Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Wife and Husband

When Nunnaly’s condition suddenly worsened but she managed to survive, Reiner’s voice shouting, “Call a doctor!” echoed through the mansion.

Tension spread throughout the mansion at that moment. Reiner rarely called a doctor so urgently, so everyone wondered if that day had finally come. The mansion buzzed with agitation and anxiety. Galun, the butler, quickly reacted upon hearing Reiner’s voice.

“Send a messenger to the family doctor immediately! Prepare a carriage! I will go check on Reiner-sama’s situation. The rest of you should continue with your duties as usual.”

Galun gave instructions to the surrounding maids and hurriedly made his way to Nunnaly’s room where Reiner was. On his way to the room, Reiner crossed paths with Galun. Despite his usual stern expression, Reiner couldn’t hide the tears welling up in his eyes. Galun carefully chose his words.

“…Reiner-sama, I have sent a messenger to the doctor. They will come quickly.”

Reiner covered his eyes with his right hand and slightly bowed his head, whispering, “I understand…but please bring me some water.”

His voice carried traces of sobbing, despite his efforts to suppress it.

“Understood. I will bring it right away… Reiner-sama, if I may ask, how is your wife?”

“My wife is safe.”

Reiner still kept his eyes covered, but without verbally responding, Galun respectfully bowed his head and left the room. As Galun went to fetch the water, Reiner leaned against the wall, quietly shedding tears and murmuring, “Thank goodness… I’m really relieved.” When Galun returned with the water, Reiner had regained his usual strict demeanor.

Reiner quickly drank the water and instructed Galun, “Let me know immediately when the doctor arrives,” before returning to Nunnaly’s room. He went back inside, and shortly after, the doctor arrived.

Although Nunnaly felt a bit tired from the previous attack, her life was not in danger. The doctor confirmed that there were no specific issues after the examination, attributing it to a “sudden attack.”

Reiner ordered Reed, Sandra, and Nunnaly, who were present, to keep what happened in the room a secret.

After discussing the future treatment plan for Nunnaly, they decided to always have magic recovery pills prepared for her to take regularly. Using Sandra’s magic measurement, they would monitor changes in her magic levels. Since there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to take the medicine alone in case of another attack, they decided to have a maid stationed in the room at all times.

Nunnaly made a slightly displeased face at the idea of having a maid constantly in the room, but Reiner remained firm.

Once the basic decisions were made, Reed and Sandra left Nunnaly’s room, leaving only Nunnaly and Reiner together. Nunnaly sat up on the bed, and Reiner stood beside it. With just the two of them in the room, an awkward atmosphere filled the air.

It had been a while since they were alone in a room like this. Their nervousness and heightened awareness of each other made them resemble inexperienced young lovers. Amidst this, Nunnaly cleared her throat.

“Could you sit over there?”

“Ah, yes…”

Nunnaly pointed to a chair next to the bed, the usual spot where Reed sat when he visited the room. Following her lead, Reiner sat down on the chair.

“…It’s a bit small.”

“Hehe, that’s because Reed or Mel usually sits there. It might be a bit small for you.”

Nunnaly smiled at Reiner’s awkwardness. From then on, the two engaged in casual conversation, trying to reconnect and make up for lost time.

During their conversation, Reiner’s demeanor began to soften. He bowed his head to Nunnaly and spoke with sincerity.

“I apologize for causing you pain all by yourself. I haven’t been able to be there for you during your most difficult times. No, I couldn’t accept the reality of you being gone from my side, so I ran away. Reed was right. I’m truly sorry.”

Nunnaly was taken aback, her eyes widening at her husband’s display of humility. It was the first time she had seen him bow his head like that.

But seeing him vulnerable in that moment only made her feel closer to him. Nunnaly gently embraced his lowered head with both hands and tenderly patted his back, like a mother comforting a child.

Reiner didn’t resist the embrace; instead, he seemed relieved.

“I… I should have confided in you and relied on you sooner…”

Nunnaly whispered, and tears and sobs started flowing uncontrollably. In response, Reiner lifted his head and embraced Nunnaly, holding her close to his chest. She continued crying and sobbing for a while in her husband’s embrace.

Reiner realized how thin and fragile his wife had become, and he regretted not being there for her earlier. He vowed never to let her experience such regret again.

When Nunnaly’s tears and sobs subsided, they both felt a sudden awkwardness, and their faces flushed with embarrassment. But as they looked at each other, their embarrassment turned into amusement, and they laughed together.

In that moment, Nunnaly noticed a bottle of magic recovery pills nearby. She picked it up and said with deep emotion,

“But still, this medicine is amazing. Honestly, I thought it was over at that time…”

The sensation during the attack had been terrifying. The feeling of “water droplets” that had always been present disappeared, and something else in her body seemed to be drawn to that void.

She had been searching for a replacement for the “water droplets,” and when that sensation of being drawn in hit her, she instinctively knew it was bad. Then Reiner gave her something to drink, and that “something” filled the void where the “water droplets” used to be.

Instantly, the sensation of being drawn in vanished, and she knew she was saved.

“I see. Sandra made this medicine, but Reed actually found the ingredients.”

“Huh? Did Reed have that knowledge?”

Nunnaly was unaware of Reed’s memories from a previous life. Reiner thought that he should tell her someday, but now was not the right time, so he evaded the question.

“Yes, apparently he found some special herb in the study and asked the company to search for it. He was willing to do anything to save you.”

“Well… I’m lucky, aren’t I? To be cherished by my husband and child.”

Nunnaly said, her voice filled with gratitude, and tears welled up in her eyes once again.

“Sandra mentioned that she’s also searching for herbs to cure magic depletion syndrome. If we find them, we can truly save you this time. So, let’s do our best together from now on.”

Reiner conveyed his determination to his wife with gentleness and strength. They leaned against each other, resolved to overcome the challenges together. His words brought a smile to her face.

“Hehe, yes. Let’s do our best together.”

The two held hands, their faces drawing closer, and shared a tender and sweet kiss. It was the image of a happy couple with a strong bond, visible to anyone who saw them. They continued to spend time in the room, chatting and enjoying each other’s company in a leisurely and lighthearted manner.

“From now on, I have to take the medicine and take care of my health properly.”

“What happened all of a sudden?” he asked, curious about the shift in her demeanor.

Nana’s voice had a different tone, more energetic and powerful than before. She exuded a very bright and lively atmosphere.

Perhaps, this was her true nature. Reiner looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“Well, it’s true that I’m grateful that I was saved thanks to that medicine… but after that, my mouth was in such a state!!”


Reiner nodded in agreement. He, too, understood the embarrassment they had faced. However, the primary cause of their embarrassment was that he had administered the pill orally. Reiner felt a deep respect for Sandra’s decision to create the pill, recognizing the value it held. He made a mental note to thank her later.

“Moreover, I understand that there was no other choice given the circumstances. However, I can’t help but feel embarrassed for displaying myself like that in front of Reed and Sandra…” 

As she spoke, her face grew increasingly flushed.

“Oh, it’s not that I disliked taking it orally, you know? It’s just that life is irreplaceable. But still…” 

Blushing, she looked incredibly cute and endearing.

“Hehe, that’s true. Even if I disregard the taste of the medicine, I can handle it anytime. However, that would interfere with the Margrave’s responsibilities.”

“…!? Please don’t tease me like that!!”

Nunnaly’s face turned even redder at her husband’s words. It offered a glimpse of their true selves, a side they only revealed when alone as a married couple.

Afterward, they continued their exchange, smiling throughout the conversation.

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