Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 7

Assignment location

I’ll explain a little more about the Coast Guard here.
As mentioned before, all the Coast Guard’s active war potential consisted of military hand-me-downs – three mobile fleets and three patrol squadrons – with the mobile fleet flagships as the flagship department.
Of those, the most honored was the First Mobile Fleet. It and the other two mobile fleets were currently achieving the most results suppressing pirates.
The mobile fleet configuration was as follows:
Since the First Mobile Fleet also serves as flagship for the entire Capital Defense Fleet, it differs slightly from the other two with a space cruiser as flagship.

First Mobile Fleet
Flagship: Space Cruiser
Escort ship: 1 Space Aegis Ship
3 Space Frigates

Second and Third Mobile Fleets
Flagship: Space Aegis Ship
Escort ships: 3 Space Frigates

Their main duty is suppressing pirates.
For reference, the space military’s regular fleets, the First and Second, have equal forces, with far greater scales including several space battleships and more in addition to five fleets on par with the Coast Guard’s First Mobile Fleet.
The patrol squadrons Nao was assigned to consisted of a two-ship squadron of space frigates, their main duty being sector patrols.
When suspicious ships are discovered during that, Nao was assigned to the department that boards and inspects them.
The space frigate Nao was assigned to, the [Aqueci], was a ship that gathered unwanted people, as I touched on before.
Each ship had a landing craft boarding party assigned that carried the landing craft for inspections.
The configuration of the other First and Second Patrol Squadrons was the same.
That said, with fewer personnel, assessments dropped.
As you can guess, among the Coast Guard organizations, the flagship ship of the Third Patrol Squadron was the dumping ground.

Due to these adult circumstances, Nao’s assignment was decided to be in the department with the least organizational impact.
The day after the graduation ceremony, Nao was called to a certain conference room at the space military headquarters in the capital, a day later than his classmates.
Even the space military found it bad publicity.
To ensure that this information wouldn’t leak to outsiders, they called Nao alone, and he received his appointment letter from the personnel officer at the headquarters.

“Your orders. Lieutenant Nao Bruce. Effective today, you are assigned to the Capital Defense Fleet.”
“I gratefully accept.”
[Ah, with those grades, I guess the front lines are impossible. But then, what will become of my imagined dream?]
Nao was considerably disappointed receiving his orders.
Nao state of mind must have been very obvious, because the personnel officer with a guilty conscience tried to cheer Nao up.
“Don’t be discouraged Nao. Even if the transfer isn’t your preference, transferees get a one-rank promotion. You’ll be on the ground faster than any of your peers as a lieutenant. Once you build up experience over there, we’ll call you back immediately. The military can’t keep an outstanding officer like you on ice forever.” I was told, getting a pat on the shoulder.
But hearing him mention combat, Nao gained some expectation for his new workplace.
“Thank you very much. Sorry for worrying you, but I’m alright now. I’ll head over there right away.”
“Do your best.”
Saying that, Nao left space military headquarters.
The Capital Defense Fleet headquarters he was transferred to was less than 500 meters from space military headquarters in the same capital planet.
It was located in the joint building with the Capital Police Department headquarters that guarded the peace in the capital planet Diamond.
By the way, in terms of popularity and status among the citizens in the Kingdom of Diamond, top were the career bureaucrats, followed by space military elite officers, then surprisingly the Capital Police Department here, then the police headquarters on each system’s main planet, and finally the Capital Defense Fleet, also located here.
In terms of popularity among the general populace, it was about equal below space military elites, but due to the ignominious reputation as the military’s dumping ground, their status was lowest.
Nao walked down the neatly maintained street in the Central Government District, heading for the Capital Defense Fleet headquarters with the documents he had just received.
He still had some dissatisfaction in his heart as he walked.

No matter how fast they said I could get on the ground compared to my peers, I still don’t know where I’ll be assigned.
There’s a possibility I’ll be assigned to paperwork here at headquarters.
That’s the department farthest from the front lines.
I absolutely want to avoid that, but it’s obvious that new academy graduates like me can’t be so demanding.
I was still resenting heaven, but now I wanted to pray.


I conveyed my purpose at the Coast Guard HQ reception to the pretty receptionist and waited for instructions.
After contacting someone by phone, the receptionist politely gave me directions.
“Lieutenant Bruce, we’ve been expecting you. Please head to Conference Room C on the eleventh floor. Someone in charge is waiting for you there. Go through that gate over there, the elevators are in the back. Please use them. The conference room will be right in front of you when you get off the elevator.”
“Thank you for the detailed instructions, Miss…”
“Sasha, Lieutenant Bruce.”
“Thank you, Miss Sasha.”
As instructed by Sasha, I made my way to Meeting Room C on the eleventh floor using the elevator.
I knocked on the door of the conference room, and upon receiving a response from inside, I entered.
“I have been assigned here today. My name is Nao Bruce, and my rank is Ensign.”
Oh, come to think of it, Sasha at the reception had called me Ensign earlier, but I haven’t received my appointment yet, so this greeting should suffice.
I wonder where will I be assigned?

“Ensign Nao Bruce is hereby assigned to the Capital Space Sector Security Force, with promotion to Ensign within the Capital Space Sector Security Force. Furthermore, as of today, Ensign Nao Bruce is appointed as the leader of the 2nd Inspection Squad within the 3rd Patrol Squadron, on board the space frigate [Akeshi] within [Akeshi].”
The person in charge said this and handed me my appointment letter.
I received it respectfully and saluted right there.
The conference room’s door then opened, and a female clerk brought a large bag on a cart.
“Ensign, I’ll be providing you with equipment. Uniforms, portable weapons, and your identification. After confirming, please sign for receipt.”
It seemed like the female clerk had brought all the equipment I needed.
Naturally, the uniforms for the Space Force and the Capital Space Sector Security Force were different.
At the moment, I was wearing the secondary dress uniform for the Space Force that I received from school.
However, since I would be under the care of the Capital Space Sector Security Force from now on, a complete set of uniforms and other items were prepared along with my appointment letter.
I confirmed the contents, signed the document that the clerk had, and completed the procedure.
It seemed that minor procedures like salary had already been taken care of by the office, so they explained that there wouldn’t be any other hassles apart from equipment.
“If you’ve received your uniform, change in the changing room on the eighth floor and then board the regular flight to Ruchiraria departing from Pharen Spaceport two hours from now. The Third Patrol Squadron’s homeport is on Planet Ruchiraria. When you arrive there, report to the office. After that, just follow their instructions. That’s all from us. Do you have any questions?”
“No, I don’t.”
“Then, go. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. That’s all.”
I wasn’t quite sure, but it seemed like my work here was finished.
All I had to do was change into the uniform and board the regular flight as instructed.
I followed the instructions, went down to the eighth floor in the elevator, and changed into the uniform in the changing room.
I was surprised that the size fit me perfectly, but I realized that my body measurements were also on record, so it must have been prepared when my appointment was decided.
Most importantly, I was relieved that my assignment wasn’t in the administrative department.
But becoming a squad leader right away was quite intimidating.
An inspection squad specialized in inspections, right?
If that’s the case, maybe it’s for dealing with pirates… Hehe, this might fulfill my wish faster than I thought.

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