Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 23 part 1

Chapter 23: The Experiment of Magic Recovery Potion

On that particular day, Nunnaly’s condition was exceptionally poor. She woke up in the morning as usual, but her palpitations did not subside.

She focused on the sensation of water droplets, hoping they would bring her usual calmness. However, they failed to provide relief.

Intuitively, she sensed that the time was approaching, and her face grew serious.

“Huff… huff… Not yet. As Reiner’s wife and for the sake of the children, I cannot lose yet…”

Her eyes radiated determination and strength, masking her illness. She refused to give up.

Nunnaly was determined to fight against this illness until the very end. Her son, indirectly affected by the illness, had found the courage to stand up. As his mother, she couldn’t succumb to the disease without a fight. It was Nunnaly’s pride and determination as a mother.

“I will absolutely, absolutely not lose. Watch… I will definitely stand on my own two feet again…”

She clutched her chest in pain while lying on the bed, muttering the words as if expelling them into the empty space.

After a while, whether due to the intensity of her determination or the nature of the illness itself, her palpitations calmed down.

“Huff… huff… That’s enough. Please behave…”

She shook her shoulders heavily, took a deep breath, and spoke slowly with a trembling voice.

Nunnaly shook her shoulders, took a deep breath, and spoke with a trembling voice.

Typically, Nunnaly did not allow anyone to stay in her room. Why? Because there was no cure for her disease. It meant she was fighting a battle against herself, and she did not want anyone to witness her weakness and suffering. This, too, was Nunnaly’s pride and determination as Reiner’s wife.

At that moment, a knock suddenly came at the door of her room. Nunnaly composed herself, pretending nothing had happened, and replied, “Please come in”…

Scene transition

Father, who had knocked on Mother’s door, entered the room after receiving her permission. Sandra and I followed Father, entering the room and saying, “Excuse us.” When Mother noticed Sandra, a woman she had never met before, she smiled and then spoke with a dignified voice that echoed in the room.

“I apologize for my appearance like this. I am Nunnaly Valdia, the wife of Count Reiner. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Mother raised only the upper half of her body from the bed to greet Sandra, displaying a graceful gesture that defied her illness. In admiration, I murmured to myself.

(Mother is such an impressive person… I had no idea…)

In my memory, Mother had always been a family member to me. This was the first time I had seen her interact with a visitor, I believe.

“I apologize for the sudden visit. I am Sandra Ernest. I am involved in the study of magic.”

Sandra greeted Mother with the mannerisms of a noble. Being a noble herself, she had learned the basic etiquette. After the introductions between Mother and Sandra were completed, Father cleared his throat and began to explain.

“Cough… Nunnaly… Actually, until now, I have kept your illness a secret. The reason being that it is an incurable disease, specifically, a magic depletion disease. I was a coward who couldn’t bring myself to tell you… I’m sorry.”

Father carefully chose his words, wearing a solemn expression, and then bowed his head to Mother. Mother looked slightly surprised at Father’s confession but quickly smiled.

“…I already knew. So, please don’t make such a serious face.”

Father and I widened our eyes in surprise at Mother’s words. Only a few people were aware of Mother’s illness. How could she have known? Then, Mother chuckled and replied, “Hehe.”

“Hehe, please don’t make such a scary face. I know my own body best. Even without a diagnosis, I could tell it was a deadly disease from the condition of my body.”

Her unexpected words left me shocked, and Father appeared frustrated. Mother had long accepted her illness. She had realized that it was only Father who had become a coward, avoiding the truth.

“But… I see, this detestable disease is called magic depletion disease… Finally, I know the name of this disease of mine.”

As Mother uttered the words “this disease of mine,” she clutched her chest where it pained her and murmured softly. Then, she shifted her gaze to me, her face filled with remorse.

“Reed… I’m sorry. I must have caused you the most pain. You must have realized that I have a terminal illness, right?”

I nodded silently. I think I had realized it since the time before regaining my past life memories. However, it wasn’t just about magical depletion; it was a type of terminal illness. And deep down, I had known for a long time that Mother wouldn’t be saved.

(Scene transition)

If Mother feels the same way, then there’s no doubt about it. I spoke slowly.

“…Yes. At a certain point, Mother’s condition stopped improving. The medicine didn’t seem to have any effect. And with different doctors visiting each time, I assumed it must be a severe illness.”

Mother listened to my words with a sad expression.

“To be noticed by your child and worry them… I’m a failure as a mother…”

Saying that, Mother lowered her head. Witnessing her like that, I hastily called out to her.

“Mother!! There’s no way you’re a failure as a mother. If anything, Father is a failure as a father!!”

“What did you say!!”

Father responded to my words with a shout. Undeterred, I faced his stern face and continued.

“Because the other day, you said it yourself, ‘I should have been more present… I’m a failure as a father,’ didn’t you?!”

“What!? This is not the time or place to say that!!”

Father appeared unusually flustered, his face turning red. Seeing it as an opportunity to confront Father, I pressed on.

“And besides, Father, you’re too stubborn. Sometimes, people like you should do what they want without overthinking. Especially when it comes to family matters.”

Perhaps due to Sandra and Mother’s presence, Father restrained his urge to speak, his face reddening and his temple twitching. Meanwhile, Mother widened her eyes, observing our exchange with surprise.

Sandra seemed uninterested.

“And moreover, instead of worrying about being intimidating, why not simply call Meldy by her name without hesitation? Isn’t that a good idea?”

With a sharp sound, Father’s angry shout reverberated in the room.

“Reed!! Cut it out already!!”

“No, I won’t!! I’m going to say it today!!”

Though fear coursed through me, I couldn’t back down in the face of Father’s demeanor. In response to his furious shout, Mother appeared astonished and concerned.

“The same goes for you, Mother. Instead of evading and giving up to your terminal illness, you should acknowledge it and face it. Do you know how lonely you must have felt, battling the terminal illness all by yourself?”

With my words, Father let out a strained “Hah,” his face turning pale. The redness faded, leaving him rather ashen. He then apologized to Mother

“Nunnaly, I have made a terrible mistake…”

Father didn’t know that Mother had a terminal illness. But in reality, Mother had already realized it. Father had been oblivious to the fact that Mother fought her terminal illness every day, suffering alone.

At that painful moment for Mother, Father couldn’t be there for her. Upon hearing my words, Father seemed to grasp that fact once again.

“No, please don’t feel that way. I also tried not to burden you…”

Mother smiled at Father with an unexpectedly serene expression, contrary to his usual stern demeanor.

“…Nunnaly, I love you.”

“You… I also admire you.”

The two of them gazed at each other, and before I knew it, they were embracing each other while their eyes shimmered with tears.

Oh! I unintentionally intruded into their intimate moment. As their child, I couldn’t disturb this precious connection. I glanced at Sandra, who sat beside me with a cold expression.

Sandra, who had appeared tense, let out a sigh and raised her voice.

“Reiner-sama, Nunnaly-sama. I apologize, but may we proceed to the main discussion now?”

Upon hearing her voice, my parents, their faces still flushed, quickly separated from each other, coughing and saying, “Ahem.”

After parting, it was evident from their glances that they silently communicated, “Later, after this.”

“Ahem, I’m sorry. Sandra, could you please explain the purpose of this to me?”

Father cleared his throat and asked Sandra to continue explaining to Mother. Sandra nodded and began to provide an explanation.

“The purpose of this experiment is the ‘Magic Recovery Potion.’ As the name suggests, this potion can slightly restore magic power when consumed. 

Although it is not yet a finished product, I have confirmed its effectiveness through my special magic called ‘Magic Measurement.’ Magic Measurement quantifies the current magic power of oneself and those around, and directly communicates it to the brain.”

Sandra paused briefly and continued, “Using this, we have confirmed that the potion does restore magic power after consumption. The effect is undeniable. However, the medicinal herb used as the raw material for the potion is incredibly bitter. I had a terrible experience while testing the prototype.”

While Sandra assured them of the effectiveness, she also acknowledged that complete recovery was still challenging. They planned to develop different medicines for complete recovery and explore other options. However, as Mother listened to the explanation, she appeared slightly peculiar. She wore a smile, yet there was a hint of perspiration, and her shoulders trembled. Concerned, I called out to her.

“Mother, are you okay? Your complexion doesn’t look good.”

“Reed… I’m… Ugh…!?”


Mother, who had been speaking with a smile, suddenly wore a pained expression. Then, she started breathing heavily and forcefully pressed her chest over her clothes, causing her fingernails to turn white. Without hesitation, I immediately used my special magic, “Magic Measurement.”

[Level of Nunnaly’s Magic Power: Eight]

“What?!” I exclaimed in response to the voice echoing in my head. When a person’s magic is depleted, they begin to deteriorate rapidly. In other words, Mother was dangerously close to death. I shouted urgently.

“Sandra! Mother only has eight mana points! Give her the medicine before it reaches zero!”

“…?! Understood!”

Sandra attempted to give Mother the prepared pill, but her condition rapidly worsened.

“Huff… Ugh, Uuu…!!”

Mother turned sideways, clutching her body with both hands, and whispered, “Rei…ner…” Her mouth started trembling. It was clear that she was in an abnormal and critical state.

“Lady Nunnaly, please take the medicine!”

Sandra tried to give her the medicine, but Mother made no attempt to open her mouth. She might not even be capable of doing so. Climbing onto the bed, I positioned myself as close to Mother as possible, trying to get her to take the medicine.

“Mother, you can’t give up!”

For a moment, it seemed like she heard my voice, and Mother smiled at me ever so slightly. But at the same time, I sensed her light slowly fading. Was it truly the end? What was the point of pushing ourselves this far? I cried out in despair.

“Nooo! I don’t want this! Ahh! Ahh-weh! I don’t want it to happen! Nooo!”

Just as despair engulfed me and I cried out, Father pushed me aside with a thud. He tightly embraced Mother, who trembled on the bed, and immediately kissed her. Their actions took me aback, but I noticed that water stained with the color of the medicine was dripping from the gap between their overlapping mouths. I quickly understood their intention. Father planned to transfer the medicine through a kiss.


Mother emitted a muffled voice as she received the medicine from Father’s mouth. Then, her throat made a gulp sound. She had likely swallowed the medicine. Sandra also noticed this.

“Reed-sama! Use Magic Measurement!”

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