Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 10




Blood was streaming from Kurashiki’s forehead. Me, punched by an ally, and Kurashiki, punching herself. Given the unbelievable situation, Kirido stood up holding the mop half in one hand.
“Hey, just what the hell have you guys been doing since earlier?! What exactly are you trying to—”
” ‘Fifth clause: Violence against students and teachers is prohibited. Students who break this clause must pay a fine or face suspension or expulsion depending on severity, unless forgiven by the victim.’
‘Sixth clause: Destruction of others’ belongings is prohibited. Unless forgiven by the victim, students who break this clause must pay full compensation for all damaged items and a 100,000 yen fine, or face suspension or expulsion.’
‘Seventh clause: Using others’ belongings without permission is prohibited. In principle, those who use or take others’ belongings without the owner’s consent must pay a 100,000 yen fine or face suspension or expulsion.'”
I recited the school rules over him.
Hurried footsteps could be heard coming from outside the classroom.
They came all the way to our classroom, then kicked down the broken door and appeared.
“Amamori! To think you suddenly borrowed an empty classroom, just what are you doing—?!”
…At this academy, teachers are absolute.
If a teacher says it’s allowed, then it’s allowed.
If a teacher says ‘You can borrow a classroom,’ then it’s possible.
Even if it means losing 300,000 yen over the course of a year.
In the early stages of having nearly 500,000 yen, none other than Teacher saying it’s ‘possible’ means one empty classroom can definitely be borrowed.
“…Kirido, what are you doing.”
Teacher Sakaki’s voice was endlessly cold.
Behind her was…unexpected. Staring at us with eyes wide in shock—the black-haired girl, Asahina Kasumi. Seeing that, Kirido raised a twisted grin.
“Hey, listen to me, both of you! These guys are weird! They had photos of stuff I never did, suddenly started hitting each other… And their way of talking is totally different from usual! Yeah, they’re pretending to be someone else! So in order to frame me, these guys—!”
“—Quiet down a bit, Kirido.”
Teacher Sakaki’s voice remained cold.
The video from Kurashiki’s smartphone was still being projected on the blackboard.
Glancing at it and assessing the situation, Teacher Sakaki opened her eyes thinly and smiled wryly at me, then walked over to Kurashiki and gently touched her forehead.
“The current situation is clear without needing your excuses. In short, you were rebuked after being caught red-handed in your crimes, but instead you became enraged, resulting in the current situation. That’s not mistaken, is it Kirido.”
“Wha—?! Don’t mess with me, Sakaki! No matter how you look at it, this is—!”
“It looks like you beat Amamori and when Kurashiki tried to help, you hit her with the mop. That’s how it appears.”
At those words, Kirido froze without a voice.
Of course, our side’s situation of in-fighting and self-harm had been brought about.
But even so, Kirido’s tight grip on the mop half, his usual conduct, and the potential crime photos and videos of him emphasized Kirido Hashiru’s ‘evil nature’.
Even if that ‘evil’ had been fabricated.
“Ah, Asahina! You, you’ll believe me right?! I belong to you! Hey Asahina, you…you’re the only one who understands me—!”
“…What are you saying?”
Asahina’s shoulders shook as she muttered briefly.
Along with yellow lightning, she dashed to stand before me.
Hesitantly reaching out to touch my cheek, regret swam in her eyes.
“…I’m sorry. Even though I promised to save you. Even though I swore to protect you…When you needed me most, I couldn’t even be there—!”
An intense grinding sound.
I saw Asahina clenching her teeth in front of me, rather than Kirido as I’d thought.
“No way…right? Hey, Asahina! Why are you by Amamori’s side! You, you belong to me, me alone—!”
“—Have shame, Kirido Hashiru.”
The sharp voice that rang out was Asahina’s.
It burned with anger. Much sharper and colder than when I first met her, yet rumbling with fiery rage—strong words.
Unlike the anger directed at the whole class before, this time her emotions were focused entirely on Kirido as an individual.
Even if his body was unharmed. Even if he felt no pain.
The blade of words from someone he adored accurately pierced Kirido’s heart.
“Even though he only wished to live in peace, you insulted him countless times, and even raised your hand against Kurashiki-san who had no involvement… How despicable, how evil… I’m ashamed I ever thought there could be reconciliation with you.”
Right now in this moment, the one standing there wasn’t some ally of justice.
She was just an ordinary high school first-year, the girl Asahina Kasumi.
That’s why it resonated.
Now that she had fallen from a heroine to just a girl and boy.
Being clearly rejected by the one he admired was surely most painful for Kirido.
“Hey Kirido-kun…this is the first time I’ve said this line to someone else.”


“I hate you. I don’t want to see your face ever again.”
It sounded like his heart was breaking. …Kirido crumpled to his knees.
His eyes were empty, containing not a shred of light.
Only nothingness spread, and Teacher Sakaki’s voice rose toward that Kirido.
“Kirido. I recognize your violations of school rules and will punish you. The relevant clauses are the fifth, sixth, and seventh clauses of the school rules. The violations are violence against a student, along with destruction of a student’s belongings, and unauthorized use of academy possessions borrowed by a student. The destruction of the academy’s possessions borrowed by a student will be treated as a ‘duplicate violation,’ necessarily doubling your punishment.”
And thus, Kirido Hashiru’s end arrived.
Property damage in the classroom x 11. Plus theft of belongings x 3. Violent acts x 2.
“From the extent of the injuries and the current situation, I will decide your fine for the fifth clause, violence, based on my personal discretion. Your fine for violence against Amamori Yuuto will be 200,000 yen. And your fine for violence against Kurashiki Hotaru will be 400,000 yen.”
The difference was likely because one victim was male and one female.
A boy getting some facial injuries isn’t a big issue.
But for a girl, it’s different. Her face getting injured is no joke.
So it was an acceptable decision.
In addition to compensation for the many damaged items, the fines for theft and violence were added.
…Yeah. I feel like this might be going overboard, but well, all’s well that ends well.
[Kirido Hashiru violated school rules clauses 5, 6, and 7. As punishment, 236,612 yen will be deducted from your account… Error. Insufficient funds confirmed. Therefore, in accordance with clause 1 of the school rules—]
The information sounded from his smartphone as I recalled clause 1.
[First clause: All of the following school rules are absolute principles during academy life. Those who violate the rules and are unable to pay the fine will be uniformly expelled.]
It was a sentence that couldn’t be appealed no matter how you struggled.
But because of that, it brought relief.
I deeply exhaled and closed my eyes.
[Kirido Hashiru is expelled.]
Those were absolute words that surpassed even god within the academy.
Refreshing wind flowed in through the broken window glass.
It was spring. A season for filling your chest with anticipation and celebrating your new start.
Cherry blossom petals danced in the wind, falling onto my head.
My heart was as clear as the spring sunshine.
—In stark contrast to the classroom air.

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