Two Childhood Friends Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – It’s Your Fault

“Man, you guys are impressive. I can’t believe you defeated that oni… As expected from the elopement couple!”
Enmi smiled and spoke to them, though it was invisible to Yoshihito and Kirako. Embarrassed, they grimaced and opened their mouths reluctantly.
“We’re not a couple.” Their voices matched perfectly.
“Your breathing is in sync too…” Enmi said.
Of course, Enmi was talking to Yoshihito Kuchinasi and Kirako Kuromitsu, who had explored the dungeon with her in the same group. Originally famous as the eloping couple who didn’t smoothly enter the academy and ran off, the two of them.
Additionally, it was found they had quite powerful special abilities, continuously tickling Enmi’s curiosity. That’s why she was still with them even though the recreation had already ended.
“But isn’t it pretty awful that everyone else already went home?”
The other classmates had already returned to the academy.
Considering the fierce battle with the oni, and the need to debrief them, they had been given guest rooms.
Currently, they were walking towards there on the campus grounds.
“Well, if we really had been done in by the monster, the worst case of the dungeon overflowing with monsters might have happened. So it turned out okay (Though I won’t forgive them for running away without becoming my meat shields. As expected, classmates are useless).”
Yoshihito smiled.
Not knowing his inner thoughts, Enmi sincerely reconsidered that he was a nice, good-natured man.
That was also the case when they encountered the oni. Normally, anyone would try to flee for themselves first.
Yet these two tried to bravely march forward, thinking of each other.
Though in reality they were just ordinary and desperately tried to flee.
What set them apart was that they ended up kicking each other down into the abyss together.
“Tsk, can’t be helped.”
Responding to the muttered words, Yoshihito bent down slightly. Kirako leaned over him.
A piggyback ride. Once she fidgeted into a good position, she breathed a satisfied sigh.
Then she immediately fell fast asleep. Enmi was shocked they could communicate without any concrete conversation.
“She seems tired too, huh?”
“She? No, that’s not it, but Kirako has no stamina either. I pushed her too far today even though her power was needed. I want her to rest properly. (I’m beat too. Someone comfort me, idiot.)”
Well, if she was tired, he should help out a little. That’s what Yoshihito thought.
Though in reality, he was happily planning to toss the fast asleep Kirako off later and force her awake.
“Even if she’s not your girlfriend, you seem to care about her a lot.”
“We’re childhood friends. She’s precious to me. (A precious sacrifice.)”
“I see, I’m kinda jealous. I don’t have anyone that important to me.”
Enmi spoke casually, but her words were quite heavy. Sensing various troubles if he pried, Yoshihito ignored it.
Enmi was naturally the friendly type. She could talk to anyone without hesitation.
But as a member of the Kakushigi family, she wasn’t allowed to have any precious people. They lived in the shadows, moving in secrecy.
That’s why she mustn’t make any bonds that could shake that.
“But the recreation was a great success!”
“Huh? (It was a total failure, right?)”
Yoshihito looked at her with genuine confusion.
“Because I got to know you better! Isn’t that great!” Enmi said joyfully.
“Ha…ha? (Is this a joke?)”
His handsome face was flawless even with a forced smile. Enmi couldn’t notice, despite her skill at reading people’s movements.
At that time, droplets of water started falling on their bodies intermittently. Looking up at the sky, it was covered with black clouds.
“It’s raining.”

“…I’m so wet and cold.”
Kirako muttered as she got drenched in the rain.
Her back, in particular, was soaked because she had been sleeping soundly on her childhood friend’s back.
“It’s a good thing we had an umbrella, thanks to you,” he said.
It’s worth mentioning that Kirako had angrily stomped on his toes a moment ago.
They were already inside a building managed by the Self-Defense Forces.
Since most people were currently involved in training or guarding the dungeon, there weren’t many around.
Originally, it was a simple building where not-so-bright students could stay for a while.
And now, her childhood friend was nowhere to be seen.
He had headed straight for the bath.
“Ugh… I’m all wet too…”
Enmi whispered, and even though her figure couldn’t be seen, a puddle of water formed in an empty space.
It would have been quite scary if you didn’t know about her special ability.
“Can’t you Phasing on things like a ghost?”
“Phasing and invisibility are different. In my case, I can make myself hard to see, but I can’t phase through things.”
“I see. You’re like a failed ghost then.”
Kirako thought some pretty rude things, but she had a smile on her face, so no one noticed.
Her ability to maintain a facade was quite impressive.
At least, it was enough to deceive Enmi, who had a high ability to see through people’s true feelings.
“For now, I want to take a bath.”
“That sounds good. I’ll join you.”
“Oh, then let’s go together! It’ll be a girls’ talk. Tell me about your relationship with Kuchinasi-san!”
“Just childhood friends (and occasional sacrifice).”


Thinking the same thing, perhaps their twisted fate was growing stronger.
Without realizing this, Kirako briefly made a disgusted face.
“By the way, do you turn invisible in the bath too?”
“No, I wouldn’t do that in there. I really don’t want to reveal myself to others if I can help it, but for you, Kuromitsu-san… is that alright?”
She said it with a cute voice.
However, since her figure couldn’t be seen, it wasn’t particularly enticing, and Kirako, who was also a woman, remained unfazed.
“I have no interest in that.”
“Neither do I.”
Enmi changed her tone nonchalantly.
Don’t do something pointless, thought Kirako in her mind.
“Oh, but I forgot to ask where the bathhouse is.”
“I already asked Kuchinasi-san, your childhood friend. It’s this way.”
“Oh, that’s a relief. You’ve been so helpful since the Oni incident. You’re quite attentive.”
Following Enmi down the hallway, Kirako added,
“As I said, I’m not interested.”
As she had mentioned.
As Kirako said this, they quickly reached the bathhouse.
Of course, it wasn’t as luxurious as a ryokan or a hotel, but it was sufficient to warm their chilled bodies.
The dressing room was spacious enough to accommodate many people.
“Well, let’s change quickly and head to the bath…”
“I’m ready, so I’ll go ahead.”
Looking astonished, Kirako had already stripped off her uniform and was walking away covering her front with a towel. As she passed by, Enmi marvel at her thoroughly.
Her lovely black hair wasn’t too long, cut to about shoulder length. However, the rain had caused it to shine glossily there, looking especially beautiful even they were the same gender.
Needless to say, her facial features were symmetrical, and her figure was beautifully proportioned. It may have lacked curves, but it was slim with a model physique.
In a way the complete opposite, the curvy Enmi felt a tinge of envy.
Such a girl strode briskly ahead and entered the bath first.
“Well, I guess it’s fine since I wasn’t mentally prepared to show my true form anyway… But aren’t you even a little curious? I think it’s a pretty big secret…”
It was a bit shocking that she headed to the bath without paying any attention at all, even though Enmi had declared she would undo her transparency.
I understand though.
I know she was cold and wanted to warm up quickly. But wouldn’t you at least pause briefly to check?
Of course, what I’m not wearing becomes visible when transparency is undone.
The discarded uniform would show itself.
Seeing the much larger bra and more Enmi left behind, she undid her transparency.
“Okay, preparations complete! Kuromitsu-san, let’s have a nice chat!”
The bath entrance rattled as she entered. The large public bath was already filled with warm water, so visibility was poor due to the steam.
Splish splosh, she walked on the wet floor. Two people’s silhouettes could be seen soaking in the bathwater.
Alright, I’ll go talk to her.
…Two people’s silhouettes?
“Yes, it’s not just me, but you don’t mind, right?”
It was Kirako’s voice. She was definitely there, but who was the other person?
Peering closely…she was shocked to see who the individual was.
“So, um…should I scream?”
Despite being immersed in warm water, Yoshihito’s face was pale as he grimaced. Meanwhile, Kirako had a melting expression as she soaked in the water beside him.
What’s with her being so relaxed!? Why is there a guy here?
Various emotions whirled through Enmi’s mind.
“Ahh…nice hot water…”
Kirako let out a comfortable sigh. In truth, her bathing together with Yoshihito wasn’t particularly unusual.
Due to Kirako’s unique circumstances, she would always flee and barge into his place. He loathed it, but she didn’t care so it was fine.
In other words, Kirako was just acting as usual. The outsider Enmi barging in was what made things problematic.
The two likely didn’t mind mixed bathing because they saw each other as beings like the air. Though they would try kicking each other into the abyss.
Having perfectly reigning in their lust, they would never turn that kind of gaze onto one another. Of course, Enmi had not attained that mentality.
No matter how she was born and raised in the unusual Kakushigi household, she was still an adolescent girl. It was the two with mental states like centuries old monsters that were abnormal.
“…No, I’ll be the one screaming.”
Enmi didn’t scream reflexively, perhaps due to pride.
The main factor was likely that the man before her didn’t look at her with the slightest sexual desire.
Enmi transparency has been deactivated.
Her true form is revealed to all.
Her very long black hair covers her buttocks.
Her bangs are also long, and her eyes are completely hidden.
She is not that tall, but her body is very well defined.
It is hard to believe that she was a junior high school student, at least until a few days ago.
And she is not trying to hide her appearance at all, as she was completely unaware that Kirako was the only one here.
She shows her all of her true self.
How attractive is the naked body of the opposite sex to adolescent boys and girls?
Even if they are quite good-looking.
They would stare at it with their eyes wide open.
Since Enmi is usually completely transparent, she is also attractive in that sense.
” ………… “
But the man in front of Enmi looked really uncomfortable.
What kind of thing is it to look at a naked body and feel disgusted?
I feel anger, not shame.
But for a good person, it is a feeling of being exposed to something he does not want to see.
In the first place, this boy’s mentality was that of a freak who had perfectly conquered lust despite being a teenager. Making an unrecoverable mistake in life due to raging hormones was absolutely unforgivable.
So the only thing on Yoshihito’s mind was how to get through this situation without lowering people’s evaluation of him. He didn’t even consider harbouring indecent feelings for Enmi or wanting to get close to her.
“Ahh, nice bath.”
“This is your fault.”
Yoshihito glared at Kirako relaxing without a care, her shoulder brushing his despite the close distance.

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