Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 5

It seemed Folia wanted a book from higher up and was straining to reach for it.
“Is this the one?”
“Oh, um, yes!”
The one who appeared there was Claude Orlezia.
This was Raze’s first time seeing him not next to Ruben.
“Thank you very much.”
“No problem.”
Folia bowed her head deeply after having the book she wanted fetched for her.
“That book is very interesting.”
“Is that so! I look forward to reading it. I really like this author, you see. Are you also familiar with him, Lezia-sama?”
“….Call me Claude.”
“Yes. If you like his works, I also recommend this one.”
The two seemed to be having a pleasant conversation thanks to their common interest. Their talk livened up and they looked to be enjoying themselves.
I wonder how Lord Mordill feels about Folia, but it must be worrying to have to send such a cute girl into enemy territory.
“As expected, the scenario doesn’t change just because I wish for it…”
Words spilled from right beside her.
Raze’s eyes widened as she stared at kana.
“Oh. N-nevermind.”
Carne averted her gaze in an obvious manner. Raze’s expression changed. The girl tossed about by academy life, relaxing while watching Folia and Carne was gone. kana’s behavior had too many unnatural points to Raze, who was sensitive to people’s conduct from her time in the intelligence department.
“What do you mean by scenario?”

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Raze wouldn’t let this slide and grabbed kana’s arm.
Carne wavered under Raze’s gaze. Her eyes were fixed on Carne and would not look away.
“kana-sama. Could you be…?”
“Let’s change locations since it’s unpleasant here.”
Half-forcing Carne along, Raze went outside. There was a danger of their conversation leaking in the library.

“kana-sama, there’s something I need to confirm with you.”
At the grassy plaza surrounding the library. After going to a spot with no people nearby, Raze faced Carne directly.
If it was just her imagination that would be fine, but if Carne really had some ability to predict the future, it was crucial they have this talk as it could influence what’s to come.
“…Actually, I’ve also been concerned about Raze-san.”
Pressed by Raze’s serious expression, Carne murmured so as well.
“If it’s something I can answer, I will.”
For a moment, silence fell between the two.
Then with their minds made up, they fired questions in perfect sync.


“Are you by any chance a reincarnator?”
“Do you have magic to foresee the future?”

Their voices completely overlapped, but they understood each other’s questions clearly.
So in unison, their eyes widened.
At that moment, the two had remarkably similar expressions.
“W-wait a minute. kana-sama is a reincarnator?”
“Forget what I just said! Since you asked about the scenario, I mistook you for a reincarnator who also knew this world was that of an otome game! Oh no, I jumped to conclusions just from that, you wouldn’t understand what I’m saying would you, how careless of me–“
Carne spoke in a fluster as she placed her hands on her cheeks.

Hearing kana’s words, a shocking sensation ran through Raze as if lightning had struck.
[The premium content I paid for was discontinued!! It’s hopeless now!]
[How long are you going to play those otome games for? You’ll never get a boyfriend at this rate.]
Memories from her past life suddenly came flooding back and her mouth gradually opened.
Carne shivered and trembled at Raze’s scream.
“That’s right! It finally makes sense! This academy is just like an otome game world!!”
Thrilled at finally articulating the recalled memory, Raze grabbed kana’s shoulders.
“Huh? What do you mean? Don’t tell me, Raze-san is also actually…?”
“I’ve never told anyone, but I have memories of my past life. An otome game, that’s like a dating simulation game, right?”
Upon hearing those words, kana, who had previously looked worried, lit up with excitement.
“Yes! This is the world of a otome game called ‘Blue Orchid.’ Wait, does that mean, Raze-san, you’re a reincarnator and didn’t know that?”
“Yes, I know what a otome game is, but I can’t remember the details.”
Carne grabbed Raze’s hand as if she wouldn’t let her escape.
“Do you understand this word?”
“Of course. Japanese is my other native language.”
Hearing another person besides herself speak Japanese, Carne seemed deeply moved as she clung to Raze.
“I’ve wanted to meet you for so long! I kept thinking there might be others besides me!”
“This is also the first time I’ve met another in my fifteen years here.”
What luck to encounter a comrade in such a place. Raze smiled at kana, forgetting she was the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the fiancée of the prince.
“Fifteen years? Raze-san had your memories from birth?”
“I see. I regained my memories when I was twelve.”
“Looks like there’s individual differences. It really is a miracle we got to meet like this.”
Carne then separated herself a bit from Raze and calmed down.
“Just to confirm one thing. Raze-san doesn’t have feelings for His Highness or anything like that, right?”
“Huh?! Why would you ask that?!”
Raze was genuinely shocked by the question. With that reaction, Carne heaved a sigh of relief.
Raze then remembered something frightening about “this world being an otome game.”
“The prince Ruben who’s like a drawing come to life. And the sons of various big shots. Commoner Folia who can use healing magic… kana-sama the fiancée… Don’t tell me–“
As the game’s plot became visible to her, Raze’s face paled.
“That ‘don’t tell me’. I’m Carne Foot Mortense, the villainous young lady who opposes the heroine Folia in [Blue Orcid]. And in this battle fantasy game with otome elements, I’m fated to succumb to hatred in the end, become a monster, and get defeated by the heroines…”
kana’s words trembled.
Together with her crumbling down, Raze knelt.
“I won’t let that happen.”
She swore seriously to kana.
“It’ll be alright. I’m here. I’ll smash that kind of scenario to pieces, so don’t keep worrying alone anymore.”
Tears welled up in kana’s eyes. Then spilled down her cheeks in large drops.
“It’ll really be okay now. No matter what happens, I will protect you.”
Raze embraced Carne and kept patting her back until she calmed down.
But deep down,

(Oh, my God! I haven’t heard this otome game?!)

She was screaming loudly.
Being born with knowledge from her past life and living for fifteen years and change. It was an unbelievably shocking occurrence that felt like the world was turning upside down.
To be honest, kana’s words alone were not enough for her to fully believe this was an otome game world.
(But if kana-sama’s story is true,)
kana, the prince’s fiancée, becoming a monster and getting defeated would be an unprecedented major incident. If she, carrying out her mission here, couldn’t prevent that from happening–
(–I’d get fired. I might even really get my head chopped off…)
Having the crisis thrust upon herself analyzed coolly, Raze’s back ran cold.
In any case, she couldn’t convey her unease to kana, so she continued comforting her without letting it show on her expression.

“Ah, thank you. Raze-san…”
“It’s nothing. I can’t just leave a crying maiden be.”
Raze wiped kana’s tears with a handkerchief.
(I should start carrying nicer handkerchiefs, even if not as nice as Folia’s…)
Oblivious to Raze’s inner thoughts, Carne was touched by her actions.
As Carne seemed to have calmed down, Raze reached out her hand to suggest they head back to the library soon.
“What are you two doing here?”
But a domineering male student’s voice hit Raze from behind.
Of course Raze had sensed the person’s presence, but she sucked in her breath at the voice.
“Your Highness!”
And His Highness Prince Ruben made a sudden appearance. Raze could have guessed he was nearby since Claude was in the library, but she didn’t expect him to come to a place like this.
Carne seemed unwilling to show her tear-stained face and took refuge behind Raze on impulse. Raze understood maidenly sensibilities, but being in a position of standing over the sitting Carne with her hand reached out put her in a bind.
“Did something happen to Lady kana? Or could it be you…”
Sensing slight hostility, unpleasant sweat trickled down.
At this rate, he would misunderstand that she had done something to kana.
(Well, I did make her cry, so I guess I did do something…?)
While she may have made her cry, Raze was willing to bet her life that she hadn’t harmed kana. If she couldn’t somehow resolve this situation, not only would her peaceful, happy school life be ruined, but her whole life would be pitch black.

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