The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Putting Feelings into Words (Revised)

“The decisive match is only a few days away now…”

Makina had an uncharacteristically distant look as she gazed at the rain falling outside the window.

“What’s up? It’s rare to see you with such a gloomy expression.”

“I was making preparations to escape at night just in case, but it’s proving to be so troublesome. I wonder if I’ll make it in time…”

Escape at night, huh. Indeed, if I lose to Leo-nii, there’s no telling how Makina and the others from [Shadow] will be treated.

“Well, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, but… If it comes down to it, I’ll ask Duke Mersenne and the others to protect you and Charlotte at least. It’s just wishful thinking, but don’t keep such a gloomy face. It’s not like you.”


“…………What is it now. You’re just staring at me.”

Makina’s current expression could be described as “stunned”.
I somehow get the feeling that our conversation isn’t connecting.

“No. When I said [escape at night], I meant escaping with you if things go badly.”


“[Huh?] should be my line. Honestly, acting like you have nothing to do with this. sigh… You’re such a handful, my lord. It’s hard on the maid when her master is like this.”

Shaking her head in exasperation as if to say “What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you? Are you going to follow me even after I’m banished?”

“Of course I’m coming with you if you get exiled. Need I remind you that I was purchased by you, so I belong to you? I’ll follow you wherever you go, be it abroad or the ends of the earth.”

“……You can’t expect the same elegant lifestyle as the royal palace.”

“Ahaha. Are you saying that to me? If anything, I’m worried about you, young lord. The pampered prince might find it too harsh, no~?”

“Shut up.”

…So she’ll naturally come with me, huh.
Honestly, she’s such a foolish maid. She should be able to make the sensible choice, yet she tosses it aside so easily.

“Ah! You just got a little happy there! You were touched by my devotion as a cute and brave maid, weren’t you! You’re not very honest, my lord~.”

“So noisy! And don’t call yourself cute!”

“Because I’m cute. Bwah!”

I can’t exactly deny it, which makes it all the more irritating.
Makina’s appearance is truly captivating, and her beauty wouldn’t feel out of place on a noblewoman or princess of a nation.
There’s no point in pursuing this conversation – I’m clearly going to lose here. I should change the subject and strategically retreat for now.

“Anyway, where’s Charlotte?”

“Wah. Such an obvious attempt to change the subject.”

Don’t look so smug.

“Lady Charlotte is visiting Ms. Elinne I believe. She has [Shadow] guards with her, so no need to worry.”

“Going to Elinne’s place again, huh. She never gets bored of it.”

“Oh? Are you sulking because she doesn’t come to see you as often since Ms. Elinne arrived? You’re so cute, my lord~.”

“That’s not it! I was just a little concerned, that’s all!”

“You should just honestly say you’re lonely. Unlike Lady Charlotte, you still have trouble expressing your true feelings. That’s why you and Lord Leo keep clashing.”

I unconsciously avert my eyes at Makina’s harsh criticism.
Not consciously, but reflexively. Unconsciously.

“…………I can’t do stuff like that.”

Back then…when Elinne told us about her past and rejected us.
I gave up. I thought it was hopeless. But Charlotte was different. Even if it was just a reflex reaction, she honestly conveyed her feelings. That’s probably why she reached Elinne.

“You can do it.”

But Makina rejected my resignation.

“You can, my lord. If it’s you, you can do it. Even if it’s impossible now…surely, someday…”

“…………On what grounds?”

“None. It’s just that I, and Lady Charlotte, believe in you.”

“…………You’re fighting dirty.”

Since you believe in me, I have no choice but to do my best.

“Hmph. You may call me the intellectual maid.”

“As if.”

I’m not going to call you that.

Expressing my true feelings, huh…
It wasn’t like this before, fighting against Leo now. I wonder when it changed. When we stopped talking so much…

Ever since I decided to be useful to our family, I’ve always worked from the shadows.

Maybe I’ve never directly expressed my true feelings face to face.

“Why don’t we go check on Charl-sama’s condition as part of your training to express your true feelings?”

“What kind of training is that?”

“If we don’t do something like this, you won’t go see Charl-sama on your own, right? Rather, Al-sama, you’re not moving on your own too much. If you rely too much on the position of being engaged, someday Charl-sama might get tired of you, you know?”


…Now that I think about it, I rarely visited Charl on my own.
She always came to see me.
“I know you actually want to see her every day.”

“N-Not every day!”

“It’s true every day.”


“You should tell her that yourself. Make the effort you should as her fiancé.”

For once, Makina is right.
I was relying too much on my position as her fiancé, neglecting the effort I should have made. I can’t complain when she points that out.

“…You’re right this time. For once, I’ll go see her myself.”

But it feels inappropriate to visit my fiancée empty-handed.

“Should I bring a gift or something?”

“Oh, good idea~! Very thoughtful. What will you bring?”

“…………Flowers or something.”

“…………Sometimes you say the cutest things, my lord.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!?”

“Well, I’d love to show Lady Charlotte that blushing face just now. Be sure to do it in front of her next time, okay?”

“No way!!”

I’ll think about gifts for next time. For now, Makina and I headed to Elinne’s room to go see Charlotte.

“Charlotte isn’t here.”

“Oh? Is that so? Do you happen to know where she went?”

“The kitchen.”

“Why would she be in a place like…”

“Who else would it be for but you, stupid prince.”

“For me?”

“Maybe because the decisive match is coming up soon. She seemed worried about various things too. That she always relies on you, and needs to act a little more like your fiancée or you’ll get tired of her. Then my foolish apprentice who happened to be there gave some thoughtless advice like [First grab their stomach].”

“I see. So she went to the kitchen.”

Makina and I exchange looks and wry smiles. Seems we were thinking along the same lines.

“How lovely that you’re in sync.”

“That was just a coincidence!”

“What a lovely coincidence indeed. So, what do you want to do?”

Well, for now we’ll continue to watch over Charlotte’ cooking.

“I feel like seeing her now.”

Putting my true feelings into words comes naturally, and my body moves on its own.
My steps feel light, and my chest feels buoyant on the way to the kitchen.


In the kitchen I arrive at, I see her back.
Her long golden hair tied up in the back, an apron around her waist.
Noticing my gaze, Charlotte turns around to face me.

“Oh, Al-kun?”


“Um…why are you here?”

“I heard from Elinne.”

“I see… Haha, how embarrassing. Weird, isn’t it? A duke’s daughter cooking.”

“Well, it’s certainly unconventional… But Lucy-nee cooks too. And…”

…to be honest.

“….I’m happy.”

Isn’t there a more eloquent way to put this?

“….I’d like to try the food you make too.”

…No good. This is the best I can manage right now.


“No point in lying about it.”

“You’re right, haha!”

Aaah, jeez. Why can’t I say it any better?
….Next to me, Makina looks like she wants to say “See, you can do it” or “You need to say it more gently. Minus points.” How vexing.

“Okay, please wait a moment then? I’ll make something. Don’t worry, I got permission from the head chef to use the kitchen.”

“….Got it. I’ll wait.”

“Yes, please wait!”

And with that, Charlotte turns her back to me and starts cooking.
I breathe out. My body must have been tense from nervousness. But it’s not bad. It even feels pleasant somehow.

“….You did well, my lord.”

“….I guess so.”

We exchange whispers as we watch over Charlotte’ back.

“….Thanks. Makina.”



“No… Just thinking that you’ve helped me a lot, so I should at least say thanks.”

Saying this is embarrassing. But this is something that probably won’t get across unless I say it.

“….I’m glad you’re here.”


Makina didn’t say anything back, but
I think….she smiled.

“Hehe…I’m happy.”

“….That’s good then.”

“Keep up that attitude and compliment Lady Charlotte too. With your honest feelings…”

“It looks like the cooking is about to start.”

I deliberately jump on those seemingly embarrassed words and turn my gaze to the back of my fiancée standing in the kitchen. Charlotte raises the knife in her hand and—


Right after feeling that sense of discomfort.

“Here I go!”

—-Thud!! Whoosh!! Stab!!!

….The blade of the broken knife barely grazes my cheek as it shoots past and stabs into the wall.


“I’m so sorry, Al-kun! It seems the knife blade broke!”

“Ah…. Don’t worry. I’m fine. I see. The knife broke. Can’t be helped.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t worry about it. Mistakes happen. It’s normal for knives to break when cooking.”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

Gripping her fist tightly, Charlotte starts looking for a new knife.

“….Do knives break and stab into walls often when cooking?”

“….It happened, so what can you do.”

“….If it happened, then it can’t be helped I guess.”

For now, we continue to watch over Charlotte’ cooking.


—-Stab!! Whoosh!! Clatter clatter!!

“It seems the shockwave from Lady Charlotte’ knife slash blew away the ice picks placed nearby and made them stab into the wall…”

And it grazed my cheek again.

“Um…Lady Charlotte? What are you making?”

“Hm? Isn’t it obvious, sandwiches?”

“”Obvious? sandwiches!?””

“I really wanted to make a proper dish, but…I’m not very skilled. I’m sorry.”

“….Charlotte. If I may ask, how many times have you cooked before?”

“Just once before. But after that, the head chef wouldn’t let me in the kitchen anymore… Saying it’s preposterous for a duke’s daughter to cook.”

(….My lord. Could it be that Lady Charlotte is…extremely unskilled?)

(This goes beyond just unskilled! A storm of death rages every time Charlotte takes action!!)

(An unskilled level that interferes with causality itself… By the way, my lord. I just remembered something urgent.)

(Hey, don’t run! Please don’t leave me alone!)

(My lord. I value my life too.)

(So do I!!)

As we’re talking, Charlotte’ cooking progresses, and so does the raging storm of death in the kitchen. Yet miraculously, it doesn’t hit Makina or me. If we move carelessly, we’re dead.

(To get through this storm of death, we have to get Lady Charlotte to stop cooking.)


(So my lord, please…)


(She’s cooking for you after all.)

(Ugh…! Can’t refute…logic…!)

(This is just another training exercise. Let’s say what you honestly feel.)

No choice. Makina is right. I have to take responsibility and stop this.

“I’ve been interested in cooking for a while now. So… Hehe. I’m just happy to be standing here cooking in the kitchen like this.”


An angelic smile…that must be referring to present Charlotte…

(I can’t…do it….!)

(You can do it. If it’s you, my lord, you can do it. Even if it’s impossible now…surely, someday…)

(So noisy!!!)

Unable to pour cold water on Charlotte happily cooking, we could do nothing but tremble as the storm of death raged on.

“It’s done!”

With a beaming smile, Charlotte serves us the finished sandwiches. Despite the intensely dangerous (censored) cooking, the sandwiches on the plate are neatly arranged. What the. Magic?

(…………The real battle starts now, my lord.)

(…………Yes. Our true fight begins here.)

The served sandwiches. They look good visually, but the problem is the contents – the taste.

(It’s a dish born from that storm of death. The taste may be a storm of death as well…)

(I was so focused on just surviving that storm, I didn’t actually see the cooking process… Worst case, it could be like Lucy-nee’s cooking…)

Eldest Princess Lucy has the misfortune of cooking as a hobby. However, what her hands create can kill even dragons in two seconds with its deadly taste.
But I can’t exactly not eat the food Charlotte went through the effort to make.

(….My lord. My days with you were a treasure.)

(Don’t use past tense!!)

And that’s clearly a deathbed line, isn’t it!?


Shoot, this is getting awkward just staring at it without eating…!

I’ve got no choice…but to go through with this…!

“Th-Thanks…for the food…!”

I reach out. As death approaches in a form I can’t avoid, my body naturally starts shaking in fear. But I push through the death looming behind me and bring the sandwich to my mouth.



“Huh!? It’s delicious!!”

Despite being a simple sandwich, this is…delicious!?
The butter spread on the bread and the juicy meat blend perfectly, accentuated by the lettuce and tomatoes. I’ve never had such a delicious sandwich…!

“Oh, you’re right. It’s tasty…”

Makina also tried it and is opening her eyes wide in surprise.
We ate ravenously, and the food disappeared from the plate in no time.

“That was delicious…”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Al-kun.”

“Really, it was amazing. Lady Charlotte, this was only your second time cooking?”

“Yes. Actually, I studied a lot and worked with the head chef to develop and come up with new menus. I wasn’t allowed to do the actual cooking, but thanks to that I’m confident in my knowledge at least.”

(Indeed. It’s perfect as long as she don’t have to do the actual cooking.)

(The mansion’s head chef must have had a hard time too…)

(One wrong step, and it could have been a catastrophic storm of death…)

Now, the question is what to do from here…

“Um, Al-kun, from now on, occasionally… could I still be allowed to… cook?”

(What do you think?)

(What do I think… I guess I have to be honest and straightforward…)

Repeatedly doing this won’t be enough, no matter how many lives I have. Just because I managed to dodge the Grim Reaper’s scythe today doesn’t guarantee that I can do the same in the future.

“Cooking and seeing the people I care about happy with it is so delightful… Strangely, my whole body feels warm, and my heart won’t stop pounding.”

Well, with such intense movements, of course, your body will warm up, and your heart won’t stop pounding.

…But still, what an incredibly nice smile.


I have to express my honest feelings in words!

“S-Sure. Why not? It’s fine if you want to continue cooking. Oh, but when using the kitchen, please make sure to get proper permission, like this time.”

“Yes! Thank you very much! I’ll practice more and expand my repertoire. Someday, I’ll prepare a feast to compete with Al-kun and Makina-san!”

“O-Oh… I’m looking forward to it.”

“Hehe, I’ll do my best to meet your expectations!”

With that, Charl began to clean up while humming a tune.


…The gaze from Makina next to me is piercing.

“….Hey, Makina.”

“….What is it?”

“….Expressing honest feelings in words is quite difficult, huh…”

“….Indeed it is…”

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