Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 8

Their Separate Paths

When I thought about it, I wanted to hurry to my assigned post. I quickly changed clothes and rushed to the Farren Spaceport.
I was told it would be two hours until departure, so even though I really didn’t have much time, I had come here in a hurry out of excitement. Now I had over an hour and a half before takeoff.
I arrived at the Farren Spaceport but had nothing to do here.
With over an hour of time, I looked around wondering what to do.
I had heard this was a military-only spaceport but, as expected of a spaceport in the capital, the facilities were just as good as any civilian port.
There were so many restaurants of different cuisines that I couldn’t even count them all.
Of course, being in the capital star system, the regular flights here weren’t just to the other two star systems but also to many other systems.
Also, even though it was for military use, there were many civilians here using it for military contracted work. So in the lobby there were not only soldiers but many civilians as well.
One memorable sight was the large number of cute civilian women standing by the gates, apparently here to see off their soldier boyfriends.
Damn those happily coupled people! I shouted internally.
Just then, I heard a voice call out to me from behind.
“Hey, is that you, Nao?”

I turned around in surprise to see Mark approaching me, lugging a large bag and wearing the uniform of a military ensign.
“Oh, Mark. Are you shipping out already?”
“Shipping out?…No, just a training voyage. I got my orders yesterday. I’m assigned to the 1st Fleet HQ now.”
“Wow, that’s amazing.”
“What’s so amazing? I heard almost everyone graduating from the elite officer academy gets assigned to the 1st or 2nd Fleet HQ. You’re the abnormal one Nao. It must be because of your crazy high scores.”
“That’s mean, saying I got crazy scores. Well, I just got my orders too.”
“Looking at your uniform, the Coast Guard huh? I’ve heard some bad rumors about that place…”
“Ah well, doesn’t matter to me where I go. Being an officer at all is a luxury in my eyes.”
“Still, a sub-lieutenant right off the bat. Where are you headed?”
“I’m going now to the 3rd Patrol Fleet HQ on Luciraria. I’ve been appointed leader of the inspection platoon on the patrol frigate Akkeshi.”
“A platoon leader already? Wow. Oh right, you’ve still got time before departure?”
“Yeah, over an hour still. I was just wondering what to do.”
“Perfect. I’ve still got two hours before assembly. Let’s go get some tea somewhere.”
I went with Mark to a nearby cafe in the spaceport.
It was pretty crowded here too but as two officers, we were quickly shown to a table.
In this society with strong social strata, officers get preferential treatment for almost everything.
And that was the same even for us fresh out of school. Here we got seated and served tea right away without waiting.
I had just seen Mark yesterday but it had been a while since we could chat so leisurely like this.
According to him, those graduating from the elite officer academy pretty much follow a set path the first year.
Mark was assigned to the 1st Fleet HQ but he said that was just a formality to give them training time on ships with availability in the fleet.
Proof being, the ensigns gathering in two hours would board frigates in the 1st Fleet’s supply convoy squadron for their training voyage.
The reason being the supply convoy squadron, as they didn’t have any supply convoy missions planned for a while, had availability on their escort ships.
For about half a year, they would serve on separate frigates in this supply escort fleet, training under veteran senpais on navigation, engineering, communications, weapons control, and various other departments.
After that, they would transfer to battleships and other ships, paired with a veteran officer mentor, gaining hands-on experience in officer duties, having their aptitudes assessed. Then after promotion to sub-lieutenant, they would diverge into their respective career paths.
In my case, due to my extreme scores, I skipped this course and got sent on detachment to the Coast Guard instead.
“I’ve still got so much to learn. It’s practically the same as our academy training I hear. You on the other hand are amazing Nao. A platoon leader already? Will you be able to handle it?”
“No clue. I’m surprised too but can’t refuse the order. I’ll just have to do my best.”
“That’s just like you Nao, always so modest. I think it’s really incredible. But could it just be good luck?”
“Talking about luck again huh. You’re probably right. For now I’ll think of it as good luck. Ah, it’s about time. Sorry but I’ve got to go. Take care.”
“You too Mark. Good luck.”
“Yeah, thanks.”


I parted ways with Mark and took a shuttle to Luciraria.
Planet Luciraria was the primary planet orbiting the star Lucia in the capital star system. It was famous as a resource planet supplying mineral resources mainly to the stars in the capital system.
Due to the early development of heavy industry and processing of extracted resources, it was also advanced in chemical industries and manufacturing, making it known as the factory planet of the capital system.
Indeed there were many factories, and with pragmatic rather than aesthetic development, it wasn’t exactly scenic and lacked greenery to soothe people’s hearts.
But to support the large population, the urban areas were quite developed, and the primary spaceport was enormous.
Of course it wasn’t on the scale of the Farren Spaceport on the capital planet Diamond, but as a joint civilian and military spaceport, the 3rd Patrol Fleet HQ was also located here.
After getting off the shuttle, I headed directly for the 3rd Patrol Fleet HQ located in the spaceport administration building.
This office was located within the spaceport management building.
It was a relatively small and modest establishment, responsible for the operation management of two space frigates, unlike the grandeur of the Coast Guard headquarters.
But they still had the operations staff for the two 3rd Patrol Fleet frigates and individual offices planetside for each of the ship captains.
The HQ office seemed pretty busy when I entered.
The atmosphere was different from headquarters.
I went to the reception desk, explained my purpose, and was led to see the 3rd Patrol Fleet commander in his office.
“Commander Potto, the new sub-lieutenant has arrived.”
“Fine, send him in.”
“I’ve been assigned here effective today. Nao Bruce, sub-lieutenant.”
After saluting, I handed my orders to the commander.
“So you’re the rumored sub-lieutenant. Have a seat over there and wait.”
Following his instructions, I sat down on a sofa in the office and waited.
The HQ staff seemed rather busy at the moment.
The commander was also busy making calls.
After waiting a while, a major entered the commander’s office.
“Commander Potto, you wanted to see me?”
“Ah, I’ve been waiting Dusty. This here is the sub-lieutenant I mentioned. He’s been assigned platoon leader for the 2nd inspection platoon. I’ll leave the rest to you.”
“Of course. I can put him to work right away. Well, I don’t think we’ll be using him for this mission, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Right, I forgot to mention that. This time, it’s been a while since we’ve had a big catch. We won’t be bothering with routine inspections. I’ve heard that the 3rd Mobile Fleet and the 2nd Patrol Squadron will be joining as well. We may not have much to do, but we should be prepared just in case. Sorry, but I can’t leave this post, so I’m counting on you.”
“Understood. Then, Ensign, I’m Captain Dusty, commanding the space frigate [Akeshi]. Nice to meet you. We don’t have much time, so forgive me, but please come with me right away. I’ll introduce you to your subordinates.”
With a quick introduction to my new superior, Captain Dusty, I was rushed off just as hurriedly to my new workplace.

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