Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 5

I had been given permission to use an empty lot behind the village, where it had been waiting.

Kurausora still didn’t like anyone other than me, and he would intimidate anyone who approached him, including children. Aware of this, the three children insisted on accompanying me. Kurausora would become lively when I was around.

Seeing my arrival, the faces of the three children lit up as they witnessed the Wyvern flapping its wings with delight.

As usual, I attempted to offer him an apricot fruit, but suddenly, an idea struck me. I called the three children over and handed them the fruit. Then, with a glance, I signaled Kurausora, silently conveying, “Do you understand?”

…Although I feel like this service seems a bit excessive, these three children helped Sarah when the church was filled with the sick. They even gave up their rooms for the sick individuals.

I witnessed it firsthand. Now that the situation has calmed down, I can use it to my advantage. It’s also a way to gain favor with Sarah, who continues to smile and look after the children!

Kurausora made a disgusted noise when I offered food to the children, but I urged him to endure it with a glance. We’ll go hunting together later, so he needs to listen to what I’m saying now.

It seemed reasonable to focus on hunting recognizable prey. According to the information I gathered from the village, there have been recent sightings of orcs in the vicinity. While it’s still mostly rumors like “Some villagers claim to have seen an orc,” there is genuine concern among the villagers that orcs from neighboring countries may have settled in the southern mountains.

Goblins and orcs have a keen sense of smell and tend to appear in villages affected by plagues and wars. If there truly are orcs, there’s a high possibility that the surrounding villages will come under attack.

I estimated that Iria would arrive in two days. By scanning the skies, I could easily locate the orc’s nest. If I don’t find them, it’s fine too. It would help reassure the villagers.

Either way, it’s an opportunity to gain favor with the villagers.


Noon arrived two days later, and Iria made her entrance. It seemed she hadn’t arrived by carriage but by horse.

If I think calmly, Iria is a sixth-class adventurer like Lars, so she should have enough funds to buy one or two horses.

When she spotted me chopping wood with the children in her beloved church, her eyes and mouth widened in surprise. Maybe after about three seconds, she’ll shout, “Why are you here!?” or something along those lines.

Alright, here we go.

I began gathering words in my head to calm Iria down.

This happened five years ago.

“Hey, hey, Iria! Don’t you think he’s amazing!?”


Lars pointed towards the adventurer guild’s training field, where a young man was silently swinging his sword. He raised and lowered his sword with such brilliance that it caught Lars’ attention.

That’s when Iria and I first met.

For Iria, I was a rather perplexing person.

Even now, she feels contempt and disgust, but her initial impression of me wasn’t as negative. No, in fact, it could be said that she even respected me.

This was because, in battle, Iria and Lars would often make mistakes as we formed our group.

Unlike me, who had received swordsmanship training from an early age, Lars and Iria had to prioritize helping their families. Melte is a poor rural village where even children have important roles to play.

The time available for them to train as adventurers was very limited, and it showed in their early skills.

There were numerous occasions when I had to step in with my swordsmanship to aid them when facing monsters. I had a modest and courteous demeanor, and I seemed somewhat noble. Over time, the gap between us grew, but on the other hand, Lars and I would secretly visit brothels to have fun with women. When the women pushed us, we would sheepishly shrug our shoulders.

At that time, we were comrades in the “Falcon’s Sword.”

Iria herself wasn’t as close to me as Lars and Luna Maria, but she wasn’t as distant as Miroslav, who despised men. Though she felt a slight jealousy that Lars was so friendly with me, she never truly hated me.

Things started to change when I confessed my limitations. That was the moment when Iria’s perception of me shifted heavily towards the “negative” side.


Miroslav denounced my actions as parasitic.

In response, I argued that I had no intention of being a parasite. It was wrong of me to hide my limitations, but I believed that if I confessed, the group would cast me aside, deeming me a burden.

Iria believed that my words were not lies. I had no intention of being a parasite. Surely, I would have confessed my situation before resorting to parasitism.

However, the extent to which one considers it parasitism is subjective.

I judged my own situation as “Not yet considered parasitism,” but for Miroslav, it was “Nothing more than parasitism.”

And Iria’s perspective aligned more closely with Miroslav’s.

To Iria, my situation regarding my limitations was mere “talk.” If I had spoken about everything beforehand and Iria and the others had accepted it, it would have become a “group issue.” But I didn’t.

It was six months after joining the “Falcon’s Sword.” I had countless opportunities to speak up, yet I remained silent.

The imbalance in strength within the group could lead to unforeseen accidents and even the death of its members. Knowing this, one cannot stay silent for personal reasons and put their comrades at risk.

At that moment, what Iria sensed from me was “coddling.”

Iria had lost her father at a young age and was raised by a single mother under strict rules. In other words, she had always been careful to avoid being coddled by others.

From Iria’s perspective, my actions were coddling me by not directly addressing the fact that I had limitations.

It was coddling me by not informing my companions, by not despising or hating me.

Even my confession of limitations could be seen as coddling me with a mentality of “I told you, so let’s put it behind us.” Iria distinctly remembered feeling deeply disappointed.

Her disappointment was particularly profound because she had acknowledged my abilities.

Iria didn’t actively spread the word “Parasite,” but she didn’t deny it either. It was the result of her negative emotions at the time.

In other words, those negative feelings still lingered after the incident with the Lord of the Flies.

Miroslav’s actions during that time were undoubtedly unforgivable. And Iria’s own transgression was also unforgivable.

Although Iria had no other choice when Lars was unconscious, she understood that it was no excuse to use another person as bait. It was only natural for me to be angry.

However, with that in mind, Iria immediately thought, “You were the one who deceived the ‘Falcon’s Sword.'”

A man who hid his limitations and put his companions in danger loudly accused them of endangering him. Why should she bow her head to such a person?

In hindsight, that sentiment wasn’t justified. My sin of concealing my limitations from the group and the sin of the “Falcon’s Sword” using magic to make me vulnerable to the Lord of the Flies were not on the same level.

That’s why Iria vehemently challenged me at the adventurer’s guild—because of her negative feelings towards me. She was so disappointed and upset that the emotions of “I don’t want to hear that from you” overflowed.

Words once spoken cannot be undone. Surely, at this point, I wouldn’t want to hear any apologies. Moreover, apologizing to me would be akin to condemning Miroslav’s actions, which could create an irreparable rift with Lars if she were to defend him …Therefore, to this day, Iria has not apologized to me and continues to carry the guilt of not being able to face me with sincerity.

Therefore, to this day, Iria hasn’t apologized to me and continues to bury the guilt of not being able to face me sincerely.

Iria lying in her room at the church. It has been a while since she returned, and I can tell her mother Sarah has been diligently cleaning the room. There is no dust on the floor or desk, and a pleasant, sunny scent fills the air.

Iria feels weak as she lies on the bed.

After returning to the village from her ordeal with the sea poison, she realized that the poison had already been eradicated thanks to the potent Jiraiya Oaks fruit. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness.

“I’m grateful that there are no more sick people, but…”

She’s frustrated with her inability to contribute anything, especially considering that Sora was the one who played a significant role. This only adds to her frustration.

Moreover, Sora brought a large quantity of recovery medicine for the sick and holy water from the Temple of Mother Earth to cleanse the poisoned fields.

“I’m really exhausted. There’s no one to listen to me anymore.”

Not only do the villagers disregard her, but even her mother Sarah and her adoptive siblings have grown attached to Sora.

No one would take her seriously if she were to reveal that Sora had enslaved a former comrade and put a collar on her to enforce obedience.

Additionally, Iria could be blamed for the incident with the Lord of the Flies.

Sora, who rushed to the crisis-ridden village and faced one challenge after another, cannot be compared to Iria, who couldn’t provide much help despite her haste to arrive. Not to mention Lars, who didn’t bother to come at all.

“I don’t think Sora came to Melte by mere coincidence. He must have a hidden agenda.”

Iria clenches her teeth in frustration.

In addition to the Jiraiya Oaks fruit from Tittis, Sora brought health medicine and holy water from the Temple of Mother Earth. It must have required a significant amount of effort and resources to acquire all these items. It couldn’t be solely driven by goodwill.

It’s clear that Sora’s motives are connected to Iria and Lars, but the specifics remain unknown. If his intention was to enslave Iria, he wouldn’t have bothered to help the people of Melte.

Iria suspects that Sora might reveal the incident with the Lord of the Flies to tarnish her and Lars’ reputation. As recognized adventurers, Iria and Lars are a source of pride for the villagers in Melte. If news of their involvement in such an unfortunate event spreads, it would be a great disappointment to the villagers. Moreover, if her mother, the priestess of God’s law, were to find out, Iria could risk losing her status as a warrior priestess. It could be seen as a form of retaliation.

However, her mother and the villagers have been treating Iria as they always have since she arrived in the village.

For now, Sora seems to be inactive.

“What is he planning… yawn…”

While she ponders, exhaustion takes over, causing her eyelids to grow heavier.

With a yawn, Iria gently closes her eyes. Regardless of Sora’s intentions, she knows she needs to be well-rested and prepared to face whatever comes her way.

Gradually, her breaths grow steadier, and the tension on her forehead relaxes as she drifts into sleep.

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