Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 7

It took us about ten days to escape the Demon King’s army and reach a border town of our homeland, the Kingdom of Lionel.
“Is this our homeland now?”
Prince Henry asked me when we reached the border town.
“Yes, Prince, it should be.”
I had checked the map and the terrain several times. Neither the prince nor I had been to this town before, and Ekaterina and Ludmila weren’t from the kingdom either, so they didn’t recognize it. Elizabeth didn’t seem to know it either. But she didn’t seem to be wrong.
Surveying the whole city, it was peaceful here. Choosing this city to avoid the Demon King’s attacking army made sense.
“Announce our identity and have the royal capital of Lionel send horses to welcome us.”
I suggested to the prince that if the kingdom was informed of Prince Henry’s return, people would likely come to greet him in a few days.
“You are right. Let’s rest here until they come to welcome us.”
The prince agreed, so we visited the mayor of the town to announce our identities.
At first I wondered if he would believe us, but that worry was unnecessary. Besides, the whole town was in an uproar.
It seemed that news of Prince Henry’s subjugation of the demon king Zelgius had already spread from the escaped slaves. Seeing us, everyone was surprised to learn that the legend was true.
Speedy horses were immediately sent to the royal capital with the news. The mayor asked the prince to stay in his mansion until the welcoming party arrived, and the prince accepted.
“Well then, Prince, I’ll say goodbye here.”
While the mayor was out, I told him about the farewell with the prince. Since we had returned to the kingdom, our personal safety was assured. Our journey could be considered over. There was no reason for us to continue together.
“Hmm? Ah, yes, that’s right, Romelia.”
It seemed that the prince had forgotten the words he had said after defeating the demon lord.
“I also have business to attend to in the capital city of Lionel, so our destinations after this will be the same.”
When we left three years ago, my father was a high-ranking minister in the country. If things haven’t changed, he should still be in his villa in Lionel.
“However, I will not be attending the prince’s triumphal return. Rest assured. As for the handover, the Demon Lord’s head, crown, staff, and rings, as well as jewelry such as necklaces, please let the prince take them as spoils of war. Can I keep everything else?”
The prince and the others don’t know about the seal and the other things we took, but I want to keep them.
“Ah, yes, that’s fine.”
Prince Henry nodded. All right, I have his promise.
“And may I keep the rest of my travel expenses? It would be strange for me to stay at the inn, wouldn’t it?”

I’ll just stay at a cheap inn in town. But the rest of my traveling expenses won’t be enough to pay for a horse and carriage ride back to the capital, so I’ll have to send a messenger to ask my father for money.
“Hey, hey, Romelia.”
Just as I was thinking of my next plan, Prince Henry spoke up.
“Prince, is there something else?”
I turned to ask. The handover was all done, was there anything else?
! No, nothing!”
For some reason, the prince shouted loudly and walked away. I tilted my head, turned away from Prince Henry, and started walking.
And so we parted.
I walked without much emotion. There were still many things to do next.
Although we defeated the demon lord Zelgius, there are still many remnants of the demon army on this continent. Even though Prince Henry says he will defeat them all, it’s not entirely reliable. Of course, it would be best if the prince succeeded smoothly, but considering the possibility of failure, I should also take action.
Originally, I planned to do this after I became the prince’s fiancée, but since the engagement was broken off, I have to start from scratch.
“I have to hurry, the first thing is the letter campaign.
First, I bought paper on the street and rented a room in a cheap inn, where I wrote letters on a simple table.
The first recipient of the letters is the royal palace. If the news of the Demon Lord’s defeat spreads far and wide, the morale of the entire nation should rise. However, it’s not just a matter of boosting our morale, but also of lowering the enemy’s morale.
First, the Demon Army needs to know about the Demon Lord’s demise.
Displaying the Demon Lord’s head is certainly effective, but there’s only one head, so it lacks the element of dissemination. Most importantly, it’s likely to be suspected of being fake. The Demon Army would probably keep it a secret to prevent its soldiers from losing their resolve. To prevent the information from being blocked, we must spread the news effectively.
Personal belongings and documents obtained from the Demon Lord should be very useful. After reading the Demon Lord’s personal letters and important confidential documents of the Demon Army, the news of the Demon Lord’s death should be quite convincing. Then we can release the captured Demon Army soldiers after telling them about the Demon Lord’s death, and they will take the documents and leave. When they return to the Demon Army, they’ll show the exchanged documents and tell their comrades that the Demon Lord has died.


Although the Demon Army will probably try to block the information, we only have to rely on quantity. It’s especially fortunate that we were able to obtain the Demon Lord’s seal. If we just copy the documents and stamp them with the seal, they will look real. Some officers may have received orders and letters from the Demon Lord or seen this seal. Even though they’re on the side that issued the seal, they should also feel the Demon Lord’s death and be shaken.
I sent all the methods I could think of to the palace, following the same format as Prince Henry’s thoughts. And since the palace might ignore these suggestions, I plan to distribute the documents with the stamped paper to other influential people as well.
Speaking of the most influential people in the country, the first to be mentioned is General Salya, who leads the Black Hawk Knights. The Black Hawk Knights are known to be the strongest in the kingdom, and their leader, General Salya, is an experienced warrior known in many countries.
Although I don’t know much about his personality, I still hope that he can be used effectively.
Next, as the actual leader of the Salvation Church, the state religion, Archbishop Fermine is also someone not to be forgotten.
He is the one who discovered the current Saintess Elizabeth, and his influence can even rival that of His Majesty the King.
“The question is, are they still alive?”
It’s been three years since I left the country, and I have no idea of the current power dynamics within the palace. Before the trip, I didn’t even care about the power structure in the palace. Speaking of influential people, these are the only two I know.
“That should be enough, is that all?”
I’ve mostly covered what I had in mind. But I still feel like I’ve forgotten something. What was it?
After thinking about it for a while, I realized that I forgot to write to my hometown.
“Right, I forgot Father.
First, I need him to send me money, and second, I need to tell him that Prince Henry has broken off the engagement. Come to think of it, my father is also one of the most influential people I know.
My father was highly trusted by the king and served as a minister in the palace. Even though I was just a kid and had no idea what kind of work he did, since he held an important position, he should have some authority. If I sent him letters with the same content as the General and Cardinal Primates, I might be able to make good use of him.
I immediately began to write a letter to Father, but after the first line, the previously flowing pen stopped and I agonized over what to write.
The tip of the pen hovered over the paper, going down and up again. I gave up halfway through and ended up with a letter that was practically just a list of items.
It was unimaginably brief for a letter home after three years. I wanted to add “I love you” at the end, but held back because it felt too obvious.

I sealed the letter, which even I found lacking, and went to the horse delivery service in town. I gave them a tip to send it by fast horse. I had done all I could for now. I could only hope that one of my letters would be successful.
Five days after the fast horses were sent, a brigade of a thousand knights arrived in the border town.
Prince Henry came out to greet them, holding up the salted head of the Demon King. Seeing the Demon King’s head, the thousand knights knelt down one by one and saluted the returning hero.
I watched from a distance as the prince and others were hailed as heroes. It seemed that Henry’s return procession to the royal capital of Lionel would be a triumphal parade like this.
First marched a knight holding a long spear with the demon king’s head pierced on top. Guarded by the knights, Prince Henry followed close behind.
The prince wore beautiful armor brought by the knights and rode a white horse. His figure was like a hero emerging from a painting.
Elizabeth and the other two had also been given dresses and outfits. They rode in a luxurious open carriage following the prince’s white horse.
I watched the magnificent victory parade and also received a reply from Father. His letter was as brief as mine, simply telling me to return to our mansion in the capital.
He had also enclosed some money. With it I hired the cheapest carriage and followed the Prince’s parade to the royal capital of Lionel.
The prince was in no hurry, stopping for days in every major city along the way. It seemed he wanted everyone to know his name, as crowds gathered wherever he went.
Unable to keep up with this slow procession, I bypassed the prince and headed for the capital first.
Arriving in Lionel, I found preparations underway to welcome the prince as well. The capital was full of smiles and vitality. Seeing this, I thought that our journey had not been in vain.

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