can’t be less than several thousand years old, yet it’s said to have grown here only two years ago.

That’s right. DanMagi dungeons suddenly appear one day without any warning. What a fantastic public nuisance.

There’s more than 336 of those jumbo trees in Sakura.

Well, I take out my smartphone to check the time. 8:20. Plenty of time until the 9 o’clock meeting.

For now, I’ll go to the entrance and wait for Haruka’s arrival.


I lean against the tree trunk at the entrance and listen to the birds chirping.

It’s too late to notice, but maybe I’m a little too excited.

Waiting at the meeting point 40 minutes early after using Leg Strength Enhance to get here and all, how much was I looking forward to this?

A dungeon is supposed to be a place that you challenge at the risk of your life. To be as excited about it as a kid on a field trip… Well, that is exactly right, I guess.

The cure for my sister’s curse lies in the depths of this dungeon, and obtaining it is undoubtedly Shimizu Kyouichirou’s most fervent wish.

But at the same time, there is the “I” that has been waiting for this adventure in my heart.

Would you say that my boy spirit has been stimulated? There’s this bubbling sense of anticipation, like going to find treasure in unknown lands.

I was probably influenced by her. She’s always talking passionately about the wonders of adventure, so… I better stop rambling.

I wave to the girl who is walking this way with a large outdoor backpack on her back, her hair held back with the usual tie and ribbon, and matching top and bottom with her name embroidered on them. The color scheme is blue, of course.


Haruka Aono’s smiling face, lit by the sunshine, has the usual sparkle of a star. Even today, she’s as energetic as ever.

“As usual, Kyouichirou is early, huh. I thought if I got here 30 minutes early, I could definitely beat you here.”
“Wahaha, I was way late.”

Not that it’s anything to brag about.

“Sorry, but I don’t intend to lose when it comes to being late from now on, Haruka.”
“Say what you want, Kyou-san. But next time, I’ll definitely make you say [Sorry, have you been waiting long?] Oh right. Sorry, did you wait long?”
“No waiting at all when I was here 40 minutes before the meeting. I probably won’t end up waiting at all, right? Besides, I’ll win next time.”
“No, I’ll win.”

We stare at each other over something trivial, then burst out laughing at the same time like a dam bursting.

Even meaningless conversations like this are fun to have with her, it’s unfair.

“Well, well, well. The day has finally come, hasn’t it, Kyou-san?”
“Ah, it’s our memorable debut battle.”

Whoo~, we arbitrarily get excited together.

I felt the piercing eyes of the adventurers passing by. But I don’t really care. There’s probably a glittering buff effect activated from being with Haruka-san. I’m in the best mood.

“So, for our memorable first exploration, how far does Kyouichirou want to go, nya?”
“Let’s see… We’re still beginners. So…”

I pause, then smile cockily.

“So first we’ll overwrite the deepest record of this dungeon. We can think about what comes after that.”

Haruka’s almond-shaped eyes widen for a moment, then she bursts out laughing.

“Ahahahahahahahahahaha! This is so like you, Kyouichirou, I love this part! Since we’re going to make a splashy debut anyway, let’s make it splashy!”
“Oh yeah!”

After aligning our resolve, we fist bump each other for encouragement.

Morale is high. The preparations have gone perfectly. Now all that’s left is to charge forward.

“Let’s go, [Perpetual Darkness]! Raid begins!”

Side by side with Haruka, I walk through the entrance of the building.

I see a lot of people. Most of them seemed to be fellow adventurers.

Sorry about that, fellas.

We’ll definitely overtake you and complete this dungeon.

No dissent will be allowed. Dissenters will be crushed. The hidden treasures that lie dormant in this dungeon will definitely be taken by us.

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